Don’t Go Away From Me- Naagin FF (Episode 1)

Shivanya:It has been 15 years of staying away from Ritik.He thinks I have died but I am alive.


Shesha:Now no one can davenport you from me.

Shesha stabs the knife and Shivanya dies.She throws her body into water and thinks

Shesha:You took naag mani but I got my Ritik and very soon I will get naagmani.

Shesha laughs but she feels a sharp pain and she turns behind and sees Ritik with Trishul.

Ritik:You killed my Shivanya now I will kill you.

He stabs the Trishul again and dies.

Ritik throws the Trishul and jumps into water to find Shivanya but he doesn’t get Shivanya.

At the corner of river Shivanya’s body is there when a light comes and gives her a life and light goes.

Ritik shouts Shivanya and says

Ritik:Why did you leave Shivanya?Why?(While crying)

Flashback ends

Shivana:I know Ritik will be very sad but for him only I have to stay away from him.But I am a naagin and will use my powers to protect him.

At Raheja house the house is decorated.Ritik comes inside and Divya,Angad and Amrita comes and says

Divya,Angad and Amrita:Surprise!!Happy 40th birthday bhai.

Ritik:Thank you very much.

All four share a group hug.

Angad:Bhaiya now cut the cake.

Ritik cuts the cake and all sing happy birthday song.

Ritik:Now I am going to office.

Amrita:Today is your birthday and today is also you are going to office.

Ritik:Work is work and I will not compromise.

Ritik goes to office.

Precap:A lady is about stab Ritik.

Credit to: Siddhi


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