Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 6



They all go towards the plane, as the air hostess greets them, a smile playing on her lips. “have a safe flight” is what she says before she disappeared. “hmm..where’s my seat” twinkle says looking at her ticket. Clara and yuvi sit at the right side busy talking to each other.

“my seat is with Marcus” Mahi states as they both sit behind yuvi and Mahi. “no guys are saying that my seat is with kunj” twinkle states frustrated. “yes stop the tantrums” kunj says pulling her. “I want to sit with Marcus” twinkle says removing his hand.

Kunj groans and sits on his seat. While alia sits on the left side. “ma’am, kindly please take your seat” the air hostess tell her. Twinkle frowns and sits with him on the right side. “why did this had to happen with me?” she murmurs. “heard you” kunj says smiling. “As if I’m scared” she replies rolling her eyes.

“you do care..shortcake” kunj says laughing. Wait, what? Shortcake? He just gave her a name. “what? Shortcake? Don’t give me names” Twinkle groans throwing her arms in the air. “ what? You are short. Admit it” kunj says grinning. “shut up..” Twinkle states closing her ears.

They take a look at alia who has already slept. “looks like someone was really tired” Marcus says while everyone laughs, kunj rolls his eyes and sighs . “don’” twinkle says between gritted teeths. “why not,shortcake?” he asks again, mocking her.

“ugh!” twinkle groans. “don’t call me that” twinkle snaps. “anything for you, shortcake” he replies, while twinkle gives him a death glare. They reach after some time, while twinkle wakes up alia. “hey alia..we are here..wake up” twinkle gently shakes her while alia flinched. “okay” she replies yawning.

They get down the plane and hire a cab, trying to find a hotel. “okay..I would have took you all to my home..but sadly as I have already shifted to India with my family..I don’t have anything here..but yes, let’s do one we will spend the night in a hotel and tomorrow we will go to my friend has a beach house there and he’s in new Orleans now, so I’ll call him and then we can go. What say ?” Marcus asks giving them the whole detail.

“wow..okay..done” yuvi says while they all agree. They reach THE PARADISE HOTEL as they check in. “so they are two rooms one for you girls and the other one for us. You girls, have four beds and we have two duh” yuvi says groaning. While the girls chuckles. “great” twinkle says, as she grabs the key from his hand. “let’s go..girls” Clara says running behind twinkle.

“and you boys..bring our luggage” Mahi orders before looking at Marcus while he smiles sheepishly at her. They enter the room. They were four beds, two on the right side and two on the left, covered with floral bed sheets. There was a night stand between the beds with a black shady lamp on it.

The room was decorated in a modern way plus a traditional touch. With the different tradional wallpapers on the wall. The bathroom was of white and black tiles. Amazing right? Classic. “a jacuzzi too?” Clara asks excitedly. They all cheer, while someone knocks on the door.

Mahi and alia goes towards their beds while Clara opens the door and sees the yuvi and Marcus there. “come in..admire the pretty room” Clara says giggling. They place the their luggage.“let’s go outside and explore the hotel” Clara says taking everyone. “but twinkle?” Marcus asks. “she will come” Mahi says as they go out.

Kunj knocks on the door but no response. So, he enters and sees no one there but noises coming from the toilet. He looks on suspiciously, and goes towards the toilet as he places his hand on the knob, twinkle opens the door and screams.

Kunj immediately shuts her mouth with his hand and pulls her inside. “mm..let..mmm” twinkle murmurs trying to remove his hand. “blo*dy idiot..why we’re you screaming?” kunj asks sharply. Twinkle removes his hand and narrows her eyes.

She looks at him angrily, frustrated and bitterly. “and may I ask what the heck are you doing?” she asks, arms crossed. “none of your business” kunj replies. “duh…it’s useless to ask you” twinkle says taking a step forward but slips, she pulls kunj along with her as they both crash on the ground. Twinkle lies on ground as kunj is on top of her.

Twinkle (POV)

We both are in such an awkward situation. I didn’t pull him intentionally, I just tried to seek his help and now we are here, in this situation. I gasp as his hand reaches my waist. My clothes are wet a lot but Kunj is nearly wet. He touches my waist as I shiver under his touch.

He notices this and pulls me closer as he plants a kiss on my neck. What the heck? Why am I not stopping him. Because I can’t. I don’t have the power to stop him. I’m frozen, I can’t move. I don’t know the effect his touch has on me. As he plants another kiss on my ear shell, I flinch and hold the hem of his shirt.

“Kunj..please” I say while he kisses me again on the neck and this time a moan escapes my lips as he smiles sheepishly. His hand goes up until he comes close to kiss my lips but I slap him. Oh god! Why did I do it. Yes, I did it not because he was touching me but because he has a girlfriend.

