Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) (Last chapter)



“Are you sure?” I ask him again but no one can ever come across a stubborn person as compared to Kunj. “Yeah Yeah! Go on and marry Zac Efron” He scowled and I giggled silently. “But..” I stop as he looks at me. “But what?”

“No one can be more s*xy that you” I pull him towards myself and whisper slowly as he gasped. “Really?” He smirks and I nodded. “Devilishly s*xy handsome Billionaire” I tease him and he chuckles. “You are unbelievable” He teases me too and I roll my eyes smiling at him. “We are getting married after two days” He says slowly and I look away , flattered.

“I never knew you blush” He mocks making me blush more. “Can’t I?” I ask , in a shy tone and he rubs his thumb and forefinger across his chin thinking deeply.

“You can” He replies before attaching his warm lips upon mine and places me on his lap. I gasp as he pushed me towards himself and runs his hands across my arms and stops on the small of my back.

He asks for entrance but I tease him. “Don’t..” He whispers but I continue teasing him not more until his hands touch my bare waist and I gasp , finding the perfect opportunity he bites my lower lip and dipped his head to my neck leaving several marks of his love there.

I pull back , kissing his left jaw and he shuts his eyes smiling. He swirls me over and to my surprise jumps in the pool along with me. I breathe heavily as he grabs my hands and pulls me above the water and I hug him tightly. Not until his hands reaches the hem of my short and pulls it a inch running his hands across my bare back.

He kissed my collar bone making me moan in pleasure but I stop him. “Just two days” I whisper and he smiles. “Can’t wait” He mutters as we both swim towards the edge of the pool.



I grunted. Can’t that person wait for a second. I look at my phone and checked the messages and phone calls. OH MY GOODNESS! 30 messages and 17 missed calls. Kunj has gone mad. Mostly , his messages were about ;

Pick up the damn phone.

I miss you.

I love you more.

Where are you?

Come on twinkle!

Talk to me!

I love you , infinity promise!

I chuckled seeing his messages and leaned back on the bed. I quickly called him and he answered within 5 seconds. “Twinkle! Why didn’t you pick up my phone! I was worried. How can you be so careless?”

I silently giggled and rolled my eyes. “And why are you not speaking” He groaned and I chuckled. “Only if you let me speak Kunj” I stated and he sighed. “Sorry..” He whispers and I smile. “I was in the bathroom that’s why” I clear out and another sigh.

“Be ready in 10 minutes” He blurts out and hangs up making me sigh. I quickly go through my clothes and end up wearing a long navy blue dress , with a black laced back and a slit on the right leg.

I put on some mascara and a cover my lips with a red shade. I brush my curls ending up with Flawless waves. Wearing my black stripped silhouettes heels , I take a look in the mirror.

I rush downstairs and I was damn right, he’s already here. He laughs at what Mahi was telling him and I look on. I can describe him in one word….FASCINATING. And another thing, he’s mine and always mine. I watch up as he is dressed in a black tuxedo and his hair in the perfect quiff.

“If you are done checking him out then can you come over here?” Mahi’s teasing voice pops my imagination. I roll my eyes at her and walk towards them. My gaze locks with Kunj’s who smiles looking at me.

“You look s*xy” He mouths and I giggle silently . I pass him a flying kiss and he sighs dramatically. “Have fun!” Mahi’s waves jumping and sometimes I find Kunj’s words true. ‘Born with Kangaroos’ Huh!

Kunj opens the passenger seat for me and I sit inside inhaling his scent. Everywhere I feel Kunj , his love , his smell , his words , his touch , everything about him gives me goosebumps all around.


Kunj stops the car with a halt and jogs towards my seat, opening the door. “Gentleman ha!” I tease him and he smiles. He entwined our fingers as we both walk. “Where are you taking me?” I ask boggled and he gestures me not to speak.

After 5 minutes of walking we stand in front of a Birthday hall as I remember something. “This was the first place where we both met twinkle” He whispers standing in front of the same hall and my breath hitched in my throat. How can he remember this? It was years ago.

“I still remember it Twinkle” he mumbles placing his hand on my back and I look at him surprised. Can he read my mind. I give him a satisfying smile and we both stand outside the hall peeping through the glass windows as a boy was celebrating his birthday along with his friends. I smile thinking about my 8th birthday.

Ahh , those were memories to be cherished. He holds my hand and we sit on the porch beside the tree outside the hall. “Mom woke me up telling me it was someone’s birthday. Me being a crazy 9 year old boy woke up greedily to have cake” He chuckles and I let out a soft laugh.

“Me being an eight years old girl , woke up early in the morning excited about my birthday” I spoke smiling. “I lazily entered the hall hoping that the cake should be enough” He declares and I lean onto him. “I was already there , waiting for my friends”

“You were standing near the stairs , checking the time frequently , an annoyed expression on your face. Time to time you would flip your hair dramatically and sigh” Kunj says and I laugh.

