Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 16




Seriously , that’s the trick Kunj wanted to play, then yeah I’m way smarter than him. I check the arrangements for like the 50th time, yes because I want everything to be prefect , damn perfect. “Is Clara ready?” I ask Mahi , checking the food. “Oh yeah” she replies , motioning her hand towards the sweets. I immediately slap her hand as she grumbles. “Don’t touch it” I warn her and she pouts. Drama queen. “That face has an impact only on Marcus” I inform her chuckling and she sighs dreamily.

“By the way, where’s he?” I ask because I haven’t met him for so long. “He’ll be here any minute” Mahi says rushing towards the guests. I check the other food items and someone grabs me by the hand. “Hey!” Kunj says in his hyperactive voice. Yes , he’s been all happy and jumpy after Mexico. “I guess we have already met , when you were trying to say that you have cancer” I laugh and he snorts.

“Whatever!” he rolls his eyes and I grin. “Umm…wanna leave my hand?” I ask but yeah as usual he gives me a smirk. Oh no! Why did I had to say that. Because again, he’ll say something cliché. “You gave it that easily, Twinkle?” he smirks and I groan. “Corny!” I mutter as he arches an eyebrow. “Really? Well, haven’t I showed you that side of mine, hmm?” he asks pulling me closer as I collide to his chest.

Calm down , Twinkle. Breathe , breathe. His closeness will some day for sure make me numb. My knees goes jelly as he strokes my jawline. “Twinkle..” he mutters locking his gaze with mine. “Hmm?” I ask as he stops his hand on my collarbone. “Breathe..” he mumbles and now I realize I have been holding my breath. I sigh trying to pull away but damn I’m not that powerful.

To my surprise , he grabs my elbow and motions towards the terrace. “What are you doing?” I ask trying to match his steps. God! He’s so fast. “Can’t you stay quite for a minute?” he asks , yeah whatever. We both run up the stairs and he opens the door. “Why did you brought me here?” I ask , as he let’s go of my elbow. “Don’t you know?” he asks stepping closer. “What?” I blurt out trying to ponder over his question.

“That PDA is not allowed” he says smiling and it hits me. “I was being forced” I tell him and he let’s out a soft chuckle. “Really? I mean, you could have opposed right?” he spats and what do I answer now. “Umm…you were so close to me and my jawline and….” I begin trying to find the perfect words to shut him up.

“So , that meant that my closeness made you nervous?” he asks stepping more closer, his face a few inches away from mine. “No way” I snap and he chuckles , ending the distance between us. “Are you sure?” he asks , his nose now touching my left cheek. What’s he doing! Help me out please , please. I thought that only happens in movies when you freeze at your spot.

He slowly grabs my hand and puts it on his heart. “Your heartbeat” I mutter as its so high. “Happens when I’m close to you” he mumbles looking straight into my eyes. I thought it happens to me only. Whenever, he’s close, my heart literally wants to jump out of the ribcage. “And yours too” he removes it from his and places it on mine. “It does” I mutter smiling like a stupid person.

Twinkle , control the smile. I can’t !!! “I know” he whispers leaning more closer. No , don’t let him do it. “Can I try something?” he asks and I look on blankly . No , please , no please. “Do I take it as yes?” he asks and I still don’t speak. He pulls the clip out of my hair and smiles. “Now it’s better” he says and I sigh. Oh okay, that’s what he meant. “Why can’t we be together?” he asks playing with my fingers and I look away.

“Because it hurts” I mumble and look at him. “Being with me?” he asks confused. “No! Being away from you” I clarify it to him. “At least a try?” he asks and I let out a faint laugh. “Try? You are giving relations a try?” I ask him and pull away. “I didn’t meant that. You just don’t have to overreact okay?” he asks in an annoyed tone and I roll my eyes. Yeah, overreact. Good for him.

“Yeah , overreacting! I’m sorry” I spat at him and rush out from there. Ugh!!! Just stop this Kunj. “Where we’re you?” Clara asks , trying on some jewelry. Was I seriously overreacting? But can’t he understand , or maybe I can’t. “Twinkle?” Clara snaps her fingers in front of my face and I smile. “I’ll be back” I tell her and rush downstairs. Maybe Kunj was right , I’m acting as an idiot.

