I don’t know?? I… I … (Part 1)


This is a story which have all the emotions which you think.
In my story characters are:-
Zareena :- studying for BBA. She is born and brought up in Dubai.
Haseena :- she is also studying for BBA . She is zareena’s best friend and she is also in dubai
Hasi:- she is zareena’s cousin…she is studying for MBBS in India
One by one I’ll introduce our whole characters in my story

Story begins……
Shown a forest region . Very beautiful scenery. In there 3 girls are taking selfies.
One girl is taller than others she is hasi.
Another one is shorter than other two that is zareena
Another one is shorter than hasi but taller than zareena ( medium height )
Zareena :- look !! It’s not nice I look awkward in this …..
Hasi :- your face is like this…. it’s not the problem of the picture…
Hasi and Haseena laughs.
Zareena :- hey .. ls there any funny thing going on???
They continue there talks..

Suddenly a voice came out…
Forest guide :- madam!! Plz not go further that side….becoz of rain that soil is to that much strong there
Hasi nodded
After some time….
Zareena :- hey look !! It’s so nice there ..Look the river !! We can see the full view from there??
Haseena :- yeah !! But that guide says…
Zareena :- it’s doesn’t matter??
Hasi :- it matters.. it’s not safe there….
Zareena:- hasi we came to enjoy !!
Hasi :- ya there are lot of things here Na!!!
Haseena :- but breaking the rules is a Good feeling that we never get ..
Hasi :- haseena ……
Zareena :- come let’s go haseena ..
Haseena :- come hasi ….

At last….
Hasi :- okay I’ll come but you have to come fast OK??
Zareena :- ya done
They all went to the place…
All three :- wow!!!
It was so beautiful …
Zareena :- hey hasi budhhu !!! If you didn’t come here how can we see this !!
Hasi smiles…
Haseena :- come lets go!! M not feeling right safe here!!
Zareena :- k…
Zareena and Haseena and hasi turns
When they were walking zareena’s leg hit on a rock and she falls…..
A crack occurs ….
All were shocked ..
Haseena :- hey …walk slowly….
They stand up and unfortunately that place breaks and goes down….they all fall in river

Precap :- they are floating in water .. unconsciously

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  1. Beautiful story.

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  3. Hey ! Are you that Anamika of Would it be better for me? Anyways. Interesting plot

    1. Thanks bishaa…no I am not that anamika…..anyways thanks

  4. nyc epi…waiting for ur nxt update

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