Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 2


Twinkle wakes up due to sun rising as the sparkling rays hits her eyes. She frowns, crawling in the bed and rubbing her eyes. “morning,my beautiful life with a hundred shades of people” she wishes as she sits on the bed.

Twinkle is funny, loving , carefree , sometimes annoying too but not everyone is this world has a perfect life. Everyone has secrets, wounds and a dark past. Some wounds are hard to heal. But some can be cured. Sometimes by true love or sometimes by the right person.
But Twinkle doesn’t know who will heal her wounds..true love or a right person. But she is sure she will get two of them. But no matter how hard she tries she doesn’t feel the same way with anyone except kunj. His touch, his embrace everything makes her feel out of the world.
The way he looks at her as if he can see through her soul. As if he can read the emptiness in her eyes. The way his eyes burry in her soul sometimes makes her uncomfortable.
Twinkle stands on her toes and she makes her way towards the bathroom. She takes a quick shower and changes into denims and white tank top paired up with her sneakers. She curls her lashes as she puts on the mascara and light shade of pink lipstick. She makes her way downstairs.
“good morning,mom” she hugs her as she takes a seat near Mahi. “morning,mahi” twinkle greets her. “morning” she replied taking a bite of her toast.
“so, everything ready for university?” leela asks pouring the orange juice in a glass. “yeah..everything is” twinkle replies.

Twinkle and mahi goes together as she drops mahi to college. She picks up Clara and goes towards uni. “are you excited?” Clara asks smiling. “ask my hormones” twinkle replies laughing.
They both enter uni and see their schedule. “good, we have many classes together…and..” but she stops as she sees yuvi talking to other girls. Twinkle looks at the back and sighs. Yuvi greets the girls and moves towards them.
“hello” he greets Clara who looks at him expression less. “what have I done now?” yuvi asks pouting. “as usual..flirting” twinkle says and sighs. “nope..they just asked about kunj” yuvraj hurries to say.

Twinkle looks at him boggled and asks “kunj?but why we’re they asking about him?” twinkle asks. “is it jealousy?” Clara asks grinning. “nooo..don’t get the wrong ideas” twinkle says,arms crossed. “we were not even planning” Clara says laughing.
They see kunj coming towards them while twinkle looks away. “hello” kunj says awkwardly while twinkle keeps on looking at her shoes. Clara and yuvi greets him. “I’ll just come” Clara says moving to the other corridor. “me too” yuvi says running behind her.
“but wait for me” twinkle says as she turns to go but kunj holds her elbow. Twinkle jerks his hand away and sighs. “what’s the problem twinkle?” kunj asks in a cold tone.
Twinkle looks at him straight in the eye but doesn’t respond. “I’m asking you something…” kunj literally shouts while twinkle stands aback in shock. “you know’s useless to talk to you” kunj says as he storms out of the corridor.

Twinkle sighs and goes towards her first class where she meets yuvi, Clara and unexpectedly kunj there. “professor will be here any minute” Clara whispers while she finds yuvi staring at her but avoids his glance.

“at least give him a look” twinkle giggles while Clara gives her a death glare. “why is he doing it?” Clara asks frustrated. “obvio..he loves you” twinkle says smiling at yuvi while her eyes meet kunj’s. She sees bitterness and something else she couldn’t put a finger on, in his eyes.
They all come out of the class as the class is dismissed. “kunj” twinkle says running after him as she looses her balance but gets hold of his shoulder. “what the heck? Can’t you even walk properly? What if you got hurt and..” says kunj as he realizes what he says and sighs.
Twinkle’s eyes sparkle as she hears the words of concerns for her. “it means you were mad because I would have got hurt not because it would have hurt you” twinkle mumbles. “no..don’t get the wrong ideas” kunj snaps. “I wasn’t planning on them” twinkle merely whispers.
“huh? What happened to your tone? Where did the A.T.T went?” kunj asks sarcastically. “huh? Excuse me? What A.T.T?” a boggled and confused twinkle asks. “ means annoying twinkle tone” kunj says while a genuine laugh appears on his face. Twinkle looks at him lovingly adoring his smile as how fascinating it his.

Kunj looks back at her and settles himself. He clears his throat and asks. “anything else?” he asks harshly. Twinkle sighs and replies. “no” kunj goes from there leaving a totally boggled twinkle there . With a hundred of questions coming in her mind . Why does he hate me this much? Why does the smile disappears as I go in front of him? Why doesn’t he talk to me? Why does he stays away from others? Is it my fault?…she shoves the thoughts and makes her way towards her next class.

