I don’t know you!…(Ep 1)

The morning sunlight come through the window and touches the face of alia.She slowly opens her beautifull eyes n wakes up.”Alia…come n hav ur breakfast”-mom from kitchen.”Yes mom..coming!”-alia.She get up n take a bath n wears white kurtha n jeans.She go to the dining table.”Alia hav ur food”-mom.Alia eat her food n bids her mom.She takes her pink scooty n goes to deepy’s house to pick her.She reaches there n calls her.”Deepy come fast”says alia by looking her watch.She hears some noise from deepy’s house.”No mom…i m going!”shouts deepy.Alia sees her frnd coming towards her in angry face n wen she sees alia she brightens.”Wat happened deepy?…any probs?”asks alia.”No yaar!…my mom said to wear churidhar or something which covers me”says deepy with irritation.Alia smiles n look her dress which is a pink top n blue mini skirt.”I dont know wat is probs with this dress”says deepy .They reach in college n enter to their classroom.After class finish they both go to canteen.Meanwhile in other college….”Sid!…can u come here”calls varun.Sid was busy talking with girls.Sid turns to him n look him in angry way.He goes near varun.”What u need?”-

sid.”I was thinking to keep a party in my home…u know it is our last few days in college”.”Oh god for this u hav called me?”-sid annoys.That time akshay comes and says”hey guys! varun keep the party bro we will enjoy man!”.”Yah!…but look at sid…he is not interested”-varun”.”Chill man he will come….right sid!”-akshay winks.After class varun goes to his house that time he hears some noise outside.He looks outside he sees her sister talking to her friend.After talking she enters in house.”Bhaiya….”calls his sister.”Ah u hav came!…i want ur help”-varun.”Wat u need?”.”I m going to keep a party”.”wat?….here?…r u crazy!..u know mom hate that”-sister.”That is why i m asking ur help!….plzzzz”-varun.”hmm….let me think about it”-sister. PRECAPE: Varun keeps the party…..sid sings beautiful song…alia comes in that party….Sid n alia dance together.

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey afrina nice.!!!!!!! bt it’s of alia n sid or alia n varun, i like alia- varun

  2. Nice

  3. hello yaar ! so nice but try to use dialogue format as the line are confusin

    so cool dude to hav a ff on movie stars

  4. Wow amazing but kia is article ma shoking twist ae gen hm ya fir is this article about romance hmmm ….well ye article is so ineresting afrina aage jaker ap writer bhi ban sakti ho ……………………… Reply me plz

  5. I want to write a article lekin email ka masla ho raha h plzzzzzz meri aap se request ha k mujhe help karen tht how to create valid email hmmm?????????????????????????

  6. jasmine Rahul

    Varun is also there.So Sid Varun Alia combination.Wow.cant wait 4 the party.eagerly waiting 4 Sid Alia dance.

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