Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq)


A small figure is seen cuddling in the bed under the silk white coloured covers. She wakes up by a voice calling her. “Twinkle..come on wake up”. “oh god, Clara. Just 5 more minutes” the girl replies rubbing her eyes and removing the covers from her face. “good morning,clara” Twinkle says.
Twinkle Taneja a 20 years old girl currently living in Florida. She finished college and now is heading back to India for university.
Clara merchant a 20 year old girl and Twinkle’s best friend since childhood who travelled to Florida with twinkle.
“morning,bestie” Clara wishes her and smiles. “can you believe we are going back to India..two years in Florida and I studied in my dream college and finally going to back to India” twinkle says standing on her toes and hugs clara.
“I know right. It was a great journey and I would have stayed for University here but our moms can’t stay away from us” clara declares as she hugs twinkle and giggles.
“yup..and can’t wait to meet everyone. I missed everyone so much and my crazy stupid friend yuvi too..and wait how can I forget kunj” says twinkle groaning as she mentions kunj’s name. “I don’t get it twinkle. What’s his problem? Why does he always behave strange when you go near him” says clara as she grabs a mug of coffee.
“yeah as if I have some kind of disease” twinkle says laughing. While clara chuckles. “yeah..he hates me I don’t why..I mean he never said that he hates me but he acts like he does” twinkle says as she grabs a bag of chips.
“yeah and on the other side look at yuvraj, he is so sweet and funny and dreamy” clara says lost in his thoughts. Sanju slaps her back causing clara to get back on earth.
“told ya that you like him,clara” twinkle mentions grinning. “no..I don’t” clara defends.
“forget it..let’s go we have to pack right” twinkle cheers up and goes towards her room. “yeah..” clara says finishing her coffee.
After a couple of hours, they finished packing. “DONE!” clara exclaims as she grabs the bags outside. “gonna miss everyone” twinkle frowns.
“me toooo” clara singsongs and hugs twinkle. “come let’s meet everyone” clara says grabbing her by her elbow. “okayyy” twinkle says as they both rush down the stairs.
They both meet their friends and greet them. “hey wanna check out the zodiac” clara says making her way to the lady. “nooo..I don’t believe in this crap” twinkle says crossing her arms. “but I do.. let’s go” clara says pushing her forward.
They sit for a couple of while and wait for their turn. “tell me..what’s gonna happen in the upcoming weeks” clara exclaims happily while twinkle groans. “hmm..this is pretty are gonna meet the person you were dreaming of since many years. And you are gonna make a lot of money in the upcoming weeks” the lady says while twinkle laughs out loud.
“rubbish..oh god” twinkle says in between laughter but stops when the lady glares at her. “let’s say something about you” the lady smiles gently gesturing towards twinkle.
“ are gonna fall in love deeply dear..but many hurdles are gonna come in between. This time your enmity would be trust. So child, don’t forget my words you have to trust the on going situations” the lady says smiling. Twinkle gets lost in thoughts but shakes her head.
“let’s go” twinkle grabs clara and they go outside. “you okay?” clara asks her. Twinkle nods and smiles. They both go towards the airport and board their flight.

A boy is running through the halls of a large bunlgow and steps inside a room. “bro, what is this? You are not ready yet?” yuvraj asks.
Yuvraj Sarna a 20 year old graduate. He is the younger son of Manohar Sarna. Currently planning on going to university. He is funny, cute, sweet and last but not the least a prankster.
“I have told you for like the hundredth time. I don’t have any interest going to the airport to pick her” kunj frowns keeping his guitar aside.
“ Her? She has a name bro.. and it’s twinkle. Come on, I don’t get it…why the hate?” yuvraj asks leaning on the door. “shut up yuvi..and please go I need to fill the forms for uni” kunj groans and takes the papers.
“fine don’t go..and yeah on more thing twinkle is gonna be in our bro please be kind to her..” yuvraj says grinning. “what?” kunj asks as he snaps his head towards yuvraj’s direction. “yup..and bye I’m getting late..I have to go and pick up twinki and clara” yuvraj says.
“she has a name buddy..that’s twinkle” kunj snaps back smirking. “ I know..I call her twinki by bye arrogant bro” yuvraj says as he rushes towards his car.
Kunj closes his eyes and sighs.
Kunj Sarna 21 years old and the elder son of Manohar Sarna. He is the more silence in suffer type. He keeps into himself. And lastly a hard worker.


Hello guys..I’m misha..
I am not new here nor it’s my first time writing a fan fiction. I already write a fan fiction “THE MASQUERADE”..if you would like you can check out my story ?..
I hope you guys like this story and I’m really insecure maybe you all won’t like it.
But I hope you will and one more thing I cried so much these days watching the current episodes of tashan e ishq. Raise your hands who wants to hit usha.. meee
Haha kidding..
Anyways, I hope you will like and check out my other story the masquerade.
And yes kunj doesn’t hate twinkle it’s something else bothering him which you will know in the upcoming updates if you like this story only then I’ll continue.
And make sure you comment even if it’s bad or good.

Credit to: Misha

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  1. me… I want to slap usha…. ur ff is awesome… waiting fr next part eagerly .. ..

    1. Hey tammana..haha mee too..thank you so much dear..this means a lot me..I actually didn’t expected that you all will like it

  2. good really different from other. its seems to b interesting. waiting 4 next

    1. Hey anshu..thank you so much..this means so much to me…and I’m surprised that you are liked it ?

  3. A good story. And story is also very much different.

    1. Hey ff reader..thank you so much for the all do so supportive..thanks a lot ??

  4. meee….i am ready to stand in a longgg queue to slap that usha hard & ur story is a unique one dear….

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    1. Hey akansha..thank you so much for the appreciation

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Very different ff track.
    I’m eagerly waiting for you upcoming episodes.

    1. Hey star..thank you so much..and you have a really nice name ??

  8. I like your ff..n I wud love it if its a twinj ff..n dat usha nautanki nonsense huh

    1. Hey aarti..thank you so much..yeah it a twinj ff..haha yup you also hate usha

  9. very interesting and an unique story line
    wow waiting eagerly 4 the next episode

    1. Hey sanam..thanks a lot dear..means so much to me..I’ll be writing soon.

  10. Hey guys i’m new here… Can any1 tell me how 2 write an ff? Btw lkd ur ff nice

    1. hi well u go must go to the menu option having an white background and not the black background
      there u have an option as submit ur article
      press on it fill in the necessary details and submit

      1. Thanks sanam for helping are great dear ????

    2. Hey of luck..I’m sure you are gonna rock the ff..make sure you tell me

    3. Thanks rimjhim..and I’m sure you are gonna rock your ff??

  11. Intresting story… Nd all the twinj fans want to hit her…

    1. Hey ruchi..thanks a lot..means so much to me.I am really glad

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    im waiting for ua nxt article.

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      1. Yeah I agree tina

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  17. Its was nice…and of course please continue


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