Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…this is YAZHU back with another OS for you all…first of all…A very big thanks for all those whoever commented for my previous updates…it’s really nice to see all those lovely words said by you guys…and silent readers…thank you guys too…and this part will be on SHIVIKA…hope you’ll like it…let’s get into the scene…

Shivaay in his room was standing near the window and got immerged in his thoughts about Gayathri’s threat.

‘Billu ji…’ Anika’s voice interrupts his thoughts

He turns to look at her. Her asusual glowing face made him forget all the worries and a smile slipped from his lips. Anika too smiles and came towards him.

‘What happened Billu ji??? Looks like you’re worried about something…’ she asked with concern

‘It’s nothing…’ he said simply, avoiding eye contact with her

‘Don’t lie Billu ji…I know you’re in some trouble…tell me what is it???’ Anika asked him by holding his hand

‘Leave that Anika…now give me a hug…’ Shivaay asked her and pulled her close by her hand which he was holding

‘What??? What if someone see us???’ Anika asked with nervousness

‘I don’t care…’ Shivaay says sternly

‘No…until you tell me what’s going on in your mind’ Anika says by pulling back her hand from his

‘You won’t leave it right…ok then…this is the reason…’ he says and handed her a chit in which a name and an address were written. Anika glances it and gives a puzzled look to him.

‘We had a lead…looks like this guy is working with Gayathri…if we found him we can capture that criminal too…it’s his address…I was thinking about going there…’ he says. Anika again glance the address and her eyes got widened.

‘I know this place…maybe I can help…I’ll come with you’ Anika says

‘No…you’re not coming…’ Shivaay says disapproving it

‘Yes…I’m coming…’ she says firmly

‘We’re also coming…’ OmRu says in unison

Shivaay and Anika turns to see them standing at the door and they came towards them.

‘No…’ Shivaay says seeing them

‘Did you forget that we are ALL FOR ONE…’ Om says

‘And ONE FOR ALL…’ Rudy and Anika says together completing it

‘Ughh…You three are really stubborn…’ Shivaay says with a sigh

‘Look who’s saying that bhaiya…’ Rudy says

‘Shut up Rudra…’ Shivaay says looking at him

Unable to convince the trio, finally Shivaay agrees to take them with him. He informs the police on the way while they reach the destination. They went to the address, while they find that guy he tries to escape but they managed to capture him as the police too came there in a right time.

All the four were happy about capturing that guy, just then the guy tries to escape again by pushing the cops. When he runs, Shivaay tries to capture him but he pushed him with full force, but the cops managed to catch him at gun point.

Shivaay falls on the road but he managed to stood up as he didn’t get injured much. When he was standing on the road, Om sees a truck coming towards Shivaay and he shouts saying his name. In the nick of a second, Anika pulled him and they both stamped to the car parked on the side of the road. The Truck passes them and Shivaay got shocked by the sudden incident.

Their heartbeats were racing. He felt Anika’s hand is shivering and he turns to look at her. Anika was staring at him and her whole body were shivering. Shivaay can see the fear in her eyes. The fear of loosing him, in that thought a tear escaped from her eyes. OmRu rushed towards them and they hugged Shivaay. He consoles them and he looks at Anika found her still shivering. He felt bad for her and soon the cops arrested that guy, all the four went back to Oberoi Mansion.

While they all entered Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay gets a call from the commissioner. He excused himself and went aside to attend the call.

‘I should go and see dadi…’ Anika says to OmRu and they saw her worried, thinking of not to make it worse they just nod in yes

Shivaay came and find that Anika is not there, so he enquired OmRu about her

‘Where’s Anika???’ Shivaay asked them

‘Anika di went upstairs to see dadi…’ Rudy replies

‘She looks worried Shivaay…you should talk to her…’ Om says to Shivaay. He nods in agreement and went upstairs to see her.

Anika came from dadi’s room, her head is down and she keeps thinking about that truck incident. Shivaay founds her on the way and went towards her.

