Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 14




I yawn waking up due to the world’s most bothersome sound. Alarm! Yesterday was obviously a rough day. So much drama and emotions. Well , what could I even expect when I’m with Kunj. It’s now his aim in life to make my life miserable and nasty. Someone knocks on the door causing me to shoo the thoughts away. I lazily get out of the covers as I see David on the door. “Hey!” I greet him as he passes me a huge smile.

“Good morning” he says , his hand tucked inside his pockets. “Did you had a good sleep?” he asks leaning on to the door. “Oh yes I did” I tell him as he smiles. “Actually..” he begins to say , rubbing the back of his neck as Kunj’s voice stops him. “What are you doing here?” he asks in an annoyed and displeased tone. Ugh! Again they are gonna fight. God , please save me from this.

“It’s my house , remember?” David asks in a dry tone making Kunj roll his eyes at him. “Okay. I’ll get ready , because after the show we are going outside right?” I try to cool down the heated to be started conversation between them. Kunj arches an eyebrow at me as I ignore him. “Oh yeah! See you” David says giving me a quick hug.

I begin to close the door but Kunj prevents me from doing so. He pushes me inside along with him and locks the door. I look on astonished and amazed. What does he wants right now! My heart does a flip flop as he motions towards me , his hands tucked inside his pockets. His intense and raged stare makes me squeak as I step backwards horrified as hell. “Good morning” he greets me and wait! What?

He wished me in a normal tone. Oh My God! Am I dreaming? Is this for real? My eyes widen in amazement and astonishment as he takes a seat on the couch in front me. Why’s he not behaving harsh or being cold to me? I guess , somethings again cooking up in that nasty head of his. I greet him worriedly and awkwardness surrounds my tone. “G-Good morning , S-Sir.”

His brown eyes locks with mine making me gasp. “Are you okay?” he asks coming towards me as I step back. “Don’t come closer” I tell him , shutting my eyes. “Are you afraid of me?” his voice is back to the harsh and cold tone making me open my eyes at him. “Why would you ask that?” I ask as I hit against the table. “Be careful” he hurriedly tells me making me sigh.

“Please leave from here. I’m just your servant so you don’t have to worry about me. So please don’t come closer to me” I tell him everything in one breath making him freeze at his spot. He gulps looking at me emotionless. The old Kunj was easy to examine. I would have guessed in a few seconds what’s going on in his heart but this Kunj. He’s to hard to understand. No one knows what goes in his mind or heart.

He storms out of the room shutting the door with a bang. Huh! I’m so stupid. No , I’m not. He hates me so why should I care about him. I shove all those heartbreaking thoughts making my way towards the bathroom. I change up into a black floral skater skirt with a white top.

Rushing outside , I motion towards the breakfast table. “Morning everyone” I greet them as David passes me a huge grin. I begin to take a seat but Kunj’s voice stops me. “We are getting late. Let’s go” he says with David’s dad beside him. “Let her have breakfast first” he says but I stop him. “It’s okay. I’ll have it later” I tell them rushing outside. Ugh!! Kunj you are so cruel!!

We reach the show place as I follow Kunj. It’s been three hours and finally the models are ready to present our new collection. “If I could I would have made you my showstopper” Juan tells me as Kunj snaps his head at us. “She’s not that beautiful” Kunj says as I look on blankly. “No way! She’s amazing. She’s beautiful and pretty not even from the outside but also from the inside” Juan says as Kunj narrows his gaze me.

“Thank you so much, Sir. But I’m just his assistant” I tell him as he pats my shoulder passing me a wide smile before going towards his seat. “Thank you to you too , sir” I mock at Kunj as he begins to say something but I motion towards my seat.

The show went on pretty amazing , I had a great time. Everyone left expect me , Kunj, Juan and some workers. We stand there so everything raps up. “Hey..” someone says as we all turn back. It’s David. He’s panting heavily as he runs towards me. “Woah! Take it easy” I tell him as he laughs lightly. “You here?” Juan asks him as David nervously rubs the back of his neck. My gaze locks with Kunj’s who is pretty much not pleased with the current situation.

Well , he’s never happy when I’m around. “Dad , I’m going to show Twinkle some places and yeah , actually , Kunj , Rosa is waiting outside for you” he tells us as Kunj’s eyes widen in amazement and horror. “Let’s go” David tells me as I look at Kunj. “Go on! Kunj don’t look at her like that” Juan says ending the silence filled inside the room. David grabs my hand as we both run outside.

“Where’s Kunj?” Rosa asks as I roll my eyes. “He’ll be here” David tells her as Rosa frowns deeply. “Are we going all together?” I ask worried. I don’t wanna go with Kunj because again he’ll insult me or be harsh to me. “Kunj’s here” Rosa yells in excitement as its my time to frown. We all sit inside and drive towards where David is taking us.

