Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 10



I feel like the most luckiest , felicitous , blessed and much more that is beyond my explanation. Having her is the world’s most precious thing. I can’t leave her…Never , ever…. As cliché as it sounds , I can’t live without her. I miss her , each passing second. But I’m glad, happy that she is with me right now.

As wide smile playing on her lips as she laughs at something stupid Marcus says. I can’t hear anything, except her laughter. My thoughts comes to the ending line as she pushes me inside the car. “You and your thoughts” she says laughing while I pull her towards my body making her squeak.

We reach there , pretty early I guess. But seriously , whoever has organized this party is beyond fabulous. We step in , with out respective partners. My hand never leaves twinkle’s , I don’t know why, but I’m scared. Scared that what if she goes away…

“Kunj…” she asks, leaning against me. “hmm” I ask whilst she shakes her head. “What happened?” she asks, narrowing her eyes. “No..nothing..” I assure her but she still does agree. “You sure?” she asks again, a bit disappointed. “Yes” I tell her , as a weak smile appears on her lips.



The host calls us towards the center for a dance. We go in our separate ways , my head’s spinning by the time they call us and I have to go take my place at the stairs. A large crowd is watching us and it’s apparent that everyone is ; they have a lot of free food to give so yeah, stupid.

My heart skips a beat as I see Kunj’s eyes on me. They never leave me as I walk and take my place behind Clara and Mahi.

He looks so good, so perfect that I shiver slightly. He’s wearing a suit just like the rest of the boys but he seems to look just so much…s*xier, I blush at the word, than the rest. He’s wearing a steel gray tie to match my dress over a plain white shirt and it brings out his eyes beautifully. He winks at me when he catches me watching and I hold back a giggle.

Soft music plays as one by one; the host guides to stand at the edge of the dance floor. My heart’s practically ready to tear itself out of my chest by the time I reach kunj. My Breathing’s heavy and I’m feeling so faint that I could just fall to the ground any second. With a trembling hand I reach for Kunj who’s staring at me wide-eyed at the bottom of the stairs.

It’s something that only happens in the cheesiest of chick flicks and for that moment I feel exactly like those girls. Time seems to stop and the only people in the room seem to be this bad boy with the heart of gold and me-the awkward girl he likes spending time with.

My skin tingles with excitement as he interlaces our fingers and helps me step down. His eyes unapologetically roam my face and body and I don’t try to hide. It’s the dress I’m wearing, if he wants to look then he’ll look. It doesn’t matter that he’s searching my body like it’s a map to Atlantis.

I’m doing this for him, this entire things I do, is for him and it’s about time I admit it. I feel an immense amount of gratitude towards him, for everything he’s done for me so far. I’d like to thank him with whatever way works best.

“You look beautiful.” He says as our Lifetime Movie moment ends and I become aware of people applauding all around us. I even see Alia jumping up and down at her spot, squealing and waving at me frantically.

I laugh at her excitement as poor Jacob looks clueless as to what to do with her. Waving back, I let my eyes scan the room looking for more familiar faces. One by one each couple goes to the middle of the floor and dances.

When we go the center, my entire body freezes. Kunj tugs at my hand to lead me forward but I’m this close to passing out. He watches me with concern on his perfect face before bending down slightly so that our faces were leveled.
“Freaking out?” he asks.
I nod.
He tucks a lose tendril behind my ear and his fingers brush my cheeks, making my skin feel red hot.

“Look at it this way, if you fail, I fail and I hate failing. We’ve got this, I’ve got you Twinkle.” He promises.

“You said that when you asked me to jump down from your tree house. I ended up in the emergency room with a broken ankle.”

He scratches the back of his neck, wincing slightly. “This is different. I-I’m not that stupid kid anymore. I promise no more trips to the emergency room.”

“You sure?” I ask, already feeling much better.
“Cross my heart and hope to die Twinki” he says. Grinning at him, I loop my arm through his elbow and together we take center floor. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time.

The song starts;

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath.
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth.

The beginning chords of the song, I’d heard way too many times as a little girl startle me. I am way too aware of all the eyes that are focusing on Kunj and me. Some are smiling, warm faces full of encouragement. The tension is palpable; no one is talking as the only voice that resonates around us is that of the singer.

“Hey, don’t look at them. Look at me, just me” He whispers gently and I find myself staring right into those deep brown eyes of his. Seriously, how can someone’s eyes be this beautiful? That’s not exactly fair on the rest of us.

Steadying myself, I place one hand on his shoulder and interlink the other with his. My skin still tingles, little bolts of electricity still dart through the length of my arm and my waist, where his free hand is placed feels like its been seared.

Tell me that we belong together,
Dress it up with the trappings of love.
I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.

