Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 9



PREVIOUS CHAPTER = confessions of kunj and twinkle… Party discussions… truth about alia not being kunj’s girlfriend…



“Did you knew about it?” I ask, my annoyance , exasperation , antagonism at the top. Yuvi’s eyes are fixed on his plate, which makes me yell at him. “Yes or no?” I ask, in a hovering tone. “Yes…” he says, while my heart feels the agony.

“Great..” I say, as I push my chair and make my way outside. The hawkish, cold and glistening air hits my face as I shut my eyes, feeling the admirable heavens. “Twinkle..” a voice imitates in my ear, making me turn. “It’s not yuvi’s mistake…” kunj says while I look on hard-hearted. “I’m not mad at him!” I tell him in a bickering tone while he narrows her eyes.

“Really? Then whom are you mad at?” he says, as he steps closers. “No one!” I exclaim whilst he finishes the distance between our bodies. “No one?” he asks, a sparkle in his eyes. “Twinkle..” he says, grabbing me by the waist whilst rest my hands on his chest.

“Are you mad at me?” he asks, stroking me right cheek, making me insane. “Yes” I snap at him while he smiles. “What’s so antic about this?” I ask, trying firm to plug away but fail inadequately. “What’s wrong?” he asks, as I push him away. “What’s wrong, huh” I mock sneeringly and he looks on boggled.

“Anyways, forget about it” I say, making my way inside but he prevents me to go. “What?” I ask, with an annoyed and bored expression. “Hey, I’m sorry” he says, huh! YEAH, RIGHT. “Doesn’t matter, just like it didn’t matter to you inside when we were talking about the partners for the party” my unpleasant tone makes him smiles as he leans on the door, pulling me closer.

“Really?” he asks, stupid sneer expression his face. “Yes, really” I confirm while he looks on amused. “hate you” I tell him, running away whilst he laughs.

It’s 4 in the afternoon, and still we haven’t chose our dresses. We all knew there’s gonna be some party so we had packed our stuff. “Guys..I’m not going” I say exhausted as I ever have. Alia, Mahi and Clara look on astonished. I gasp, lying down on the bed. “Why?” Clara asks, in a hell confused tone. “I don’t have anyone to go with” I wheeze while they all grumble.

“What happened again? You both fought again?” Alia asks, hands on her hips. “Ugh!!! Why does this happen to me all the time” I grunt, rolling on the other side. “Come on , you both should stop behaving like kids” Mahi says, huh wow. “Wow! My 18 years old sister is telling me” I say, while she arches an eyebrow at me.

“To be honest, she is more sensible than you” Clara says while my jaw hits the floor. “Anyways , even kunj doesn’t want me to go with him” I say, as every word hurts. “And did he told you that?” alia asks, arms crossed.

“No..he didn’t but-“ I begin but she cuts me off. “Then how can you say he doesn’t want to.” “ all win” I tell then while they smile. “I’ll just talk to him once” I tell them, making my outside. “Don’t forget to use the contraceptive” Clara yells from behind.

“Disgusting!” I shout back, laughing. “Did I heard Clara say Contraceptive?” yuvi says, as he blocks my way. Oh God! Was Clara too loud. “Yes” I say, laughing. “Why?” yuvi asks, a concerning shadow surrounding his face.

“Because..Dumb head you know what we use it move” I tell him hitting past his shoulder. “She used it?” he asks, and I laugh. “You are such a blo*dy idiot brilliant…why would she use it” I tell him, while he rushes upstairs. Lol, now Clara is stuck.

I try to find kunj but he isn’t here. Where’s he!!!?? “Kunj..” I grown as I rush outside. I walk a bit as I reach the beach trying to find kunj. “Kunj..” I try to find him as a bundle of annoying giggles hits my ears. I turn back and I see, it’s a jaw dropping scene.

I grunt like a bull, I’m sure my face is burning with jealousy now. I move closer and so do they. Three sl*ts , embedded against kunj as it makes my blood boil. They cackle around kunj and lean on his bare chest. What? My heart breaks as he pulls them much closer.

“Hey…can you snap a picture of us?” one of those girls say offering her phone. Geez! SHAMELESS as f**k. I hard hit her strongly around her face as she looses her balance. “Twinkle!” kunj warns as my vision get blurry due to all the tears forming. “What the f**k is wrong with you?” he asks, infuriated.

“And are you screwed up?” I ask, harshly. “Well, it seems you are” he says, as he helps that b*t*h up. “Why did you bashed me like this?” she asks, in a stupid ear itching tone. “And may I ask why we’re you stinging around my boyfriend?” I ask, unpleasant.

