We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 2)


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Now the second epi
Its seems very dark a man comes to the lawn and shout whose that who have callad me here if u have any dare then come in front of me
Suddenly gets light he scares by seeing someone

Some time before
Its 11:55 pm a person sleep in his room suddenly his phone rings and say omkara here who is this
In call: we know u r omkara
U dont know who we r
Om comes to senses and ask who
In call : if u want to know then comes to lawn
He goes to lawn
It was full of dark then he shout who have call me here if u have any dare then vome in front of me
Suddenly lights will come he scare and shock by seeing dadi pinky & janvi there
Om: whats happening here
Dadi : its 12:00 & its ur birthday
Two guys comes from two sides by singing birthday song & they were shivay and rudra

They three hug each other
Priyanka comes with a cake and says u had left me
Om cut the cake and feeds to priyanka and says i will never left my sister
They share a hug
Lafuzonke ye rishtha nahi …..plays

Now the charecters
Shivay omkara rudra priyanka dadi pinky janvi tej shakhi all are same has in IB
Next scene
Shivay & rudra together say omkara we r arraging party fr u
Om: u know that i will not waste my time for all these thing
Shivay: we dont here now
They argue om leaves by not saying any thing priyanka heres them and says i will talk to him & follow om
Priyanka : bhaiyya u have to agree bcoz we will invite some special person to the party
Om smiles himself and agree for the party
Priyanka comes to shivay & rudra says u people do arrangements for the party we will come later om & priyanka leaves
Shivay ,rudra toether say ye ho kya rahahai

Nxt scene
Om , priyanka enters into the flower shop
One girl stands on ladder setting some flowers on top sheilf
Some one shout ishana
Girl turn to see and about to fall but om catch in his arms and its ishana
They both share eye look
Priyanka inturrupts them they both come to their sense
Priyanka: we had came to give an order
Ishana: ok tell me which flowers u want
Om tell some flowers names
She give the bill of 2 lkh rupees
To tease ishana om says i didnt get vallet taday
Ishana understands he was teasing and says even i dont give any things on credit
Om smiles says then i will make a potrai of u
He made a potrait and make a note on it
Ishana read the note ” if u will come to todays party then i will be very happy bcoz u r some specail for me ” she smiles at om
Priyanka says if ur work is then we will go home
Priyanka and om leave to home

Nxt scene oberoi mansion
All are busy in their paryy arrangements but rudra was keep chating in phone
A girl comes near rudra , close his eyes
He ask who is that he also says some of his girl friends names she says duffre iam not that girl
By hearing the word duffer he says sowmya and turn
Sowmya: yes iam
( sowmya was childhood friend of rudra)
They have atalk rudra sees the time and shout oh this time is love angle show time i have to go
Sowmya also sees the time and go for for podcasting even rudra dont know the love angle was sowmya
In the ishana looks the flowers arrangements then om sees her by passing he comes to her and says thank for coming
She smiles shivay ,rudra looks on party starts om cut the cake and give to every oneto every one ishana comes farward make om to eat the cake
Rudra:i think very soon marrige bell rings in our house
Pinky interferes and says yes we had to find a girl shivay
Dadi says pinky grow up he was teasing some one else
Omlooks angrily to rudra ishana says ok i have to go
Omsays wail i will drop u
Ishana: its ok i will go myself and starts
Priyanka: stop ishana driver will drop u at home ishana leaves

Precape : shivay & anika argue on the middle of the road

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