Ballroom dancing isn’t the most exciting form of the activity but it’s so very beautiful to experience that I have a new found love for it. It’s intricate, delicate and just so…romantic. There’s no overbearing music, no wild dance moves, just two people moving in sync.

I blush when I think of another activity that sounds similar.Get your mind out of the gutter Twinkle!

“Ready for our big move?” He whispers in my ear and I stop a whimper from escaping my lips. There will be no whimpering tonight, or ever.

I nod, feeling completely dazed. He’s never struck me as the type who’d be good at something like slow dancing. The way I used to think about him always portrayed him as someone who wasn’t ashamed to grind the house down at some club.

I’ve always known he’s a skilled dancer and even the part of me that was terrorized of him wanted to be that girl who gets swept off her feet when the music played.I hold back a huge smile as I realize that I’ve got my wish.

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

The music picks up its tempo as Kunj lifts me off the ground by the waist and twirls me around. Gone are the fears of being dropped that I had for a very long time. Now I smile widely as people gush all around us. I forget about the watching eyes as I concentrate on the person holding me. I realize that after all this time, after many years of knowing this boy, I love him. Even if he’s a narcissistic pig.

Our dance hasn’t even ended but people are already clapping and hollering for us. I recognize Clara’s voice cutting the crowd’s. She’s probably yelling her lungs off since this is her fantasy being played out.

And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed.
You’re my survival, you’re my living proof.
My love is alive and not dead.
Tell me that we belong together.
Dress it up with the trappings of love.
I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

Kunj’s. eyes never leave mine as he lowers me to the ground. I’m taken aback when I notice he’s mouthing the words, which just doubles the effect. My knees start to buckle and it would be darn embarrassing to fall on my butt in front of all these people.

He notices my trembling and places both hands on my waist as I twine my arms around his neck.“Okay?” He simply asks as he presses his forehead against mine.

I close my eyes and swallow deeply. This jittering, this shaking, this urge to want everyone else in the room to suddenly vanish is as foreign as it is strong. “Okay,” I whisper opening my eyes.

“Good,” He says before taking me completely by surprise. Suddenly he lets go of my waist and places his hand on my lower back and straightening up. He interlinks our hands and begins lowering me to the ground.

Oh no, he’s attempting to do the dip. However he doesn’t even give me a chance to stop him before I am inches from the floor. He lets me stay that way for about five seconds before pulling me back up and twirling me around with one hand.

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life…

When everyone starts cheering and clapping again he lets go of my body only to hold my hand. We take a bow as he can’t help but yell over the thunderous applause.

“And that, ladies and gentlemen is how you do a dip.” He winks at the crowd.I could honestly say that, that moment alone made my night. Still holding my hand he leads me off the dance floor.

He hugs me tightly as I respond. “That was the best Dance ever” he whispers, sending different sensations down my spine. “Sure it was” I tell him, backing off. “I thought I was gonna fall during the dip” I tell him letting out a huge sigh.

“But I didn’t let you” he says , a disappointed shade crossing his face. “I didn’t…meant that” I tell him as he smiles back , sending relief through my body. “Oh my God! That was epic!!” I hear Clara coming as I hug her.

“Yes!” Mahi exclaims with a joyous Marcus beside. “So, did you all liked it?” Marcus asks, getting splendid answers from us. “What’s the plan?” Jacob asks, as his gaze never leaves Alia. Wait! What’s going on there…

“Don’t know” Kunj replies , tackling out fingers. “Well, there’s one lady over here whom my family knows from years, she is punjabi and she got to know that we are here, that’s why she wants us all to stay there for tomorrow” Marcus says as my eyes widen in surprise.

“No!” I literally yell. I know whom he’s taking about. “No way, Marcus” I tell him in between gritted teeths as Clara and Marcus laughs, because these blo*dy idiots know. “What?” Mahi asks, boggled. “No way…I am never ever going there…you know” I literally cry out.

“Come on..she’s so sweet” Clara says trying to hold back her laugh. “Huh! No way” I tell them, crossing my arms. “Yes way…and we are going there tomorrow so now let’s go” Marcus says as I look on furious.

“Fine..” I grunt as kunj smiles, making me roll my eyes. “What?” he asks laughing. I storm towards the car as everyone laugh. Whatever.

Finally, back to the beach house. I’m so tired. I change up into my night clothes laying down on my bed. “Yes..I enjoyed a lot” I hear alia , from the balcony. Presumably, she’s on the phone. “I liked it” she replies back, whilst I look on smiling. Probably, seems like it’s Jacob.

