Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 15


CHAPTER ~ 15 Marriage…..


Sometimes , we have to take such decisions. Decisions that are better for everyone. Maybe this accident could change the life I had been suffering for the past four years. Maybe I could get back to him. Was it possible , I wish it is. I try to turn but my body aches in pain. “I told him what you asked me to” the doctor informs me as I nodded. “Thank you..” I whisper and he smiles. “But someone couldn’t believe me and..” he moves to the left revealing that Maria was standing there.

“Twinkle..” she blurted out and my eyes becomes watery. I blink them rapidly to clear out the blurred vision. “How could you this?” she mumbles covering her mouth with her hand and I look away. She hugs me lightly as I warp my arms around her neck softly. “It was necessary” I tell her and she pulls back with a confused look. “I didn’t..get it” she murmurs and I sigh. “And your dad told everything to kunj” she clarifies and I look on shocked.

“He did?” I asked surprised and cried. Finally, mom would be happy on realizing that everything was cleared. Suddenly , the door bursts put open and I jump in horror. “Twinkle..” is what comes out of his mouth and he looks on confused. “Y-you ar-are..” he mumbles to himself and Maria stands up. The doctor goes on upon realizing he shouldn’t be there.



She’s alive , my Twinkle is alive. But why did the doctor lie. I slowly moves towards her and she looks away. This hurts , it hurts so much. “I thought I lost you..” I mutter and her gaze meets mine. She let’s out a sarcastic laugh , “Really? Why did it effect you? Wasn’t I a mistake of your life?” she asks and I shake my head. Maria too leaves from there and I sigh.

“ was because I was leading the past four years with a lie” I try to clarify but she shakes her head. “Because you never wanted to now the truth” she says her voice raised a bit. “I’m…I’m sorry” I am barely whispering as nothing comes out of my mouth. “Sorry? Sorry for what? For ruining our life? For ruining your life? Or for not hurting me more?” she asks bitterly and I try to hold her hand but she backs off. “No..” I whisper , why can’t the blo*dy words come out.

“If that’s what you want , then I’m sorry. Because I’m already broken. There’s nothing else you can break more. Every part of mine is hell broken. But yes , I’m still alive , if you want to take revenge of your parents death. Here I’m. Kill me or beat the shit out of me” she says in displeasure and I cover her mouth with my hand.

How can she even say that. She looks at me as if her eyes are gonna pop out any minute. I get lost in her brown eyes as tears flow down rapidly. It shows how much hurt and broken she is. And that’s only because of me. I’m the reason of each and every pain she’s going through. I don’t deserve her but the selfish me again wants her. Because even though I might have denied this a thousand times that I hate her but the truth was and is that I never did.

“Enough! You have said a lot. Now , you listen to me” I tell her and remove my hand off her mouth. “I know my sorry is not enough but please I know it’s hurting both of us. I know I was wrong. I know I didn’t trusted you. But trust me Twinkle. I am broken as you are. I haven’t been able to fix myself too. And I know I don’t deserve to be fixed because I have not not hurt you but Leela aunty too. How could I even think that! I don’t deserve to be with you but I can help it. Because we both know that we can fix ourselves if we are together. I should have listened to you four years ago and I know I’m a an idiot. A nincompoop or whatever you call me but I can’t live without you. In these four years , I have never forgotten about our first hug, our first confession and our first kiss, the dance , the last hug and the time I should have trusted you…”

I tell her all that was building inside me and she cries. I wipe her tears away as my gaze locks with hers. The door opens slowly and I move away. “Twinkle!” her dad voice surrounds the atmosphere and Twinkle clears the lump in her throat. He begins to move towards her but she prevents him. “I don’t need you both in life. Don’t you dare come near me and you too” she points at me and her breath becomes heavy. “Twinkle..relax” I begin to motion towards her but the doctor comes in.