“Then everyone entered with a big bang and there were you standing at the left , wearing a maroon shirt and black jeans” I tell him. That was the first time I saw him. But never knew we would be here , together in the future.

“You were wearing a pink shimmery dress. Dressed up in the barbie Avatar” He mocks laughing and I slap his arm playfully. “I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I wanted to talk to you and wanted you to be my friend”

“Same. But than you ruined it. You were so desperate that you ate all the cake. Seriously, I didn’t even cut the cake and there you were. Eating my cake like a thief” I pinch his cheeks and he pouts.

“That’s when we first became enemies. But we weren’t truly enemies. We just expressed it. More than that I loved you” He chuckles and I grin.

“Come next place” He grabs my elbow and we run towards his car. “Wait…can we please eat that cake?” He points towards the hall and I push him towards the car. “No way. Sneaky mouse” He kissed my cheek before sitting inside and I smiled.


“And this is where the real thing started. School” He says as we both sit in front of our old school. “We were so stupid. Fighting our own feelings” I laugh and he loops his arm around me. “Remember when you used to bunk classes” He asks and I nodded. “And you used to bring the notes for me” I add and he smirks.

“I used to do your homework” I added and he laughs. “I completed your assignments” He adds and I nodded. “Right! You used to eat my lunch like a thief” I snorted and he chuckled.

“Right again! And that’s why I loved you but we didn’t patched up. Because we were afraid that what if the other might not have the same feelings” He states and that’s true.

We were also scared about being rejected and that’s why we never came close. “Come next place Twinkle”


“This is where you went to Florida for two years” He silently says and I lean onto him. “You were happy. Really happy” He adds and I nodded. “But there was a hint of sadness too” He says as I clear the lump in my throat.

“Because you weren’t there” I added and he smiles. “Who said I wasn’t” He states and I look on boggled. “You were looking good in that still pink Sunday dress of yours” He laugh emphasizing on the word pink and I smile.

“You were there” I mumble and he nods. “Hurry next place” He adds and I nodded running towards his car. I never knew he was there.

“University!” I exclaimed leaning on the door of Kunj’s car. “That’s where our true feelings begin to pop up” He says and I sighed. “We came across many stages , happiness, laughter , we cried , jealousy , closeness and the last thing the trip to Miami” I finished and he pulls me closer.

“Come on!” he runs along with me towards somewhere and after 5 minutes of a long run we both stop panting. “The beach?” I ask boggled and he winks at me. “Yup! Well I couldn’t bring Miami here so the next place is the beach”

“I know. The jealousy , the fights , the time we scared you” I laugh and he rolls his eyes smiling. “When you kissed me all of a sudden and the punches , then the confessions, the real kiss. Being pregnant for like a stupid reason. And our last hug at the terrace” I clear out not aware of the fact that I had started crying.

“I’m sorry Twinkle! Shh don’t cry” He hugs me and I sniffed. “I’m sorry too Kunj” I mutter and he rubs my back.


“Then this is where we first met after about four years” He sighs and I look at the office. Right , this is where destiny brought us again.

“So many harsh encounters! I’m sorry for every moment Twinkle. Every single time I hurt you , that pained me to hell Twinkle. But you never gave up. You are strong and stubborn” He chuckles in the end and I smile. “I know” I pass him a wink and he smiles.


“lastly I can’t take you to Mexico so he we are” He smiles standing in front of his home. “The truth came on! And then it was your time to convince me” She winks and I smile. “Right! Seriously the hardest time among all” He smiles and pulls me towards his body.

“I’m proud of you Kunj! For every single thing. You are successful and lastly , you are mine” I end as he kisses my forehead and entwined our fingers. “By the way, the people in my house still are in a shock that if I’m the same Kunj” He laughs and I giggle.

“Mine and always” I added and nods. “Let’s go inside” He gestures and we walk towards his house.

“I’m so lucky”

“I’m damn lucky”

“I love you to the moon and back”

“I love you to the earth and sun”

“You are crazy Kunj”

“About you only twinkle”



“Burn Kunj”

And that’s how we continued our talk for hours not realizing that we had to stop.




“I can’t!” I’m freaking out like really freaking out. “Don’t be such a looser bro” Yuvi pushes me inside the closet room and I groan. “Stop freaking out! Please!!!” Yuvi scowled and I throw my head in my hands. “You are not getting it” I reply and he rolls his eyes.

“Are you forgetting it? I have been married before and I trust me I was hell nervous as you are and you know what? Marcus really mad fun of me. I swear I’m gonna do the same in his marriage” He starts blabbering and I hit the back of his head.

