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Taneja House

RT was discussing something with Uv nd some other police officers nd also some politicians nd no doubt it was all about Twinkle..

“Mr. Taneja I can understand your situation nd trust me we are trying our best to search her”

“You aren’t understanding.. I’m telling you Kunj is only behind of all this nd he has only hide my daughter”

“But we can’t take any action against him on just your doubt or your complains bcz we don’t have any proof”

“Yes uncle, sir is right.. you also know we didn’t found Twinkle at his any place last night”…

“I don’t know anything I just want my daughter back to me anyhow”… their conversation, arguments was continue then a guard came to them in hurry..

“Sir, Twinkle mam.. she came back home”.. just then Twinkle entered into the house, everyone was happy as well as surprised nd tensed. Rt hugs her Mahi also came to them nd hugs her..

“Twinkle are you fine? where you were? do you know how tensed we were?”.. Mahi asked in concern. Twinkle was quite.

“Where she would go, it was Kunj who kidnapped her. He doesn’t want her to be happy. Twinkle now tell everyone that it Kunj was behind this”.. RT was just blaming Kunj, media also reached there nd started their questions then Uv stop them nd make Twinkle sit comfortably on the sofa. Then he also asked whole matter but calmly so that won’t get nervous. But RT again spoke in between that it was Kunj nd he is sure for that.

“Twinkle, bolo na beta Kunj ne hi Tumhein gayab kiya tha”

“But papa if he’d kidnapped me then why would he leave me just next day?”..

“What do you mean Twinkle?”..

“Papa, Kunj ne mujhe kidnap nahi kiya tha, wo itni ghatiya harkat kabhi nahi karega”

“Twinkle, kya ho gaya hai tumhein? Tum kunj ke bare me itna positively kaise soch sakti ho?”

“Bcz I know him Papa nd he will never hurt me even police didn’t get me at his place bcz I wasn’t with him”

“Then where were you?”.. this time RT asked trying to control his anger..

“Twinkle, till now he was just hurting you by breaking your all alliance nd you are saying he would never do this?”… Twinkle was quiet, she was not making eye contact with anyone. Uv also just listening her. Mahi was surprised by her changed behavior..

“Twinkle, tujhe pata hai tu kya bol rahi hai?”..

“Yes Mahi I know what I’m saying nd I think now has come to tell you the truth”..

“What truth you are talking about”.. Rt asked being suspicious. Uv was also quite nd just listening them.

“Papa, actually.. actually till now whatever happened, Kunj is not responsible for that but, I’m. He never broke my marriage it was me who did this bcz I never want to marry anyone else”..

“Twinkle, have you gone mad? what rubbish you are talking?”

“I’m sorry Papa, but it’s the fact. Papa I love Kunj nd want to marry him only but couldn’t tell you that’s why I did all this. I only blackmailed them, emotionally or by some other way but I only did this. Papa kunj never did this. This time also I wanted to cancel this marriage but Uv is not like others nd also it was now up to my tolerance, I can’t do this drama anymore. so I run away from here so that this engagement doesn’t happen”

“Twinkle!!”.. RT yelled at her making scared everyone by his anger. He was about to slap her but Mahi held his hand..

“Papa no, don’t do this. Twinkle why are you saying this? I know you are lying”

“No mahi I’m not lying, it’s truth”.. all were shocked by Twinkle’s sudden statement Media was capturing everything in their cameras. But bcz of all this Uv was upset nd obviously he should. He was feeling bad for getting cheat by Twinkle especially for his parents, who were too attached with her. But he said nothing nd just kept quite. He was a sensible guy nd doesn’t like to over react on any matter without understanding it completely.

“But Twinkle, you should’ve told me at least once. We are friends, aren’t we?”

“I’m sorry Uv, but I couldn’t get courage to tell you”.. everything was unexpectedly. Now it media’s turn to ask questions..

“So Mr. Ramindar Taneja, now what you’ll do?”

“Would you let her marry with Kunj Sarna?”

“Would you apologies to Kunj Sarna for blaming him for everything, would apologies to him for trying to ruin his reputation?”.. they were asking their questions one by one not giving them time to think. On the other side in Sarna House, Kunj was watching all this on TV with Usha. She looked at Kunj who was engrossed in TV with a smile on his face as it was any movie. She knew it was all Kunj’s plan but was silent. Just then she heard another question by them nd it made her teary eyed nd her gaze was now on TV..

“Mr. Taneja, you’ve teach such type of manners to your daughter?”

