Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 8


(Continued from the last part of the chapter)
“And you know what I pity myself that I love you” I scream on top of my lungs, receiving shocked looks. Kunj eyes widen in surprise, while I storm out of there, crying my heart out. I rush into my room, crying badly as if I ever have. I told him that I love him and I have always loved him. But, not in this way. Not like this,never. What alia must be thinking about me.

My life is becoming a hell. This trip was supposed to be fun, not like what I have been going through. I sob under the covers, as someone sits on my side. “Twinkle..” alia whispers, while I wipe my tears. I sit up straight on the bed, my vision blurry. “alia..I’m really sorry..I just didn’t wa..” I begin but she stops me.

“No..listen to me” she says, a smile appearing on her lips. “I want to tell you something..I don’t know of it will change the current circumstances, but I hope it will” she begins, while my heart’s beating fast. What’s she gonna say? “I am not kunj’s girlfriend” she begins, while my eyes widen in surprise

“Alia, no don’t break up with him because of what just happened a while ago and..” I begin but she cuts me again. “No!…I was never his girlfriend…it was just an act” she clarifies, my jaw hits the floor. An act? A blo*dy act? “what?” I ask, confused as hell. “yes..but I can’t tell you why..because kunj has to answer you” she states, while I nodded, understanding her.

“Don’t doesn’t suit you” she tells me, I give her a weak smile, giving her a bone crushing hug. “I’ll go and meet Clara and yuvi, you know” I tell her, while she nods. “yes sure, they had been hell worried” she tells me, while I chuckle. “sure. Goodnight, alia” I tell her. “Come back soon” she winks at me, while I smile.

I go downstairs, my heart’s beating fast. What if kunj is there too? I don’t want to face him. At least, not now. I reach there while I see Clara and yuvi on the right sided couch, and kunj sitting on the middle one.

“Twinkle..” Clara says, breathing out. Her body relaxes, seeing me. I see yuvi’s face, probably, smacked up. Gosh! They both fought like animals. Or maybe worse than them. Yuvi stands up coming towards me, and grabbing my hand. “are you okay?” he asks, and I shove his hand away,angry at him.

“Twinkle..I’m sorry..please” he begs, tears rolling down. “I didn’t wanted to hurt you..I’m..” he says fighting back the tears. I see Clara tilting my head a little. “Forgive him, please” she says, her face dull. I hug yuvi, holding him tightly while he sighs. “Thank you” he whispers. “Don’t you dare act so childish again. Promise?” I ask, breaking the hug. “Promise” he assured me, while Clara hugs me, happily.

I see kunj, looking at me but I avoid him. “Goodnight” I say, turning on my heels to go but someone grabs me by my elbow. I turn back, seeing kunj. I shove away his hand, while he stands there apologetic and hurt. “We’ll leave” Clara says, as they both vanish from there. I take a seat on the couch, my hands on my knees. “10 minutes” I say, while he nods.



“10 minutes” she says, while I sigh. Fortunately, she gave me 10 minutes. “twinkle I’m sorry..I know I have hurt you a lot..more than anything..and I hate myself for that..please, forgive me..I’m sorry..I know you tried a lot, a lot to break the walls around me, but I didn’t let you do it..I’m for sure, a nincompoop” I tell her, laughing sarcastically. Her face doesn’t change.

She sits there, emotionless. Her eyes never meet mines. She is looking away, not even once at me. I know I deserve this. But I am suffering. “Please..I’m sorry” my voice shakes in the end, but still she is sitting there, no emotions just a cold and hurt face. I’m feeling bad, really bad for whatever she has gone through due to me.

My vision is getting blurry, I don’t know I feel dizzy. I try to hold back but I’m failing. “I’m sorry, twinkle” I begin, but no change yet. Her jaw locks, a harsh and cold expression on her face. “Please..” I beg, I can’t stop the tears as they roll down. “why did you lie?” she asks, looking at me. Lie? About what? “I can’t understand..about..what?” I ask, confused.

“you know what I’m talking about” she says, raising her voice. “No..I don’t” I whisper, shocked. “Don’t lie, anymore.” She yells. “I’m not. If you f**king tell me. Wouldn’t it be better?” I ask, shouting back at her and moving away. “why did you lie that alia is your girlfriend? When she isn’t even your girlfriend.” She asks, I look on stunned. Ugh! Alia told her. But it’s good she did.