Firstly , we reach the Cabo San Lucas. “It’s pretty” I say in excitement as I feel someone tangling his hand with mine. It’s David. He smiles at me as I pass him a genuine smile. My gaze accidentally locks with Kunj’s as he gaze falls on our entwined fingers. He clutches his fists in anger as I gasp. David notices the to be heated situation as he speaks up. “Let’s go there” he says causing me to breathe back to normal.

We all walk around as I see a shop full of the thing I need the most. Rosa and kunj also walk up to us. “Wow! I’m going there” I point towards the place where laid the infinite dreamcatchers. I begin to go but David holds out my hand. He pulls me closer as I look emotionless. “Why do you need that? Do you get bad dreams?” he asks tucking a hair strand behind. I feel the urge to look at kunj but I can’t.

I finally find the strength to look at him and he’s eyes shows the coldness. He glares at David as I gulp. “Yes. Let’s go” I pull back as kunj begins to motion towards David. Oh Shit! He pushes David back making me jump back in horror. “What the f**k man!” David grumbles as they both begin to fight. “Stay away from her” Kunj yells at him and now my patience is out of control. Me and Rosa stop them with difficulty. “What’s your problem? It’s my choice with whom I stay or not! That’s none of your business. Because Kunj Sarna, I’m not your property nor I’m a deal to you. David makes me happy…” I barely whisper all that as tears flow down.

“Twinkle..” David begins to say something but I stop him. I rush out of there as I can hear Rosa and David calling me but I don’t stop. I sit on the rocks at the beach side alone. Because I want to be alone. I don’t want anyone with me right now. Why does all these things happen in my life. And kunj. He hates me yes that makes sense to me. But why can’t he see me happy. David is a good friend. Oh yeah! Now I get it he wants to destroy my whole life.

It’s already destroyed Kunj , you can’t ruin it more. Because it’s shattered and no one can break anything which’s already broken. I hide my face in between my knees and cry. I feel someone sit beside me but I don’t look up. “Sorry..” David mumbles as I snap my head start his direction. I grunt as he gives me a bag. “What’s this?” I ask confused. I open the bad and Wow! It’s a dreamcatcher. This is so pretty. “I love it. It’s beautiful. Thank you” I mutter as he chuckles.

“You’re welcome. Sorry again” he says as I smile. Huh! Life’s miserable for me.


We reach back , as I quickly run upstairs. I’m tired. I lay down and grab my journal. This journal has been my best friend since kunj and I were separated. I write what happened today as tears build up in my eyes. The door open as I sit straight on the bed. Oh, it’s kunj. “You should knock” I complain and to my surprise he locks the door motioning towards me.

“Why did you locked the door, huh?” I ask in displeasure as he let’s out a faint laugh. “Please go away” I tell him standing up on my feet. He doesn’t care about what I say , instead, he motions towards me. He stands in front of me , a little distance between our bodies. “What?” I ask with a bored expression as he crosses his arms. “I’m not sleepy” he says leaning against me. “So! I’m sleepy” I mock at him but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“Leave me” I warn him. “Why? When David was holding you so close. You didn’t oppose him?” he asks in a dry and annoyed tone as I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I try to look for an answer but my mind is damn stuck. “That’s different” I finally mutter as he out a sarcastic laugh. “Really? You mean you like having him close to you?” he asks in agony as I shut my eyes.

I pull away from him but he pulls me towards his chest. I try to get out of his hold but fail miserably . Finally , I give up. I breathe out as my muscles relaxes. “What do you want from me?” I ask him. To my surprise he loosens his one hand from my waist , grabbing something out of his pocket. “This is for you” he tells me , and it’s a dreamcatcher in his hand.

It’s one of the world’s most beautiful dreamcatcher I have ever seen. It’s the one I wanted. The perfect one. “Where did you found this? It’s perfect” he removes his hand from my waist and steps back. “Who got you this?” he points out towards the one David brought for me. I gulp wondering what to say. “David..” I merely whisper as I could feel him tense up. “Thank you for this..” I begin to take it from him but he puts it back in his pocket.

“Who said it’s for you” he says bitterly as I narrow my gaze at him. “Then?” I ask a bit confused. “It’s for Rosa” and yes those were the perfect words to crush out the joy building up in me. My eyes becomes watery as he let’s out a sarcastic laugh. “How could you even think that I bought it for you?” he asks. I roll my eyes as he goes towards the bed side where David’s dreamcatcher was.

“Keep it back” I warn him as he picks it up. “This is not that good as mine” he says looking at it. “I said keep it back” I again warn him but he breaks it. “Kunj!” I yell running towards him. He opens his fists , throwing out the broken pieces as I look on astonished. “Oops!” he says raising his hand in defense. I pick up the scattered pieces , tears flowing down. He looks at me blankly as I stand up, my blood is boiling right now.

