I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 9


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swara and sanskar were waiting for lucky in parking area.both were silent sanskar was looking away from swara and swara was thinking about sanskar behaviour first
he insulted her then got angry when she danced with someone else she don’t understad anything,
sanskar was feeling guilty talking so ill about her the way he insulted her but he closed his fisst in aanger when he remembered how she danced with vivan his anger
rosed up immediately.he looked at her angrily swara looked at him with narrowed eyes now what? is there something remaining?
swara angrily:what? sanskar chuckled at her anger she is angery young woman
sanskar in husky tone:what?
swara:why are u looking at me like this? sanskar looked at her from top to bottom slowly swara squirmed feeling uncomfortable
swara open her mouth to protest but at that lucky came there with sad face.
swara:lucky what happened did kavya said NO? lucky give her death glare swara bite her tounge
swara muttered:sory but why are u sad?
lucky:i didn’t perpouse her?
lucky angrily:when i was going to perpouse her.her brother came and took her from there.
swara giggles sanskar looked at her and he skipped his heart beat
lucky angrily:at that time i wanted to kill him for spoiling my surprize.
swara:oh come on he is nice.i met him.and don’t wory u will get more chances to perpouse her.
lucky surprized:u met vivan? swara nodded.
sanskar throwing daggers at her:we are getting late should we leave.
lucky:yeah and they all leaved from there

all(ragini,kavya,swara,sanskar and lucky) were present there.they were waiting for there order and chit chatting
lucy was throwing daggers at kavya and she was oblivious of this happily talking with swara.
ragini scarastically:swara i have heared u went into the party last night.
swara biting her lip:yes di
ragini narrowed her eyes:with whom?
swara:sanskar.ragini back straightened and she clutched her fist under the table.at that time their order came they all started to eat swara had jusst taken first
when she coughed hard and take out her first bite.kavya patted her back worriedly all were lookig at her worriedly but ragini was giving her nasty look.
ragini:what the hall swara don’t u have maanners.
swara ashamed:i’m sory di but there was egg in the barger.lucky stood up angrily and shouted for the man who delivered order.
kavya worried:are u okay swara? ragini was also get worried but she did nothing.sanskaar was confused.
lucky hold the collar of the boy
lucky angrily:she ordered simple barger u gave her egg barger.
boy frightened:i am sorry sir the ordered get exchanged.swara quickly stand up and freed the boy.
swara:lucky i am fine.
lucky:the hack u are fine.they can’t even give correct order.u didn’t eat it right? sanskaar was hell confused. swara nodded with smile lucky again sit but he was still angry
sanskar:what is happening here?
lucky passing his hand from hairto control his anger:swaa is badly allergic from egg.last time she reached hospital after taking a small bite.sanskar head jerked
towared swara who was looking tensed.swaraget up from her seat aall looked at her.
swara:i got remember some work i will join u after sometime.
lucky worried:swara are u fine na? should we go to hospital?
swara:no no i am fine.lucky nodded.swara goes from there quickly looking at her wrist watch.
she wiped the sweat from her forehead and again looked the time sanskar also get up
sanskar:i have some work ragini tried to stop him but he didn’t listen and comes out from collage and saw swara was sitting in the cab he narrowed his eyes
what’s the need of cab when two cars were present
swara started coughing hard putting palm on her mouth she looked at her hand which was covered with blood drops