“Is everything ready?” I ask Mahi , who seems to busy on her phone. “Mahi!” I yell to bring her attention as she shrieks. “What??” she asks grinning and I roll my eyes. “I was asking you something?” I ask and she grins more. What happened to her. “You know what , Kunj was right , you are overreacting these days” she says and my eyes widen in amazement. “What?” I ask boggled and she smiles awkwardly. “Actually , we recorded your romance session up on the terrace” she says grinning widely.

What the heck! “We?” I ask in between gritted teeths and I pinch her arm. “Who was the other one? And don’t you know the meaning of privacy?” I ask and she laughs. “Ouch! Ouch! Leave me , privacy? I thought you were not in a relationship” she says and I immediately leave her arm. “You are impossible” I grumble and rush from there. GOD! Help me out , please !!!

I stand there worried , am I seriously showing tantrums. “Come on…the engagement’s gonna start” Someone yells as I motion towards the hall. “Welcome everyone, I’m glad you all could make it today and became a part of our celebration today , a big round of applause for our lovely couple , Clara and Yuvraj” Marcus says cheering as we all clap smiling at both of them. “Shall we start?” mom asks and I nod , passing her the box.

“Come on , hurry up” Mahi cheers and I roll my eyes. Hyperactive , she is. Yuvraj makes her wear the ring as Clara goes all crimson and it’s her turn now. She completes the ceremony making him wear the ring as everyone clap. “Congratulations!” I yell giving them both a quick hug. Everyone congratulate the newly again engaged couple. “Don’t you think it’s Twinkle’s turn to marry?” a lady asks mom and I sigh.

Why do they always do that? I mean , you are invited for someone’s engagement , so enjoy that. Right? Mom laughs giving her shocking reply , “Yes, obviously. Right , Twinkle?” she asks and I give her a forced, tight smile with Clara and yuvi grinning behind me. My gaze locks with Kunj , who seems to pretty amused about this. Well , let’s end the amusement now. “Yes , mom. You are right , I mean come on , look at me. Start my marriage preparations, too.” I tell them trying to hold back my laughter as Kunj’s jaw hits the floor.

“And it depends on you what type of boy u out want” I add and this time , seriously , Kunj’s expressions were worthy to watch. “Alright then, I have some relations in my mind” the lady says and I show my fake interest in it. “What about that boy?” the lady asks pointing towards the DJ as yuvi and mom bursts out laughing. What the heck!

“Hmm , not bad. Someone else” I ask leaning on to her and she grins. “That one?” she asks pointing towards another one and I shake my head. After a couple of boys she points towards someone and I grumble , Kunj is whom she points towards. “Him? No way , I better prefer the DJ” I laugh and she grins. Kunj storms towards us , “What’s wrong with me?” he asks stomping his feet , arms crossed across his chest. “What’s even right in you?” I ask laughing and he grunts.

“Twinkle!” mom groans but I can see her holding back her laugh. “Spill it out” I point towards mom who rolls her eyes , smiling. “Do you have a daughter?” Kunj asks the lady and she smiles. “Yes” she replies and we look on boggled. “What’s he even doing?” Clara whispers in my ear as I shake my head. “What if I marry her?” Kunj asks smirking and I look on shocked. “But she’s only 10” the lady replies and we burst out laughing.

“Looser!” I taunt him , showing a thumbs down and Kunj groans. “Stop it” he says annoyed and mom ruffles his hair. “Stop annoying my son” she says and I stick out my tongue at him. “Looser!!” I singsong running away as he runs behind me. I hear mom warning me but I run away. “Slow down!” he yells and I rush outside in the garden laughing my heart out.

“Kunj?” I ask , trying to find him but he’s no where. “Kunj? It’s not funny okay?” I ask calling his name but no response. I look on behind but no one. “Kunj…” I mutter and sigh. But still no response. “Twinkle!” someone calls me and I turn around to find David there. “Smile!” he says and clicks a picture hurriedly as the flash hits my eyes. “Woah!”

“What are you doing, here?” he asks motioning towards me and I grunt. “I was, actually, looking for K-“ I begin but Kunj’s voice interrupts. “She’s with me” he says harshly and I shake my head , unbelievable. “Okay , chill dude” David replies and Kunj rolls his eyes. “That means you can go” Kunj says and it’s my time to grumble. “It’s not your house” I tell Kunj and David sighs. “David , I’ll meet you inside, okay?” I ask and he nods and goes inside.

