Don’t Go Away From Me- Naagin FF (Episode 2)


Ritik goes to office.

Shivanya is thinking

Shivanya:I want to see my Ritik as today is his birthday.Today he will be of 40th years old.

Shivanya takes snake form and goes from there.
At evening Ritik comes out of office.He is about sit the car when he gets a call and he takes the call and talks in phone.Shivanya comes there in snake form and hides behind a tree and thinks

Shivanya:How much Ritik is changed after he thinks my death.

Tears rolls down her cheek but she controls it.He is talking on phone when lady wearing mask comes behind Ritik with a knife and Shivanya sees this and takes snake form.The lady is about to stab Ritik when she sees a snake which is Shivanya and the lady shouts and runs from there.By listening the voice Ritik turns and sees the snake and remembers Shivanya also looks like this and start following her.Shivanya gets tensed as he will come to know that she is alive.She goes towards forest so that he can’t find her.She goes to forest and as her plan Ritik was not able to find her and loosing the hopes he goes from there.

He goes to Raheja house and there is darkness and he tries to call everyone when lights gets on and the house is decorated.He gets surprised and asks to Angad

Ritik:Angad what is this?

Angad:Bhai today is your birthday so that’s the surprise.

Precap:Angad to fall from mountain and Ritik to catch his hand and Shivanya sees this and takes snake form.


Guys how’s today’s episode?One question

Tell me who was that lady who tried to kill Ritik?

Please answer the question.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. awesome episode dear!

  2. very niceeeee… and the answer is yamini or sesha

    1. Hmmm Shesha is not the answer

  3. very niceeeee…

  4. very nice. can you update it regularly??????

  5. very gooooooood.????????

    1. Thank u Jennifer

  6. so the answer is yamini.. right???

  7. Gus I was not able to wait so I wrote naagin season 2 and it will be updated today only so pls read and comment.

  8. amazing. but kameene I mean yamini abhi Mari nahi?

    1. Yeah she is alive.

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