I give him a tight slap across his face. “f**king idiot! How dare you break it? I know you are an emotionless person but enough is enough” I shout on him as he looks at me tears building up in his eyes. SHIT! What did I do! How can I slap him. “You are right , I’m am emotionless person. And you know why. Because your mother is responsible for this” he yells at me as I grumble. “she’s not. You get? She’s not” I yell back as he let’s out a sarcastic laugh.

“Oh of course she is” he yells back as I cry collapsing on the floor. He runs away from there. I want to stop him but I can’t. I just can’t stop him. He won’t listen to me. I’m away from Kunj just because of you Dad. That day you ruined our lives. I hate you , dad. And I’ll never ever forgive you for what you did. The day you come across me , I’ll not leave you. I’m passing through this bad phase due to you dad. And I’ll never ever forgive you for this.



I walk around the whole room as those flashbacks haunt me to death. I cry as I remember those times. Someone knocks on the door. I quickly wipe my tears and open the door to see who it is. Its twinkle. “No don’t. Don’t close the door please” she tells me . I don’t listen to her and shut the door on her face.

I wake up as someone knocks on the door. “Twinkle is no where in the house” Rosa says worried as my eyes widen in amazement. “What rubbish!” I shove her away but she groans. “She’s no where. The guard said she left yesterday night” Rosa clears out. “Her luggage?” I ask curiously. “It’s in her room but she’s no where” Rosa says as we both rush downstairs.

“It’s because of you. You are the reason as she’s no where” David yells on my face as I don’t speak up. My mind is not working. “Where’s she?!” I mumble the worry growing more and more. “I’m gonna look for her” I begin to rush outside but Maria stops me. “I know where she can be. Yesterday, I told her about the area of the rising sunset. And she said she’s gets peace in such areas. Let’s go” Maria says as I nodded.

We reach the area madly searching for twinkle. “Twinkle!” I grunt running a hand through my hair , guilty and frustrated. After some time we reach the peak point. “There she is” Maria shouts as I sigh in relief. We both rush towards her as her back faces ours. “Twinkle…” I mumble as she turns back. She looks so exhausted and dull. Her hair messed up badly and her eyes red due to crying. And her dad is there with her. How can he be here? What’s he doing here right now?

I begin to hug her but she steps back. “Don’t touch me” she cries out as I grumble. “Look twinkle I’m sorry. First let’s go from here then we’ll talk” I tell her but she denies. “No. I hate you Kunj. No, you know what I hate myself because I still love you” she says her heart out as tears build up in my eyes. “Do you even know how these 4 years went for me without you? Each passing second was hard to live Kunj. I love you so much that it hurts. It hurts because you are not with me. And it’s no use to live without you Kunj. But I have my responsibilities which I can’t deny. I have to live for mom , for yuvi, Clara and Mahi” she cries badly as I look on shocked.

She still hasn’t moved on and she’s hurting herself because of me. “Listen..” I begin but she cuts me off. She quickly turn on her heels and runs away from there. “I love you Kunj” she shouts running madly towards the road. “Watch out!” and loud beep is the last thing that hits my mind as I watch her fall to the ground with full force landing on her head.

I instantly run over to her in complete shock and I stare at her unconscious figure, not taking notice of the car who hit drove off. I kneel down beside her body and I swallow the lump forming in my throat when poll of blood rest under her head and some is running down her nose. “Twinkle..” I mumble as her dad and Maria runs towards us. “Twinkle! Wake up. It’s not your mom’s mistake. I’ll tell him everything. I did it Kunj. I am the reason for that incident” he yells as I look on completely shocked.

“Call the ambulance” I yell as Maria quickly grabs her phone out of her pocket. I sigh in relief when the ambulance sounds hits me after a few minutes and Maria begins to walk off. I quickly shout a thanks to her and she turns only enough to smile at me.

The ambulance stops in front of me and I quickly get up from my kneeled position when they jump out and roll out the stretcher. I watch as they slowly lift her body off the ground and place her onto the stretcher with the flannel still under her head. “Careful.” I scowl when they push the stretcher back inside with too much movement.

“We know what we’re doing, sir.” The one pushing her in says and I notice the guy pulling her nearly trip and I calm myself down before I shout at him to just quit his job because he sucks at it. They finally succeed to put her inside and I get inside after them.

“I’m with her, don’t tell me to leave because I’m not.” I quickly let them know and the one who was pushing her in, nods his head “Very well then.”

I walk over to stand beside my unconscious Twinkle and begin to stroke her cheek gently. The guy closes both doors before he stands on the opposite side of me and I watch as he puts a mask to her face.

