Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 12


CHAPTER 12 – First meet up…


I slid the curtains partially , as the sun rays spread across the room. For some people , these sum rays bring hopes , joy and happiness but for me it’s just a light that spreads across the earth to make things visible. Some people would make hopes that every morning would be different , that fate would bring them success.

I don’t think so , because , I decide what’s right and what’s wrong. “Sir…” someone calls me from behind making me snap my head at him. “Haven’t I told you to knock before you enter?” I yell at him as he lowers his head , feeling humiliated.

“Sorry sir. That wouldn’t happen again” Aditya enters as I narrow my gaze at him. “It’s your responsibility to appoint people but that doesn’t mean you appoint them without any qualifications” I tell him as he lowers his gaze.

“Sorry sir. I’ll be careful” Aditya tells me as I nodded. “Did you find anyone capable for the Designs?” I ask him as be shakes his head in no. “Sir , we have been trying but we checked many designs and none of them were worthy to check” he clarifies as I check the designs. “Then hurry up. Just one day. Go and find someone who’s capable to think as well as work with me as my PA” I yell at him as he nods rushing from my cabin.

I grumble throwing the files on table as they fall , scrambled. I shut my eyes , as the image appears in front of me. Four years , without her. The way I loved her from the bottom of my heart the same way I hate her from the core of my heart. She’s a black shadow , I don’t care about her. Everything around reminds me of her.

When I see those smiley faces I remember her smile. They way her face used to light up and give me warmth the same way it gives flames to my heart now.


Twinkle (POV)

“Is it necessary?” mom asks , as I give her genuine smile , assuring her. “We have a huge company Twinkle , what’s the need to go and work in another company?” she asks me as I sigh. “Mom. Even you struggled right. The same way , I want to work , work hard and achieve what you have achieved” I tell as she smiles giving me a hug.

“Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do your best” Mahi hugs me and so does Clara. “Hope you get a hot boss” Mahi winks at me as I grunt. “You know I don’t care” I correct her as she rolls her eyes. “You have to move on” she tells as I wave my hand in a dismiss. “Leave all this. I’m getting late. Bye” I wave at them sitting in the car.

A thousand thoughts runs in my mind , because duh I’m blo*dy nervous. What if they don’t like my designs. Oh God , OH God. Parking my car , I collect my files rushing towards the front office. I make my way towards the receptionist.

“Hello. I’m Twinkle Taneja” I greet her as she checks my name. “Hello ma’am. Aditya sir would be here any minute. Can you please take a seat over there?” she tells me as I nodded. “Sure.” I have been waiting since 10 minutes as a man in mid 20s approaches towards me. “Hello. Sorry for the delay” he says , as he forwards his hand. “It’s okay” I say shaking my hand.

“Come..” he tells me as we both enter a cabin. “Your designs?” he asks as I hand over the files to him. I nervously play with my fingers as he keeps on checking the files. “Perfect!” he says out loud as I control my creepy smile appearing on the corner of my lips.

“This is what Sir needed , we have recently moved to India from Chicago. Plus , he wants a PA too. So if you are looking forward for this job?” he asks , grabbing a red folder. “Sure…” I tell him as cheerful as I even have been. “Here. It’s a three month contract” he tells me handing over the file. I go through the whole file , and finally sign on the last page handing over the file back.

“Great. Come , I’ll introduce you to Sir” he says as I nodded , following him. We enter a cabin as I’m looking down , nervous as hell. “Aditya! Where we’re you and-“ the blustering and miffed tone surrounds the atmosphere as I snap my head up.

My gaze meets his displeased , bitter and enraged eyes as I gulp taking a step back. It’s him. Destiny played such a stupid game with me. The person whom I wanted to forget , is here , in front of me. I feel urge to hug him and tell him how much have I missed him but again those words haunt me like a bad dream.

“Sir. This is Twinkle Taneja. And she has been appointed” Aditya speaks ending the awkward silence. “Leave us alone for a minute” he says as Aditya nods rushing out of there. I shut my eyes , just to prevent the tears , but they flow. He let’s put a faint laugh as I open my eyes. “You think those tears would effect anyone?” he mocks at me as I roll my eyes.