It’s been a week and we are her at Juan’s place. Luckily , Twinkle is really better than before. And yes , I do receive death glares from David but I roll my eyes at him. I have attended the rest of the fashion shows but my mind is always at the fact at how Twinkle must be. Today , it’s time for both of us to go back to India. And yeah, this whole week I haven’t met Twinkle. Two reasons , she wouldn’t talk to me. And the other one her so called guard David wouldn’t let me talk to her. blo*dy heck.

I pack my bags and head downstairs seeing Twinkle getting greetings from everyone. “You have to invite us for your marriage okay?” Rosa speaks up as Twinkle laughs. Marriage? What marriage? “I’m not getting married. Stop it okay? But I’ll for sure come to yours” Twinkle passes her a wink and I sigh in relief. Huh! That was a joke. We both get out greeting from everyone and ride towards the airport. Yeah , still she doesn’t talk to me. I know she’s doing right but I want to talk to her.

Okay! You guys must be thinking that I’m showing my arrogance and all that but I try and I’m trying but see , no result.



We finally land in India and yes I’m happy. Thank God , because I missed mom and everyone so much. The car stops with a jerk pooping up my bubble as I sigh. I take a look at my home and smile. Home sweet home! Yeah Yeah I know I’m still a kid. I feel a warm hand up on mine as I look on boggled. I watch the hand as I realize it’s kunj. I try to take it back but his hold gets more firm. “You are so cold” he whispers and I roll my eyes.

I shove his hand away and get out of the car. Kunj also comes out rushing towards me. “Take her luggage inside” he informs the driver and I adjust the strap of my bag on my shoulder heading inside. I was expecting that her would stop me or so but he doesn’t. I sigh in defeat and head towards inside.

Yes , it was a disaster meeting everyone because I got those hundred questions on my band aids and all. I cleared out to all of them and after an hour of all the pampering I’m finally aloud to go to my room. Thanks to class who could understand that I was okay! “Finally!” I yell laying down on the bed. I wake up hearing laughter and people screaming in joy. What’s happening in my house.

I check my phone and crap! I have slept for four hours and nobody decides to wake me up. I change and rush downstairs to see what my family was up to. I freeze at my spot as I see Mahi madly running after Kunj as he laughs. Am I dreaming ? What the heck is happening?

“So what? I was saying the truth , it’s your turn to marry next na” Kunj says as Mahi stomps her feat angrily. She begins to hit him but he hides behind mom. I’m certainly dreaming all this, right? “No way! It’s Clara and yuvi getting married again” Mahi yells in happiness and my eyes pop out. What? What’s Kunj doing here ? Laughing and mom? She’s not in her emotional avatar! Strange.

Suddenly, all eyes stops on me. Thank God , they realized that I was a family member whom should be informed. “Twinkle..” mom gulps seeing the anger on my face. “What’s happening? And what are you doing in my house?” I ask pointing at Kunj , who certainly just grins standing behind Mahi. “I’ll explain, first you come here and-“ mom begins to but I cut her off. “No! I don’t want him to be here” I burst out emotionally and cry. Why am I crying.

To my surprise , everyone bursts our laughing as I look on shocked. I shake my head in disbelief as they stop laughing. Mom comes near me and kisses my forehead. “it’s sorted out. Thank you for clearing out everything” she tells me and I tilt my head to see a warm smile playing on Kunj’s lips. Ah! How much have I missed this smile!

Stop it Twinkle! “But..” I begin but yuvi cuts me off. “No buts and ifs! Forget the past. Dude! I’m getting married again” he yells giving me a hug and I smile. I find Clara who has turned all crimson. She bushes furiously and I grin. “Congratulations!” I tell him leaning on to his shoulder. “I’ll be back” I tell them and hurriedly rush upstairs grabbing a red folder and come back again.

“What’s this?” Mahi asks and I sigh. “Here. I’m resigning. I don’t need your job and I’ll pay you the amount” I tell her and to my surprise he keeps the folder aside and smiles. “Sure! But I don’t need money , I’ll ask for something else just on the right time” he says dramatically and everyone grin. I roll my eyes and take a seat next to Clara. “You can leave because you are not my boss anymore” I tell him harshly and he just smiles.