She attends a couple of classes as finally making her way towards the food area. She finds yuvraj, Clara and kunj there. “twinkle you have to face have to know what’s bothering hime, no matter what” twinkle says in her mind as she goes towards the table.
She takes a seat next to Clara with yuvraj and kunj facing them. Kunj didn’t knew she was there as he was busy on his phone. “twinkii!” yuvraj exclaims. Kunj looks at her amazed. “what is she doing here?” kunj asks in between gritted teeth. “to have food” twinkle says smiling. “don’t bothers me” kunj replies taking his cold drink.
Twinkle gives him another wide smile and looks at him grinning. “’s useless to explain the brainless” kunj mumbles under his breath.

“so is this place better than Florida?” twinkle asks Clara. “of course..but I’m missing Marcus” Clara asks looking at yuvi to see his reaction. Yuvraj snaps his head hearing Marcus and arches and eyebrow.
“who’s he?” yuvi asks in a bitter tone. “he’s crazy..he has a big crush on twinkle..he is seriously so crazy about her..but highness twinkle doesn’t think he is the boy for her…and he is my close friend” Clara declares and chuckles.
Yuvraj breaths in relief and smiles. “oh friend” yuvi says smiling. Kunj takes a glimpse of twinkle who was lost in her on thoughts. “twinkle?” Clara snaps her fingers causing her to get back to senses. “I’m okay” twinkle replies.

“Marcus..” twinkle mumbles leaving everyone confused. “yeah? What’s with Marcus?” Clara asks while kunj looks on. “his you have his number?” twinkle asks literally jumping.
“oh yes..I do” Clara says awkwardly while kunj arches as eyebrow at her. “give it to me” twinkle says as she grabs her phone from her bag. Clara gives her his number.
“thanks..” twinkle says as she dials the number. “hello” twinkle says. While the other three looks on only able to hear what twinkle is saying. “I’m great..Marcus you are on your holidays ..” twinkle says as the others looks on confused. “great..I’ll meet you here soon..bye” twinkle says as she cuts the call.

“what?” twinkle asks awkwardly as she see the the three glaring at her. “oh..Marcus is coming to India” twinkle says as it was no big deal. Yes, it was a big deal. Not for Clara and twinkle but for kunj and yuvraj. “great” Clara says.
“I know” twinkle murmurs as she finds the bitterness and coldness in his eyes. “I have to go” kunj says getting up. Kunj storms out of there while twinkle follows him back. “wait kunj..” twinkle yells from behind in the empty corridor.
She grabs his hands. She breaths heavily and stops him. “you..are so fast” twinkle says breathing heavily.

“what was that? Storming out of the cafeteria?” twinkle says as he sighs. With any other thoughts kunj pushes her into the empty classroom and bangs her on the wall.
With his hands tightly on her waist. She tries to free herself from his grip but fails rapidly. “what’s your problem huh? Trying to make me jealous out there” kunj yells on her face. “jealous? Why would I make you jealous?” twinkle asks sarcastically. “don’t lie” kunj says as he pulls her closer.
“I’m not” twinkle says as tears form in eyes due to the pain. “you always hurt me” kunj whispers. “how? At least give a do I hurt you?” twinkle merely whispers as tears roll down her flushed cheeks.

Kunj sighs and looks at her deep in her eyes. Twinkle feels a knot in her stomach due to his intense stare as his grip slowly begins to loose. He entwines their fingers as the tears doesn’t stop and running continously through her flushed pink cheeks.
“don’t cry” kunj whispers as he wipes her tears with his free hand and the other entwined with hers. Kunj hugs her caressing her back. Immediately twinkle feels the pain erasing. His embrace, his touch sending tingles down her spine.
She hugs him back tightly the fear of losing him horrified her. She clutches the black of his shirt tightly as he buried his neck in her hair.
Suddenly, the door bursts open as they find Clara and yuvi there. Hurriedly, they move back and giving a distance between them. “we will come back after ..umm..some times” yuvi says awkwardly. “’s okay” kunj says in a harsh tone.

Twinkle is again surprised by his sudden change in attitude and glares at kunj. “you are impossible” twinkle says as she storms out of the room. “twinkleeee” Clara runs behind her.
Yuvraj stands there grinning while kunj rolls his eyes. “what?” kunj asks,arms crossed. “nothing..nothing” yuvi says laughing. “let’s go home then” kunj says tucking his hands in his pocket. Yuvraj goes behind him smiling.

They go towards the parking lot and see twinkle and Clara there. “you coming to my home today?” yuvi asks twinkle. “Clara is also coming ..we have a get together thing mom said” yuvi adds.
“sorry..I’m not” twinkle replies. “why?” Clara asks worriedly. “I’m not feeling well” twinkle says as she sits inside the car. Kunj looks at her worriedly. “what happened?” yuvi asks. “later yuvi..bye” twinkle whispers.

