Character name ?????
KunjSarna : Sidhantgupta
TwinkleTaneja : JasminBhasin
Doctor SidhantModi – Karan wahi
Doctor Ridhima – Jennifer winget

Don’t go away from heart
Location hospital
Voice : hello doctor so should we began our presentation
Girl : sir can we wait as my friend is late
Voice : how many time I have to tell u that make sure your friends came on time it hospital and now you all are grownup understand
Girl : yes sir I will let them know
Voice : twinkle how many time will u make your friend save from me I know your my daughter but this is hospital
Yes voice was Rt Taneja
Twinkle : I understand papa I mean sir
Rt : from next time tell them to be on time and u don’t have to listen my lecture over them okay
Twinkle : yes sir
And Rt left from their and when twinkle saw her friends coming from back and her friends make innocent ? face which make her forgive them.
SidhantModi aka Karan Wahi : sorry Twinkie
And two of them also said sorry as coz of them she have to listen from her dad
Ridhima : twinkle we are really sorry and your the best twinkle ✨ and we love u saying this they share a hug ?
No more time let hear what boy he to said
Kunj : Sorry baby doll
Twinkle : with smile on her face. It okay kunj
Kunj : okay give me a hug then (Friend Type hug)

TWINJ share a hug which was noticed by SidRidhima-SidMa as they always thought that twinj love each other but don’t know about feeling of love and which they want to help them
Sid : Ridhima did u see what I see
Rid: yes sid look at them they are cute together and this idiot don’t know that they love each other madly but when ever we said to them and their answers WE ARE JUST GOOD FRIENDS
And both share laugh ?
Sid : will Ridhima twinkle kunj it time for lunch now let have it.
TwinkleRidhimaKunj okay sir
And they all have been finished their lunch
Twinkle listen guys I have to go home early today as my dad want me to meet one family’s today. And suddenly kunj face expressions change into sad expression which notice by sidma
Sid : bro what happen your not happy
Kunj : what iam very happy and I was sad as now Twinkie is big girl as she will have her own life and small family’s too. He said this in very difficult situation and he left From their. Making all 3 confused ?‍♀️
Twinkle – what happen to him why he left as always he drove me to my home
SidMa don’t know call him now and ask him saying this twinkle also left from their
Ridhima – did u see sid what I see
Sid -yes and our plan work giving ?

Sidma call Lela and said her everything about Twinj and she said she will help them
Iam happy auntie is helping out to make this idiot together and they both share hug ?
Other side when twinkle call kunj and he pick up and said sorry twinkle i forgot to pick u and I am coming back for u
Twinkle – it okay I am waiting.
Kunj came back to pick her up and he said sorry for not letting her know where he went
Twinkle- why u left from their kunj ???
Kunj – twinkle it just that I need something so I just went and see even I came back to u so let go your house
Twinkle said okay and finally they reach her house and twinj greet twinkle parent and kunj take blessing from them touching heir feet.
Leela – how was your days kunj
Kunj – auntie it was nice and how about ur
Leela – my days was amazing and it seen like something is bothering u
Kunj – it nothing like that auntie
Leela – okay then I hope your coming tomorrow as u know family’s is coming to see twinkle for their son.
Kunj – nice and I will try to come as I have work to do tomorrow
Twinkle and rt were confused ?‍♀️
Rt -what work kunj as it was Saturday
Kunj – oh I forgot then I will definitely join
Other side twinkle somewhere happy as kunj agree to come in her important days
Leela Rt together kunj why don’t u have dinner with us today’s as it pretty let and u can stay here with us and I will let your parent know about u staying here
Kunj sorry can’t stay here I have to go other side twinkle become sad hearing this
Rt Doctor kunj it an order from your senior doctor that u have to stay with us that final
Kunj as good boy okay sir

Latter all have dinner and leela twinkle do show kunj his room
In guest room – kunj your sleeping here
Kunj okay
Twinkle can we sit and talk little more
Kunj okay
So you will help to me to like how to talk with boy as iam damn comfortable with u and sid but I don’t know about him as for the first time I am meeting him.
Kunj – twinkle plz change the topic as I will not able to see u with other boy
Twinkle why kunj
Kunj – just
Twinkle – why just
Kunj – coz I love u idiot
Twinkle in shock what
Kunj yes I love u
Idiot I love u too and why u took long time to confess your feeling for me
Kunj – coz I don’t want to loss u
Twinkle hug him and other side sid Ridhima and Rt leela come their and knock the door of twinj room.
TWINJ open the door and shock to see all
And ask in same time
What are u all doing
All first sorry we listen your conversations and congrats ? both for confessing your feeling idiot as this was our all idea and their is no one is coming to see twinkle sid and Ridhima said. All hug twinj and twinkle papa u also yes for u my princess as your mom convince me so I can’t deny her as i love u both other side kunj now iam your would be son in law so some love to me all father in law
Rt come and all share hug and twinj about about your both love story
Sidma we we together and u know sid proposed me and I can’t say no as we are friends
Kunj : twinkle plz don’t go away from me as I need u in every step even in good or bad condition
Twinkle – I promise to he with u SaduSarna
Kunj – okay siyappa queen and all share hug ?

6 month later kunj tell his parent about twinkle and they agreed them to get married as Sarna and taneja are friends and twinj and sidma live happily ever after

I don’t know what I wrote as I like this couple very much so thought to write on them hope u will like it do comment below and let me know.
Thank you
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  1. Sohi

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    Will be waiting for your next writing​…
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    1. SidMin23

      Thank you sameera

  3. Purvi128

    Hey Arati di… that was tooo awesome.. too cute.. loved twinj’s talks nd their confession.. ?? Try to post more …
    Love you❤?

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you and I will come up with another one Soon.

  4. Fatimaa.

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    1. Bow,,,!!! It’s so sweet,,, hmm,, i loved it,,, thanks aarti di,,,,, it’s just awesome,,,,

    2. SidMin23

      Thank you I tried something different for twinj and glad you all like it.

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    Ha ha.. So cute .. Nice. Dil mil gaye ki yaad aa gayi. Loved it..

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  14. It was amazing
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    Thank cp and sidma and twinj were my fav couple and I will definitely write more on them I’m coming days

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