Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 11

CHAPTER 11 ¤¤ Tragic turns…


Pregnant? And me? What the heck! I told Marcus let’s not come over here. But why would anyone listen to me? “Seriously , kunj! Married?” I ask him , as he grumbles nonsense. “Twinkle , look. That was the only way to control the whole situation. Plus , she would have called Leela aunty and-“ he begins with his explanations as I stand on my toes , my anger raised up to the pinnacle.

“Whatever! I’m going right now , and telling her the whole truth” I say firmly as kunj prevents me. “No way!” he says tugging me by the elbow. “Yes way and right now” I say rushing outside as he calls my name but I ignore him running past Clara outside. “What happened?” she yells, asking me as I go towards aunty , this time I’m not gonna stop.

“I need to say something” I tell her as she stand up boggled. “You should be resting dear” she tells me as I facepalm myself. “I don’t need rest. I’m perfectly fine” I tell her irked , and with a hope that she would understand. “No , you go and rest” she orders me as I see the grins on the rest of my friends face as I grumble.

“You should be resting in this state” she tells me and I swear I want to cry out loud. “For God sake! I’m not pregnant” I cry out as she let’s out a soft laugh patting my face. “It’s happens dear. You are just nervous-“ she again begins whilst I sit on the chair frustrated. “I’m not pregnant nor I have a memory loss and I’m not married to kunj” I clear as she narrows her gaze at me.

“What?” she asks , as I purse my lips. Clara clears out the whole conversation as aunty laughs. We look on weirdly as she says “Okay! Okay! Enough of this. I’m really tired. You all should go to sleep” she says as kunj and I begin to motion towards the room but she stops me.

“Where are you going , kunj? Go and sleep with the boys” she complains to him as I try to control my laugh.Kunj keeps on giving me death glares whilst I smile , entering the room.

My phone beeps at 3 in the night as I rub my eyes , checking my phone.

KUNJ ♡: Come outside! Hurry up..

I go outside sleepy as hell. “What?” I ask a bit loud. “Shhh! Come with me” he says grabbing my hand and rushing towards the third floor. “What are we doing here?” I ask , yawning. “To cook” he mocks , sarcastically as I roll my eyes. “Whatever , now tell me” I say as he pulls me closer.

“What happened?” I ask , as he sighs leaning towards me. “Just feeling a bit uneasy” he says whilst I caress his jawline. “Why?” I ask , placing my head on his chest. “I don’t know… I feel like somethings gonna happen” he says as I look up meeting his gaze. I grab his hand as we both settle down on the floor.

“Everything would be perfect…” I tell him as he smiles. He pulls me closer , giving me a soft feathery kiss on the forehead. “shall we go?” he ask as I shake my head in a no. “Okay..” he says as we keep on talking the whole night until my vision gets black.


My eyes slit up partially , rubbing them I shake kunj lightly as he grunts. “Wake up” I tell him as he stretches his arms , hugging me by the side.

Reaching back to the beach house , we all pack our stuff , to get back to India.


“Twinkle! Wake up…” Mom’s voice wakes me up as I wake up from that same dream again. Tears flow down as I remember the time. Everything’s changed. Nothings the same as before. “I’m up mom” I tell her as mom enters smiling. “It’s your interview right? Come on hurry up” Clara’s voice comes as I snap my head back to see Clara coming.

“Yes..” I reply. “Twinkii! Good luck” Yuvi says running towards me. “God Yuvi! You are married and still you behave like a kid , please transfer some etiquettes to your husband too” I tell Clara as she laughs. “He’s perfect okay!” Clara says as I raise my hands in defense.

Currently , me , mom , Clara , Yuvi and Mahi live together after all what happened. Marcus too visits us to meet Mahi and us. It’s been four years since my eyes craved to see him. But again that bitterness shoots my mind as I remember his lasts words. “I hate you! Your mom ruined everything , Twinkle” those words echoes in my mind.