“It seems like your daughter doesn’t trust you or you never gave her freedom or rights to take decisions of her life that’s why she hide her life’s most important wish from you”..

“Or may be your Children doesn’t respect you”.. Usha couldn’t control her tears nd let them drop down on her cheeks. Kunj turn to look her listening her sob.

“Mom, I’ve told you that one day they will feel this insult? Look, today it’s happening. I fulfilled my promise Mom”.. he said while trying to stop his tears in his eyes nd putting his arms around her shoulders in concern while side hugging.

Taneja House

RT was getting frustrate by their unlimited questions. He was boiling in anger..

“Mr. Taneja, please answer us, won’t you let Miss Taneja marry with Kunj Sarna?”

“We’ve heard that you were always against their love, you want her to marry with a boy of your choice.. is it true Mr. Taneja”

“Is your reputation, your name nd fame more important than your daughter’s happiness?”.. It was getting over for him. Twinkle was sitting on the sofa emotionless. Her eyes were dry, her lip were shivering nd she was just folding her fingers continuously not looking to anyone. She wanted to stop all this, She wanted to scold them but was helpless while RT’s anger was increasing..

“It’s our personal matter can you all leave us alone to discuss about this, please?”

“Mr. Taneja, you can’t avoid us. You’ll have to answer us. Even public wanna know your decision”.. they all, as their usual habit, not listening anyone nd just trying to make it a breaking new. They went to Twinkle to trouble her now.

“So Ms. Taneja, what would you do now? Will you marry with Kunj or Mr. Yuvraj?”.. It was too embarrassed for both, Twinkle as well as Uv. It wasn’t less than an insult for Uv. Twinkle thought to herself that all this was happening bcz of her nd if she’ll be quite it’ll just increase her family’s nd Uv’s problem nd affect their reputation. Nd neither Kunj would stay quiet until she will do what he want. So she decided to end it here only. she get up on her feet..

“Yes, I’ll marry with Kunj only”.. before they could ask another question she came to RT..

“I’m sorry papa but I can’t help, please let me marry with him”.. this time she couldn’t control herself nd a lone of tears drop on her cheek. She run away for her room so that no one can notice her situation. Here RT has seen her moist eyes nd he was confused what she wanted to tell him. but one thing he has understood that there is something wrong behind her this behavior. On the other side Uv ask to everyone to leave. Nd then other officers nd politicians too left saying that first he should find out the truth then take any step ahead.

“Uncle, I think you should get twinkle marry with Kunj”

“I’m so sorry Uv, bcz of me you face this insult”

“Don’t say sorry Uncle, it’s not your mistake. Nd I’m happy that truth is out before marriage only. Just one request, please married her with Kunj”

“But Uv, I’m feeling something wrong bcz Twinkle is not like this, she never do anything which put me down”

“I don’t think so Uncle. It’s love nd it never see what is wrong or right it just need love back. Well uncle, I’ll come later nd meet her”.. he left while RT looks on.. On the other side Twinkle came into her room nd locked it. Finally she broke her silence which she has kept since she came back home, she burst out into crying badly nd sat down on the floor with the support of door..

“I’m sorry papa, aaj meri wajah se apki itni insult hui but papa I’m helpless nd can’t tell you anything”.. her tears were not ready to stop. she was crying while putting her hands on her mouth so that no one can heard her voice..

“Twinkle, open the door please. Let me come in, I want to talk to you. Twinkle please”.. Mahi asked her while knocking the door. Twinkle consoled herself nd tried to manage to reply her..

“Mahi, I don’t wann talk to you right now. I need some rest. Please leave me alone”.. she was sobbing baldy putting her both hands on her mouth. Mahi left from there bcz she didn’t want to disturb her more. Then RT also came to her nd knock the door but Twinkle didn’t open it.

“Papa, first you’ve to agree for my nd Kunj’s marriage then only I’ll open the door otherwise I’ll not come out of this room but just my body after my death”.. It was shocking for RT. Twinkle was crossing her all limits to convince her father for her marriage. Everything was messed up. She can do nothing. She was disrespecting her father nd his name nd fame also. She was cursing herself for being such a worst daughter.

“Twinkle, kya pagalpan hai ye? I know you don’t love him nd I’m sure he is blackmailing you for something nd that’s why you are behaving like this. But you can share your problem with your father don’t you trust me?”.. his kind words were killing her more for hurting him.