“Twinkle behave” mom warns me but I roll my eyes. “Oh , I’m the grooms brother” Kunj says graining and I grumble. “So? When are you getting remarried?” I ask , happiness pooping inside me. Last time , it was not that fun but I’m sure this time it’s gonna be amazing. “After two days it’s the engagement” Clara says , blushing like a newly wedded bride. “God Clara! It’s not the first time , stop blushing like an idiot” I tell her as yuvi smacks the back of my head llightly.

“So what?” he asks taking a seat next to Clara and leaning beside her. “Wait , hold on to your horses man. You are shifting at my place because first you are getting married and second come on bro , I’m your brother” Kunj says showing his drama and I grumble in my mind. “Yeah Yeah whatever” yuvi grunts.



“Mom! Is it necessary for me to go?” I grunt and Mahi laughs sipping on her juice. “Yes, Twinkle. I would have went but I have to meet Clara’s parents too” she tells me and I grumble loudly. Now I’m suppose to go with Clara to select the rings and Kunj’s also gonna be there with yuvi. Noo!!! Please someone save me.

We both head towards our car and take a seat. “You drive, I don’t want to” I tell Clara as she laughs sitting inside. I lean onto the seat relaxing as my phone buzzes. What? It’s Kunj. Ugh! I cancel it and get back to relax but again it’s rings. “What?” I ask picking up the phone as he chuckles. “Why so glum chum?” he asks in a playful tone. Wow! From the grumpy Kunj to the new version. “None of your concern” I spat and he laughs.

“Be nice” Clara says her fingers taping over the steering. “I don’t give a damn about him” I tell her and I could feel kunj’s boggled expression. “Pardon me?” he asks and I roll my eyes. “Nothing. Why have you called me, again?” I ask displeased. “Umm…Cause I was missing you” he says fluently and I could literally feel my heartbeat increase. “You don’t have to” I snap and he sighs. “We are already here. When are you guys gonna come?” he asks and I could feel the rage increasing inside me.

How dare he even talk to me! I press the end button before replying and Clara purses her lips trying not to laugh at me.


Woah! This shop is nice , a peaceful environment though. “Hey!” yuvi pops my bubble and I smile. “Hi” I greet him tucking my hands in pocket. He loops his arm around Clara and they both go towards the infinite rings and jewellery. I sigh roaming around the shop , as someone whispers in my ear. “What’s up?” I shriek back and grunt. “What’s wrong with you? Maniac” I mumble the last world and Kunj smiles.

“Ooo! Did I scared my baby?” he asks leaning onto the door frame. My eyes widen as the heat reaches up cheeks. I glance onto the girl at the counter as she giggles listening to our conversation. “Shut up” I elbow him and he laughs. I rush towards Clara and yuvi who seems to be more busy in romance instead of selecting the rings. “Ahm-Ahm” I clear my throat and they backed off.

“Guys, please. I have to go somewhere” I complain as Kunj pops up. “Oh where?” he asks an I roll my eyes. None of his business. “Please hurry up Clara. I have to meet someone” I tell her annoyed due to Kunj , although it hurts seeing him. Because I want to be with him but again I don’t have the courage to face those consequences again. “Someone? Ooo! A date or something?” he asks wriggling his eyebrows in amusement and I sigh.

Fine, let’s teach him. “Yeah” I blurt out as his face turns dull. Huh! Now the fun begins. I try to control my creepy smile and Kunj smile fades away. “When?” yuvi asks in confusion. “evening” I reply causally and I could feel Kunj tense up. I’m enjoying it. “Much time left, lunch with us first” yuvi says and before I could oppose they both head outside. I follow them before Kunj would burden me with his questions.

I take a seat , facing Clara and yuvi as they both go through the menu. Kunj still hasn’t joined us. Thank God! Else again those feeling to be with him would pop out. “Twinkle..” Clara calls me crushing my thoughts about Kunj to pieces. And I see , Kunj is here to beside me. I clear the lump forming in my throat. “yes?” I ask trying to ignore the fact that Kunj is close to me.