swara:oh shit bhea plz drive fast she looked at her watch
swara thinking:oh god i have to reach hospital before 10 mins she coughed again.after sometime she reached hospital she came out quickly
driver:madam my money swara looked at him coughing hard
swara;i will give when i wwill come out and she run inside after saying this.
driver:uff khan phas gia main.
sanskar also reached there at that time and gets worried looking at hospital he run inside
swara to receptionist:is Dr.mathew present in hospital?
lady:yes do u have appointment. white fog start coming infront of her eyes and she felt weakness in her leg.she coughed again hard this time.
swara coughing:plz call him and tell him swara gadodia has come plz.lady looked at her suspeciously and then take the reseviour and called
swara sit on the bench not able to stand.she felt dizziness.sanskar looked at her worriedly
lady:dr here is girl named swara gadodia wanted to meet to immediately
dr.mathew:send here now
ladya serprized:u can go last room of the loby.swara looked at the room it was long loby of about 15 room at each sides,swara checkuled and hardly stand up
and take phone from the lady
swara coughing:uncle i will die before reaching there.i had smelt egg and somewhere tasted it.sanskar stiffened at that.
dr worriedly:i am coming just try to not close your eyes and take deep breath okay
swara weakly:yeah i am trying she again sit on the bench.sanskar bangged his fist on the wall angrily
at that time a old man of about in mid 70 came there almost running holding a injection
DR:swara are u okay
swara coughing:almost
DR:shit u aare coughing forward your arm fast swara get afraid looking at the needle
swara:uncle plz give me medicine but not injection sanskar just waanted to slap her hard for being so stuborn
DR angrily:nurse hold her arm tightly DR injected her immediately swara screamed loudly at that.sanskar closed his eyes looking aat her in pain
DR looked at his wrist watch and count 1 2 3 4 5 and then looked at her.
DR:how are u feeling now?
swara giggle:alive DR sighed and smile.

DR:nurse give her tissue she did that silently swara wiped blood from her palm sanskaar closes his fist looking at the blood damm girl still laughing like a fool.
DR in serious tone:now tell me how this haappened? should i tell this to your grandfather that i saved hiss girlgriend life just before her death.
swara quickly:no…no…no don’t tell dado he will get worried and increase his B.P
DR:first tell me how are exact feeling?
swara sighed and said:my vision is not cleared white fog is coming and i am feeling weakness in my arms and legs i don’t think i can walk properly ONLYYY.
she giggled saying that.DR shook his head and aasked nurse to bring medicine.after nurse leave
swara:uncle i was thinking i only smelt egg and this all happened if i will eat it what will happen?
DR:don’t talk rabbish u should never eat egg am i clear. his voice was so strict swara just added smiling faintly at him.mathew laughed at her expression
DR:u get scared.swara noddes pouting cutely.DR pulled her cheek
DR:soooo cute.
swara:plz tell me na what will happen if i ate it? DR looked at her and sighed.
DR:u are stuborn just like my friend dandayal gadodia.
swara proudly:of course i am his grandaughter.
DR chuckled and said:if u will eat egg u have to reach hospital in 15 mins swara cutted him
swara:but when i smelt it i need 30 mins right?why so short time?
DR:swara u have dagerious allergy from egg i never saw it anywhere just in your case i have also sent your repotrs to london
but my friends there are also surprized when u smell egg some hormones released in your body which distroy your immune system in 30 seconds
and after that whole cells of your body explode but in case if u eat it this all prosses happens in 15 mins so have to be careful about this very mutch.
sanskar was hell shocked he felt like someone has buried him in the ground but he came into his senses hearing swara laugh he narrowed his eyes
how can she laugh hearing all that.
swara laughing:u know uncle in that 15 mins instead of wasting time to reach hospital i would love to convey my last message to my loved ones
DR chuckling:and what will u say?
swara:i will say ” i love dadu very much and i love u dadi.dad,mom,badimaa and badapapa i love u all and sory if i trouble u all and
ragini di plz stop dating random boys and find your true love and lucky u idiot marry kavya soon and bring a cute littlr girl and plz give her name anjali
i love this name and sanskar…..she stopped to think what will she say to him.

DR chuckling:who is sanskar?
swara:he is badapapa’s son i don’t know he has some problem with me but any way i will say
“i am sory if i hurt u any time and stop being aangry all the time its not gd for health”
swara giggling:nice na? sanskar gritted his teeth he wanted to throttle her so hard until some senses not get enter into her small little brain
how can she plan her death moment so happily not thinking what will happen to others after her leave.he shook his head verious time to not get mad at her atleast
not now.when she is weak.
DR:okay enough of this now and u have to take this medicine 2 days okay? and eat it when u smell egg or eat it will help u to fight against hormones
and now i should leave my car will drop u at home don’t put stress on your head and take rest completely today okay?
swara protested:i am fine now.
DR:shut upor else i will tall dandayal about your stupid thoughts about death.swara shook her head vigoriously.
swara muttered:i don’t even tell any one i have allergy from smell too.
swara loudly:uncle come home tomorrow dinner from my side.DR chuckled and nodded in yes and leaves from there.swara closed her eyes and took deep breath
swara:thank u god she stands up and walk outside sanskar hide behind the wall
swara comes towared cab driver and said with sheeplish smile:sory uncle i made u wait so long here is your money
driver angrily take money and leaves from there.swara bite her lower lip looking at vanishing cab.
swara:therefore i wanted to larn driving if i would have known driving this would have not happened i have to talk with dadu about this.
someday i will not get cab i will die.she sit in car
and leaves from there.
sanskar angrily:she should learn a lesson that we should not talk rubbish about death and all….