I frown down at her and I groan when my vision becomes blurry and a teardrop falls on my hand. We both wait a few seconds before her chest begins to rise and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

He then does some other stuff and I don’t understand anything until a beep sounds. That’s when I realize it’s a heart beat monitor and I look over to see her breathe as her heart beat is slow. I notice him take off the shirt and just as I’m about to complain, he places something else under her head and I swallow my words.

“This is to help her from losing any more blood, at least not much.” He informs me and I nod my head .Once we finally arrive at the hospital, they both open the doors and roll out the stretcher again before running in through the emergency doors and I follow along.

We finally go inside a room and I stare in silence when they move her body from the stretcher onto the hospital bed. They turn to look at me and I shake my head when they ask me to leave. “No, I’m not leaving her.” I speak sternly.

“You must leave. You can come back in once the doctor comes in and checks on her.” One of them tells me and I sigh in defeat when they push me out of the room. I watch as a few nurses run into the room and then a doctor runs in soon after. I run my hand through my hair in frustration and groan as I sit down on a chair. I stare down at the floor as I tug on my hair and blink away the tears that are threatening to spill.

I feel someone standing beside me as I look up rubbing my eyes. “Maria..” I breathe out as Twinkle’s dad comes in front of me. “Tell him to go away from my sight” I groan as he cries. “I’ll go away but just listen to me for once” he says as I nodded.

Revelation !!! (Finally the past you all wanted to know?)

“I left leela when Twinkle was just 10 years old. We didn’t had a great relationship in between us after Mahi was born. I was all into gambling and drinking. I treated her like nothing but she never complained because she knew I was everything for her daughters. I left for Dubai, gathering all the money from her and after that I lost all the money in gambling again. I used to meet leela every year , gathering money from her. She never spoke anything to me until one day Twinkle saw us. She was back from Florida that day. She insulted me and I was arrested. After that I thought to ruin their lives. Before you all came back from Miami…



We landed in India after a long and boring flight. “Nobody is here to pick us up?” Yuvi gasps as we all chuckle. “Let’s go in a taxi then” I tell them. We drop Marcus and Clara to home. “Someone blow up the fire” people were running and yelling in front of our house. My house! It’’s on fire.

“Mom! Dad!” I yell running inside as Twinkle, Yuvi and Mahi follow us. “Mom!” Yuvi yells as my gaze fells on the two bodies in front me. And on the other side it’s Leela Aunty with a gun in her hand. I begin to lose my control. She killed my parents. “Mom.. dad..” I whisper kneeling down on my kneels. “You killed them. You killed my mom and dad” I yell on her as Twinkle shouts.

“She can’t. No , my mom can never do this” she yells as Yuvi cries out. “I didn’t. I-I” leela Aunty mumbles but I shout on her. “You did. Get lost” I shout as Yuvi raises his voice. “Stop it. How can you even think that leela aunty would do that?” Yuvi says as I cry.

“I hate you Twinkle. Your mom destroyed everything. Get lost before I kill you” I yell onto her as she steps back.

We all fought and argued , this is how everything ended. I’ll never forget this day. I broke my relationship with my brother too as he supported them instead of me.


“Leela didn’t killed your parents. When I got to know that leela is living a luxurious life while I was living in the streets I planned this. I set the whole house on fire. I was the one to shoot your parents. Leela came to save them but she denied the truth to save me. I got shattered after all this. I moved to Mexico until yesterday night I saw Twinkle…” his voice is shattered and broken as he cries.

I did a big mistake. I am an idiot , I didn’t trusted her and she kept on telling me but I didn’t listened to her. The door bursts out open as we all stand up. The curiosity inside me grows more and more. “Is she okay?” Maria asks as the doctor as he lowers his gaze. “I’m sorry to say this but we couldn’t save her” the doctors speak up as I lose my balance.

I lost her , I lost Twinkle. She went away from me. Due to my stupid mistake I lost her….


I know you all are shocked but do you all trust me??





Hello everyone.

How are you all?

I am actually proud of myself that I was pretty early this time.

I hope you liked the chapter.
Was it long enough?

Are you happy on knowing the past?

Did it satisfied you?

And the accident?

Twinkle’s dad? Huh! He was the reason of all this! He caused all the riots and the separation!

Is Twinkle Dead?

Let’s see what my mind takes me to…

Till then take care and yes , thank you so much to those who commented on the last chapter…

There’s something for you all in the below brackets , if you are smart enough you would know it. And when you know it make sure you tell me?


Plus, I would be happy if anyone drops there insta account. I would love to talk to you all.

So please tell me your insta accounts…

Love you all and take care

I’ll try to update soon.


Credit to: Misha

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