“What would you have?” she asks , sensing the awkwardness. “Anything you wish” I say smiling and she nods. We all wait for the order as I play with my fingers and I could feel Kunj’s gaze over me all the time. Stop gawking at me , it’s making me nervous. My hands fall to my side and they are sweaty just because of his intense stare. I feel someone’s hand near mine and my gaze fells on Kunj’s hand who entwined his fingers with mine.

I feel my hands go jelly, numb. I don’t know but he has that effect on me which makes me out of this world. “Why is your hand so sweaty?” he leans in and whispers whilst Clara and yuvi are busy in their own talk. I try to pull away but fail miserably. “Leave my hand” I tell him and he simply shakes his head in a no. “Sorry but I can’t” he says as if it’s not a big deal. “Why are you going on a date?” he whispers and looks at me , his dark brown eyes showing the disappointment and hurt.

“I..because..” I try to find for words but I guess my dictionary is out of it. “Don’t go” he mumbles tightening his grip on my my hand. “Why not?” I ask back in a whisper and lost in those unreadable phase of eyes. “I’ll crush him if he even comes closer to you” Kunj mutters slowly and my eyes widen , horrified. “You can’t. Because you won’t know where I’m” I tell him nervously.

“I’m Kunj Sarna” he tells me leaning more closer as I let out a faint laugh. “And I’m Twinkle Taneja” I reply back , proud. “Soon to be Twinkle Sarna” he tells me and gives a light squeeze to my hand before pulling away. Tell me he just did not say that. A smile forms on my lips as they words echoes in my mind.


“Oh shit” I mumble as I realize the time. “What happened?” yuvi asks still munching on his food. “I’m gonna be late. We have to pick up some people from the airport” I tell them and they all look on confused. “Who?” is what comes out of their mouths, simultaneously. “Let’s go. Pay the bill” I point towards yuvi and he laughs nodding.

We drive towards the airport to pick up some people. Yeah , patience. We park the cars and head inside. We wait for about 10 minutes and seriously yuvi had been eating mind about who was coming. “Shut up” I groan at yuvi who pouts leaning against Clara. “Finally” I mutter and sigh. “Where? Where?” yuvi asks jumping upon the crowd. “Twinkle!” Maria and David run towards us and I smile. “Hey!” I greet them receiving hugs from both of them.

My gaze locks at Kunj who was certainly displeased looking at the current situation. Moody , he is. I introduce them to Clara and yuvi telling and all the stuff at Mexico. “Where’s Rosa and your parents?” I ask , on not finding her there. “She couldn’t come due to her work. Sorry for that and mom and dad had some family thing” David says.

“It’s okay. I’m glad you guys could make it. I remember you told me about attending an Indian wedding so I was like yes , it’s a perfect opportunity and you can shoot for your project or whatever” I clarify to him as he smiles hugging me.“Thank you. I guess we should go” David says pulling away.


I introduce them to mom , telling about how much they took care of me when I had an accident. “Come , I’ll show your rooms” mom says as they both nod. I relax back admiring the two lovebirds in front of me , yuvi and Clara. So much in love. I didn’t had a talk or you can call it an argument with Kunj as I could say he was in trauma on seeing David. Lol , that was indeed a hilarious scene.



I am so mad at Twinkle for calling David here. I mean what was the need to call him. Ugh! Yes , yes , yes , yes I’m jealous. I’m getting more jealous on thinking about her date tonight. Is the date with David? I guess so, ugh ! Twinkle stop testing my patience and love . But I deserve it , right ?

I stop on hearing Twinkle and Mahi’s argument , in the room. “Why didn’t you picked up the dresses?” Mahi says in a dry tone. “I’m sorry Mahi , I told you I’ll pick it up as soon as Kunj leaves” Twinkle tells her. What’s the point of me leaving? “Kunj?” Mahi asks crossing her arms. “Yes. At the stop, I had to get out of there to collect the dresses but then I was so irritated by Kunj’s questions that I said I’m going on a date. And now if I leave the house then he’ll think I’m going on a date and I don’t want to upset him. He was hurt at the restaurant too , I could feel it. That’s why I’ll pick them up as he leaves” Twinkle clarifies to her.