“Does it even matter?” I shout at the same. “yes, it does” she says, pushing me. “why? And why are you pushing me?” I ask, holding her hand. “the same way it matters to you when a guy comes closer” she yells, at me while I shut my eyes. I am holding her tightly, as she cries. “You are hurting me” she yells, but I roll my eyes. “yes, it matters to me. And you know why? Because I love you, twinkle. I have loved you since God knows when. But you, you never loved me. You thought I was a flirt, a jerk, and you thought I hated you, when I didn’t. Why? Why do you hate me so much? And you thought that I wanted to use you as a one night stand?” I ask her, not able to control my emotions anymore.

Her eyes widen in surprise with each passing second. “huh? You are talking about existence. Remember kunj all the dirty tricks you played on me. Despite all that I had a soft corner for you but you always thought I’m a whore right?” she asks, I have hurt her. I have hurt her so much. She’s crying, and because of me.

“Never. I never ever thought of you like that nor I will. You don’t know how much I love you” I speak my heart out while her features softens. I let go of her hand while she collapses in my arms. “twinkle…are you okay?” I ask her, cupping her face. “I’ll bring some water” I tell her, but she holds my hand.

“don’t go..please” she says, weakly. “but..” I begin but she cuts me off. “Let’s go to your room…help me up” she says, while I help her up. She lays on the bed, while I cover her with the blanket. I lay beside her, caressing her hair. While, she places her head on my chest.

She entwined our fingers, looking at them, while I my gaze never leaves her. “you okay?” I ask, cupping her face. “yes..” she whispers, weakly. Ugh! She looks so weak and it’s due to me. “Twinkle…” I begin, “hmm” she says, looking at our entwined fingers.

“I love you..” I say, oh no! What if she denies. I hear her chuckle. “I know” she replies, giggling. “what? Are you just gonna say I know?” I ask, annoyed, we’ll, just acting annoyed.

She looks at me, her fingers stroking my jaw line. What is she backs off, backs off like she did that time. But she doesn’t. I feel her her warm, soft lips against mine. I’m taken aback, but I give in. I kiss her, gently, softy. I can’t believe I’m kissing her. Is it a dream?

I don’t know. I’m so in her. Her lips are addictive. I kiss her passionately, turning her around, while she giggles. I bite her lower lip, deepening the kiss. She backs off, obviously to breathe. My lips finds her neck as a moan escapes her mouth but she bites her lower lip, while I kiss her back. She is driving me insane. I grab her by her waist pulling her towards me while she blushes.

We pull back, breathing heavily. She stares at me, a blush surrounding her cheeks. “I love you so much” I tell her, joining our foreheads. “hmm” she says, teasing me. “come on, you have to say it, too” I say, acting annoyed. “fine..I love… Tom Cruise” she says, giggling. “What? Not fair. I know I’m not as hot as him but..” I begin, but she kisses me. “Never, ever say that” she says pulling back.

“You are more than him to me” she tells, me while I smile. “and I love you too” she says, while my heart dances with happiness. Crazy ain’t I?

I pull her for a hug, rubbing her back. “let’s go to sleep” I tell her, hugging her. “goodnight” she says, hugging me, while my vision turns black.


I wake as the morning light comes on. Ugh! Why do I have to wake up in the mornings. I smile as I remember last night. Did that all really happened. Was it true. I can’t believe I told kunj. And he loves me. I feel like the happiest person ever.

I smile as kunj opens his eyes due to my movement. “Wake up, sleepy head” I tell him, smiling. “Morning,love ” he says, pulling me in a bear hug. I blush at his words and hug him back. “it’s the best morning ever” he states, while I look at him, boggled. “How?” I ask, confused. “Because..I get to see close to me” he says, while I chuckle

“you are so cheesy in the morning, aren’t you?” I ask, pulling back. “So I’m” he says, smirking. I head towards the door while he grabs my elbow pulling me for a kiss. I’m freeze at the moment but then I kiss him back. I feel his sweet lips attached to mine, as he deepens the kiss. “Now, this is what I call a perfect morning” kunj says, pulling back.