“Shut up man” I whine and he laughs rolling on the bed. “Chill! It’s totally okay. Twinkle was not at all nervous and you” He points his forefinger at me and laughs. “HA HA HA” I laugh sarcastically and he purses his lips in a thin line trying not to laugh.

“Pfft! Get ready” He pushes me inside and I sigh. Be a Man Kunj be a man. Take a deep breath , inhale , exhale , inhale, exhale. (Imagine Kunj getting nervous Haha..sorry back to the story)

I take a deep breath and get ready in a white sherwani with grey embroidery on the edges of the sleeves as well as the collar.


There she stands Infront of me , looking like a complete Angel. My angel. I don’t get the time to talk to her as the wedding rituals start and I pout at her making her giggle.

(SORRY guys. I actually don’t know how to explain the wedding rituals as you all know I’m not an Indian. So I’m extremely sorry for that. Hope no one would mind)


“Are you nervous?” I ask as I lock the door to my room and I hear her giggle. “Yuvi told me about how much nervous you were” She passes me a wink and I roll my eyes at her smiling.

“Yeah! Whatever” I reply and walk towards her pulling her for a quick hug. “I feel like the the happiest man alive Twinkle” I mumble and she nods pulling away. “And..” before she could even complete her sentence, I pull her towards my body and caress her lower lips gently , as she shuts her eyes.

I feel her fragile , delicate lips upon mine and I could see her smile during the kiss.



He took my waist , pulled me in. His fingers on my waist made me breathless and left a tingly sensation. He fitted his lips onto mine and cradled my head in his hand. That moment, everything seemed to disappear, I had no idea what was happening , all I know that it was us , and we were alone.

I ran my hands through his hair , his perfect hair which no one was allowed to touch , he let me mess it up. His hands touch my bare waist and I gasped. I didn’t knew that at that time we were on the bed. I let him take over me.

He knows my secrets , he knows who exactly I’m , so there’s nothing to hide from him. We were like that , kissing each other. He kissed my jaw , cheeks burning me as a soft moan escapes my lips.

We stayed like that until it seemed forever. His hands were magic . Him , Kunj was a blessing to me.

Who knew that I would be able to live with him after four years and we would be here married to each other.

“I’m sorry for every mistake I did twinkle” He pulls back breathing heavily and me panting like an idiot. “No need to be sorry Kunj! We are together , forever and ever” I completed and I could see sparkles in his eyes.

“I know..” He smiles and I nodded before the whole world seemed to disappear and there we both were in our own lost world.

Our love is not perfect but the love we have for each other hides all of the imperfections we have.


“Kunj…” I call him as he sits there playing with my hair in the garden. “Yeah?” He asks and I clear my throat. “I have something for you” I tell him and he faces me smiling.

“For the moments in my lifetime I have shared them with you Kunj. And for every star we have wished upon. As the morning sun arises we have seen together too.

The romantic dinners, The longfelt walks, The kisses underneath the umbrella as the rain begins to fall. The joyous times and the tearful ones too. I rather spend the rest of my life loving you.

It’s no mystery, But our destiny to spend these moments together and when time stands still for I know that it will. For that’s the moments in my lifetime I’ll be sharing them with you” I tell him.

His eyes becomes glassy as he hugs me smiling. “I love you Twinkle” he whispers and I hug him tightly. “Love you too kunj”

This is how we became one , one removing all the obstacles and hardships in our lives.

No couple in this world are perfect , there are no fairy tale endings in real life. But still , we became one as we went with the flow.

Trust , is what we both lacked in. And that’s what we both are practicing upon. I trust you and I always will is easy to say to but it’s hard to practically do it!

Love those who makes you laugh and smile. And even love those who tries to put you down. Because they are humans , anywhere in the corner of their hearts , they might have a soft corner for us.

If we will love our enemies , they might love us back. Love is a powerful word and again it’s easy to say it but hard to prove it!

That’s how we began to lead our life and that’s how I remember telling Kunj that…





I can never ever forget this whole journey in my life , never ever. This was such a beautiful journey with you all supporting me.

My one THANK YOU may not be enough to all those who supported me and loved me till all the end.

Thank you everyone , for loving me , for accepting me , for liking my fan fiction , for bearing my blabbering , and sorry to those days where I used to make you all wait Haha

I’m crying , with happiness and with sadness. But I’m happy and you know why???

Because I’m gonna start another TWINJ fan fiction!

I’ll be posting the new story in about 2 or 3 days…

My new story’s name is “TWO SHADES”

It’s a different one from this story..

Without any more blabbering , I’m supposed to say bye so that I can write the first episode of two shades.

So, should I start the new story?

Love you all to the moon and back!!!

Bye , you have to bear me again Haha.

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    1. Hey Shanaya. How are you?
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    1. Hey Ria. How are you?
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    1. Hi Tara! How are you?
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