You Don’t Deserve Me- a swasan ff (Prologue)


Hey guys! First of all thank you so much for supporting and loving my ff ‘Knowing You’. You guys inspire me to write more and more. Therefore, I’m here with my another ff, which will also be a SwaSan one. I hope you’ll like this one as well. Thank you! ??


“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry Swara! Wish I could make you understand this.”
A man of about 27, was sitting in a dark room full of photographs of a beautiful girl. He held a frame and was crying silently.

@Somewhere else

“I hate you Sanskar! I hate you. Moreover, I hate myself to have loved you ever. You never deserved me.”
A girl of age 24 was crying in her room. She cried and cursed herself for her broken heart. A guitar lay broken on the floor and spoke umpteen stories of a broken heart and its dreams.


Please comment whether you want me to continue this ff or not. ??

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  1. Woww nice…

    1. DassPriya

      Thank you mahjabeen! ??

  2. Divyanshri

    waaahhh…. starting only tragedy….. ???
    interesting continue soon

    1. DassPriya

      Thanks Divyanshri! I hope you’ll like it. ???

  3. interesting..continue soon..

    1. DassPriya

      Thank you s! ??

  4. Aahna


    1. DassPriya

      Sure Aahna! And thanks! ???

  5. Abirsha


    1. DassPriya

      Thank you Shan! ???

    1. DassPriya

      Thanks Bresh! ??

  6. awesome!!

    1. DassPriya

      Thank you chandu! ???

  7. Jwala

    update soon.. superb start

    1. DassPriya

      Thank you so much Jwala! ????

    1. DassPriya

      Thanks anu! ??

  8. AnuAnn

    Good start dear

    1. DassPriya

      Thank you Anuann! ??

  9. Awesome dear… ??n may I knw when will you post the next part….. N continue…

    1. DassPriya

      Hey, thanks Vidhi! I’m glad you liked it. And I’ve posted the next part and it’s uploaded too. Please do check it! ????

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