I look on shocked , I am such an idiot. Why couldn’t I understand her. “You love him, right?” Mahi asks taking a seat next to her. “yes, but I can’t take the risk. If something happens again , then I’ll break. I don’t care if I get hurt but that will hurt him. I don’t want him to suffer more. That’s why I want to keep as much as distance I can” she tells her and I smile. Yes , she does love me. I am seriously gonna cry out of happiness.

“I know how it feels” Mahi murmurs and Twinkle sighs. “You don’t know how much I want to hug him. Feel his warmth and be with him every single moment. But I don’t want to be the reason of his sadness. I don’t want him to know that I fell for him , again” she says and Mahi smiles. You are not the reason Twinkle. I’m such a idiotic and brain less person. I should have understood her. Maybe people are right, women are not hard to understand but they are impossible to understand.

I go back towards everyone smiling like an idiot. “What brought you to such a good mood?” Clara asks pouring tea in the mug. “Nothing”I reply still smiling. I turn around finding Twinkle and Mahi coming towards the hall. “I guess we should be leaving then” yuvi says , grabbing the car keys. “Twinkle you had to go to collect the dresses right? So, come I’ll go with you” I tell her smiling and she looks on shocked.

“Yes , Twinkle. Go with him. It’s quite late” leela aunty says and I could feel the anger rising up in her eyes. “Fine..” she blurts out and I smile.



We both sit in silence and I turn to find Kunj smiling looking at the road. “How did you knew I was going to collect the clothes?” I ask because I want my answers. He sighs leaning his head on the headseat. “I..umm..I.” he was obviously searching for words. “Spill it” I tell him crossing my arms. “I head your conversation” he says awkwardly. “You just did not say that” I tell him , oh shoot! What the heck.

I was talking to Mahi about all my feelings and he heard it. “Why?” I ask irritated and angry. “Because I’m crazy?” he sounds more to be asking that saying it. Yes you are. “Since when have you got so crazy? And manner less?” I ask and he laughs aloud. “Since I have fallen in love with you , again” he tells me emphasizing on the word again. It was what I said. He looks at me and I damn know I’m blushing like an idiot.

“I’m not that pretty or that worth loving,Kunj. Go fine someone worth your love and craziness” I say seriously and look at him as he looks back. “You are worth my love , my craziness, my life. You don’t know your worth” he says and I know every word he utters right now is coming straight from his heart.

The roads were pretty empty and Kunj was driving so fast. I looked at him and could see him smiling or smirking at me. I slowly pressed the button down at my door and the window pane came down. The cold air touched my face and my hair flying back due to the wind. I took a deep breath and sighed. To my surprise the air stopped and I opened my eyes to see that Kunj had closed the window. I pressed the button again and he again pressed his side of the button.

We have been doing this for like the past 5 minutes and I give up. I cross my arms feeling angry. He’s such a child. Kunj laughs and I roll my eyes. “Someone really angry” he says grinning and I smile. It feels so good seeing him like this , and I wish he always remains like this. “I’ll be like this , smiling always. If you are with me” he says and I turn my head away. Did he read my mind?

“Twinkle..” he mumbles keeping his hand on my hand , which was resting on my knee. I try to pull back but again his hold is out of my explanation. “Please leave my hand” I mutter, hoping he would but he doesn’t. “Don’t do this. We are one soul” he says and I close my eyes pressing those stupid tears back. He stops the car and I open my eyes. “Do it. Yell at me , beat me , do anything but don’t hate me please don’t hate me” he mutters and I can’t help it. I let the tears flow and weep quietly.

He removes my hand and sighs. “We are here” he says and I quickly get out of the car. We collect the clothes heading back towards the car. “Are you okay?” he asks closing his door. I nodded and stake a deep breath. I relax back on the headseat.