“What was that?” I ask Kunj and he looks at me bitterly. “Why’s he always there where you are?” he asks and I mentally grunt. “That’s none of your business, you are not my boyfriend” I tell him sarcastically and he nods. “Fine…” he says and grabs my hand pulling me with himself. “Leave me! Where are you taking me?” I yell and he makes me sit in the car. He ties my hands and sits by his side. Starting the car , I yell but no use because no one’s gonna listen.

“Stop the car , else I’ll jump” I warn him but he laughs. He drives the car fast as he ever have probably like in the fast and furious one. “Slow down!” I yell and he drives more faster. “Stop the blo*dy car!” I cry out but he doesn’t listen. “The brakes are not working” he yells out and my heart beat stops at the exact moment. “The brakes are not working” he tells me and I look on astonished.

“What?” I shout and he sighs. “Jump Twinkle! Please you have to” he says out loud and I shake my head. “No! I can’t leave you alone” I yell back and he grumbles. “Please Twinkle! You have to jump. I can’t let you die” he says loud and I roll my eyes. “No! I can’t let you die either. I can’t just leave you alone” I yell , there’s no way I’m gonna do this. “Why?” he asks probably shaking. “Why can’t you jump, Twinkle?” he yells and I lose my control.

“Because you know that I love you , I can’t do this alone. We are doing this together or we both die together” I shout back and cry as the car seems to slow down. I open my eyes to see the car moving at normal speed and I look at Kunj who was smiling looking at the road ahead. “How- d-did..?” I says my lips trembling as he stops the car. “I lied” he mutters and I shut my eyes. “You what?” I as in complete shock and he sighs.

“I’m sorry , I lied so that you can confess that you love me” he says and tears flow down my cheeks. I can’t even wipe them because my hands are tied up. “You are such a jerk” I yell on him and he smiles. “You are smiling?” I ask shocked and he looks at me. His eyes red and tired. “yes , because you admitted it” he replies and I turn away.



I know she’s really mad at me but that was all a scene so that she can spill out the truth. I slowly open her hands and she backs off. “I hate you so much” she mutters and opens the door motioning outside. “No, you don’t” I reply mocking her and smile. “I’m sorry” I mumble and she giggles. What? Does that mean she’s not mad at me?

I feel her delicate arms around my waist and I smile. I wrap my arms around her , happy at the fact that how our heights makes me comfortable. “I love you..” she mumbles and I smile widely. “I know..” I reply and she backs off. “Are you just gonna say that?” she asks pouting and I remember the time we confessed our love to each other for the first time. “I love you, Twinkle” I tell her and she smiles. “So?” I ask pulling her towards my body and she arches an eyebrow at me.

“What?” she asks with a soft chuckle. “Something I had been desperately waiting for” I tell her and she blushes looking away and I grin. “And what’s that kept you desperate?” she asks and I narrow my gaze. “You don’t know?” I ask and she pretends to be thinking making me groan. “Fine. There are many girls out there” I emphasize at the word girls and she rolls her eyes laughing. “Okay then. Good luck” she pulls away and sits in the car. I shake my head laughing and sit inside.


“Where we’re you two?” Marcus asks out loud and twinkle turns all crimson. “We were here” I reply and he crosses his arms. “Really? How’s that possible?” he asks smirking and I push him aside. “Mahi..” I call her and she runs towards me , seriously , this girl is really jumpy . “We’re you born with kangaroos?” I ask and she rolls her eyes. “What happened?” she asks and I rub the back of my head nervously. “Umm…actually I need your help” I tell her and she gestures me to continue.

“Okay then , I’ll do it” she says and I tell her everything. I sigh , hoping my plan would succeed. After 10 minutes of waiting , Mahi gestures me to come and I nodded. The lights turn off as I go towards the center impatiently waiting. Suddenly , the white light flashes upon twinkle and she gasps. Her eyes fixed on me and I give her a tight smile.