I push him and settle myself while he sits there in shock. “don’” I says between gritted teeths. “aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You have a girlfriend, kunj” I say. “I hated what you did now” I finish as I storm out of the toilet.


She slapped me, and she did the right thing. But it didn’t hurt but her words did that she hated what I did to her. I could feel the bitterness, jealousy, frustration, anger and her broken heart in her voice. She didn’t slapped me because I kissed, but because she thinks I have a girlfriend.

Great, kunj sarna.. ugh! Now I have to repent due to my stupid jealousy plan. I’m quitting right now. But first I have to go to her. I step out as she is sitting on the bed, her face buried in the pillow. Wait, what. Is she crying?

I step forward as she yells at me. “go away” she sobs as she cries harder. My heart twisted seeing her in this state . I carry her in my arms like a sac as she punches my back. “get me down” she yells while I make my way to the bathroom. I make her stand in the shower with me while she struggles to get away.

“you are too weak to fight with me,babe” I tell her as her eyes widen in surprise. “don’t call me babe” she yells as she tries to get away. I close the glass door of the shower and lock it tucking the key in my pocket. While she groans.

I start the shower as it immediately flows on us. She stands there, her eyes closed as her body relaxes under the same shower running her. Oh God! I have to control my hormones. Because as jerk and mean as I sound. She looks hot but I shove the thoughts away.

She opens her eyes and snorts while I laugh and she looks away, uncomfortably. I pull her closer as her hands rest on my chest. She looks at me frustrated and tired while my hands go down her arms as she doesn’t remove her eyes off me.

I feel as if she can go through my soul. I want her to talk to me, I want her to share her feelings with me and I want to help her. But she doesn’t let me in. I close the shower as she gulps. I go out while she looks at me blankly. I get her night clothes and pass on to her and I close the door behind me, waiting for her to come. Luckily, yuvraj’s case was also there by mistake. So, I change up into his clothes.

She comes out her hair tied in the towel as she rubs her hands. I go towards her without any thinking and carry her in my arms to the bed. I lie with her while she places her head on my chest and hugs me tightly removing the towel. I pull her closer, giving her warmth until everything turns black.


I wake up hearing laughter as I crawl on the bed and my hand touches someone, it’s kunj. I shout loudly while he wakes up and shouts too. “why are you shouting?” I ask him hitting him by the pillow. “because you were shouting too” he replies innocently. Aww, he looks so cute in the morning.
As I look up, I see Clara and yuvi grinning at us. I freeze, shit..I guess we both fell asleep and we didn’t knew. “it’s okay..don’t worry..Marcus, alia and Mahi slept in the other room yesterday..we were just talking and they slept. So me and yuvi decided to come here and then we saw you too..and I didn’t bother to wake up” Clara says as yuvi pulls her closer to his chest while she giggles.

I sigh and run to the bathroom. I come out after sometime, and see Mahi,Clara and alia there already ready. Clara is wearing a brown skirt paired with her black leggings and white button up shirt tucked inside her skirt. Her hair in a bun. (Link down below ?)

Mahi is wearing a white shirt paired with her brown skirt and her hair in a side ponytail. (Link down below?)

Alia, oh my God..she is looking so fabulous. She is wearing a brown glittery sweater type shirt, with brown golden pants. Her hair loosened up and her purse in her hands.

“get ready fast and come for breakfast” Clara says while the three leave the room. I dress up into white and light blue skinny jeans paired up with my blue shirt and converse. I love my black and white converse. (Here’s the link?)

As I made my way to the breakfast area, the memories of last night flashes upon my inward eye. I quietly take a seat next to Marcus while I see kunj clenched his fists in anger. Huh, I’m enjoying it. I lean in and give a kiss to Marcus on the cheek as he is taken aback.

I see kunj gritting his teeths but I try to hold back my smile. Suddenly, he storms out the room while everyone looks at him boggled. They go back to their business as after breakfast we head to Miami. I see kunj giving death glares to Marcus everytime while Marcus smirks at me and gives me a thumbs up.

We finally reach Miami, as in I mean the beach house and wait OH MY GOD! This is amazing. I have been to Miami before but this beach house is so fascinating. We go inside as the décor of the house is woody. Like more the wood things. I gaze at everything admiring each and every thing.

There is a big hall after the entrance. With fancy couches and seats. A large TV in front. There is a kitchen beside there. And there are two rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs.

“ let’s decide the rooms” Marcus says placing the luggage on the floor. Hmm, the tiles are pretty. “so twinkle” Marcus snaps his finger in front of me causing me to come back from the appreciation of the house.

