I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 6


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Maheswari mention
Swara: well done swara I am proud of u and patted herself suddenly she was pulled back she closed her eyes firmly
Swara mumbled: not lucky plz God
Sanskar: what are doing in Lucky’s room swara jerked open her eyes and sighed seeing sanskar angry face she narrowed her eyes
Swara: sanskar why are u always angry? Sanskar tighten his grip on her shoulder.swara blinks they heated Lucky’s footsteps
Swara quickly: oh! He is coming sanskar leave me she quickly pulls sanskar behind the curtains sanskar open his mouth to say something but swara quickly put finger on his lips and peers through curtains and then look at sanskar who was staring at her with out blinking they have romantic eye lock. sanskar remove her finger slowly swara came in senses and tried to move back sanskar eyes get filled with annoyance his jaw get ticked and he put his hand around her waist and pull her close with jerk swara eyes get wild open
Sanskar in husky voice: what were u doing? Swara smiles naughtily and again peers through curtains lucky was doing something in cupboard she moves close to his face and put hand on his shoulder his body stiffened
Swara whisper: u know I going party because of lucky that to with……what was his name…oh I forgot his name she put finger on her lips.a smile appear on sanskar lips but it vanished next second

Sanskar slowly: Nick
Swara exclaimed: haaaan but bite her tongue and peers through curtains and sighed and again looked at sanskar.
Swara whisper: he should get punishment haan Na
And smiles mischievously
Swara: and he twisted my arm Na there is still pain in it she pout looking at her arm sanskar hold her arm slowly and kiss on it
Sanskar in deep voice: it will not pain now swara’s heart start beating fast swara looked at his bent figure suddenly they heard Lucky’s shriek swara quickly separate herself and comes out from curtains sanskar closes his fist and comes out but he was shocked to see lucky.he was covered with paints from head to toe and swara was laughing at him holding her stomach lucky was standing like a statue corner of sanskar’s lips lift up.
Lucky looked at swara as he will kill her at any moment dado and dadi also comes there dadi covered her mouth in shock dado hiding his smile
Dado: swara who is this joker swara again laughed loudly lucky extended his hands to grab her neck but stops due to thick paint dadi hold swara’s ear
Dadi: what is this swara?
Swara: aaaa! Dadiiiii
Lucky: very gd dadi
Dado in threatening voice: lucky
Dadi: sujata leave her ( dadi name is sujata maheswari and daddo name is ram maheswari)
Dadi leave swara.swara hold Dado’s shoulder
Swara: thank u dado
Dado: why did u do this

Swara in complaining tone: he twisted my arm and looked at sanskar who was looking at her she quickly changes her eye direction.
Dadi: I’m sure she would have done something lucky nodded vigorously dado looked at swara she nodded in no lucky open his mouth to say something but swara cut him.
Swara: lucky what will u wear in party and give him death glare lucky give them tight smile
Lucky: dadi mistake was mine
Dado: see I knew it swara don’t do any mistake swara cross her fingers sanskar sees it and smile but hide it quickly.
Swara: lucky there was glue also go take shower otherwise…..she left the sentence and winks at him Lucky’s eye get widened.
Dado: sujata gi chalia both left.
Lucky: swara I will kill u swara smiles widely and goes from there
Lucky: blackmailer and goes to take shower.

Credit to: Zaimal

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