Ooopss!!! I know you all are so much shocked about all this. Such a tragic turn… I know I know..

Sorry for that , but trust me you are gonna like the new twist more and more.??

I know you all must be thinking what actually happened 4 years ago? I can’t reveal that now.

Let me give you a teaser. Kunj is now one of the world’s leading business man in Chicago, plus , the most cold hearted person to be known to the world.

What’s the reason of his this sudden change???

God, so much suspense right…

And and and don’t think that they broke up or anything. Something big.

And are you happy about Yuvi and Clara?

And did you a enjoyed the update ?

I know it’s crap but my minds stuck..

Sorry for the short update and sorry for taking so long and sorry for not replying to your comments.

Anyways , I have uploaded the 15th chapter of the masquerade and the 3rd chapter of roommates to those who wanted to know.??

Comment down below if you want , and tell me your thoughts on the current track.

Till then loads of love and take care.
See you all soon?????

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  1. Oh my lord awesome as always and I wonder what happened four years back why that hatred and why is he now stone hearted oml so many questions running in my mind but one request please upload next on soon love you

    1. Hey isha. How have you been? Haha I know. When I was writing this is knew everyone would be thinking what happened four years ago..
      I’ll start writing it now.
      Loads of love

  2. U r amazing dear
    And I am sooooooooooo that I couldn’t comment the last time Cse I was just too busy but as usual this episode was mwaah
    Eagerly awaiting for the twist♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. It’s I am soooooooooo sorry
      Forgot that 😛

    2. Hey sanam. How are you?
      Thank you so much. It’s absolutely okay. I know life is a busy cycle.
      Thanks a lot for reading.
      I’ll start to write now.
      Loads of love and take care

  3. Great epi misha and of course lm excited to know about the truth so please apdt nxt one soon please

    1. Hey salma. How are you?
      Thank you so much.
      Yes I’ll try to post soon.
      I can’t reveal the.truth now.
      It’s gonna take time ??
      Loads of love and take care

  4. ohhh god misha i cant wait nymr jus update asap…plz…

    1. Hey loveleen. How have you been?
      Haha yes I’ll start writing chapter 13 right now.
      Loads of love and take care

  5. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    omg…..such a tragic turn…amazing…plz post asap cant wait for next update….

    1. Hey tamanna. How are you?
      Thank you so much. Yes a really tragic turn.
      I’ll be posting soon.
      Loads of love and take care

  6. Misha its awesome. …amazing twist. I am stuck lyk what would have happened ..plz update the next psrt also

    1. Hey. How are you?
      Thank you so so much. Haha sorry for the twist. It was necessary.
      I’ll be writing soon
      Loads of love and take care

  7. Misha not again…. U amaze me with ur writing always..n yes dear waiting for ur next update..☺☺

    1. Hey shatakshi. How are you?
      Haha sorry for the twist.
      Thank you so much
      I’m glad that you liked it.
      I’ll be writing soon.
      Loads of love and take care

  8. Oh god osmmmmmmmm yaar I ws missing it btw osmmmmmmmm loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon wanna know more

    1. Hey. How are you?
      Thank you so much.
      Sorry for the delay dear.
      Thanks a lot for reading.
      I’ll try to post soon.
      Loads of love and take care

  9. Awesome episode pls update frequently miss u alot

    1. Hey Sam. How are you?
      Thank you so much.
      Sorry again for the delay.
      I’ll try to post more.
      I’m glad you liked it.
      Loads of love and take care

  10. Thnx misha to inform us about next epi of (masquerade) and (roommates) as i was eagerly waiting for the next epi.and today’s epi was short but wonderfull.eagerly wAiting for the next epi plz update sooooooooon

    1. Hey haya. How have you been?
      You’re welcome dear.
      I’m glad you liked it.
      The next episode would be longer.
      I’ll be posting soon
      Loads of love and take care

  11. U r a suberb writer but plz dont wrote POV

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