“I’ll be with Clara” Mahi says excitedly while Marcus looks at her? he never looked at any girl like that before. Wait, why am I not knowing anything. Since, this kunj things had started, no one tells me anything or maybe it’s me who doesn’t ask. Anyways, I’ll ask everything later.

“okay then..I’ll be with alia” I say taking my luggage. I’m happy to be with alia. She is nice but I want to have the hate feeling for because she is kunj’s girlfriend but I can’t because she is nice. Ugh! I curse again. And there are three rooms left so the boys are getting their own rooms. Typical boys huh..

We go upstairs as I turn the knob of the room. Wow! It’s beautiful. There is a queen sized bed covered with purple and white sheets. A grey blanket on top with purple polka dots. There are numerous pillows like purple,white,grey and black on the bed. That’s what I live about beds. And I suddenly miss my room.

Anyways, there was a couch near the window and the ocean view was clear from the window. And there was a big closet so me and alia settles our clothes over there.

We both lie on the bed and laugh hard. “I’m so blo*dy tired” I grown. “me too” she says laughing. “let’s take a nap. Because Marcus says we have to get ready for the beach party by the evening” alia says settling herself inside the covers while I close the windows and lie down.

I wake up as four people jump on the bed yelling. “wake up, wake up you two” this annoying voice belongs to my little spoilt brat sister. I open my eyes as I see yuvi, Mahi, Clara and Marcus jumping on the bed. Alia growns as she kicks yuvi out of the bed and he falls on his butt.

We burst into laughter as yuvi pouts and acts like crying. “ baby” Clara says hugging him. How cliché. Mahi and alia laugh hard while I see kunj leaning on the door with a straight face. What’s wrong with him? Why can’t he laugh like others?

I take a look at Marcus and then it hits me. Oh I see, Marcus is beside me a few inches away and that’s bothering him. So, jealousy on top. To my surprise, Marcus holds me in his arms while I take a look at kunj. His eyes are red, his hands clenched into fists. Oh no, I don’t what him to do something now.

Marcus puts me down inform of the bathroom as I see kunj going from there cursing heavily. For God sake, when’s he gonna stop cursing.

The others leave the room to change for the beach party. Gonna be fun..


We all go to our rooms to change. And for a second, I felt the jealousy and anger building up in me seeing twinki and Marcus so close. But it’s okay they are doing a drama. But why am I bothered. I just don’t know. The way he looks at me, I can’t resist because I want to look back but what if he doesn’t like me.

Anyways, I change for the party. I change into white pom pom shorts with flowers design. As I pair it with my white shirt. And my sun glasses. And my flats. (Here’s the link?)

Clara also comes out wearing a white lace romper and her flats. Her hair loosened. (Here’s the the link?)

“you look fab.” I wink at her while we both go downstairs and immediately yuvi wraps his arm around Clara as she buried her head in his chest. They both look so perfect. I want someone like this too. My gaze meets Marcus as he looks at me like, he knows what I was thinking.

Oh God, I need to stop these hormones and thoughts. I close my eyes as someone entwined a hand to mine. I open my eyes immediately as I find Marcus there amused by my reaction. He comes closer and whispers. “you look perfect” he says as my heart skips a beat while he chuckles looking at me.

He moves back and talks to yuvi as twinkle comes downstairs. She is wearing a shirt loose top with flower designs on the edges and paired with jeans shorts. Of course, her favourite gladiators too.

Kunj comes there in a bad mood. Huh? What happened to him? Why is he in such a bad mood?. Oh yeah, jealousy on top. Lol, I want to laugh so hard but can’t because they will think I’m abnormal.

Anyways, we all make our towards the beach party. There a few other beach houses near us. And every beach house is decorated so beautifully.


We all are walking towards the party as see twinkle leaning on Marcus. My blood boils. I can’t breathe. What the heck is her problem? Why is she always leaning on him. Ugh! I hate you Marcus.

And specially this noon, when he picked twinkle, I was about to punch him. But I guess he was lucky. Anyways, we reach the place and WOAH! It’s amazing. Whoever has decorated this place had a great sense of décor.

We all settled down as there were a bunch of other people too. It was a great atmosphere. I looked at twinkle, the cold breeze hitting her face, her hair to the back. She is just like an angel. An angel, whom I want to be mine. My gaze turns into a frustrated one as Marcus pulls twinkle along with him.

She leans on his chest giggling while I feel the world spinning. I stand up this time ready to punch him until I’m stopped by a voice. “let’s play truth or dare” it’s yuvi’s voice. I cool down myself as we all settle to play. Yuvi spin the bottle as it lands on Clara. Everyone hoots while Clara snorts.