“I know papa you’ll always support me that’s why I’m asking for your permission for my marriage with Kunj but just one mistake I did was I should’ve told you before instead of today like this. But trust me Papa, I was scared nd not getting courage to tell you. Please Papa let me marry with him. I’ll die if I’ll marry someone else”.. she end up saying this. RT tried too much to convince her, to change her decision lovingly as well as scolding her but it wasn’t making her change her decision.

“Papa, I’m sorry to say this but I’ll marry with Kunj only at any cost but if you’ll not be there to give us your blessings, your reputation will be harm, people will blame you only for not understanding my love as you know now everyone know what I want”.. she said keeping stone on her heart while controlling her tears in her eyes.

“Twinkle, you are blackmailing me?”.. RT said angrily..

“No Papa, I’m just saying what is truth. Now if I married with Uv or anybody else, your so called society only say that it’s a forced marriage. Now it’s up to you what you want, your reputation, respect or your so called obstinate?”.. RT didn’t argue back with her nd from there angrily. Twinkle now breakdown into tears. She was crying continuously. Cursing herself for loving Kunj once.

“I hate you Kunj. I hate you more than anything else. I hate you”..


“How can she do this Uv? she didn’t thought once about our reputation, our feelings, your feelings? what she think herself, she’ll play with your heart as she want?”.. Anita said angrily

“Mom please calm down nd listen to me”.. Uv said while holding her both shoulders

“What calm down Uv? Us ladki ne itna bada dhokha diya aur tu bol raha hai main kuch na react karun? itna normally kaise ho sakta hai tu?”

“Anita, first listen him what he want to say”..

“What listen Surjit? Don’t you are feeling bad for his condition?”

“I’m also sad bcz of her behavior but we should take any decision with a calm mind but not aggressively”

“Mom, I’m not angry at her for breaking this marriage. Yeah, I know her way of telling us about her decision was wrong but Mom, she was helpless I’ve sensed it many times. Mom if she had told me this after marriage, what would you do? Nothing right? so why are you getting so much hyper?”.. Anita take off his hands on her shoulders while staring her..

“Uv, what type of person you are? a girl dis-respected your feelings, insulted your love in front of whole world nd you are still taking her side? How can you behave like this? You love her but she cheated on you but it didn’t affect you? Stop being ‘the great Uv’, come into the reality, She doesn’t deserve your kindness”

“Mom, I’m not showing my kindness or trying to be great. I’m saying just fact. You are right she played with my emotions but Mom she never cheated on me. She never said that she also love me. Nd I’m not hurt but happy that this marriage stopped now”.. he tried to convince his mother making her shocked with his statement..

“What do you mean you are happy? Say it clearly Uv”..

“Mom, first you calm down nd listen me carefully then say anything”.. he said making her sit on bed nd then narrated something to her nd Surjit which was mute. By their face expressions, it seems he was saying something socking to them. Nd after few minutes Anita asked..

“Uv, why didn’t you told us before about this?”

“Bcz I never want to hurt you”

“You can hurt yourself for us?”

“Yes Papa nd you know that. Now I’m requesting you please ask RT uncle for Twinkle nd Kunj’s marriage bcz I know he won’t refuse you. Mom I don’t know why but I’m feeling that there is something wrong nd even RT uncle said this to me nd I’m sure I’ll get clue only when this marriage will done”

“But why are you doing this Uv?”

“Mom, she is my friend also nd I’ve promised her that I’ll always support her in her every ups nd down. If she loves him then that’s great, she should spen her life with him only”

“But what if she doesn’t love him?”

“Leave it up to me Papa, I know what I’ve to do. Being a friend it’s my responsibility to think about her betterment”..


A major discussion was going on between Luthras nd RT nd few other people. Uv was also present there. After sometime, he excuses himself nd left for Twinkle’s room.

“Twinkle, open the door I want to talk to you, it’s important”

“Uv, I don’t..”

“Twinkle, I don’t want any excuse or arguement just open the door at least as a friend”.. Unwillingly she open the door nd let him enter. Her eyes were swollen, her face was pale nd messy hair was showing her condition that how badly she was crying.

“What condition you’ve made of yourself? Look in the mirror, you are looking like a ghost”.. Uv tried to start the conversation normally instead of making it serious one

“Twinkle, I didn’t knew that you are too stubborn to get what you want. Apni baat manwane ke liye tumne apna beautiful face bhi bigad liya? achha hua mujhse shadi ke liye mana kar diya warna mujhe to puri life tumhe jhelna padta”.. He said while laughing. He was just trying to make the atmosphere lightly nd trying to hide his sadness unaware of the real reason of her tears

“Uv, I’m sorry. I insulted you so much. I should’ve told you before but I couldn’t. I know I’ve done a crime, I’ve hurt you nd your parents so much nd I don’t deserve your forgiveness but if you can then please forgive me”.. she was crying again

“Oh madam, I’m not here for your sorry or thank you but I’m here to support my friend who is sad nd need me to share her problems nd happiness too”

“Uv! why are you…”.. he didn’t let her complete her words by putting his forefinger on her lips..

