Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 3

Twinkle goes downstairs and makes her way outside as Clara,Mahi and yuvi notice her. They rush behind her as twinkle keeps on running like a maniac.
“twinkle stop” Clara yells from behind with yuvi and Mahi running behind her. Twinkle goes inside as she collapses on the floor and cries hard. “twinkle..for God sake..what happened?” Clara asks hugging her. Yuvraj helps her stand up and makes her sit on the couch.
“what happened?” Mahi asks stroking her cheek. “nothing” twinkle mumbles. “come on..I know something happened..tell me” Yuvraj says crossing his arms. “nothing please..I..I need some rest” twinkle says as she sighs. “come let’s go” Mahi says helping her up. Clara signs yuvi as he nods.
“she will be okay..I promise” Clara says going towards yuvi. “I trust you” yuvi says as he kisses her forehead. “I’m sorry..I just didn’t meant..” yuvi starts to say but Clara hugs him shocking yuvi. He hugs her back tightly, rubbing her back and giving comfort to her. “take care, bye” yuvi says as he kisses her forehead again. “you too” Clara greets him and meets twinkle.
Yuvraj goes towards kunj’s room, frustrated. He storms inside making kunj boggled. “what the heck is this? You just can’t enter anyone’s room like that” kunj says glaring at him. “and you just can’t play with anyone’s emotions like that” yuvi snaps.

“I am not playing with anyone’s emotions..” kunj says harshly. “ are” yuvi says in between gritted teeths. “oh really? Whom?” kunj asks sarcastically closing the drawer with a jerk. “what’s the problem,bro? Why do you keep hurting her all the time? What’s making you do this? I know you are not like this then why?” yuvi shouts as he pushes kunj.
“what the heck? Fine you want to know right? Listen’s you making me do this. Yes, you. I have loved twinkle since I was 8. But twinkle huh she didn’t ever bothered to notice me. What she was interested was in you and others. I was never good enough for her. And I know I’m not good for anyone. Everyone should hate me. I don’t deserve love. Twinkle always used to be with you” kunj yells at him while tears form in yuvi’s eyes as he looks at kunj shocked.
“come here, see these 13 gifts over there. I bought these since her 8th birthday till the 20th. But she never talked to me” kunj says until he realizes he was crying too. Yuvi looks at the gifts shocked and immediately hugs him. Kunj stands still but hugs him back.
“you are wrong. You are so wrong. You got it all wrong. I never loved twinkle bro, she has always been my best friend. Even, she doesn’t think of me any other way. She is like my sister. I loved Clara ,but twinkle, no. I can’t think of her like that. Never. And about not talking to you. How could she talk to you. You always used to ignore her and make fun of her. But still she never said anything bad about you” yuvi says in between sobs.
“I’m so sorry for acting like a jerk..maybe I was just being a little insensitive” kunj says pulling back. “a little?” yuvi asks. They both laugh hard at this again. “I’m sorry” kunj says as he hugs him. “it’s okay..and I always knew you love her..come on look at the photos you used to capture of her every time” yuvi says laughing.
While kunj elbows him and laughs. “I need you to sort out everything okay?” yuvi asks smiling. “ she okay?” kunj asks slowly. Yuvi shakes his head in a no. “ughh..damn me..did she had food?” kunj asks. “no..she was..crying badly..I think you should talk to her” yuvi says.
“hmm okay..the gathering is finished come let’s message Clara and ask her to open up the door without telling anyone” says kunj. Yuvi nods and messages Clara.
They go after 10 minutes and Mahi opens the door silently. “come in..shh don’t make any noise” Mahi says while yuvi giggles. Clara,yuvi and Mahi goes to mahi’s room while kunj silently opens the door of twinkle’s room.
He sees her lying on the bed turning the lamp on the night stand on and off. “ugh..stop thinking about kunj twinkle..he is crazy..don’t think about him..he must be enjoying and and yeah how can I forget food. He must be eating” twinkle says groaning. Kunj let’s our a chuckle while twinkle looks at the back afraid.
“ I’m imagining kunj here..twinkle” twinkle says shaking her head. But is shocked to find kunj there. She gets up from the bed and hits his shoulder. “ouch” kunj says in pain. “what are you doing in my room? And in my house at this time?” twinkle says angrily. “I..I came..I mean..I came to meet you” kunj says nervously.
“why?” twinkle snaps. “what do you mean why?” kunj asks coming closer. Twinkle doesn’t move from her place as if he has done magic on him. She never felt like this before. Kunj stands near her a few inches apart from her and pulls her closer. “to say sorry” he whispers in her ear and he tightens his grip on her waist. Twinkle looks at him straight in the eye and gulps. “I don’t need your sorry” she snaps back not breaking the eye contact.
“yes you do..I’m sorry Twinkle for hurting you all the time.. for being a idiot” kunj whispers as he entwined their fingers. Twinkle felt as if her heart is gonna come out anytime. The intensity his gaze and touch has was making her crazy. “no..first tell me what those pictures and all that meant?” twinkle says. Kunj sighs. “trust me twinkle. I’ll tell you at the right time and..” kunj begins but twinkle pushes him, pissed off. “no..don’t talk to me then if you can’t tell me” she says as she turns back.