“so Clara, truth or dare” Mahi says clasping her hands. “hmm..truth” is what she replies. “ who was your first kiss” Mahi asks. That’s a stupid question. Clara immediately turns red as she blushes. “yuvi” is what she answers and hides her face with her hands. Yuvi hugs her while she leans against him.

Yuvi spins the bottle as it lands on Mahi. “ahan..your turn spoilt brat” Yuvi teases her while she sticks out her tongue at him making us laugh. I see twinkle there sitting next to her laughing at both of them but before I think about her, alia pops out a question.

“truth or dare?” alia asks. “truth” Mahi replies smiling. “ do you like someone?” alia asks while Mahi gulps. “yes” she replies shyly. Everyone looks on surprised as question keeps on popping. When, how, why?. “why didn’t you told me?” twinkle asks, arms crossed.

“because if you will get out of your little romantic toaster then I’ll tell you” Mahi says in defence. While we all look on at there rubbish words. What is a little romantic toaster?. Anyways , we continue the games as Clara spins the bottle. It lands on Marcus, Huh. I groan as he replies “dare”.

“ kiss the pretty girl over here..and you have the choice where to kiss her cheeks or lipsss” she smirks and laughs while everyone laugh uncontrollably. Wait, what if he kisses twinkle. And yes, I was right. He was making his way where twinkle and Mahi were as he steps closer.

No, I can’t deal with this anymore. I rush towards him and punch him roughly on the face as he lies on the ground. I gasp as my knuckles begins to bleed and so does his face. Twinkle pushes me roughly as she cups Marcus face. “ okay? Oh God! You got hurt” she cried while I stayed there paralyzed.

“what the heck was this?” yuvi says preventing me to punch anyone further. I push him as I storm out of the place.

They help Marcus as yuvi and Mahi hold him taking him towards the beach house. I storms out of there, while I hear footsteps behind me . I keep on walking frustrated while someone catches my elbow and stop me abruptly. “what the f**k is wrong with you?” she yells at me while I look on, frustrated.

I ignore her completely, my gaze on the other side and my mind still on the scene. “I am asking you something?” she yells again and I feel my anger at the peak. “that’s none of your concern” I shout back. “it my concern. You punched Marcus. Have you lost it?” she asks again while I control my anger, but damn I can’t.

“so what are you doing here huh? Go and treat that Marcus who tried to kiss you” I shout back while she is taken aback my works. She leaves my elbow and sighs. She closes her eyes and tears flow down. My hears ache at that moment. I run my hands in my hair, frustrated. “why do you care?” she asks softly. I sigh and shake my head.

“why do you f**king care?” she tells holding my collar angrily. “why?” she shouts as the tears flow rapidly. “because..” I begin but stop myself. She pushes me and runs from there. Shit, why didn’t I just tell her that I love her. Ugh! Hating this moment.

After a couple of hours, letting my frustration fed away. I begin to go. The breeze cooled my mind and damn I’m so hungry. I walk in the sand as I reach the beach house. I twist the knob and see Clara and alia setting the area. I guess, they are gonna watch a movie.

“what are you guys doing?” I ask, my hands tucked in my pocket. No one replies. Ugh! blo*dy hell. “watching a movie” alias replies. Huh, at least my fake girlfriend replied. Marcus and yuvi comes there too with an exhausted twinkle behind. I begin to go but I’m stopped by Marcus voice.

“kunj” he says while I hear him coming towards me. I sigh and turn to face him. “I need to tell you something” he says while twinkle straights up. “look whatever happened was..” I begin but he cuts me off. “no. Let me explain. In the dare, I wasn’t going to kiss twinkle. I was making my way towards Mahi” he clarified as his cheeks turns red in a blush.

Oh God! f**king stupid me. Shit. Then it hits me. Mahi was too sitting beside twinkle. I just lost my mind duh. I take a look at Mahi who was standing there with a shocked expression. “I thought you didn’t liked me” she states from the back. Marcus moves towards her taking her hands in his and caresses her thumbs. “who said I didn’t?” he asks grinning.

“so Mahi taneja. Will you go out on a date with me now?” he asks while I hear awww from the background. “of course” she grins as she hugs him. “we will be back” Marcus says while they both vanish from there.

Hello everyone! How are you all? Sorry for not updating dear. There were two problems.

The first one I had told you guys about my exams right. Yeah, so please cooperation is important.

And second, I actually wrote the whole episode days ago but I accidentally deleted it and I couldn’t find it in one drive too..
So, I hope you all would understand.
And a huge thanks to those who are commenting and making my day.
Best of luck to those who have exams. May Allah bless everyone.
And make sure you you all so much.

Credit to: Misha

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