Don’t forget to smile (riddles) part 2

Hi guys this is reji I think you all liked my first part this is the second part

This is a question ❓
A two lovers ? loved each other and they got married ? and they become husband and wife after some months later the husband had a disease that he should not eat salt but if he eat salt he will die so everyday the wife will prepare food ? for him without salt like this everyday happened but one day the wife opened the Washroom door ? there she saw that her husband died she wondered she made all the food without salt can u guess the answer?????? I will reveal the answer in next part

One day a man ? bought idly in the hostel the next day he want to buy dosai but he bought that in airport do u know why????

There is no current a girl ? is standing alone she walked towards outside but. there was three doors door ? ? ? in first door there was full of snake ? the next door there is full of electric wires and in the.last door there is full time crocodile ? in which door she go also she will die but in which door she will move????

This is word riddle but it might be in tamil but it is a English word
A boy is going to the library he is leaving his cycle ? out and going in but before he goes he notices that his cycle his going backwards he asked a man to go and catch his cycle but the book he want to read ? in library and the word he used to the man to catch his cycle is also same??? Any guesses

Another word riddle it also a Tamil word but a English word
A four foreign grandpa ? ? ? ? came to a tea ☕ shop to drink tea ☕ a common word to say about what this grandpas are same r same any guesses about this

I know you all be thinking ? about the answers for these questions so if you all know the answers or want to know the answers pls share your comments and I will try to upload the next part very soon!!!!!!

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  1. it is good reji waiting for the answers pls reply soon i will try this with my friends

  2. guys sorry in second question it is hotel it is a typing mistake

  3. pathetic idea to leave ur riddles incomplete.. its totally nuts..a nutty idea by regi..:/ u think viewers r fools dt dey will keep waiting fr ans?? dumb

    1. If u don’t want to read then don’t read no one is forcing you to but don’t offend someone like this.A lot of effort must have been given to write and post this.

  4. here are the answers
    answer 1 : it is because the husband used colgate toothpaste which contains salt to brush his teeth !!!!!!!!!!

    ans 2: it is plain dosai (plane dosai) so only he went to buy that in airport

    ans 3 : she will select the door which contain electric wire because in the beginning i said there is no current so how will the current pass through the electric wire

    ans 4 : it is the book is encyclopedia but the word i mean the pronounciation is en cycla pidiya !!!!!!!!!!!

    ans 5 : it is the word is personality i mean the pronounciation is perusu naalu tea

    these are the answers pls comment guys i can’t submit the answers like article because of the word limit so only i submitted it in comment box !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. 1- bcoz toothpaste me namak tha
    Others dont know

    1. ya amee its just a funny riddle anyways thank u if u liked it

  6. Ans
    1 the wife mistook sugar 2 b salt nd put in his tea
    2the hotel is in the aitport
    3she will move in the door of wires as there is no current
    4 Encyclopedia
    5 personality

  7. Hi I am a silent reader the answers 2 the questions
    Please tell them whether they r correct
    1 wife mistook salt 2 b sugar nd added in his tea
    2 hotel is in airport
    3 room of electric wires
    4Encyclopedia. 5personality

    1. shagun i liked your smart guesses and creativity but according to the answers 1.he used colgate tooth paste and is plain dosai (plane dosai) others are correct so creative u r i didn’t expect these deep creative answers

  8. Nice Reji….wtg 4 the next……

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