“Twinkle, I know what you are going to say but I don’t want to hear that yaar, everyone say that to me. You must be thinking why I’m treating this casually so let me tell you, bcz I understand your feeling, I know how difficult it might be for you to go against to your family. I know you would’ve tried your best to convince your heart to forget Kunj nd love me but yaar ye kambakht dil hai hi aisi kisi ki nahi sunta, apko maboor kar deta hai har had par karne ke liye”.. Twinkle was looking him unbelievably how can someone be so understanding. What he was saying, was true or not but he was really very mature.

“Uv, I insulted you so much bcz of my such cheap act still you aren’t feeling bad?”..

“Yes, I’m feeling bad but not bcz of what you did with me but bcz of the fact that you don’t consider me your friend otherwise you would’ve trust me nd never run away from our engagement. Twinkle, You should’ve wait for me nd tell me what is in your heart, I swear I myself has took you to Kunj nd get you marry with him”.. his words hurt her but she controlled her tears, her emotions this time bcz he don’t know fact nd she can’t tell him either..

“Uv, I was helpless”..

“Ok, leave it, nd now stop this emotional scene. It’s celebration time yaar, uncle is ready for your nd Kunj’s marriage nd sometime later he is going to Kunj’s house to talk to his mother about your marriage”.. Twinkle was looking him without blinking her eyes which were moist now.

“What?.. Don’t be shocked. It’s not a big deal for me. He has to agree with his marriage after all me, Yuvraj Luthra requested him nd if by chance he has not, I would’ve arrest him for not listening orders of a police officer”.. since he came to her he was just trying to lighten her mood, he didn’t said anything serious which can hurt her more.. after some more conversations, he left from there leaving Twinkle alone. She collapse on the edge of bed like a lifeless body nd just tears gushing from her eyes..


“Mom, you’ll not become weak when Mr. Taneja will come nd ask for marriage. You’ll have to behave casually”..

“I’ll try. but are you sure he’ll agree for this marriage?”

“Yes Mom nd I think he must be coming anytime”.. he has a smirk on his face. After sometime they heard doorbell nd Usha open it nd found RT with Luthras nd few more people. An awkward silence was there for few minutes which was broken by Kunj who was showing his fake excitement.

“Arrey Mom, don’t you welcome them? Your son’s would be in-law has come for his daughter’s marriage proposal”.. It was not a common statement but a taunt. He welcomed them nd they all went in. Formalities were going on unwillingly, uninterestingly, forcefully. A fake nd a forceful smile was on both, Usha as well as RT’s face. No more discussions, very less conversations between them, was showing their unhappiness. Anyone could say seeing their expressions that everyone was unhappy nd uninterested with this alliance. it was looking like as Twinj’s marriage was already fixed nd they just came to tell them nd invite them. A boring formality was seems like a burden. A new relation was going to form under the circumstance where just few thing matter nd that’s competition, victory, benefit, defamation, destruction nd defeating. No value of emotions, no respect for feelings. One was celebrating his victory while other was trying to get rid of this situation anyway.

After having a cool conversation between both families, it was the time for RT nd others to leave. All went out following by Kunj who was behind RT. Everyone left to their car while RT stop there only making Kunj too stay with him. Kunj was not surprised by his behavior he was also waiting for this moment to talk to him.

“Kunj Sarna I knew you are a cheap person but you’ll stoop so low just to get Twinkle I never knew”

“Cheap? stoop low?.. really? huh.. aap ye sab na hi bole to achha hai SasurJi. Suit nahi karta aap par.. you know. Aur ye sab maine aap se hi to sikha hai. When you, Being Twinkle’s Dad never felt ashamed, never felt guilt for your deeds, apni hi beti ki weakness ka fayda uthaya sirf mujhse door karne ke liye phir main to bas uska Boyfriend tha. mujhe kya problem ho sakti hai? So I also took advantage of her weakness just to get her in my life”

“What do you think, by blackmailing her you’ll marry her? never, I’ll never let this marriage happen”

“Yes, I’ll marry her at any cost nd you can’t do anything now”

