Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) Chapter 1

Chapter ~ ARROGANCE…

Yuvarj rushes towards his car as he makes his way towards his white BMW. He collides with his mother but apologies soon. “sorry mom..I’m in a you” Yuvarj says running outside.
“love you too yuvi…he’s never gonna change” Usha Sarna (probably the hate of everyone nowadays ??) says as she brings a cup of coffee for kunj.
“good morning,kunj” usha says as she places the mug on the elegant night stand. “morning,mom” kunj says still filling the forms. “why so glum chum?”usha teases him.
“not now mom..Yuvarj already did it” kunj complains. “oh good he did it” usha says grinning. “get ready in the evening..we are going to leela’s house tonight” usha says with a smile as she disappears through the room leaving a horrified kunj behind.
“wow! What a fabulous morning, thanks mom” kunj yells as he keeps the forms on the table.

Twinkle and Clara make their way out of the airport. “what? No one’s here?” Twinkle frowns as she grabs her blue navy case. “this can’t happen..wait I know who must be coming” says Clara. “YUVRAJ” they both say in unison.
“noooo..he’s gonna take like foreverrr” Twinkle grumbles. “ohh…look over there. Mr. Yuvraj Sarna flirting as usual…what else can you expect from him” Clara says her hands on her hips and she rolls her eyes.
“ugh..yuvrajjj” Twinkle frowns as they both make their way towards his car. “what the heck?” Twinkle slaps his back causing yuvraj to fall forward but Clara holds him before he can fall. “thanks,hipster” yuvraj says passing her a wink.
Clara rolls her eyes and furrow her eyebrows at his silly words. “twinkii!!!” yuvraj exclaims as he hugs her. “you look great..better than this hipster” yuvraj says pointing a thumb at clara’s direction.
Tears form in clara’s eyes as she faces the other direction. “I’m ..I’m sorry..I just didn’t…” yuvraj begins but clara cuts him “you don’t say” she says curtly making her way past him.
“don’t take it far this time..I know what you both, stop the tease then” Twinkle whispers as she settles in the car.

Yuvraj stands tensed there and lost until Twinkle’s voice brings him back on earth. “now move your butt man” Twinkle says making clara laugh. They drive back to their homes.
They first drop clara to her home and make their to their homes. Twinkle literally jumps out the car and rushes inside. “mommmm” Twinkle singsongs.
“Twinkle!” her mom Leela Taneja (obviously loved by everyone???) exclaims as she gives her a bone crushing hug. “I have missed you so much,dear” Leela says breaking the hug.
Twinkle meets everyone as she meets her younger sister Mahi. “how’s everything going on?” Mahi asks.
Mahi Taneja, the younger daughter of Leela Taneja. She is friendly, cute and totally a spoilt brat. She is 18 years old and currently studying in college.
“everything is superb, was Florida?” Mahi asks chills running down her spine. “totally incredible” Twinkle replies.
“I knew you met everyone? And guess what mom has planned a dinner tonight and and and kunj is gonna be there too” Mahi says laughing as she notices the frown on twinkle’s face.
“ughhh..that arrogant person..what is his problem? God, he’s the most idiotic person everrr” Twinkle says as they both make their way upstairs.
“woah! Who redecorated my room?” Twinkle asks admiring the beauty of the room. “guess???” Mahi asks. “” Twinkle says passing her a wink. “told are gonna be a designer” Twinkle says hugging her.

The room was pretty with a white painted queen sized bed, silky grey covers covering the bed, with four different size navy blue and light blue pillows. There was a couch near the window with colorful Throw Pillows. A separate study inside the room with a hundred of books on the shelfs increasing the beauty of the magnificent area.
Twinkle admires the whole room as she goes out to the balcony. “why couldn’t you change one thing?” Twinkle asks while Mahi arches an eyebrow gesturing her to continue. “that my room is exactly opposite to kunj’s room” Twinkle says as she rests her head on her hands.
Mahi bursts into a fit of laughter while Twinkle joins along. “seriously I wish I could..why the hate?” Mahi asks in between the laughter. “no hate..he hates’s visible though” Twinkle complains as she goes inside.
“you should take a nap..then make sure you are ready by the evening” Mahi says making her way out the door. Twinkle smiles and nods.

