Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 13

CHAPTER~ 13 ☆ Mexico !!


Tears flow down as I ramble across the empty halls of the office. He’s changed so much. No emotions , feelings runs across his heart or mind. He doesn’t care if people get hurt or wounded. All he cares is about his work. His fame. His money. All that matters now to him is his profit. According to him , I am his biggest mistake. He hates me so much.

I’m stuck over here. I can’t tell mom or anyone about this. Specifically yuvi. He’ll be hurt the most. I begin to collect my belongings as footsteps approaches down there. I look up to see him rushing down the stairs. “I told you to get lost. Didn’t I? Or you still wanted to please someone by the whore you?” he asks as I don’t feet bad. Because I know , he’s deliberately doing this. So that I can react and oppose him.

Or give him attention which he’s not gonna get so easily. Now , I’ll also play the game. You think you are too smart Kunj Sarna , then you’re wrong. I gather up my belongings , quietly making my way outside. “I was asking you something” he states angrily as I could feel him running behind me. I ignore him and make my outside. Yes , that’s the word ‘IGNORE’. “How dare you ignore me?” he asks as I try to control my smile.

I let out a faint laugh stopping in the midway. “Sorry to say but I think the office time is over. So , I don’t have to agree or stop or say anything to what you say” I point my finger at him as he’s eyes bore into me. He grabs my wrist clutching at it tightly as I try to control the rage burning inside of me. “You can tighten your grip more because I have been much wounded so it won’t effect me though” I tell him sarcastically.

“Those words didn’t affected me” he says. His voice dry. “Sure. Obviously , it didn’t” I clarify removing his hand from my wrist. I storm out of there towards my car.


“How was your first day?” Clara asks giving me a cup of coffee. We both take a seat outside in the garden and I give her a fake smile. “It was splendid” I tell her but she doesn’t look convinced. “You know that you can’t lie to me, right?” she asks as I sigh.

I hug her tightly bursting out in tears. “Is everything going on okay?” she asks rubbing my back. “No.. nothing is” I finally tell her as she looks on startled. “Why didn’t you cleared out everything to him?” she asks as I let out a dry laugh. I wave my hand in a dismiss as she let’s out a huge sigh.“I’m so tired. Let’s go to sleep” I tell her.


It’s going to be my second day at the office. OH GOD! Again I have to face him. I groggily slid out of the bed , taking a quick shower. I change into cream colored sweater shirt pairing it up with my jeans. “Hurry up , lazy bones” Mahi shouts. I quickly wear my brown combat boots rushing downstairs.

“Sorry… let’s go” I tell Mahi as we both make our way outside. “Twinkle eat your breakfast” mom yells.

“I’ll have it in the office” I tell her as we both sit in the car. I drop Mahi to university , and drive back to the office. Shit , I’m gonna be late. I better hurry up. I rush inside , checking the time. Phew! I’m not late. I rush inside the cabin and thank goodness , he’s not here.

But look at my luck , the same time his voice hits my ears. “Yes , I’m ready for it. Yes , book two tickets for tomorrow’s flight” is what he speaks up on the phone. I look on blankly as he takes his seat. He keeps his phone down , looking at me weirdly. “Where are your manners?” he asks out of the blue as I look on startled. “Huh!?” I ask in confusion as he rolls his eyes.

“Good morning?” he asks as I nodded my head ,understanding what he wants to say. Wait , I was supposed to ignore him right. Yes, let’s start. “Good morning” I mutter and get back to work. I have decided , I won’t oppose him nor would I argue with him. “We are going to Mexico tomorrow” he says . I want to snap my head at him but I continue my work.

What!! Mexico? Seriously? Why are we going there? I don’t even want to ask him because it’s the game called Ignore Kunj Sarna. “Bring me some coffee” he says and and and it’s so fun because he’s been trying to talk to me since long but I just nod or approve. I rush outside and wait for the coffee. Letting out a huge sigh I enter again.

“Did you lost your voice?” he asks bitterly in a dry tone. I shake my head in a no as he grunts. “Why are you not replying to me?” he yells as I shut my eyes , horrified. I stand up repelled as hell as Kunj motions towards me. He twists my hand banging me back on the wall. I try not show the pain. I roll my eyes looking at the other side. “Look at me” he says harshly. I look at him irritated and with a bored expression.

I arch an eyebrow at him as he tightens his grip. “You are hurting me” I tell him as he let’s out a dry laugh. “So?” he asks as I push him back. “I’m for sure your PA , but you don’t dare do that to me again. I don’t say anything so it doesn’t mean you’ll do whatever you want. If I could , I would have left this job at that time but I can’t. You know what? I hate you Kunj Sarna. I hate you from the bottom of my heart. And I can’t believe that I ever loved you. You don’t know the entire blo*dy truth because you don’t wanna know” I yell at him on top of my lungs throwing out all the emotions as he looks at me in anger.