“cliché” I say, hitting his shoulder. “Ouch” he fake complains while I grin leaving the room. I see alia, sleeping peacefully. I want to thank her, because, if she hadn’t told me everything I wouldn’t have told kunj. I change into a V-neck , sleeve loose-fitting white chiffon dress, pairing it with my brown sandals.

luckily, no one’s awake. I step downstairs as I see kunj in the kitchen. Probably, cooking something. “what are you cooking?” I ask, while he turns back facing me. “Pancakes” he says, a book in his hand. “Oh! And you are using the recipe book” I say, grabbing an apple. “so?” kunj says, while I stick out my tongue at him. He grabs all the ingredients putting them at the counter.

I quietly grab the flour, ready to pour it on him. How mischievous. Ain’t I? He is stirring something, while I go behind him, and throw the flour on him. “What the f**k?” he curses, shocked. I laugh, hard at him while he groans in frustration. “Fine..” he says, sighing he moves towards me while I froze there.

“W-what are you..” I say, hesitantly. He pulls me closer while my hands rest on his chest. “what happened? Why are you sweating?” he asks, his one hand on my waist and other dusting the flour away. “No—no way” I say,hurriedly. “really?” he asks, stroking my lower lip. “stop it” I tell him, trying to free myself but he pulls me closer.

“Twinkle..” he murmurs, “hmm..” I say, as he leans in. “I love you, you know that right?” he asks, leaning more closer. “Yes, I do know that” I reply, while he leans in more. “Goodmor-whoops, we didn’t see anything” Clara says, while we immediately pull away.

I find Clara there, her eyes covered with a laughing yuvi beside her. “What happened? Did the romance #flour sessions ended?” yuvi asks, with stupid grin on her face. “Shut up” I tell him, rolling my eyes and taking a seat on the nearby chair. “Now clean this mess you two” Clara says, pointing at yuvi and kunj. “But why me?”yuvi asks, while I laugh. “Help or don’t help..your choice” Clara says, while kunj groans in frustration.

“But twinkle was the one to throw this flour on me” kunj says, pouting, making an innocent face and blinking eyes. “don’t get in his act,Clara” I tell her while she laughs. Me and Clara take a seat on the couch, while kunj and yuvi cleans the place.

Oh poor them, I’m so mean. Ain’t I? Anyways, my thoughts are ended when Clara asks “Do I need to know something?” she asks, arching an eyebrow. “Yessss” I say, giggling. I tell her about last night, only the confessions not the kiss things, come on, those are personal, hehe.

“I’m so happppyyyy” she stated, giving me a bone crushing hug. “Me too..but don’t kill me” I say, laughing. Kunj and yuvi comes there too. “Let’s make breakfast” I tell Clara, whilst she nods. Kunj ignores me, whistling a random tune. I narrow my eye at him while he rolls his eyes. Huh! Attitude. Let’s see.

Everyone takes a seat, while Mahi, Marcus and alia joins us too. “was it fun last night?” alia asks, grinning. “Sure, it was” Marcus says, as a pink shade surrounds mahi’s cheeks.

Mahi is wearing a blue floral printed summer dress paired with her gladiators.

Alia is wearing a high waisted floral shorts, with a solstice crop knit and boots.

Clara is wearing a black crop top paired up with a denim skater skirt and her boots.

I shove the thoughts away of looking at everyone’s clothes and eat my breakfast.

“so what’s the plan for today?” yuvi asks, munching on his pancake. “Hmm..there’s a party the ball should we go there?” Marcus asks, while discussions start. “Done” alia says. “It’s a couple party type” Marcus says, uncomfortably. “whom are you going with?” I ask, Mahi. Ugh! I’m so stupid, obviously she will go with Marcus.

“Me” Marcus says, as a bluish forms on his cheeks. “and you?” Clara asks me, while everyone’s attention is on me. “um…I..” I say, taking a look at kunj. Why can’t he say that I’m going with him. Or maybe he doesn’t want me to go with me.

I loose my hope as he doesn’t reply. “No one” I say, keeping the fork down. “why? What about kunj?” Clara asks, while everyone look on boggled. Only Clara knows about this. “What’s happening? Do we…um..need to know something?” Mahi asks. “Well, first off, me and kunj were never in a relationship. It was just an act” alia says while I shut my eyes.

“an act ?” Mahi asks, boggled. “yes, only me, yuvi and kunj knew about it” alia says, while my eyes widen in surprise. “You knew about it?” I ask, shocked. “Did you knew about it, yuvi?” I ask, my anger rising.

To be continued…

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