“Twinkle…wake up..we are here..” I feel someone lightly shaking me by the shoulder. “What??” I ask annoyed as who destroyed my sleep. I frown opening my eyes to see Kunj with his arms crossed across his chest and a tight smile on his face. “Wake up sleepy head” he says and I rub my eyes. “Thanks for the ride” I tell him but before I can go he suddenly grabs me by the elbow. “Goodnight,love” he says before pulling away.

I look on startled , tell me he just did not say that. Oh yeah , he did.



Another buzz , oh my goodness my heads spinning right now. “What the f**k” I groan sliding the covers away from my face. Who the heck arranged this alarm clocks. “YUVRAJ!” I yell on top of my lungs , gosh he’s the worst brother ever. I grumble under my breath rushing down on the stairs. “Why the hell would you step up so many alarm clocks to wake me up?” I ask irritated and annoyed as hell.

As usual I don’t get a reply for him all I get is a smirk. “You are such a looser big brother! Plus , it was misty’s idea! Right , misty?” Yuvi says playing with the innocent puppy , who was happily playing around with Yuvi unaware of the fact that she was being blamed for a dirty trick. “Whatever!” I tell him rushing upstairs to change. “Twinkle has been admitted to the hospital” is what comes out of his mouth and I stop in midway on the stairs.

“What?” I turn back in bewilderment. “Nothing ! I was just kidding” he says and I wish I could kill him for telling me something so stupid like that. “Did you knew that it just literally gave me a heart attack?” I ask keeping my hand on my heart. “It just , right. But it didn’t , right. No big deal” he says as if it’s nothing to worry on. I sigh in defeat turning to head towards my room.


We reach their house getting the first greetings from David. Funny right ! Yes it is. “Are you sure th-“ Twinkle words stops as she rushes down the stairs settling her hair. She stops as her gaze locks with mine. I am MESMERISED! She looked beyond elegant. Yeah she does everyday. “Hey!” Twinkle yells in excitement and for a second I thought it was for me but no she went and gave a quick hug to him.

Yuvi and David left from there and I begin to say something. “Is this how you give hospitality to your guests” I ask walking along with her and she gives me a bored expression and roll her eyes. “You meant ex-boss?” she asks trying to control her grin. I grunt and she laughs. Wait! Should I try what Yuvi did it on me in the morning . Not the alarm clock one but the heart attack one. “I have cancer” I blurt out and to my humiliation she says this. “Yuvi has played this one on me” she tells me patting my shoulder and I roll my eyes at her. Yeah Yeah , she’s more intelligent than me.





Waking up at 4:30 in the morning for school and coming back at home at around 2 or 2:30 is a pretty cruel life right?

Plus , staring of 10th standard isn’t good for me. We have been assigned with so so so so so much work in school as well as home. Plus, guys , I barely get time to go to the bathroom. Yeah , I know I mean everyone has time to go to there bathroom but I didn’t exactly meant that ???

Okay so it was my sad story and I’m ready for the punishment. Spill out all your anger in the comment section??? I’m ready , fingers crossed.

Enough now , back to the chapter…

How was it , overall?

Good enough?

Did you liked the confessions?

The fights?

Happy about everyone being together?

But sad about the lovebirds being separated?

Twinkle doesn’t wanna hurt Kunj and Kunj doesn’t wanna hurt her. Such a stupid situation right?

Let’s see what my fingers write more for you all. And let’s see how far the story goes?

Will the wedding bring them closer or far apart? Let’s , see because I don’t trust myself too.

And yeah a big thank you to all those who commented. Plus, a message for all those who thinks I’m too slow. Dear to all of those , if you think so I don’t mind. Because I’m a human myself with work and responsibilities. I’m a homo sapien like you all. Yeah , I’m not angry ???? probably because I never can be….

So so so , still I’m not lazy or slow but my work doesn’t give me time to write and I just get to sleep at 12 or 1. Ahhh! I want the summer vacation soon else I’ll die??? please let’s pray together to get summer vacation fast??

And yes thank you to those who gave me their insta account. It was nice to all those I talked. I love you all and thanks for the continuous support.

Take care and love you all till hmmmmmm…till the galaxy or so…??

Credit to: Misha

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