“Main ye shaadi rok kar rahunga Kunj Sarna”

“Let see who will win bcz ye shaadi to hokar rahegi. Kabhi Twinkle ko Meri life me lana hi mera sapna tha wo meri life thi lekin ab wo mera jonoon hai aur use hasil karna meri life ka ek ziddi sapna hai”

“And btw you only thought me never give up, wait for right time nd do whatever you can do to fulfill your dream. Be selfish, we don’t need to care for others happiness bcz god is there to think about that”.. he winks at him as a taunt while RT fumes in anger. A heat argument was going on between them. Their conversation was not for long time bcz Surjit called him from car so he’s to go but not before listening another taunt of Kunj.

“Yeah would be father-in-law, you should go fast bcz you’ve to look after the preparation of all the rituals as an hour later, there is Haldi ceremony in both house”.. RT left giving him death glare while Kunj was there with a smirk on his face. All left, Kunj was still there with teary eyed.

“Now the real game begin”.. Usha came to him while he wipe his tears off.

“Mom, I’m going out for something important, will be back before the rituals will start.”


“I’m fine mom, don’t worry”.. without facing her he left from there..


“I used to believe you blindly, I used to worship you from the core of my heart nd it was pure, I used to be your devotee, I used to follow your rules, never did any bad thing with others, never try to hurt anyone, always spreading love, always helped people selflessly, never expected in return bcz I was confident that you’re there with me always, your blessings will be on me always but what I get in return? nothing except pain, hatreds, insult nd cheating. What was my fault? For what I got such worst punishment? You don’t know? Let me tell you, my fault was trusting on you, believing on your existence which is wrong. You don’t exist in this world, people are just fool who believe that you are there for them in their needs. You are nowhere. You are a lie nd now I understand this fact nd I’m doing what I should do, I’m getting what is mine, either hook or by crook, now I know how to make my own empire. Nd most importantly, I know very well that there is no space for kindness, goodness nd humanity in this world. A person, who is doing what he want without thinking about others, without caring about others feelings, would only win in any game”.. Kunj was saying all this in his heart. He didn’t went in Gurudwara but was outside of main door. He was stood there in full attitude nd anger, hatred was showing on his face. On the other side Twinkle also shown in same Gurudwara, in the same place. She was next to Kunj but both couldn’t see each other bcz of the pillar between them.

“Today you might be happy to see my condition? You might be enjoying seeing my life getting ruined? You might be laughing to see me crying? You might be in peace to see my heart in pain? Right? Huh, why I’m asking this to you when I know the answer, obviously you must be happy. God, his blessings, his child nd etc everything is just fake. You are nowhere, your presence is just a rubbish. I was fool that I used to trust you nd it’s the only mistake I did in my life. You are not worth it, you don’t deserve it”.. Twinkle’s bitterness for God, her anger, her hatreds for everyone even on herself, was clearly visible in her dried eyes.

“Don’t think I’m here to thank you for whatever happening in my life now, don’t you ever think that I’ll give you all the credit for running my life according my wish now, no never. Now whatever happening in my life, is just bcz of me. What I want in my life, how I want my life, who I want in my life, it’ll be just my decision. Nd now I’m fulfilling my wishes, my desires. Nd I’m here to tell you that without you even I can do anything I want to do. I’m here to tell about my first victory”.. he gave a victorious smile.

“Don’t think I came here to ask for help, not anymore. My trust on you was broken a long time ago but now don’t even believe on your existence. Nd from now I’ll never plead for anything in front of you. I’ll never even show you my tears. I’ll never share anything about my life with you. Well congratulations, finally my life destroyed. I’m entering in Hell”.. Twinkle also burst out same. Both have same feelings for god but their way was different. Both were going through same pain but their way to handle it, face it was different. Their annoyance was not wrong both were right on their places. Both were just trying to be strong, trying to be normal.



So how was it? I hope it wasn’t boring. I know I’m too late to post it nd I’m sorry for that. I’ve very hectic schedule nd I can’t do anything. I’ll be posting it irregularly nd I don’t till when. So if guys have problem do tell me, I’ll stop writing bcz I’m not even getting satisfied response. As I’ve already told you, I came back on TU just for my regular commenters nd my two blackmailers Yashu nd Manshi 😛

Well thanks to everyone who commented on previous part. Nd Sorry to writers for not commenting on your ff. I was busy with festivals nd also stuck with my health.

Anyways, how was todays episode? I know there was not twinj scene but you’ll see in next episode.

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