I storm out of the cabin rushing towards the bathroom. “Shit!” I cruse under my breath , trying to control myself. I slowly enter the cabin and he’s not here. I am thankful to him that he’s not here. “Oh crap! It’s 8” I have been working since so long and Kunj still hasn’t returned yet. The watchmen enters and he conveys kunj’s message. “Sir said you have to give him these files. And for that he has called you to his home” he tells me as I grumble.

What does he wants me to do now? I nodded taking the files and make my way towards his home. Thank God I took the address from Aditya. I park my car and stand in front of the big bungalow. Wow! Nice house though. I motion inside and wait! I’m damn hungry. I haven’t ate anything today except some water. A lady , probably she’s a cook meets me and shows me the way to the living room.

Woah! This is such a big house and obviously so confusing. Everything according to his taste. I hear footsteps approaching as I stand up aghast. “Sir is at the dinning table. He’s calling you there” the cook says. I follow her , entering a huge room. Wow! Sometimes , no, he always amazes me. I see kunj sitting there. I keep the files on the side. “Sir , these files” I tell him , looking at the countless dishes on the table.

I’m so hungry. “Better be ready for the flight tomorrow” he tells me. I’m feeling uneasy. My heads spinning right now. “Y-yes. Can I join you? I’m really hungry” oh shoot! Why did I ask that. “No! Employees don’t eat food with me. Specially , assistants like you” he say harshly. I try to keep my eyes open but I loose my balance. I take the help of the chair but kunj doesn’t look up.

Before I can think of anything else , I loose my balance as my vision gets black.


Ouch! My head’s hurting so much. I open my eyes as my vision is still blurry. “Is she okay now?” I hear Kunj’s voice. “She’s weak. I guess she didn’t had food since morning. She needs to rest” I hear someone’s else voice. I try to sit straight as kunj rushes towards me. “It’s okay. You need to rest. Did you had anything today?” He asks. I shake my head in a no as he nods.

He lays me back but I grunt. Such a strong headache. “I have to go back home” I say as kunj frowns. “You are not going anywhere” he states angrily. “Watch me” I tell him trying to get out of the bed but he pulls me back. “Sit quietly and have this soup” he says pushing me plate ahead. “I hate soups” I mutter angrily , crossing my arms.

“Twinkle. Have it” he took my name. He didn’t called me by my name till we have met. “Okay..” I say happily with a huge smile playing on my lips. I finish the soup and he’s still looking at me. Something is going on in his mind. He begins to go but I hold his hand. “Don’t go..” I mumble as he freezes on his spot. This reminds me of the same time when we were in Miami. I cry as he removes my hand. “Don’t think that I don’t hate you. So, stop your acting and get out of my home” he shouts on me.

My eyes widen in awe and bewilderment. I let out a dry laugh. “How could I expect that you’ll behave good with me” I say sarcastically , getting out of the covers. I wear my shoes , wiping my tears. Motioning towards the door I stop again. “Thanks for the hospitality , ex boyfriend” I mock at him as he looks on shocked and startled.



She leaves from there , leaving me there startled. My past is now again in front of me. The memories , our first meeting , our first hug, the visit to Miami, our confession , the first kiss , the ball , the dance , everything by just the one word. “Ugh” I groan in frustration. I hate you Twinkle Taneja , you are the one whom I hate the most in this world. You are the reason of my destruction.

I call her on the cell but she doesn’t pick it up. At last she picks it up. “hello..” her voice is so weak. I hear horns voices and people shouting. “Where are you?” I ask her , the worry inside me growing more and more. No! I shouldn’t be worrying about her. “None of your business. Why did you call me up?” she asks in displeasure. I hear more people shouting and yelling. “For God sake! Where are you?” I ask as she let’s out a faint laugh.

“That’s none of your concern” she yells back as I grumble. “Why didn’t you reached home yet?” I ask as she doesn’t answer. “Answer me , damn it” I yell at her but still no response. I rush towards my car , sitting inside. “Tell me where are you? I’m coming” I tell her. “I don’t need your help. Or else you’ll again think I’m acting or so” she shouts on me as I hear firing. “Twinkle it’s not safe these days. Tell me. Where are you?” I shout on her as she cries.

“I won’t” she replies as I hear someone’s voice. “I don’t think your car would repair easily ,ma’am. Plus , please come inside. It’s not safe over here. You may get hurt. And this area is a riot of color” the voice says as it hits me. I know where she is. She cancels the call as I speed up the car.

