You Don’t Deserve Me- a swasan ff (Episode 1)


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Prologue: Prologue


“Swaraaaa! Swaraaa! Where are you Swara? Oh god! Where is she! I’m tired of her!”
A girl of about 22 is seen calling out ‘Swara’. She constantly calls out her name and when she doesn’t receive any response, she sits on the nearby couch, fuming in anger.

“Kya hua Kavita beta? Why are you shouting like that?”
A man in his mid 50s sat beside the girl and asked her politely.
“You know it well, dad!”
“No, I don’t.” He made a puppy face as he replied.
“Papa, I don’t understand what Swara wants! I’m sure she’s out without any security again! Why doesn’t she understand it’s unsafe for her?”
“Beta, she’s a kid na! She’ll understand with time. Don’t be angry now! My baby looks pretty when she smiles. So now, smile! A big one! C’mon!”
“Papaaa!” Both father and daughter smiled.
“Achhaa, I’ll bring something to eat. Okay?”
“You don’t have to do that yourselves dad! We’ve got servants for that!”
“I know. But I like to feed you myself. Moreover, we don’t get time for each other. So, let’s utilize this time!” The man winked at his daughter who smiled back.

At a park:
A girl of about 21, dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top, is seen playing with little kids. She is enjoying herself to the fullest.
“Didi.. Ab meri batting!”
“No no. Please let me bat na! Please please please?”
“Last ball!”
“Okay. But if I hit a six, then you have to let me bat further. And that too till I wish! If not, then this will be my last ball. Okay?”
The children thought for a while and then agreed in unison. A boy bowled and the girl hit it hard. Everyone saw the ball flying up in the air with much anticipation.
“Oh nooo!”
The girl danced and rejoiced like a little kid, while the kids watched her with defeated look. Suddenly, the girl felt uneasy. She felt like someone was watching her. After a few minutes, she heard a voice.
“Hey, that’s Swara! Swara the Rockstar!”
“Oh no Swara! Bhaaag!” She left the bag on the ground, grabbed her hoodie, and ran as fast as she could.

Soon, she reached her house and tried to sneak in without anybody’s notice. But,
“Oh! So you’re back?”
“Kav.. Kavitaa.. Actually.. Main.. Wo..”
“Don’t you dare lie to me Swara! Where were you? You know how much worried I was? What’s your problem? Even if you have to go somewhere, you can inform me na? Or you should take some bodyguard with you! Do you know who you are? You’re the Swara Khanna! Swara the Rockstar! The nation dies to have a slight glimpse of you. People do love you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have enemies! You’re famous and hence you’re unsafe every moment! Dad, make her understand na! I’m sick of repeating this thing to her!”
“I’m sorry kavit..”
Tears fell over Swara’s cheeks as Kavita stormed out.
“It’s okay beta. You know na, she cares for you. She loves you a lot.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“Koi na mera bachcha! She’ll be normal by evening. You know it well that she can’t stay angry at you for long.”
“Now go to your room and freshen up.”
“Okay. You’re the best!” Swara smiled.
“Now go! Or else she’ll scold you again!”
Swara giggled and rushed towards her room.

Precap: Swara refuses to sing with Sanskar.

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