“Hey!” I waved at her awkwardly and she bit her lower lip trying not to laugh. I knew many people were watching me but who said men doesn’t get nervous. HECK! We are humans too. I scratch the back of my neck nervously and she arched an eyebrow.

You can do it Kunj ! You can do it!

I chanted it my mind and shut my eyes taking a deep breath. “ TWINKLE , I cherish the tome at your birthday party when I just ruined your cake but instantly fell in love with you, where we first met. The moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew you were going to be an incredible person. I want you with me as an supporter , life partner and want you to handle a cracked person like me. Since the beginning, I have began to regard you as much more than an incredible girl.

My feelings for you intensified when I saw you Writing in the moonlight. I was further wowed by your tremendous Dancing skills.

You have those Breathtaking eyes that shows the love just like it did years ago and the most marvelous eyes that shows the emotions and hurt I caused years ago. When I look at you, I just want to hug you just like it did years ago The eyes that shows love today.

You’re so special with your cute ways. The way you handle your Supportive Family shows great Patience and Professionalism.

I know that to you I’m just a Hilarious Man but I think we could be happy together, Singing like two Splendid Bunnies.

Please, say you’ll be mine Twinkle!”

I ended with trying to catch my breath and her eyes had already turned glassy. Everyone cooed and I smiled , a great weight ending up. I took a few steps towards her and grabbed her hands slowly rubbing her turned up white knuckles and she shuts her eyes tears dripping town. “Will you marry me?” I ask in a whisper and she opens her eyes, amazement filled in them.

“Your words were lovely and the singing bunnies too” She giggled and I smile but then frowned at her. “Don’t change the subject” I complained in a whisper as the lights turned on. “That was lovely” Maria jumps in between me and twinkle and hugs her as I step back like a lost puppy. She looked at me grinning and I rolled my eyes.

We stayed there with people surrounding us and Twinkle’s mom hugging her and all. That’s not fair. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to her. I growl turning on my heels and make my way towards home.


It’s been three hours since I have came back from that place and no sign of yuvi. Huh! Man he’s whipped. I keep on changing my side on the couch and grunt in frustration. My phone buzzes and I smile looking at the caller ID.

I pick up the phone not even uttering a word. “Hey!” She says enthusiastically and I purse my lips trying not to smile. “Come on! Why are you not saying anything?” She asks on the other side and I roll my eyes. Dramatic!

“Kunj!” She snaps and I sigh still not uttering a word. “What have I done to you?” She asks in an annoyed tone and I grin silently. “You cold hearted billionaire. Nasty head. Nincompoop. Arrogant. Stupid jerk. We all here at my house. If you want to come you can” She says in her s*xy tone and my eyes widen in amazement. Tell me she just did not say all those things to me. I feel……insulted.

Oh playing with the wrong man , Twinkle. Suddenly I feel someone marching inside and I stand up to see who it is. No No No No No No No No No No No No No! Please just kill me now. “Your guards are f**king crazy” She yells in her irritating tone and I roll my eyes. “What are you doing here?” I ask clenching my hands and she laughs. “Come on! I just got informed that you are back in India” She says and I roll my eyes.

She moves towards me wrapping her arms around my neck and I try to push her back but she’s too strong? No! I was just respecting her. “You smell good like always” She sniffs saying in her disgusting tone and gives me a peck on my cheek as I stand there numb. What the heck? She leaves her lips there for a few seconds and then this is what happens.

“Who’s she?” is what we both hear and Noori moves a bit to my side her arm around my waist. I face a pale twinkle Infront of me and I shut my eyes. Not again! Here we go.

“And who are you?” Noori asks in her disgusted tone and I give her a stare. My gaze helds twinkle and she looks at me with her glassy eyes. I hear laughter and giggles as yuvi, Clara, Mahi, Marcus, Maria and David enters but their smiles fade away as they eye me and Noori in that position.

“What’s happening?” Mahi asks sensing the tension with a weak smile. “Hi I’m Noori” Noori says in her high pitched tone. This girl has some issues. “Hey..” everyone begin greeting her as she gives them hugs and all. A fake person ugh! “Come on sit” She gestures them huh? Is that her home.

They take a place as my eyes roam around trying to find twinkle. I hear her soft uneasy laugh with Bruno and smile. That’s what this girl makes me. “How are you Bruno?” She asks playing with him. “Hey Kunj! Come on man. We are hungry” Noori pouts and I give her an unwilling tight smile.