“Oh thank you…you are so sweet and you were also looking really go-“ she begins as she turns around but stops as her eyes widen in surprise. “I’ll..I’ll talk to you later” she hurries , tucking her phone in her shorts. “What happened?” I ask, grinning. “N-nothing…I was just talking to..umm..talking to” she begins whilst I complete her sentence.

“Talking to Jacob?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. “Well,why are you even asking?” she asks, as a her cheeks heats up . “Nothing..let’s go sleep” I tell her as she she rushes to her bed.“He’s nice” I tell her sleeping on my side.


“Wake up!!!” I hear a husky voice, huh obviously it’s my stupid sister. “Leave! Spoilt nincompoop!” I complain as she grumbles. “Kunj met with an accident” she tells me whilst I sit straight on the bed. “What?” I ask, horrified. “Yeah..look I got so many cuts” it’s kunj’s voice as he leaning on the door, trying to control his laughter.

“You scared me to death” I complained whilst they both laugh. “Go away” I tell them as tears form in my eyes. How could they do such a cheap act. They know how much protective I’m about kunj but still.

“Hey…I’m sorry we were just kidding” kunj says coming closer but I stop him. “Then keep on doing it” I yell, rushing inside the bathroom. I come downstairs in a peach coloured midi skirt, paired up with a simple black shirt.

I silently take a seat next to Alia and start munching on my food. Huh they are my best buddy when I’m in a bad mood. “So, everyone ready?” Marcus asks as I keep on stuffing my mouth with those strawberry cupcakes in front of me.

“Twinkle…” Clara says whilst look on boggled. “’s your 8th cupcake” she says awkwardly as my eyes widen in surprise. I take a look at my plate, choking on my food. “Sorry..” I mumble.

“Let’s go Guys ..we are gonna be late, else” Yuvi says whilst kunj prevents me to go. “I have to talk to you” he says , pulling me aside. “What?” I ask, already feeling uneasy due to eating so many cupcakes

“Come on..I’m was just for fun” he says, holding my hand but I shove him away. “Sure it was” I reply, coldly. “But-“ he begins but Mahi yells at us. “Please you two..stop the PDA” she says whilst I run after her. “Twinkle..” he calls me but I run away.



We reach that lady’s house, whom, presumably Twinkle doesn’t like. She frowns as Marcus pushes her inside whilst we laugh. “Oh! HELLO! HELLO!” the lady says, Woah she has a really high pitched tone. She greets everyone of us, giving is bone crushing hugs ,I seriously thought I was gonna die today.

“Twinkle , honey. I have missed you so much” she tells her whilst Twinkle smiles unwillingly. “Oh aunty! I have missed you too” Clara says, trying to hold back her laughter looking at Twinkle who grumbles.

After half and hour of discussions, we head towards the lunch area to have food. I quickly take a seat next to Twinkle because she has been ignoring me for like that stupid rreason. “I can’t eat anything else..I am gonna vomit any minute” Twinkle whispers into Alia’s ear whilst she smiled sheepishly.

Aunty serves the food whilst twinkle holds back herself. “What happened, twinkle? Oh sorry I meant Jiggles Mcjiggypants” she tells twinkle making us laugh hard. “Help me God!” twinkle murmurs. “Eat, come on” Aunty tells her. Twinkle unwillingly puts the spoon inside her mouth, as after a few spoons she rushes out of there as fast as possible.

“What happened?” aunty asks as we all rush towards her. Oh no! She’s vomiting. Mahi helps her, laying her down on the bed. “Ohhh My Goodness” aunty yells in happiness making us look boggled.

“What happened?” her husband asks, making me arch my eyebrow. “She’s pregnant right?” aunty yells in joy as we all look on astonished. “What?” twinkle shouts on top of her lungs.

“Nonsense” I grumbles as aunty speaks up. “But you are not even married yet…oh my God..I have to inform your mother…give me her number ” she says whilst we all look on horrified. What’s this new drama now.

“No No No…” I tell her whilst the others look at me as if I have gone mad. “actually twinkle met with an accident a few months ago..she has a temporary memory loss..we need to remind her everyday..that’s why..we are married” I cook up a story as they all look on surprised.

“we are married?” twinkle asks, a shade of boggled phase passing through. “Look..she doesn’t even remember that we are married” I tell aunty as she looks convinced now. “Oh dear! I’m sorry…you take rest twinkle …we’ll go” she says as she shoves everyone out of the room leaving us alone. I gulp as now I’m dead. Dead because I’m alone with twinkle..


Hello everyone…
Yeah! Yeah! I know…I’m sorry SORRY for making you all wait for such a long period of time…

But it’s My last exam on 15th…yayyy…
How was the chapter?

I know it was trash but I tried to work hard on it but couldn’t get any better ideas.

Hope you liked it.
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Loads of love to everyone.
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