Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 7




I see them both, vanishing from there. I am happy for my sister. Because, Marcus, is a great guy. He’ll keep my sister happy. Today was a shitty day, way tooo shitty. I can’t explain how much frustrating this day was. Anyways, my gaze meets kunj as he looks at me with an apologetic, frustrated , exhausted and a tired expression.

How can anyone have so many emotions at the same time. Oh, it’s kunj. You never know what’s he upto. I narrow my eyes at him while my thoughts comes to an end as alia asks. “are we watching the movie or not?”. “of course we are” Clara replies. “so what genre movie?” alia asks, excitedly.

“Horror” Clara says, and oh my God! I burst out laughing. I laugh hard, Horror. The four of them are looking at me with a bored expression. “what’s so funny?” Clara asks, taping feet. “ G-God” I says in between laughter. “you all and horror movies” I state, laughing my butt off. “so?” yuvi protests. “twinkle, you were born abnormal. Because, you don’t get scared. And we..umm..also don’t get scared” Clara says, hesitantly.

I laugh hard, rolling on the floor. “yeah just like you all are gonna pee your pants?” I ask, as I laugh more. “shut up, nincompoop” Clara calls me. “what? Why would you call me a nincompoop, Clara?” I ask, laughing. “because you are” yuvi declares. “and FIY, why don’t you change into some old pants because you all are gonna shit it soooo” I singsong.

“twinkle!” Clara yells, running behind me, followed by a giggling alia and yuvi. “booo…loosers, peeing in their pants” I singsong. We run like maniacs, in the whole living room. “’m so tired” I say, giving up. I see kunj on the couch laughing hardly, my heart melts hearing his laughter.

It’s been so long, long since, I have heard him laugh freely. “enough guys, me and alia are going to cook, yuvi you play the movie, and you, you clean the mess” Clara states, pointing at me in the end. “yes,sir” I salute, while everyone burst out laughing. “sir?” she asks, laughing. “I mean, yes ma’am” I declare, getting back to work.

I feel kunj’s eyes at me, which makes me uncomfortable. I can’t work, with him looking at me. I can’t. It’s so hard to work with an intense gaze over you all the time. Kunj stands up, ready to leave. Fortunately, my eyes fells on his knuckles, which were injured and bleeding. He goes upstairs while I run behind him.

I grab his hand, while he winces, in pain. “I’m sorry, is it hurting?” I ask, rubbing his hands. He looks at me for a second before replying. “’s not”. “huh? Your are wounded. Come” I tell him, taking him to my room. He sits on the bed, while I look for the aid kit. I clean his wound, and finish the bandaid.

“why are you not mad at me?” he asks, curiously. I blush, I don’t why. But I blush. “what happened?” he asks, his curiosity growing more and more. I make my way towards the door, smiling. I stop “why we’re you so possessive?”I ask, vanishing from there. I take a seat on the couch, busy on my phone.

“BOOM!” kunj shouts in my ear, I shout out loud, while he and yuvi burst out laughing. “you scared me to death” I cry out, arms crossed. They both laugh, while Clara and alia rush out. “what happened?” Clara asks, a spoon in her hand. Oh, she loves cooking. “kunj scared twinkle, and she…” yuvi says in between laughter, I roll my eyes.

But then it hits me, I smirk at kunj while he is taken aback. I know, something is cooking in my nasty head. Something big. Clara and alia go back to the kitchen, while I follow them, not loosing my smirk. I sit on the counter, grinning. “’s creepy, what’s cooking in that head of yours?” alia asks, finishing the garnishing on the pasta.

“nothing” I reply, shaking my head. “really?” Clara asks, huh she knows, both of them knows something is cooking in my mind. “okay, fine. It’s a revenge plan…kunj scared me, so we are gonna scared kunj and yuvi, both” I tell them, my eyes twinkling. “ no no..why are you bringing yuvi in between?” Clara asks, backing off. “oh shut up…its gonna be fun” alia states.

“yeah..and besides, yuvi has played a thousand pranks on”I ask, impatiently. “Okay” Clara says, giving up. We discuss the plan, finishing the setting of the food. I set the food on the table, while everyone takes a seat. I push a fork full of pasta in my mouth, admiring the delicious taste of it. We settle down, after eating, our popcorn in our hands.

Clara and yuvi settle on the couch on the right side leaving no space. While alia lays down on the couch on the left side leaving no space as well. Now, ugh! I have to sit with kunj. I take a seat on the couch in the middle, next to him, tensely.

Now after a while, it was time to start out prank. The lights were off, and we couldn’t see anything. Just a bit of lighting. Me and Clara escaped out of there quietly. We both dressed up in a spooky attire, tattered clothes, matted hair, ghostly makeup, some fake blood etc. We quietly went downstairs. “ first I’m gonna be standing beside the couch, a bit far away, I’ll switch on the torch then off, then on, then off and I’ll be stepping back. After that, as they are watching the ring, so you come behind the TV just like the ghost in the movie does. Done?” I ask Clara, excited.

“done” she whispers. We go towards the living room, as Clara quietly settles herself behind the TV. I stand a few feet away from the couch. I turn on the torch to my face and turn it off again as kunj sees it. “ is someone” kunj says, horrified. “what? Where?” yuvi asks, looking at the back. “duh..there’s no one” yuvi says, his attention back on the TV. “there is..” kunj begins but yuvi cuts him.