I quickly find the opportunity to sit beside twinkle and take a seat beside her on the dining table. But here’s my luck. That nasty head sits besides my left. Wow! Lucky me.

Twinkle hasn’t talked to me yet she came here and saw that whatever! “Twinkle I-“ I begin in a soft whisper but Noori cuts me off. “Congratulations on your wedding!” She jumps in her seat and I shut my eyes groaning. “Umm..thanks..” Clara replies awkwardly and I feel Yuvi’s heated gaze on me with the look of ‘What the hell’ and I sigh.

“I’m getting married soon” Noori says and I smile. Wow! Oh my god really? Then why the hell was she flirting around. “Congrats! With whom?” Mahi asks with a huge smile and I put a spoon full of my pudding until she spits it out. “Obviously Kunj!” She says shrugging her shoulder and I choke on my pudding with everyone snapping their head at me.

Noori rubs my back with her hand and I look at her blankly. “Babe it’s okay..” She says in a stupid fake sweet tone and I drink the water. “What?” Yuvi asks and I take a look at twinkle who didn’t reacted a bit. “Yes! Come on we have been together for like three years. The past three years were best years of my life” Noori begins and I begin to say something but she cuts me again.

“I remember the time at your house before yesterday. I didn’t knew we both we get so laid and the way your lips felt and then when you-“ her sentence hangs in the middle as she crashes on the ground with the chair and my eyes widen in amazement. Noori groans in pain and there goes a punch right on her right jaw.

“Twinkle!” I hear Clara and shift my gaze towards a furious Twinkle standing there and then it hits me. She did it. “f**king control you ass! Keep that shitty story with you sl*t! One more word and you are-“ she begins to punch again but I hold her hand. “What are you doing?” I ask breathless and she looks at me on the edge of crying.

She shoves my hand away and steps back. I help Noori up with everyone surrounding me but Noori shoves me away. “Moron! And how dare you hit me?” She looks at twinkle with rage and I frown. Twinkle places her hands on her hips and let’s out a bitter laugh. “Oh poor baby! When you got so lost on getting rough and all that with Kunj. I dared to do it” Twinkle smirks and I shut my eyes. I thought girls do that cat fight thing.

“Noori just listen” I hold her hand and she abruptly moves away. “Get lost! I don’t need you” She yelled and stormed out of there. “He didn’t even called you” Yuvi laughs out loud and Noori gives him a stare before moving out of my house. “Wow Twinki! You are my strong sister” Yuvi hugs her and I cross my arms around my chest , annoyed.

“I did recorded it” David says and the rest laugh except me and twinkle. “You are a messed up case. What’s with that girl?” Yuvi asks and we all move towards the hall as I lay down on the couch, hmmm comfy. “In a nutshell, she’s a cracked up girl” I clarify and he nods.

“I Guess we should go” Clara says yawning and I nodded. “I’m sorry for punching your girlfriend” Twinkle snaps and I groan. “She’s not my girlfriend okay?”

“Yeah right” She says sarcastically and I stand Infront of her. “What’s wrong with you?” I ask in hurt tone and she shrugs. “What’s wrong with me? You propose me Infront of everyone and then you vanish. That’s all? And the funny part is , I end up seeing you with another girl..” She ends in a broken voice and I roll my eyes. “Come with me” I hold her hand but she backs off.

“I’m not going anywhere with you” She says slowly and I pick her up in bridal style ignoring the presence of everyone. “See you all tomorrow” I shout and I guess they left. “Let me down” Twinkle yells but I shake my head. I enter the room and place her on the bed hurriedly locking the door.

I turn around and find her still there on the same position. She turns around with her back facing me and I smile. Look at her tantrums. “Are you mad at me?” I ask going on the other side so that I can face her. She turns on the other side and then I move towards the other side. Funny!

“I’m tired!! Stop” I shout and she stops moving side to side. I hear her soft giggled and sigh. “I hate you..” I say out loud and she chuckles. “No you don’t!” She pinches my cheek and I frown. “Yes I do” I say like a stubborn kid and she smirks. “Well but I was gonna say that I want to marry you but it’s okay..I mean yo-“ she says with a pout and I frown.