What did I just say! “And who on this universe told you I’m your boyfriend?” he asks, sorry this time the tears flow down. He forgot everything… everything just seeing a couple of girls. My heads spinning, the ground shaking.

“I-I’m so-sorry” I say choking on my words. I start walking away from there, a hope in my heart that he would stop me, but he doesn’t. I stop, turning to look at him as his angry eyes bore into my soul. I let out a huge sigh, turning around as my body hits a hard object.

“ah..” escapes me mouth, rubbing my shoulder I take a look up. “I’m okay?” asks, a young man standing there. “Yeah.. I’m” I reply rubbing my eyes, just to prevent him see the tears.

“You are for sure not okay” he says, a light chuckle escapes his mouth. I examine his face as he looks on boggled. “Do I know you?” I ask, while a smile appears on his lips. Maybe! Because I have been for two years in Florida. I guess I know him.

“Well, you forgot your Lab partner so soon” he says, whilst my eyes widen in surprise. “JACOB!” I say happily. “Glad you remember me” he says while I give him a bone crushing hug.

“Oh My God! You have changed so much in this 1 month” I tell him. Yes, 1 month and a drastic change. The nerd, shy, geek, dork, dweeb Jacob to hotter one. “Sure!” he says an angelic smile on his face. Me and Jacob were lab partners for two years. And he is a genius.

“Missed your silly talks” he says, pulling me for a hug. It was such a great time with him. We had a really great bonding. “Me too” I say releasing back. “um..I know it’s none of my business but what happened a while ago?” he asks, hesitantly. “Well that’s for sure non of your concern” a voice says from behind hits my ears as I tense up.

I snap my head beach and so does Jacob. “Sorry..I was just asking” Jacob replies to kunj , hesitantly. “You don’t have any right to ask” kunj replies , he is angry , frustrated , his fists clenched. God! I can see the veins. “Wh-what’s wrong with you” I ask, my words break as I complete my sentence.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?” kunj asks, displeasure surrounding his voice. “Well, I’ll just leave. Bye twinkle” Jacob says, but I stop him. “Wait…why are you going? We have met after a long time , let’s go” I tell him, while kunj looks on his blood boiling.

What the heck is wrong with him? If he can be intimate with those sl*ts, can’t I even hug my friends?

I grab Jacob’s hand as we make our way to the beach house. I don’t look back, because if I do, I’ll see him. And that would hurt, hurt like hell. We reach inside as Clara looks on boggled. “Um..twinkle?” Clara asks, boggled. Just like me, she is also boggled to see him. “Oh, remember Jacob, my lab partner” I tell her while her eyes widen in surprise.

“OHHH okay” she says, as they all meet him. We all talk along with everyone, and discuss about the party tonight. “Why are you dull today?” Alia asks, while I shake my head. I can’t tell them, only Jacob saw all that. And kunj still hasn’t returned yet.

Suddenly, my thoughts are crushed as the door cracks open. “Oh God! We were waiting for you” yuvi tells him. “Sorry..” kunj mutters as he takes a seat next to yuvi. Why’s he so dull? Ugh!

“You okay?” yuvi asks while kunj nods. He examines me, his eyes flowing in guilt, sadness, loneliness as turn my gaze away from him. I can’t look at him. Why’s my life so complicated!

“Come on, come on. Get up you all! We have just two hours left for the party. So move your butts” Marcus says, shoving everyone. My head is seriously spinning right now. “You get up, lazy bones” Marcus tells me, while I’ll grumble. “I’m not going” I tell him as I lean on Jacob’s shoulder cuddling in while he laughs.

“Why?” Marcus asks, I grunt again making Jacob laugh. “Because…I’m exhausted, tired , so lazy as you said, no power , plus I don’t have a partner to keep your shit closed” I tell him while everyone laugh. “Um..aren’t you going with me?” kunj asks, out of the blue causing me to sit up straight.

“Yes! I thought you were going with kunj” Marcus says, arms crossed. Silence fills the room while I uncomfortably play with my hands. “Hmm” I say, while I get confused looks.

“What hmm? Yes or no?” Marcus asks, as he looks at me with an arched eyebrow. “Yes” I mumble while sighs of relief surrounds the atmosphere. Why did I say yes? Despite all that shit, I said yes. Ugh!!!!

