I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 10


thank u guys for your lovely comments i am so overwhelmed by your response but i am really sorry for my mistake.previous was posted as os but never mind i got soooo many comments i am soooo happy plz support me like this plzzzz just like u all support love is beautiful emotion plzzzz.and forgive me for spellings and grammatical mistakes.i hope u all will like this part also and plzzzz comment

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swara is sitting in her room surrounded by a lots of papers and books.she yawned lightly
swara:oh god this year i am going to fail i didn’t submit my projects and exams are next weak.just great.she yawned again this time hardly
swara irritated:i am feeling so sleepy she looked at the time and her eyes widened
swara shocked:2:00 oh god i have to complete my project today can’t waste more time professor will kill me.she step out from bad and walked toward kitchen
swara yawning:coffee will help….
swara looked upward and said pleadingly:god plz this is my last year of graduation i don’t want any more mess plz let me complete it peacefully plz.
she start making her creamy hot coffee humming fully involved in herself.
“can i also get a mug of coffee?”
swara jumped from her place ad turned quickly she was breathing heavily putting hand on her chest.she was bewildered looking at the sanskar who was leaning toward the kitchen door staring at her with half smile.anger rose up immediately
swara snapped at him:are u planning to give me an heart attack.appearing suddenly don’t know from where? sanskar stepped toward her her blabbering stopped immediately
sanskar in soft husky tone:u didn’t answer can i get a coffee.
swara heart was beating so fast look like it will come out breaking bones of her chest she should make a quick run NOW.
swara:make yourself.swara quickly turned and pour milk in her coffee and tried to leave but sanskar came in front of her and snatch mug from her hand and take a sip looking at her.swara’s face hung down.
swara shocked:my coffee? he never let go a single chance to irritate her she looked at him angrily her shoulder sagged down.she had no power in her to fight with him.not at least now she have complete her project today before falling on the bad.she mumbled some curses at him and turned to make another coffee for her.
sanskar chuckled at her silence she will not fight with him.good
sanskar:coffee is good and in response he heard some curses his smile grew wide.
swara’s eyes were dropping down she yawned again.sanskar frowned at her tiered posture.
sanskar little angry:why are u still awake till now?
swara wrinkled her nose great now he is angry.ughh god why u made this piece her cousin.she didn’t want to fight with him don’t he understand.

swara didn’t answer.sanskar closes his fist she is so stubborn never give answer when ever he will ask lightly fine then he will get answer in her way.he put mug on table with a bung and grabbed her shoulder and turned her harshly.
swara irritated:what the hell? she struggled to free herself but he was more strong then her
sanskar:u will never answer me normlly will u? swara smiled at him sarcastically
swara in mocking tone:congratulation u finally get to know this.sanskar jaw get ticked
swara irritated:i don’t want to talk with u.or why are u talking with me u hate me right?don’t want to see my face? i make u remember your ex girlfriend don’t i?then keep a distance from me.
sanskar looked at her with his narrowed eyes and loosened his grip and take a step back.
sanskar gritting his teeth:yeah i just forgot the fact thank u for making me remember and turned and throw the mug and leaves from there angrily as hell.the mug hit the wall and break down into thousand pieces creating a huge sound.swara covered her ear with the effect.her eyes get filled with water.what wrong did she said he was the one who told this to her and when she is trying to distance herself so that he should get hurt and he is getting angry.swara rubbed her finger on her forehead.what to do? she let out a suffering sigh and closed her eyes.and take deep breath
swara:for now focus on your study swara and don’t come infront of him it is the best option.if they will not come infront of each other there will be no fight,no messed things.she nodded approving her own idea.he quickly wiped the floor and goes toward her room.she completed her project after one and half hour and slept after arranging a alarm.thinking about sanskar a lonely tear escaped from her closed eyes.why god made her fall for the person who love someone else and hate her.