Yuvi nods and they reach their homes. “how was the first day?” manohar asks. “great dad” yuvi replies settling on the couch. “put your feet down..disgusting” kunj groans. “okayyy…you are a cleanliness freak” yuvi says while kunj laughs. “so I am” kunj replies.
“mom…everything ready for tonight?” yuvi asks. “yes” she replied. “I’ll meet twinkle..she was not feeling well..bye” yuvi says making his way outside. “wait…I’ll come too” kunj says while everyone looks at him surprised. “I mean I have some work with Mahi” kunj hurries to say.

They both go inside as they make their way towards the hall. They greet everyone as kunj eyes search for twinkle. “where’s twinki?” yuvi asks smiling. “she’s upstairs..she didn’t came down since she returned from uni..she just said she is not feeling well” Mahi explains. “okay..I’ll go and meet her..I need to invite her for the get together too” yuvi says as he makes his way upstairs.
Yuvi comes out after sometime, as Mahi asks him. “what happened? She agreed?”. “of course she did” yuvi says grinning. Kunj comes there too. “you had some work with Mahi?” yuvi asks as kunj worries.
“yes..actually..umm..I don’t have time so I need to you to edit this whole video” kunj makes a excuse. “sure” Mahi smiles.
“let’s go to my room,come both of you” Mahi says as they go upstairs. “you both go..I’ll just come” kunj says. Mahi and yuvi goes towards mahi’s room as he is surprised to see Clara there.
“what a pleasant surprise!” yuvi exclaims. “yeah..what a pleasant surprise” Clara says awkwardly. Yuvi stares at her mesmerized by her soft features and her intense eyes, as Mahi works on the video oblivious to them.

On the other side, kunj goes towards twinkle’s room and Finds her darting a picture while her back is facing his front. He is surprised and shocked to see his picture on the wall rounded in a circle as she had drawn moustache on the picture.
She throws as dart, as it hits his mouth. “yes!” twinkle exclaims happily. “this is because you are always harsh to me” twinkle declares not aware of him standing at the back,arms crossed. She hits again on the forehead. “this is because you are always angry..those wrinkles on the forehead ugh” she groans.

She hits again as it hits his nose. “this one because your anger is always on peak” she frowns. She hits on the left eye. “because of that intense way you look at me..those eyes when I look at them I find many things for me..hatred,softness sometimes, bitterness and love but how can you love me in fact you hate me and..” she keeps on saying until she turns back.
Her jaw hits the floor as she sees him and feels her knees trembling. “and?” kunj asks so that she can complete his sentence, making her way towards her.
Twinkle steps back completely shocked. He grabs her by the waist as he pulls her with a jerk. “and?” he asks again. “no..nothing” Twinkle mumbles looking straight into his eyes. “don’t lie..why are you so nervous?” kunj asks a smile appearing on his face. Twinkle shakes her head nervously.

“I..I’m..not nervous” Twinkle says as she gulps hard. Kunj bursts out laughing while twinkle looks at him boggled. The way his chest vibrates and the way his hand placed on her waist sends shivers down her spine. Kunj stops laughing looking at twinkle’s serious face and says “what happened to you?” he asks back in a cold tone.
Twinkle pushes him back shocking kunj. “why are even here?” she asks her arms crossed. Kunj clears his throat and says “to meet mahi”. A shade of bitterness and jealousy passes her eyes but trying to shove the thoughts away. “why?” she asks looking down. “none of your business” kunj says harshly.

She tries to say something but kunj shuts her. “and I’m really glad you are not going to be present in today’s get together” kunj says making his way outside.
Twinkle sits on the bed angrily as she throws the pillow and curses under her breath. “means he doesn’t know I’m coming” twinkle says smirking. “see you tonight, KUNJ SARNA” she says. Kunj and yuvi goes back to their home as Clara and mahi comes inside. “how are you feeling now?” Clara asks taking a bag of crisps.
“better” twinkle replies grinning. “okayy..I guess you are upto something” Clara says awkwardly. “she is..seems like it’s going to be a bad day for kunj?” mahi asks giggling. “Ahan..yess” twinkle says smirking.
“you are going to do something with yuvraj too?” Clara asks worried. Twinkle rolls her eyes and says “don’t worry..I won’t hurt your little baby yuvi” . “he is not my baby..I just asked” Clara defends herself. Twinkle and Mahi laugh.
They talk for a long time until it was 5:30. “oh no..we have to get ready too” Mahi says closing the laptop. “yeah..hurry up” Clara says. Twinkle dresses up in a light pink gown with shimmering borders over the neck and shoulders. She wears her shimmery silver heels with a pink touch as she styles her hair.
Mahi dresses up wearing her light grey gown with black embroidery on the edges of the sleeves. She wears her black gladiators.