“Good answer…he loves you truly” Jacob whispers in my ear as I sigh. “You think so?” I ask, humorless. “Of course. The shade his face occupied or occupies as I come close to you..the jealousy hits the atmosphere” Jacob whispers, making me chuckle.

We all go towards our room to get ready. Alia is not in the room, which means she is with Mahi and Clara. I step inside as I go towards the dressing room. A pair of arms swirls me around while I look on amazed.

“Shhhhh” the voice says, I let out a sigh of relief as kunj says. “Leave me” I say, annoyed at him but he doesn’t. “I can’t” he says, as he buries his head in my neck, sending sensations down my spine.

“Why? Didn’t those sl*ts fulfilled your desires?” I snap, as his body tenses up. “Twinkle..I’m sorry.. I ju-“ he begins but I shove him away, making some distance between us.



She pushes me away, I know she is hurt, hurt a lot. “I’m sorry, I now I’m an idiot, moron, egoistic , bone head, block head, nitwit but please I just don’t know…ugh!” I grumble as her eyes widen I’m surprise.

“Indeed, you are” she tells me, like a lost puppy whilst I smile. “Sorry” I mutter making a sad face but she shakes her head side to side.

“Pretty please” I tell her pulling her towards me as her back touches my front. “No!” she says adamant as a child. “Why?” I mumble, my chin resting on her shoulder. “You can’t hurt me all the time and then say sorry. I’m fed up” she says, in a broken voice as I tighten my grip around her.

“I know…just a single chance?” I ask, as she turns around. “I Love you twinkle…I’m sorry..and I promise I won’t do anything again” I tell her, taking her delicate small hands in mine. “Please don’t leave me, it hurts, hurts a lot, not having you is like I don’t have a life” she tells me her eyes being watery as she sobs a little. Her broken voice break my heart into pieces.

I decide that its now or never and lean my forehead against Twinkle’s. We make eye contact briefly before our eyes flutter closed. My lips found hers and caressed them gently.

We were both nervous, but it all washed away with the amazing feeling coursing through our bodies. I switched between long, passionate caresses and short demanding ones.

She responded to my kisses and took my bottom lip between her soft gentle ones. She gently played with my lip, gradually releasing it to resume our passionate make out.

I move my hands to the small of her back and run them up and down her waist. She hooks hers around my neck and plays with my hair making me shudder with pleasure. I decide to deepen the kiss.

Tingles shoot through my body. She fights for dominance playfully smiling into the kiss. We return to long passionate caresses before breaking away. We smile at each other again.

“Twinkle will you be my girlfriend?” I ask breathless from our amazing kiss.
“I thought you’d never ask.” she replies enveloping me in another breathtaking moment.

We both pull back, breathless. A pink shade surrounding her face as she buries her head in my chest. “of course, I would love to” she replies as I let out a sigh of relief.

“I love you..” I tell her, as shy smiles appears on her face as she pulls back. “Now…go, I have to get ready” she says, while I pout. “No…let me help” I tell her, grinning while she rolls her eyes. “Moron” she mutters as I pull her close. “I can’t get enough of you..” I mumble against her neck as she giggles.

“Well, sorry but now go” she tells me while grunt. “Fine. Just one kiss” I tell her and she shakes her head in a no. “Fine…don’t talk to me” I release her acting annoyed. “Okay” she says, pursing her lips, trying not to smile.

I stick my tongue at her whilst she laughs. Making my way outside I realize how much I need her always.

It’s been like an hour and we all boys are waiting, obviously for those drama Queens. Alia decided to go with Jacob as she changed her mind. I’m glad and plus I apologized to Jacob for acting like an idiot.

After like making us wait for so long, Clara comes, Thank God. She’s wearing a red gown that suits her perfectly. And trust me she looks like an angel. My idiot brother is lucky.

She leans against yuvi, giggling. She’s crazy, giggling without any reason. Anyways, God knows from where they got their dresses. Mahi and alia also comes downstairs as my eyes try to find twinkle. Where’s she? Ugh! Typical girls.

Mahi is wearing light shade pink gown dress, to be honest I hardly know how to describe all these women clothings. It’s so annoying , because complications! Complications!

Beside her is standing a smiling alia, probably laughing at something , she’s wearing a long white gown, with a shiny golden belt looped around her waist.

Finally, twinkle comes wearing a long white gown, with a slit on one side. She looks beautiful like an angel. And madly running down the stairs. I rush towards her as she stumbles. “Be careful” I tell her, while she passes me a huge smile. “Sure” she says, looping her arm around mine as we go outside.



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