swara walked inside the house slowly she was still feeling the weakness in her muscles she walked inside her room and took clothes and went inside the washrom
she showered for about 20 mins and came out wearing black shorts and pink tshirt she sit on bed and looked at empty jug
swara:uff she stand up and took medicine and walked outside she filled the jug with water and put medicine on her palm her eyes widened looking at
its size
swara:itna bara capsule
sanskar:why are u taking medicine swara snapped her head toward him and hide the medicine behind her.
swara:medicine what medicine i was not taking any medicine.she tried to go from there but sanskar pinned her to the wall swara’s eyes widened
sanskar take the jug from her hands slowly and put it on slab
swara stammering:what what are u doing?
sanskar:why are u so nervious? he slid his hand on her back and pull her close to his chest.her breath got stuck in her lung.
sanskar hold her hand in witch she was holding her medicine he slowly take it out infront of her.
sanskar looking in her eyes said in low husky tone:what is this?why are u taking them.
swara avoiding eye contact:my…my head is paining its a painkiller.
sanskaar thinking:i know u don’t wanted to tell me u wanted to keep your secrets with yourself don’t u?
he leaned close to her face his warm breath fall on her face.swara looked at him her heart was beating hard sanskar put his face in her soft wet hairs
sanskaar mumbled in husky tone:u can’t even lie properly so don’t lie
swara breathing heavily:i…i am not lying.sanskar chuckled and put hand on her waist.his face was still buried in her hairs
sanskar:really swara didn’t said aanything she wanted to push him but didn’t find courage to do that.
sanskar:do u know we are alone at home.her eyes widened how can she forget that she is alone with this brute oh my god oh my god.
she start panicking
swara:i..i am tierd i am going for sleep she run from there.but his laughter voice echoed in her ear she halted in her run and turned to look at him
there was some spark in his eyes swara get more nervious and locked herself in room,she took medicine without water as she left jug in kitchen
and slept covering herself from head to toe.

swara tried to open her eyes but medicine effect was still there she felt her throat dried completely she again tried to open her eyes
and this time she succeeded in it she looked for water but didn’t find it don’t know how much she slept.she slowly came out from from blanket
and walked towared door and walked out she walked toward the kitchen with half open half closed eyes.
swara:don’t know witch medicine uncle gave to me i can even open my eyes uff.she walked towared the kitchen basen and splash water on her face
she smile after feeling better but her heart thudded and reach to her throat when someone pulled her harsly and pinned her to the wall.
her chest rosed up and down with that affect she looked at the person with half open half closed eyes her vision was blurred
but still she recognized the person.she sighed in relief that it was sanskar not a thief.
swara irritated:u scared me i thought there is thief and he will kill me so that he can steal everything.
sanskaar gritted his teeth and his anger rosed u to maximum level.she again talked about her death
sanskar in threatening voice:what did u just said? swara blinked at him twice why is he angry now?
swara confused:why are u angry?
sanskar angrily push her towared the wall holding her from shoulder swara winced in pain
sanskar angrily:u know why i hate your type of girl? because u all are same who gain sympathy to get attension of boys
i hate girls just like u gaining sympathy by fake tears and talking rubbish all the time.
tears fall from her eyes.he hate her because she just talk non stop.
swara in pained voice:u hate me? why?
sanskar:because u make me remember that fake girl who leaved me alone when she find more rich person.swara looked at him without a blink

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