But kunj pulls her back by the elbow and says. “why are you so stubborn? I simply can’t understand you girls. I said that I’ll tell you at the right time”. Twinkle sighs frustrated. “why not now?” she asks. “here you go..seriously? I said I’ll tell you and..” kunj says but stops when twinkle places her cold lips on his cheeks and grins. Kunj is taken aback and is shocked. Twinkle grins and says. “you speak so much”. Kunj looks at her and pulls her more closer.
“because you are stubborn” he whispers in her ear. She feels the tingly situation seeing him so close to her. “food” she says and steps back awkwardly. “okay..I’m hungry too..let’s go” kunj says grabbing her hand while twinkle smiles.
They go towards Mahi’s room and they all are happy to see them smiling. “why don’t we go and have some food outside?” Clara says excitedly. “what? At this time.” Yuvi asks. “so?” twinkle asks smiling.
“okay then..where do we go?” kunj ask his gaze on twinkle the whole time. “I need pizza” Mahi says yawning. “yes..let’s go” twinkle says. “but don’t make any noise” she adds while they all giggle.
They sit in the car while Mahi says “let me drive…please” she begs. “okay” yuvi says as he passes her the keys. “I’ll sit in the front” yuvi says.
Mahi starts driving as the whole time kunj’s eyes doesn’t leave twinkle. Twinkle can see him looking at her from the corner of her eye. “geez…stop looking” Mahi says while kunj worries.
“ are looking at Clara through the mirror as if you have never seen her” Mahi adds while kunj breaths in relief.
“shut up and drive” yuvi says his cheeks red. “guys guys guys….guess what Marcus is gonna be here tomorrow” twinkle says smiling. “really???” yuvi asks looking back. “yes…he will be here for about two weeks or so and he is shifting here with his family” twinkle says while kunj looks at her expressionless.
“and I was planning why don’t we go on a road me,Mahi,Clara, kunj, Marcus and you” twinkle asks yuvi . “great idea…it’s gonna be fun” Clara says excitedly.
“I don’t want to go” kunj speaks up. “what? Why?” Mahi asks. Twinkle looks at him frustrated. “because there’s gonna be much uni work etc and..” kunj begins but twinkle cuts him. “it’s a no need to take stress”.
“I know but I don’t want to go” kunj says. They reach the place while Clara gets out followed by an angry twinkle. She shuts the door with force. “ugh..not again” kunj groans. “bro, you messed it you fix it” yuvi says as he steps out of the car.
Kunj and Mahi also come out while they make their way to the restaurant. Kunj goes near twinkle but she moves aside. “you look hot when you are angry” kunj whispers in her ear. Twinkle gulps and rolls her eyes.
They come inside and order the food. They sit in silence for a long time until Mahi breaks the silence. “ when’s the trip going to be?” she asks. “after 2 to 3 days” twinkle replies.
“great..are you sure you don’t want to go?” yuvi asks gesturing him. “I..I..okay..I will” kunj says while he takes a glimpse of twinkle. A smile plays on her lips hearing him agree to go.
“great…we are gonna enjoy a lot” yuvi says. “mind if I bring someone along?” kunj asks. “sure. Who is it?” Clara asks while yuvi looks on suspiciously.

“it’’s my girlfriend” kunj says as he looks at twinkle who immediately shook her head up. “girlfriend? When did you had a girlfriend?” Mahi asks.
Yuvi looks at him and sighs. “a while ago..can I bring her too?” kunj asks looking at twinkle. He saw her hurt expression, the sparkle in her eyes when kunj agreed to go disappeared hearing about the girl. Again a hundred thoughts came in her mind. He has a girlfriend? He didn’t told us? Why would he tell us? But what about those pictures? What are you thinking twinkle, he can have a girlfriend. Anyone would love to become his girlfriend. I guess she must be really beautiful and hot. And me I’m nothing in front of anyone. I can never be good for anyone. Who would love me?.
She shoves the thoughts away as the waiter brings the pizza. “thanks” Mahi says as the waiter passes her a smile. “I’m really hungry” Clara says taking out a slice. They start thinking but twinkle didn’t touched the food. She was lost in her own thoughts moving the knife in the plate.
“what happened? Why are you not eating anything ?” yuvi asks while the others look on. “I..I don’t feel like eating anything..” twinkle hesitates. “you okay?” kunj asks. “I’m perfectly fine” twinkle replies harshly.
“you guys go on..I have some work in the near by shop” twinkle says getting up. “sure?” Clara asks. Twinkle nods and goes out of the restaurant.
She comes out and leaves out a long sigh. “what the heck is wrong with me…why did I left my food for him..he doesn’t care though..I’m gonna show him that I also don’t care” Twinkle says making her way inside. She comes and sits there,eating her food. The others look at her boggled.
“what?” Twinkle asks with a mouthful of pizza. They shake their head and finish their food. They reach home as yuvi says. “so..see you all tomorrow at uni..and then we will start planning for the trip..”yuvi says. They all go their home.

Kunj’s girlfriend entry…change of plans..going to Florida and Miami…something special for Clara…

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I hope you are liking the story..and I hope you will like it too…thanks again for the immense support .. and check out my other story “the masquerade”
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