swara woke up at the ear breaking sound of alarm she cursed her faith heavily.waking up at the morning is the most irritating thing in her life……after sanskar.a smile appeared on her lips when she remembered him.she looked at the clock and her eyes flew open at the time.oh god noooo she jumped and run toward cupboard she first take out a tshirt and shorts but then remember sanskar angry face.she don’t want put fire on it she put it back and take a black jean and run toward washsroom.
she tied her hair in ponytail and run outside picking everything she halted in her way when she saw sanskar knocking at lucky’s room.his hand has stopped for min feeling her presence but he ignored her and knocked again.swara looked at her watch worriedly.she bite her inner cheek.but still there was no chances of opening of door.
she sighed that monkey was never going to open the door at his gentle knock.
swara counted:1 2 3….enough she is going to kill that monkey she walked fast
swara angrily banged the door and yelled:lucky come out now or else i will tell kavya that u love someone else.sanskar looked at her angry face flatly and stepped back.and as she guessed right the door was immediately got open and irritated face of lucky was shown.
swara angrily:have some shame exams are going to start and u are still sleeping like a kumbkaran.
lucky joined hand infront and said:meri maa i have no energy to hear your bashan u go sit in car i will come in 5 mins….and don’t u dare to say anything rubbish to kavya.why are u after my love story find someone to irritate leave my neck.swara shook her head and leaves from there.
sanskar and swara were sitting in car silently not a single word and at that time ragini and lucky came there and sit with them.
lucky smiling meekly at swara:lets go.swara glares at him he had said 5 mins and had come after 15 mins.
sanskar drove the car and they reached collage after 15 mins.swara stepped out quickly and strikes with sanskar.
swara mumbled:sory but sanskar doesn’t said anything and leaves from there quickly swara looked at him with narrowed eyes strange.he didn’t get angry at her but she shrugged it.that was good for her.swara submitted her project and goes to attend class.she smiled at kavya and sit with her.ragini was sitting sanskar talking continuously giving him ear bleed.at that professor came and class started after the class they were going to canteen.
kavya:swara come.

swara shook her head:u go i have some work in library.u know exams are coming.kavya nodded and leaves with all.and if mistakenly she again eat egg then forget about graduation.
swara was sitting in library making notes her stomach groan.she looked at her empty tummy.
swara snapped:shut up i am trying to study here.can’t u see.it in response again groan heavily.swara bite her lower lip in helplessness.she just don’t want to give a single chance to meet sanskar.but she didn’t eat anything in breakfast.is she getting afraid from him? her back straightened at her thought.why should she?
he should go to hell why should she skip her meal for him.she get up immediately.and walked toward canteen.she stiffened not finding him there.he didn’t come to canteen then where did he go? and off course ragini was also missing.
swara in mind:non of your business swara. she walked toward them and sit with them.
kavya happily:u came.
swara:yeah…feeling hungry….lucky plz get something for me…plzzzz
lucky:why should i? go yourself swara open her mouth to argue but kavya stopped her
kavya angrily:lucky what is this?can’t u bring something for your cousin u know na that day they delivered egg sandwich.have some shame.what if she get ill?
lucky’s mouth hung down till the ground he give swara a thunderous look.swara bite her lower lip to not giggle loudly.swara make innocent sad face at kavya and wink to lucky.lucky gets up and mumbled some curses
swara innocently:kavya see he is cursing me i will go myself.she gets up but kavya hold her hand and make her sit.
kavya angrily:lucky u are cursing her.don’t u have some shame u don’t go i will go and bring something for.she looked so pale.swara nodded innocently.
lucky quickly:no…no i didn’t cursed i will go and bring something u both chat i will just come he run from there before swara start her new drama.
swara looked at him her eyes were sparkling but it lost its spark when she saw sanskar and ragini together.ragini was hanging on his arm.she turned her face quickly.
swara in mind:yeah they look good together.
both came there and sit with them sanskar sit beside swara and ragini sit opposite to him at that time lucky come there holding barger cock and a sandwich.
lucky:here your order happy.swara lightly smiled at him she was about to take bite but got remember what has happened last time she put it down and looked inside
lucky:i myself checked it.don’t worry.she sheepishly smiled at him and eat it.
its good to take precautions before a big mess that was her own rule which she always follow either it is about food or something else.

kavya breaking the silence:guys i am not coming from tomorrow.
lucky shocked:whyyyy?
kavya blush a little and said:there are only two days for starting exams so want to prepare it.
lucky looked at her as someone has snatched his crown.
lucky in mind:how will i live without seeing her face.
swara looked at lucky’s face and giggles.by the way it is good idea isn’t it.kavya is best.prepare exam in locked room thank u kavya u are such a cutie pie.

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