“You’ll marry me?” I ask blinking my eyes rapidly and she grins. “Sorryyyy…changed my mind” She singsongs and runs towards my closet. “That’s not fair” I yell and run behind her. “Nice clothes” She mumbles standing in the big closet and I smile. “Manly scent though” She says and I laugh.

“Now!” I turn her around and pin her on the wall. “Tell me you love me” I say in a whisper and she looks at me amused. “I love you” She whispers and I smile. “You said it?” I ask still not believing my ears and she lets out another soft laugh. “Yes I did” She pinches my cheek and I smile. She wraps her arms around my neck and mine on her waist.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful” I mumbled and she turns red smiling.

“Devilishly Handsome”
















“I love you”

“Marry me!”

Before I could even respond , I feel her lips against mine and grin. I pull her towards my chest and give in. “Four years… I have been so desperate” I kiss her back and she giggles. “Horny..” She murmurs and I clash my lips again on hers as my hands roam around her body and she gasps. She pulls back and I pout. “ENOUGH okay?” She whispers shyly and I nodded.


“So? When are we getting married?” I ask as we both lay back on the wet grass outside in my garden. She looks at me smiling and I pull her closer. “Um..I don’t know”

“Uh-huh…Come on” I frown and she checks the time. “Time for me to go” She smiles and I nodded. “Don’t go” I whisper as we both head towards her car. “Let me drop you home. Please” I tell her and she nods. “I wasn’t even gonna accept the No” I tell her and close the door to her seat as she shakes her head smiling.

I start the engine and drive towards her home. Soon you are gonna be in my home with me. “Soon you are gonna be with me. As the Arrogant Billionaires wife” I reply and she blushes looking outside. “I know..” She mumbles and I place my hand on her’s. “I promise I won’t leave you” I whisper and she kisses my temple and I grin.

“Goodnight Kunj” and then she walks to her house as I wave her goodbye. I can’t wait for that time to be with you Twinkle. And wash out all the pains I have given to you. I promise you won’t regret it.



“Wake up!” someone yells and I frown. Who dared to wake me up and disturb my sleep. Me and Kunj sitting on the clouds , impossible right. “Wake up or else you won’t be able to see” it’s Mahi’s irritating voice. “What do you want?” I scowled rubbing my sleepy eyes.

She places her hands on her hips and smirks. “Kunj is here…and he’s talking to mom about your marriage” She shrugs and I look on shocked. “What?” I yell and she rolls her eyes. “Oh My GOODNESS” I start freaking out settling my hair and my clothes. “Geez! Stop freaking out” Mahi calms me down.

“I’ll be here in a minute” I tell her and she nods. I quickly take a shower changing into a long black skirt with a baby blue top and brush the curls in my hair. “I’m so happy for you both” Mom kisses Kunj’s forehead and he gives her a sweet , genuine smile making my knees go jelly.

I stand there in the stairs as mom and clara goes towards the kitchen with yuvi following her like a lost puppy. That guy is totally crazy over her. My gaze locks with Kunj and I motion towards him smiling and he smiles back. But before I could say anything David ruins it. “Twinkle! How are you feeling when you are going to get married after 1 month?” David asks and I look at Kunj.

“One month?” I ask sadly and David grins. “Ahan. Can’t wait?” He smirks before going away and Kunj hugs me. “Its okay.. everything is gonna go fast” He rubs my back and I smile. “I have a surprise for you”

I whisper and he pulls back. “What surprise?” He asks and I smile. “I can’t tell you now. I’ll be back in 10 minutes” I give him a quick peck and rush towards the kitchen.


“That’s a great idea” Clara clasps her hand grinning and I smile. “Yes of course it is” Yuvi says and I smile. “But so soon?” Mom asks sadly as we four are in the kitchen. “Mom! Come on.” I hug her as her eyes become glassy.

“I’m so happy for you Twinkle” Mom rubs my back and I smile. “So done?” Yuvi asks and I smile. “Done” we all say simultaneously. Ahh I’m whipped in your love Kunj.


“But where are we even going?” Kunj asks for the hundredth time in the whole ride and Clara keeps on laughing as me and Yuvi roll eyes at him. “Here we are” Yuvi stops the car with a halt and we all get down.