Kunj got irritated hearing the laughters of Twinkle and Mahi. “what’s wrong with them? Can’t they keep their happiness into themselves” kunj groans sliding the door of the balcony close.
“what’s up,bro?” yuvraj says learning on the bed. “don’t lean on my bed, for God sake” kunj complains throwing his hands in the air. “woahhh! Chill okay…I’m sorry” yuvraj replies.
“you should be” kunj says laughing. “arrogant” yuvraj says giggling. “you should more often laugh like that” yuvraj points out settling on the chair.
Kunj rolls his eyes and smiles. “I need to tell you something” yuvi says in a serious tone. “Go on” kunj replies attentively.
“ know..I mean I actually don’t know why you hate twinkle so much but at least be nice to her..I mean we are family friends more than friends we are a family…” yuvi starts to say but kunj cuts him.
“chill,bro breath…fine I’ll try” kunj says groaning. “ you big bro” yuvi says acting like a child. “damn yuvi..control the emotions” kunj complains. “sorryy” yuvi mumbles. “good” kunj says trying to hold back his laugh.
“be ready at 7” yuvi says going outside. “give your self a reminder” kunj says chuckling. “thanks” yuvi yells from the corridor.
At 7 pm , there was a gathering in Taneja house. The merchant’s were there too and so we’re the Sarna’s. Mahi comes down and meets everyone. “what’s up?” she asks yuvi excitedly.
“you are expired..where’s twinki” yuvi says laughing. “me? Expired?..hate you yuvi” Mahi complains, arms crossed.
“ Mahi is sad and wha-“ he begins to says but stops mesmerized by the look of Clara.
She was a wearing a long peach colored gown with golden embroidery on the neck till the shoulders..paired with studded golden necklace and the light on her jewels were making them more fascinating.

“ look so pretty..claraaa!” Mahi says as she gives her a bone crushing hug. “missed you like so muchh” Clara says hugging her back. They both talk for a while until clara’s eyes meet yuvi’s as he passes her a smile but clara looks away.
Yuvi makes his way towards the two girls and awkwardly greets clara “ look…” yuvi mumbles. “I guess I’m gonna see twinki..see you” Mahi says gesturing ‘a go on’ to yuvi.
“better than a all you wanted to say” clara declares sarcastically. “nooo..not look pretty good..and I’m sorry for the hipster..I just..” yuvi hurries to say but clara cuts him. “again you don’t say” she says rolling her eyes.
“look..I’m was just a tease” yuvi says holding her hand making her stop. “it’s okay” clara gives a genuine smile giving relief to yuvi.

Twinkle comes down as she was wearing a velvet and satin dress, paired up with her black wedges. She meets everyone and shares her experience and all the stuff about Florida.
At last, she came towards yuvi and clara. “’s the first time I’m seeing you both talk nicely” she says. While clara turns red and yuvi blushes. “umm..I’ll just go and grab a drink” twinkle says.
She goes towards the table and spots a boy thinking that it was a friend. “hey..” twinkle says but is boggled to find it’s kunj. “ugh..sorry I thought it was my friend” twinkle says.
“you even think?” kunj asks sarcastically while twinkle rolls her eyes. “forced to come here again?” twinkle asks rubbing her hands.

“any other option..” kunj replies frowning. “what’s the problem kunj?..why do you hate me?” twinkle asks turning to go away but stumbles against the stool, luckily kunj holds her.
She feels an electric shock running down her spine by his touch but ignores the thoughts. “thanks” she mumbles settling back herself. “you are terrible..always in some kind of mess” kunj complains.
“huh? Excuse me?..who are you,again?” twinkle says, arms crossed. “your father” kunj says but realizes what he said. Twinkle is taken aback by his words and feels numb. “noo..look I’m sorry..I didn’t meant that..listen” kunj says but twinkle runs from there leaving a guilty kunj behind.
“shit..what did I do?” kunj mentally slaps himself and goes towards yuvi. “everything okay?” yuvi asks worriedly. “yeah” kunj murmurs leaving an unconvinced yuvi confused. But he doesn’t drag it further.
The party ends while the whole time kunj’s eyes kept on looking for twinkle. But he didn’t saw her after that time.

“she must be in her room” kunj thinks as he makes his way upstairs. He knocks on the door but no respond. He goes inside the door making a crack noise.
He sees twinkle in the balcony and goes towards her. “please Mahi..I don’t want to meet anyone right ple..” she turns around and finds kunj there. She closes her eyes and sighs.
“leave” she mumbles. “but..” he tires. “I said leave” she yells. “twinkle listen to me once..I’m sorry and..” he tires again but twinkle gets hold of his collar. “what huh? Sorry? Really? Why?” she asks in tears.
“twinkle..I never wanted to mention was..” he tires again but she cuts him. “ don’t hurt me then you say sorry..that’s not done KUNJ SARNA” she yells and closes her eyes.
“it’s better if you leave now” twinkle murmurs. “twinkle..” kunj tries again. “please” she mumbles again. This time he walks away. “I never wanted to hurt are making me do this” kunj says in his mind.
Twinkle falls on the bed sobbing and messages Mahi to tell mom she is sleeping.

Hellooo are you all?
First of all, thanks a lot guys..your comments made my day..and I smiled so much that my jaw was hurting seriously..but I know that the story is not that
And I really didn’t expected that you all would like it..I’m so glad.
Thanks for the appreciation once again.

Tell me your views on this chapter and my so on going story.
And I would be more glad which I’m already..if you would read my other story “the masquerade”..and comment would make my day by reading this story..
Love you guys so much for the appreciation.
And don’t think that RT is dead or’s something else..
And don’t get mad that I didn’t paired up Mahi and yuvi..actually in my opinion, they don’t fit together.
I imagine Clara as Emma Watson..what you guys think of her?
I’ll meet you all soon in the next update..
Make sure you comment down below..hehe seems like I’m doing a YouTube video haha..

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