Clara dresses up in a red flawless gown with a cut on the right side is the dress. She loops her golden medium sized belt around her waist. She pairs it with golden heels as they all face each other.
“wowwww” Clara says looking at the other two. “you two look so goooddd” twinkle says pulling them for a group hug. “ready for the fun?” Clara asks smirking. “damn ready” Mahi states.

Kunj and yuvraj greet everyone as they gathering begins. Leela and her family also comes except twinkle,Mahi and Clara. “have you seen the girls?” yuvi asks Leela. “I thought they are already here” Leela says worriedly. “don’t worry they will come” usha says hugging her.
Twinkle, Clara and Mahi comes inside in their stunning looks while yuvi and Kunj looks at them, while their jaw hits the floor. They approach towards usha and Leela. “you all are looking really good” usha says while Leela nods.

The three girls try to hold back their laughter looking at Kunj and yuvi. Mahi goes beside them and whispers “close your mouth, two of you” and chuckles. Kunj and yuvi shakes their head as yuvi greet’s them. Usha and Leela leaves them there and goes to attend the party.
“you are looking..really..good Clara” yuvi says as Clara looks at him expression less. “thanks” she mumbles lost in him. “mind a walk walk me” yuvi says as he forwards his hand, Clara accept it and goes while Mahi excuses herself too.

“what’s this new drama?” Kunj asks sarcastically. “what?” Twinkle says, arms crossed. “don’t you know you look like a clown” Kunj says laughing. Twinkle is taken aback by his words but hides it. “and whom are you trying to impress huh? The think you are the most beautiful around think you are gonna show the whore you and everyone’s gonna love you”Kunj says while Twinkle is shocked at his words. “whore?” Twinkle barely whispers as tears rush down her flushed cheeks.
She feels paralyzed, the whole world spinning around her. She never expected Kunj to call her a whore. How can he call her that?. Does he think she’s that type of girl. The thoughts kills her as she rushes upstairs while Kunj stands there numb.

“shit” Kunj mumbles and clasps him fist on the counter in anger. “what did I do..God..I called her a whore..shit I have gone mad” Kunj curses as he closes his eyes and sighs.
Twinkle runs upstairs as she runs in the corridor and enters a room. She closes the door and cries remembering kunj’s words. “I didn’t knew you think so bad of me Kunj” she says in between sobs as she looks up and finds that’s it’s kunj’s room. “ugh out of all the rooms I had to come into this room” twinkle groans as she begins to go but the laptop beeps.
She goes to see and taps on the screen as she is shocked to find her picture opened on the laptop. She opens the folder and her eyes widen in surprise as she finds a hundred of pictures of her.

She opens the book lying beside the laptop and sees the bookmark there. She flips to that page and is boggled again seeing her picture.
She rushes towards the cabinet as she opens the drawer and and find her picture. “what’s all this?”. She opens the other one and is boggled to find gift boxes there. She finds 13 boxes there and goes near to read the name but steps back horrified when someone storms inside.
Kunj is shocked to find her there. Her cheeks flushed up, her eyes red due to crying and her hair messed up.

“what are you doing?” Kunj asks coming closer. Twinkle looks away not meeting his eyes. Kunj takes a look at the laptop screen, the book and the open drawers.
“what the hell? How dare you touch my things?” Kunj asks but no reply. “I’m asking you something” Kunj yells as twinkle feels dizzy and everything spinning around her. She looses her balance and forces her eyes to stay open.

Kunj rushes towards her and makes up sit. “here drink some water” Kunj says worriedly and she gulps down the water. “are you..okay?” Kunj whispers while twinkle looks away not meeting his eyes. “why don’t you ever answer me?” Kunj says frustrated.
“why don’t you ever answer me too?” twinkle mumbles. “I don’t think it’s important” kunj says crossing his arms.

“fine it’s not important for me too” twinkle says crossing her arms too. “ugh! You are stubborn as f**k” kunj groans. “don’t curse..” twinkle says rolling her eyes.
“anyways, why are you wasting your time with a whore?” twinkle says sarcastically she stands on her toes. “look..I’m sorry..I didn’t knew what I say and..” kunj says but twinkle cuts him. “again you don’t say”. Kunj sighs and twinkle drags him and shows him his laptop, etc.
“what’s all this?” twinkle asks boggled. “that’s none of your business” kunj snaps. “are you kidding me? Really? You have like a bundle of my pictures and you are saying it’s not my business” twinkle yells. “yeah it’s not your business” kunj replies harshly.
“fine…I’m stupid..why would you waste your time with a whore..thanks for renewing the past to me..” twinkle says as she pushes him and runs outside. Kunj sits on the bed frustrated and curses himself for creating such a situation.

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Credit to: Misha

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