You Don’t Deserve Me (Episode 2)


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Episode 1: Episode 1


“Swaraaa! Wake up Swara!”
“Let me sleep na!”
“No. Wake up! Today is a very hectic day for us! You have to practice for the evening too!”
“Is it necessary for me to go there?” Swara asked, frowning.
“Yes, baby. It’s Shaina’s boutique launch. You know how important she is to us.”
“Yeaahhh!” Swara rolled her eyes as she spoke.
“So, get up. A few other meet-ups are waiting for you!”
“Kavitaa, listen na!”
“Sit beside me for a while na! It’s been so long since we’ve sat together and been what we were in the past.”
Kavita sits beside Swara since she couldn’t ignore her sweet plea.
“You know Kavita, I hate this stardom! Since I’ve become famous, I’m deprived of all my happiness. I’ve been snatched of my freedom, my simple life, everything! Moreover, I’ve lost you. I’ve lost our time. We used to have so much fun together. But now, all day and night, you’re busy.” Swara frowned as she spoke.
“Swara, you know this is an irrevocable change in our lives. We can’t run away from this. You are a star! Famous! Everybody wants to be like you! Not everybody gets such a fate, dear!” Kavita smiled at Swara as she made her understand and accept the reality.
“But Kavita, what’s th..”
“Ma’am, a Mr. Aggarwal is waiting for you downstairs. He said he wants to meet Swara ma’am.”
“You go. I’ll meet him.” Kavita replied. Then turning to Swara, she spoke, “Swara, get ready soon. Okay?”
“Hmm. Okay!”

“I just want to talk to Swara Khanna and nobody else!”
“I’m her manager! So sir, any message concerning her will first reach me and then her. Swara Khanna does not have time for petty issues!”
“What happened? Why are you both arguing?” Swara asked as she entered the living room.
“Swara ma’am, actually I wanted to talk to you about the Goan concert, where you’re about to perform.”
“Yes, bolo.” Swara asked politely.
“Ma’am, we wanted that if you and Sanky sir would collaborate in that concert, then it would be awesome. He’s a rockstar! The youth’s crazy about him! It will be the coolest show the country would ever see! Mark my words ma’am, even you fans will increase!”
“I hope you’re done, Mr. Aggarwal. And let me tell you one thing. Swara Khanna does not share her stage with anyone! She is a star only because of her ownself! She never required any other person to make her famous. I know that Sanky is a youth sensation. But, so is Swara! So Mr. Aggarwal, I hope you understand what I mean!”
“I’m sorry, but if Swara ma’am has other opinion..”
“Mr. Aggarwal, if Kavita has refused, then so have I! I trust her decision completely.”
Swara left the room as she spoke. Kavita gestured their guest that the meeting’s over and he soon left.

At a mansion:
“No no! Sir is busy! No. It’s not at all possible Mr. Irani. No. Sir won’t be performing there. It’s his final decision.”
“Sahab, breakfast is ready. So..”
“I’ll check on him and then let you know.”
“Thik hai sahab.”

In another room, a man of about 24, was playing an electric guitar rigorously. Drenched in sweat, he was constantly swaying with the rhythm of the rock music he was creating. Dressed in just bermudas, his sweaty, well-chiselled bare chest could make any girl fall crazy for him. While playing guitar, his face, at times, featured dimples on both his cheeks. The room was dark-lit and consisted all sorts of musical instruments.

“Sir. Sir?”
The man kept the guitar on its stand, grabbed a towel lying on a chair and swiping off his sweat, turned towards the intruder.
“What is it?”
“Sir, breakfast is ready. And we had to discuss about few upcoming performances as well.”
The man nodded and went ahead to the dining room. Soon, a butler brought his breakfast and served him.
“What are the updates?”
“Sir, Irani was hell-bent on having you perform at his event, but since you refused for it, I declined his offer.”
“Good.” He replied, munching the french toast served to him a while ago.
“But sir, are you sure about Sadaf’s gig?”
“I do not commit if I’m not sure!”
“Sorry, sir.”
“Why did that Aggarwal come back then?”
“Actually sir, he wanted to collaborate your event with another singer.. Some Swara Khanna’s. But, she refused to sing with you.”
“That bastard Aggarwal! Did he ask me before approaching some random singer? Call him and cancel my performance! Right now!”
“Okay, sir.”
“Manoj, what was that singer’s name?”
“Swara Khanna.”
“How dare she refuse to perform with me! Sanky isn’t any roadside singer! I’m a big rockstar! Only I have the right to refuse others! Manoj, she should beg to even stand with me!”
“Okay, sir.”
“Listen, first do this thing.” He said something to his manager, to which the latter nodded and left the mansion.
“Swara Khanna!” He smiled wickedly as he pronounced the name.

Precap: Journalists question Swara about her upcoming performance with Sanky, which leaves her shocked.

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