“I don’t care. Plus , if I knew this was your company. I would have never ever applied over here” I taunt him as his gaze narrows at me. “Glad we are on the same page. Anyways , as it’s a three month contract you are supposed to work under me as my servant” he taunts me as I correct him. “Personal Assistant! Better check your memory” I taunt as he groans.

He rushes towards me pulling me towards the wall. “You don’t dare talk to me like that” he yells as I twinge in pain. “You’re hurting me. And I’m leaving this job right now”I push him as he twists my hand pulling me back. “You can’t. You have signed the three months contract” he reminds me as I cry out in pain. “Sure. I’ll be happy the day when I leave this hell” I mock at him as he smirks.

“Right words” he says sitting back on the chair. “Your work starts now. Let’s start with something easy. Make me some coffee” he orders as I agree.

I rush outside , making the coffee I come back and place it on his table. “Your table is over there” he points and says harshly as anyone can. My table is opposite to his , which , obviously means I have to be in front of him. I settle myself , making the new designs , instructed by him. He clashes the coffee mug on the table forcefully as I jump back in horror.

I stand in front of him a bit horrified as he angrily throws the whole coffee on me. My eyes widen in surprise as he throws the files. “What’s this?” he ask , standing up with a jerk. I want to slap him hard across his face but can’t. How dare he throw the whole coffee on me.

“It’s coffee” I tell him as he rolls his eyes. “I know. I drink black coffee” he tells me as I look on surprised. “But you always used to drink this type of-“ I begin but stop as I realized what I just said. “I don’t repeat my mistakes” he says as those were the perfect words to again break my heart.

“I’ll make another one” I merely whisper as I rush out of there. I bring another one as he again keeps the mug down in disgust. “It’s cold. Another one” he tells me as I again bring another one. It’s been the sixth time since I have been giving him mugs. But I won’t give up .

“Here” I tell him , panting. Finally , this coffee looked satisfying to him. He takes out a huge bundle of files. “Correct all the mistakes that has been made over here” he tells me as I watched on in awe. I gulp taking the bundle.



I look at her intensely as she sits in front of me. I love watching her struggle. I want her to feel the same pain. I would have kicked her out of the office but I can’t. Because it’s high time. I watch on amused as I purposely switch off the AC.

She wipes her sweat as I smile watching her struggle. This is what you deserve. “Sir. You may love the heat but I have to on the AC” she tells me motioning towards the AC. “You won’t” I warn her as she rolls her eyes. “Watch me” she says rushing towards the side to get the remote. I rush behind her as she struggles to keep the remote away from me.

“Give it to me” I tell her as she shakes her head. “No” she says trying to run away. “I said give it to me” I yell at her and finally get the remote back , I push her as she clashes towards the wall. “Ahh” she cries out in pain. I try to reach towards her but I stop myself.

“Get up. Employees in my office don’t get hurt by such small wounds” I say bitterly as she settles herself , horrified. I run out of there to attend a meeting.


After attending a couple of meetings , I make my way towards the office. It’s empty , no one’s there as the office time is over. I enter my cabin as I see her , yawning and still working on the papers. “If you take so much time to correct the mistakes then who’s gonna finalize the designs?” I ask , arms crossed.

She stands up in horror settling herself. “Sorry sir. That was the last paper” she tells me as I roll me eyes. “Get lost” I tell her. “Maybe you wanted to say Goodnight” she taunts as I snap my head back at her. “Excuse me?” I ask as she steps back afraid. I hold out her wrist , tightening my grip on her hand as I laugh. “better check your ears. Because I said get lost” I taunt her the same way as she did.

She rushes out of there as I look on blankly. My life’s a mess. I don’t know what happens in it. She’s back again in my life. I hate her . I don’t want to see her face because it brings out the same image. She’s a bad dream and she always will be.

I’ll make your life miserable , with each passing second , you’ll regret that you ever loved me. You are my past and you’ll always be my past.


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Credit to: Misha

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