‘Anika…’ Shivaay called her. She came back from her thoughts and looks at him, tears flow from her eyes when she saw him. Shivaay cups her face and wipes off her tears.

‘Don’t cry Anika…’ he says with concern

‘Just tell me that you won’t get away from me…ever…’ Anika asked him

‘I won’t…’ Shivaay says firmly assuring her

‘Pinkie promise…’ she asked him showing her pinkie finger

‘Pinkie promise…’ Shivaay too held her finger with his and smiles widely at her

Anika hugs him and he got surprised by her act, an even wider smile takes place in his face.

‘What are you doing??? What if someone sees us???’ he asked her teasingly. Anika looks at him.

‘I don’t care…’ she repeats his words and hugged him again

Shivaay smiles and hug her tightly with all his love.

That’s it…so how was it guys??? Hope you all would’ve liked it…sorry if I didn’t satisfy you guys…if you think it’s not good then don’t hesitate and just let me know through your comments…

As there’s only few days left for my model exams to start…I may not able to update frequently…but I’ll try to update one or two OS’s before my models…that too only after seeing the responses for this part…if you guys have any suggestions…tell me in the comments…wish you all to enjoy dussehra and happy moharam in advance…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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  1. Shaza

    Hey , it was awesome like always ????????
    Bets of luck for ur model exams ???
    Id suggest u to write an OS on how they fell in love …if u write a next one ..and pls try for ishkara of u can ???
    Waiting for more of yours OS?

    1. Yazhu

      Hi Shaza…thanks for your lovely comment and for the wishes dr…sure I’ll try next one on Ishkara…

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  2. loved it

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      Thanks tanu…

  3. Sat

    Yazhu you are back again with another OS, really lovely, I love shivika moments a lot, their dialogs, their expression of their feeling, you rocked it Yar, I don’t know how you always come out with a wonderful concept, you are rocking Yar, and hats off to you.
    And don’t forget that your friend will wait for an other OS from you.???????????

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Sat…your comment always makes me more encouraged…next OS I’ll try update it soon…

  4. I love your ff

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  5. Ayath

    yazhu os was dam awesome dude eagerly waiting for the next part and best of luck for ur model exams

    1. Yazhu

      Hi Ayath…thanks for your sweet comment and wishes yaar…nxt one soon…

  6. Short but sweet!!!!! I’m always there to praise Shivika OS!!!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!!!

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Mukta dr…

  7. Priyanka_22

    Awesome 🙂
    Plz come wid another shivika os soon 🙂
    All d best for exams 🙂

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  8. Awesome …..
    Like always……

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  9. Awwww.. How cute na.. Just loves ur ff.. I just started to play ur ff in my mind its just look awesome..

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      Thanks malu…so happy that you loved it…

  10. It’s awesome. Plz continue and update fairly.
    All the best for ur exams.

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for your lovely comment and wishes Shivika dr…

  11. Jazz1

    It’s superbbbb. Shivika’s hug ? was cute. And best of luck for your model exams

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for your lovely comment and wishes jazz…happy that you loved it…

  12. Yazhu u r a OS specialist
    lovely as always and all the best for your exams

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Vismaya…your words really encouraged me…

  13. Dats awesome.keep updating and all d best for ur model exam.:)

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  14. Ishqkum

    Nice update .I loved shivika moment

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  15. Sorry for the late comment Di. All I can say is that u did it again.??

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      Thanks janvi dr…no need to ask sry…I’m happy that you liked it…

  16. Cuteprincess

    awesome.. superb superb superb…

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  17. nice one yazhu plz continue ur work and post next one asap ok

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  18. Tulasi

    Soooo cutee yazhu dear….all d awesumness in jus one os…

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Tulasi dr…I’m happy that you liked it…

      1. Tulasi

        Plz do read my ff dear…n give me ur feed back on it…….

  19. wow….mind blowing ??????

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    i noe i m too late in reading this but this is amazing very nice so i thought to comment…

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