I see a scene of riot and disorder on the street. My heartbeat stops. Is she safe? “Twinkle!” I yell running madly everywhere. I finally see her car. I rush towards her car and she’s not that there. Where’s she? “Twinkle..” I mumble as someone calls me from behind. “Are you looking for the one who was in this car?” the man asks as I nodded. “She’s in the garage over there. She’s injured” the man says.

I rush inside finding an exhausted Twinkle on the chair with a man treating the wound on her arm. “Twinkle..” I merely whisper as she looks up to me. Her eyes shows how much hurt she is. I have hurt her. She’s here because I asked her to get out. She stands up in tears , not meeting my eyes. I run a hand through my hair , frustrated and guilty.

I motion towards her , pulling her towards my body as she cries hard. “I’m sorry..I’m so sorry” I apologize to her. She hugs me tightly as I rub her back , assuring her that everything was okay. The emptiness goes missing in me. She pulls back , wiping her tears. “Are you okay?” I ask , cupping her face but she shakes her head in no. “I’m hungry” she says as I laugh lightly.

The man coughs breaking the silence between us. “Thank you so much” she tells the man as he smiles. “Welcome. I think everything is cooled down. So it’s better if you two leave” he says as I nodded. I grab her hand as she walks with me. Her eyes never leave me as I look onto the front.

We both sit inside my car as I drive. “How did you knew I wanted to eat pizza?” she asks in a cheerful tone as I purse my lips. “That’s why I love y-“ she begins but stops. I look on shocked as she gets out of the car silently. We both have dinner as I drop her home. “Thank you for the ride and for the pizza too” she says smiling as I nodded.

“Twinkle? Where we’re you?” it’s yuvi’s voice. I start the car before I face him. Does he knows that I’m Twinkle’s boss? Maybe not. Else he would have never let her work with me.


The alarm buzzes disturbing my sleep as I shut if off. “Shit! It’s my flight in 3 hours” I grumble but what about Twinkle ? Is she going? After what happened yesterday, she must be thinking I’m having a soft corner for her. No , I can’t let her think what’s not even true. I know a apart of me wanted to hug her and tell her that I was feeling good in hugging her but again those flashbacks haunt me down.

Someone knocks on the door as I slid out of the bed to see who it is. “Good morning” Twinkle stands there smiling as I narrow my gaze at her. “What are you doing here?” I ask in a harsh tone as her smile disappears. She sighs and replies. “It’s our flight in a couple of hours to Mexico” she says in a sad voice as I roll my eyes.

“I know. But I thought you were not going to go” I taunt her as she crosses her arms. “Don’t think too much. I’m not that weak or fragile” she taunts me back as I shut the door on he face. Huh! Feeling proud. “That’s what you can do. Shut doors on people’s faces” she yells back as I roll my eyes.

I pack my stuff , and rush downstairs. I hear giggles and laughter from three kitchen. What’s happening in my house? I enter the kitchen seeing Twinkle and the cooks laughing and cooking. They all are certainly unaware of my presence. “Why is he always like that? Grumpy and with a hard look?” one of the cooks asks as I cross my arms , watching them all attentively. “You know what once in childhood he fell off from the tree house. Seriously and he was crying so much like a two years old baby” she cooks up a story as I watch on surprised.

“Plus, one time I scared him so much that your boss peed his pants” she says stirring something as the others laugh. What the f**k! Obviously she scared me but I peed in my pants? What the heck! “Your boss seriously used to be so scared of me. When ever I walked he used to shiver” she says flipping her hair to the side. Suddenly , everything seems to become mute and only her laughter could be heard around the whole big kitchen.

“And moreover wh-“ she turns around as her eyes widen in horror and surprise. All the others , luckily , seem to be aware of my presence as I step inside. “Yes, go on” I tell her as she shakes her head. “Since how long have you been standing there?” she asks nervously playing with the her hair. “Since you cleared everything to everyone” I mock at her as she smiles awkwardly.

She begins walking past me as I shout. “How dare you walk away when I was talking?” I ask as she turns around. “I can’t walk but I can run” she says as she runs outside. GOD! This girl is crazy. I give the others a look before going outside. “Oh My God! You have a pomeranian” twinkle yells picking up my beautiful friend.

“You’re so cute” she says playing with her as I smile. “What’s her name?” she asks , as I look on boggled. “How did you knew that it’s a female?” twinkle asks as she sighs. “What’s her name?” she asks again as I take her from twinkle. “Misty” I reply playing with Misty. “Give her back to me” twinkle frowns but I don’t. “No! She’s mine” I warn twinkle as she backs of horrified. “I know. But you can have her forever. I just wanted to play with her” twinkle clarifies as I roll my eyes.