“shut up and watch the movie” yuvi says angrily. I change my position quietly, now, standing a few feet away from alia’s couch. I do the same and yuvi notices this. “who’s there?”he asks. “I told you..someone..” kunj says, horrified. Kunj jumps into yuvi couch, while alia also pretends to be scared and jumps there, while I hide behind the couch.

Clara comes out, the TV light on her making her a little visible. She crawls in the same position as the ghost in the ring movie does. Kunj and yuvi starts screaming out loud. “Oh my God! It’s us” yuvi shouts running, like a maniac. I control my laughter. “where’s twinkle and Clara?” kunj yells. “I guess, the ghost has eaten them” alia says, pretending.

“what?” yuvi says screaming. Clara comes closer to their couch while kunj and yuvi jump around the whole room. “Oh my God! She’s gonna kill us” kunj yells, running. I have already fitted out mobiles to record the whole thing, thank God. But I hope it’s visible, though. Anyways, alia bursts out laughing so does me and Clara.

Clara turns on the lights, as I see the horrified and stunned expressions of yuvi and kunj. “What the f**k was this, you all did this?” yuvi asks, frustration growing more. “O-of…course” I say, laughing hard. “you, just wait twinkle” yuvi says running behind me. I run like a maniac begging for my life while Clara and alia laugh hardly.

“your girlfriend was involved please let me go” I shout running around the whole room, with yuvi behind me. “Clara…Alia! Stop laughing and help” I shout, but those idiots laugh more. Suddenly, two arms surrounds me, my back on someone’s front. I tilt my head, and it’s kunj, preventing yuvi to chase me.

Yuvi tries to get hold of me but kunj turns me around. He is laughing and I can I feel his chest vibrating. My heart does a flip flop as he pushed me more closer. The three of them settle down, but kunj still is holding me in his arms.

“you can let me go,they..umm…they are cooled down,now” I tell him, struggling to free myself. “But I like it..having you in my arms” he says, what? What does this mean? He has a girlfriend. Why can’t he hug Alia?

I free myself, turning to face him. A hurt expression passes through his face. I turn on my heels, taking a seat on my place I was before. “so? Now?” Alia asks, stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Yuvi still passes me death glares while I stick out my tongue at him. Clara laughs at our childish behavior, making me grin.

“let’s watch a comedy movie” I say, so they don’t pee their pants. “Oh and by the way..are your trousers dry?” I ask, pursing my lips. “twinkle..” yuvi gets up to chase me, but Clara holds him back. “shut up…yes, let’s watch 21 Jump Street” Clara suggests. “Cool idea” kunj says, taking a seat beside me.

We close the lights off, as we all settle to watch the movie. In the middle of the movie, I see kunj shifting by my side, our thighs touching. My hearts beating fast, normally, it’s not good. Maybe, ugh! What am I saying. I look at him, admiring him. He looks at me, his attention on me. I don’t know how my fingers starts stroking his jaw, but it does. I stroke his jaw with my fingers while his hands reaches my waist, grabbing my body and placing me on his lap.

I’m sitting in his lap, my legs on on either side of his. His cold lips finds my neck as he plants a kiss. I should stop him. But I can’t. I’m loosing my control. His touch has power, which I can’t overcome. Our face is a few inches apart, his gaze on my lips as I dumbly bite my lower lip. His minty breath fells on my face, I shut my eyes, thinking this is not fair with Alia.

He leans in , more closer, and closer but I push him and run away. I lock myself in my room, tears rolling down my cheeks. I can’t control my emotions. My life is becoming hell. I can’t think of anything, I just want to cry, cry out loud as possible as I can.

After crying and satisfying myself,that I can go back, I set my hair, and rush downstairs. They all are setting the area, I guess the movie is finished. I step more closer, as I find kunj, his eyes shut and a frustrated look on his face.

He stands up with jerk, while I squeak. He stands in front of me , his eyes are blood shot. Clara looks at me worried, sitting on the couch and asks “twinkle..we’re you crying?”. I shake my head. “Kunj..l-listen” I choke on my own words. “You.don’t.say” he says in between gritted teeths. “Ju-just..I wa…” I begin to explain but he yells “I said shut up”.

His words hurts, hurts badly. “But..just..” I say, sobbing but he yells again “shut up, twinkle”. “why are you shouting?” yuvi asks, leaning on the table. “None of your business” kunj says, tilting his head. “Yes, it is. You are shouting at her for like no f**king blo*dy reason” Clara curses, groaning. “k-Kunj..I didn’t..”I keep on choking on my words. They don’t come out.

I try to explain but I’m cut off my when he crashes his lips on mine. I’m shocked, astonished. I struggle to get away but can’t. He is so harsh. I push him with my whole force as yuvi pushes kunj away. “What the f**k was this?” yuvi asks, both of them punching each other. I’m stunned, what did just happened. My anger rises, I loose my temper.

Clara tries to stop them, while Alia comes to help me. “Stop..please” Clara beggs, crying. I rush towards them, pushing kunj on one side and yuvi on the other. They both crash the ground as they frown. “what do you think you both were doing? Getting the shit out of each other. Wasn’t it enough? And who gave you the right to kiss me like that? You think I like pushing you away? You think I like hurting you all the time? Do you even imagine what I go through? Just think for once kunj, that why would I push you away. Because you have a girlfriend and I can’t be so selfish to kiss a person who already has a girlfriend. And you know what….

To be continued….

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