“Why are we here?” Kunj whispers into my ear and I hold his hand pushing him inside with me. Can’t he wait! He’s so impatient. “Hello. I’m Clara Sarna. I called you in the morning about the rings. Are they ready?” Clara asks the receptionist who nods checking the list. “Oh yes they are. Come” She gestures us towards the side and we sit there.

“Check if they are the perfect size or not?” She asks and I look at Kunj who frowns. “What’s this ring for?” He asks and I chuckle. “’s our engagement rings” I reply and he smiles. “But..” “No buts. Be happy man. You are getting married on the same day as us” Yuvi says and I blushed.

“Really?” He asks giving a soft squeeze to my hand and I nodded. We both try the rings and they are…..Perfect!


“Thank you..” He whispers as we both move towards his house. “For?” I ask and he hugs me. “You did this, right? The change of dates right?” He asks and I smile. “Yeah..”

“I’m happy so happy. It’s just feels so good” He pulls back and I grin. “I love you to the moon and back” I whisper and he chuckles. “Now who’s being cliché and cheesy?” He asks as he places both of his hands on the small of my back and I move towards him.

“You made me like this” I reply smirking and he chuckled. “I’m glad I did so. Mrs. Billionaire” He mumbles attaching our foreheads sending a bolt of electricity just by his one touch. “Not so soon. Mr. Billionaire” I reply and he smirks. He clashes his cold lips onto mine and I wrap my hands around his neck running my fingers through his messy brown hair as I stand on my tiptoes.

He deepens the kiss as a soft moan escapes my lips feeling his now warm lips on my neck as we breathe heavily. “That was..” “Epic” I completed his sentence as he pins me on the wall , giving in a passionate one. “We..we need oxygen” I breathe out and he grins.


“You are”

“No! You are going to!”

“No! You are supposed to”

“Why should I?”

“You are mean”

“You are an arrogant Billionaire”

“You are soon to be the the Billionaires wife”

“You are a s*xy beast”

“and you are mine”


“But why?”

“beacause you are mean to me”

“No I’m not babe”

“Don’t call me that”

“Why, babe?”

“You called me that again”

“What you mean, babe?”

“Ahh! I’m not gonna marry you”

“Oh you are. You are trapped in the Devils house, babe”

“Oh you mean the Devilishly handsome freak?”

“I’m not a freak”

“You are”

“I’m not”

“What the f**k are you two doing?” Yuvi asks and we both snap our heads towards the other side of the kitchen. My hands are wrapped around Kunj’s neck and his on my waist. I try to pull back but he gives me a stare. “You know the term privacy?” Kunj asks irritated and Yuvi laughs.

“Oh yeah. But you both should stop making babies” He says and Clara laughs. “Stop” Kunj warns and I giggle but Oops! I’m dead now. “You think it’s funny?” He asks in an annoyed tone and I nodded. No twinkle! You weren’t supposed to nod. Oops. Again .

He removes his hands off my waist and walks away from there annoyed. “What’s with him ha?” Yuvi asks and I laugh. “He’s jealous” I grin and both of them snap their heads towards me.

It’s been 5 days since our engagement and me and Kunj had a lot of fun. Don’t forget the cheesy moments. “We were watching 17 again yesterday and I told him that Zac Efron was hot and he got annoyed” I reply and Clara laughs along with me.

“Well you hurt his feelings” Yuvi says giggling and I nodded. “But Zac Efron is hot” Clara places her hands on hips and they both start their arguments. Whoops! I quickly and quietly get out of there.

I sigh , no where to find Kunj. “Kunj..” I call out him but no response. “Kunj!” Again no response. “I’m sorry” I blurt out but no response. Ego ! Ego ! Ego! “Kunj..” and then there he was , sitting on the pool side with his grumpy attitude.

“Come on. Sorry I’ll cook food okay?” yup that was what our argument was about in their kitchen and then Yuvi and Clara came and then the Zac Efron thing. “Kunj..” I whisper in his ears and I could feel him shiver a bit. “Its cold outside” I mumble and he frowns.

“I’m sorry..but you know that Zac Efron is hot” I blurt out teasing him and he groans. “Then marry him” He snaps and I grin. “Okay!” I say cheerfully.





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