I don’t believe in re-births (Shivika 5 shots) shot 3 part 1

So third one.so this is the part 1.I am a bit busy with my studies stuff.So I can’t type big.I will try my best to upload the 2nd part as soon as I can.
I have divided the third shot into 3 parts.

I don’t beleive in re-birth shot 3(part 1)

The girl (whose dupatta flies) shouts to give him the dupatta.ShivaAy takes the dupatta n finds that the girl is non other than anika.He remebers all his moments with anika.He covers his face full of her shawl.due to shawl anika is unable to see his face.

Anika shouts are u mad to do like this.He shouts yess I am mad of uuuuuuuuuuuu.And he says I love u.she shouts u idiotic fool (I don’t know anymore bad word than this as I am a good child😜😜😜😜) how dare u???? I will call police.

Shivaay shouts call whoever u want and she gives a flying kiss to her n goes forward.She fumes in anger😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠😑😠.She actually has exam that day so she left that guy.

When she gets inside the hall she says to her friend that I will say about that guy to Shivaay he will surely beat him black and redπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š.

Here comes the hero Shivaay to the exam center.He tries to get inside but security stops him and says only examines can enter inside.

Anika is outside the hall and sees Shivaay.He shouts maammmmmmmm.She says why did u come here??? Today anika won’t come as some one gave Her a flying kiss.U can’t meet her today.

He shouts back I found anika mam.I don’t need your help.Thanks for helping me and he runs from there.

Anika is like whatttttttttttttt?????

She tries to run out but the security stops her saying she is not allowed outside.She wanted to know who is cheating Shivaay saying she is anika.

She goes to the window and shouts Shivaay.While Shivaay hears get calling but he doesn’t respond.He CS near to the window with phone in is ears (acting like he is talking to anika)and says darlingggg my babyyyy.

Hearing this anika hides behind the window and over hears the convo.

Shivaay continued yes darling I will be on time at rajagiri palace(I don’t know if a place is there like this I wrote what came on my mind).Yes I will come to Rajagiri palace.I am going there now will be there within 10minutes.come fast darling I love uuuu.

Anika hearing this is in full of anger.
She can’t go outside now.With the help of coin she removes the nuts of the window n goes outside.(Don’t ask me logic As it’s not there).

She goes to Rajagiri palace where the finds Shivaay with a girl.

Shivaay sees anika there.
Shivaay(to the girl):Darlingggg I love u more than my life.U r my everything.I can’t stay away from u even for a second.Come near me baby.He says some romantic dialogue and is about to kiss the girl.

Anika shouts what are u doing here??? She is not anika/
I know who is anika.She is right near me.She is too beautiful.I love her.Dont disturb 2 loving birds saying this to anika he turns to the Girl and he is about to kiss her while anika shouts again u are true.Anika is right here.But that girl iiisssss…

In middle Shivaay cuts her and says I know she is my princess come on princess and goes to kiss the girl.

Anika is anger comes n pulls the girl’s hair.The hair came off.Anika had the girls hairin her hand.

Shivaay bursted out laughing.
The girl wassssss


Here anika was in anger😑😑😑.

Rudra says bhaiya thank god u just tried to kiss me if u had thought more I would have got a pinch on my face and bursts out laughing.

Shivaay takes the white dupatta from his pant(the dupatta that flew and fell on his face.Dupatta plays a main role in the story).

He gives it to anika.Shw gets it and wears it.

I love u anika this was all fun said Shivaay.

Anika said it was fun for u but hurting for me and she walks aways.

Shivaay runs back and starts singing

Betahasha dil ne
Tujhko hi chaaha hai
Har duaa mein maine
Tujhko hi maanga hai

Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..

Tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaati namm
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..

Huaa ye kya hashar mera
Judaa huaa sabar mera
Main tere bin ek lamha
Kyun kabhi naa jiya

Raat bhar ashqo ne tujhko pukara hai
Har dua main maine tujhko hi maanga hai

Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..

Anika starts smiling.

And she starts running in the palace.He runs back.

(imagine anika standing above the step.there is only 2 steps and Shivaay standing down.)

Anika’s shawl fly n Shivaay catches it (anika has one end of the shawl and Shivaay catches the another end)

Shivaay starts rolling the shawl in his hands n he gets close to her.When he touches her hand he fella a current passing due to which he goes down.He find his previous birth memories flashing but he has no full cut idea about it.

When they r standing in that position Anika’s father comes and sees them.

He shouts how dare u touch my daughter in front of me??

Shivaay gets some falshes of his previous birth where Anika’s father separated them.

Shivaay is in anger.

The part ends with shivaay’s face.

Precap for the next part:Seperation of Shivika.

I guess the song suits this situation.I don’t know hindi.I searched in net and got this lyrics.If they are wrong sorry.

I am not sure whether I can reply the comments but Pls do comment it nearly took 45 minutes typing this as I want it to be worth reading.Pls comment because they are my boast and bornvitaa to write.

Between my busy schedule I am writing Pls comment.

And the next part will come Soon.

Plssss comment.

All kind of comments accepted.


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  2. Radhika.k


    |Registered Member

    Rufi yaar….i knw you r busy wid ur studies….but still u came up with such an excellent shot!!!!!!! I loved it dear…………………..see u can write even during tough situations……..this is again one of ur plus dear!!!
    Talking abt the Update………..was awesome!!!Shivaay’s RADAR SIGNAL worked here also….but by feeling!!!He was so sure that it was anika…….n loved his replies when anika scolded shivaay!!!
    Then shivay-anika chupa chupa convo……..SMART SHIVAAY!!!!!N that girl int the palace…….hehehe….yahan bhi rudie kam aa gaya!!!usse phir se ladki role tumne de diya rufi……KISSING RUDRA…..LOL….FUNNY SCENE THAT WAS!!
    I loved ur choice of song……mujhe bahut pasand hai!!overall khidkithod epic!!excited for their past but at the same time sad for their separation track…..
    Take ur own time n post dear!!
    LOVE YA..

  3. Soumya85


    |Registered Member

    Amazing one bff
    Loved it a lot
    I’m imagining rudra as a girlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Sorry for late comment
    Love you 😘😘

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