We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 3)


Hi this is deeraja again
Thanks who have gave me ur support yesterday in feature epi it will be more exiting
Now i was starting my ff it was epi 3 & 4 i ithink it will reach ur heart if it reached then plz post acomment plz

Epi 3

Shivay driving the he apply a break by seeing a girl
Shivay and that girl start arguing

Some time before
Its night after ( yesterday) party shivay rudra and om sits on pool side have a good time
Shivay: say one thing om how can u met that girl
Om: which gir
Rudra: wo ishana hey na baiyya
Shivay: exactly
Om reminces of some fb shots a girl a car hits the girl priyanka shouts somebody help rudra inturripts& then
Rudra: what happened why are tensed
Shivay: if any thing is there tell to us
Om: what ( in tensed )
Shivay: ahh is any thing is there in btw u and that girl then share to us
Rudra: yeh we can any thing they share a hug
Shivay: ok then iam leaving to delhi tommorow for some meeting the weather is not good thats iam going in car
Omsays take care
Shivay says ok then they leave to their room

Next scene
Its early morning
Anika goes to a park to take birds pictures bcoz she was a nature lover
Shivay start in his car to delhi after some time after anika comes in the middle of road by taking photos
At the same time shivay driving his car by talking in bluetooth

Suddenly anika comes in the front of shivay car
He appla a sudden
Then he comes down and ask r u mad or blind
Anika: hold ur tongue it was early morning who knows that a break less ghadi comes in way
Shivay: dont talk a single word if my vehicle have no breaks till now ur body is in the hospital
Anika: till now i had thought ur vehicle had no breaks but now i undersant ur tongue also hot have break

They both argue for some time shivay leaves in angry & anika too

Nxt scene anika comes to collage
She search for some one
A voice come her back side
She turn and see priyanka
Priyanka: r u searching for me
Anika : then whom i will search
( actually priyanka and anika completing their mba they best friend priyanka know that anika is anika rana prathap & anika know priyanka is priyanka singh oberoi but they hides these things from their families bcoz they rivals)

Anika: today my day begin in worst moment
Priyanka: what happened
Anika say every thing
Priyanka: its ur fault too how can u take photos on road
Anika realize and says i will ask sorry to him if we meet again
They both go to their class room

Nxt scene
In oberoi mansion
Shivay comes from delhi after that the o bros pend good time shivay says now i am ok but in the morning i was spend a worst by a girl
Rudra ask what happened
Shivay says every thing
Om says u also done a mistake talking phone while driving is danger u know
He says ask sorry when u meet her again
Shivay: this shivay singh oberoi kisiko sorry na bolega
He leaves from there

Hi every one this is the end of epi 3 and now the precape
Shivay goes to anika and says i know u r waiting for me sorry for the late
Hello deeraja is here only how can i go without writting epi 4
And the epi start with shivay comes to a restaurant he see anika their he is about to leave then he think how can i afrid to meet a girl he go to near anika and says i know u r waiting for me sorry for the late

Some time before
Its morning in oberoi mansion at the dining table
Pinky: today u have to meet a girl in a resturant
Shivay: for what
Pinky: for ur marriage
Shivay feels acward and says no
Rudra jokes on him and says he was afriad of
Shivay gets angry and says ok i will meet her today
He leaves to office
Nxt scene
Anika says in phone ok he was coming today ok i will wait for him in restuarent
Ok bye

Its evening
Anika comes to restaurant and waits for someone shivay comes to same restaurant and he sees anika their he thinks she was the girl which he came to meet he about to go then he think rudra words says how can i afraid to meet a girl he goes near anika says sorry for the late anika was in hell shock
Shivay start saying some thing and finally says ok i have ready for the marriage
Anika didnot understand anything she keep on scilient

Than one girl comes near shivay and says u r shivay naa i was waiting for u from 1hour
Then shivay understands whats the suituation stands and follows the
Before leaving turn to see anika
Anika whose was seeing all the way shivay turn away her face she hides her face with hair start smiling herslef

The girl and shivay go to some other restaurant girl forward her hand and says i am tia kapoor they both shake their they start their
On the other hand anika is waiting for some one mallika ranveer sing randawa enter the restaurant to meet anika
Anika hugs them and say its long time to seeing u after Radhika missing i didint seen u
Ranveer gets emotional by hearing Radhikas name and says i know my sister come for me soon where ever she was
Mallika take the photo of their 3 friends frm her bag
2. Radhika in the middle 3. Mallika
(Radhika had seems to be like our ishana)
They 3 gets emotional by seeing the photo
In another restaurant shivay and tia completing their dinner tia talk some thing but shivay was in anika thought

Precap: anika comes to oberoi mansion with priyanka shocked by seeing shivay their reminces of restaurant scene
Trys to stops her laugh but she cant

Ok ishqbaazies forgive me if it was boring but dont forget to leave a comment
Sorry for the spelling mistakes

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  1. Priyali

    It is nice but too short…. Even shorter than mine … ?

  2. And tq for 4th part it’s a great surprise awesome

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    Amazing deera.. shivika meeting n misunderstanding was awsum
    update soon n plz try to make it lenghthier

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  4. Wowww but it is very short one plz make lenghthier

  5. Akshaya

    Nice episode Buddy

  6. Nansshivika

    Its good and funny but so short

  7. good one

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