I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 7



Swara and kavya was sitting in class chatting as it was free period lucky and sanskar were sitting in first bench chit chatting ragini didn’t come today.
Kavya:swara did u said yes to nick.swara make face
Swara:yess sanskar closes his fist in anger
Lucky:guys lets go to canteen I’m really hungry all nodded and they goes from there.they were sitting in the canteen when nick comes there.
Nick fake smile:hello guys
All:hi his face was little wounded as some had punched him very hard.
Nick looking at swara:swara I came to said that I can’t come with u for party swara face brightened up immediately but she rearranged it quickly
Swara:why? Acting of being sad sanskar glares at her
Nick:actually I fought with my girlfriend and wanted to make her jealouse but we patchrd up and therefore I wanted to go with her I hope u understand.
Swara happily:yes yes I understand u go with your girlfriend and enjoy vy the way what happened with your face
Nick looks at sanskar clunching his fist

Nick was in man’s locker no one was present there suddenly someone pushed him hard nick’s face hit the wall hardly.
Nick angrily:who is this?
Sanskar furious:she is my girl don’t u dare to come close to her or else I will cut u from limb to limb.nick some how” managed to turn to look the person.
Nick shocked:sanskar?????
Nick sarcastically:she said yes to me.
Sanskar:u will said no to her did u get it?
Nick chuckled in mock:why would I? she is so hot I am not stupid to miss the chance to hold her in my arms.sanskar punch him hard and holds his collar.
Sanskar in threatening voice:if u didn’t do what I am saying then get ready to face financial problems.
Nick alert:what do u mean?
Sanskar mocking:your father singhania rajput work as managment head in maheswari Industry.he will get resignation letter tomorrow got it.nick closes his fist in anger
Nick:u will pay back and goes from there.sanskar smirked as saying we will see.
Sanskar loudly:and yeah make agd excuse infront of her.

nick:nothing just a little fight okay I will take a leave.
Swara was eating happily.sanskar looks at her and his lips curled up a little seeing her happy.
Swara in mind:thank u very much god.
Kavya sadly:so u will not.
Swara looks at her and said trying to control her excitement:I can’t….I’m sorry…..couoles are allowed.kavya nodded sadly.lucky looks at her sad face and closes his fist he can’t bear looking at her sad face.lucky looks at sanskar who was eting sandwich silently.
Lucky:sanskar do u have any partener?
Sansk ar:no
Kavya suddenly excited:great then u and swara can become partner.swara looks at them being shocked.she quickly nodded in negative looking at sanskar sighed him to say NO.as lucky and kavya were looking at him curiously.
Sanskar who was going to refuse it curtly but then looked at swara.he close his fist angrily she can come with that bastered but can’t with him and an abrupt change in his decision took place and he nodded in yes.

swara rinkled her nose how dare he? Her plan which she just made got unplanned.she thought that she will spent whole night n empty house reading a classical romantic novel with hot streaming coffee but damm him.she had finally got the chance to roam full house leisurely as all were going in some reception of great businessman.
Kavya hug swara excitedly
Kavya:now u can come lets go for shopping.
Swara frowning:why?
Kavya:to buy dress lets go.she hold swara hand and drag her

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