“You have no right over my belongings. Plus, don’t you know you are a servant” I harshly tell her as she crosses her arms. “Let me correct you. PA” she mocks as I begin to move towards her but Bruno sits beside twinkle’s feet. He’s my other poodle dog. Twinkle begins to carry him in her arms but stops midway. She ruffles Bruno and says “Sorry mate. I would love to play with you but I can’t” she frowns looking away.

“Take them away” I tell the man standing over there as he picks both of them. Twinkle sadly looks on as she sits down on the couch. We finally get ready for the flight as I wait outside for twinkle. What’s she doing? “bye-bye Misty and Bruno. I love you both” she waves on to them as I look on surprised. She’s greeting them. What! She’s cracked.

She doesn’t look at me nor does she says anything. Wow! Thank goodness. After a couple of hours , we both reach Mexico. “Welcome Mr.Kunj Sarna” our client greets us.


“Here’s my bungalow. I’m sure you’ll have a great time over here” Juan Manuel , yes our Mexican client tells us. A bit weird name but what can I do. We both head inside. “This is my wife Juana” he introduces her and wow such similar names right. “This is my my son David , my daughter Rosa and my other daughter Maria” he introduces them but I find Maria mouth hung opened. I look at back at twinkle and so does she looks on surprised.

“Twinkle!” Maria much to our amazement yells in happiness as she gives Twinkle a bone crushing hug. “You have changed so much” Maria tells her as we all look on boggled. “It’s been such a long time” Twinkle tells her. “Okay , so will you both girls tell us what’s happening?” Her dad asks as Maria tells him. “We were in the same batch in college in Florida. And look at her she has become more beautiful” Maria says as I find David lost in her.

Excuse me? Is he supposed to drool her? No, he’s not. But why do I care. They all talk and laugh getting inside leaving me on the door. What? “Oh Mr.Kunj , please come in” he tells me as I nodded. We all sit for the diner with Twinkle facing me. To my surprise David too sit besides her as I feel the jealousy inside me. Am I supposed to be having this feelings?

We all talk , well , nobody talks to me or about me. All is that they are doing are asking Twinkle. It’s unfair. “So, do you have a boyfriend? Or are you still allergic to boys?” Maria asks as Twinkle looks at me. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend” Twinkle says giving her a fake smile as I sigh. “Boring as always. But my brother is not that bad” Maria winks at Twinkle who chokes on her food.

“Maria!” Her mom warns as everyone laugh. So does Twinkle. “Why don’t you think of doing a job in Mexico? Or shifting over here?” David asks out of the blue. What? Isn’t he planning too early. “Well, not a bad idea” she tells him as I look on shocked. “When’s the fashion show?” he asks her. “We have 4 shows. One is tomorrow” she tells me him as David smiles. I feel someone’s foot near mine making me boggled.

I look up as I see a smirking Rosa there. She winks at me as I gulp taking my feet back. GOD! “Great! Then after your first show I’ll show you some places” David tells Twinkle as she smiles. “Sure! Great idea” she gives him a high five as I narrow my gaze at both of them.


I work on my laptop as someone knocks on the door. “Come in” I say as I see Twinkle coming in with David. I raise my eyebrow standing up. “Your files, Sir” she says placing them. “Wait! Don’t forget you are my PA. You are not on a vacation. So better concentrate on your work instead of flirting around with people” I tell her. “Woah! Chill dude. You can’t talk to her like that” David says as I look at him with a bored expression.

“That’s none of your business” I taunt him as he let’s out a faint laugh. “You better learn to respect women” he says as I cross my arms. “Okay! Enough both of you. I’m not chilling around. You can check the files. I have done each and every work. Plus , it’s not your business if I flirt with anyone or not. Because as far as I remember I’m a whore right ? So,you should be happy that your words are becoming true” she says as tears roll down her cheeks.

I begin to motion towards her but David hugs her. “Hey! Don’t say that. You are an incredible person. To be honest, a little bit crazy too” he says as Twinkle laughs lightly wiping her tears. “So mean” she punches him lightly. She gives me a look before they both go out of there.

What’s happening to me? Why am I acting so harsh on her? I can’t see them both close and they. Ugh!!! It’s blowing my mind right now.



I know I’m not back so late but I’m back on time right??

So getting back to the chapter??

How was the chapter??

Was it long enough?

Did you liked it?

What about the part when Kunj was worried for Twinkle?

And did you liked the puppies? Aren’t they cute???

What about the new clients?

And Rosa??? lol.

What about David?

And what about Kunj’s jealous side?

And lol when Kunj was irritated that no one easy giving him attention.

I hope you all are liking it.

I don’t know if you are liking the story so far. Because some of you are maybe not commenting. I know life’s a busy cycle but it’s okay.

Tell me if I should continue it or not???

Till then take care and loads of love to you all.

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