I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 8


Sanskar,lucky,dado and dadi were present in the hall of the house.sanskar and lucky were dressed in black suite as it was dress code and at that time ragini comes there wearing red dress which was coming to her knees she was looking a litle frustrated
Lucky:ragini who is your partner?
She snapped:none of your concern.lucky shook his head at her arrogance.ragini looking at sanskar
Ragini:with whom u are going?

Sanskar flatly:why do u asked? Ragini get burned from head to toe.lucky smiled and looked at sanskar.he in return wink to lucky.
Ragini pushed her hair back arrogantly and walked out.at that time swara comes there and stand infront of dado
Swara in chirping voice:how am I looking handsome

She was wearing red chiffon one arm dress and there was silver work on her chest with bare back.her hair were curled and she had put them on her left shoulder.she had put a lot of mascara in her big brown crystal eyes which give her eyes more dreaming look.she was very beautiful.sanskar stiffened looking at her.he clutched his fist in anger.was shr going to wear that dress in thousands of man staring at her

Dado:u are looking very beautiful and hot.dadi slap at his chest
Dadi in angry tone:have some shame she is your grandaughter.lucky and swara were giggling swara pecked at dado cheeks
Swara:thank u handsome
Dado:ara parvati ji after looking at her I got remembered our collagr days u used to also wear such to tease me.dadi blushed hard at that.
Swara laughing:someone is blushing.
Dado to swara:gorgeous don’t tease my wife.swara eyes widened
Dado:u looked soo beautiful so from now I will call u gorgeous.swara blushed cherry red and nodded.

Lucky loudly:if romance is finished between dada and puti so can we leave.we have to pick kavya also.
Swara:handsome when all of u will return from wedding?
Dado:after two days.
sanskar leaves from there throwing daggers at her
Swara in mind:what’s wrong with him? Why is he angry now?weird weird weird

They entered into the huge hall decorated beautifully with red and black curtains to all the walls there was dim light to give the romantic atmosphere bar counter on either sides of the hall a smile appeared on swara’s lips.
Swara in mind:again party.but nevermind anything for friends.she looked at lucky and kavya
Swara thinking: they look cute together.after two weeks there are our final exams.soon after lucky proposal they wil get married.then kids I will brcome bua then……..she went on and on thinking about lucky and kavya marriage.but her long long chain of thoughts got with a low angry voice
Sanskar angrily:why are u smiling like fool? Swara looked at him in confusion and blinked twice

Sanskar grittining his teeth:I said why are u smiling like fool? Are u deaf?
Swara persuaded her lips what’s wrong with him. angry all the time like seriously how can a person on earth can remain angry all the time.
Swara:my smile is very beautiful therefore and she again smiled fully at him making a dimple at her right cheek.sanskar clutched his fist.
Lucky:I am going to take drinks u two want something?
Swara:orange juice

Sanskar:I will come with u.both went to take drinks and girls sit on four chair tables.both boys came after sometime and gives them frinks sanskar sit beside swara and lucky besode kavya.
Swara taking a sip:sanskar are u always remain silent like this?
Sanskar:yes I like to remain silent
Swara:don’t u get bored from constant silent? U know I can’t remain silent for more then 5 seconds.I like to talk alot about everything but when I am sad I like to be alone……….
Sanskar give her glare swara immediately closes her mouth and pouts.corner of his lift up in smile.
At that time lucky and kavya stands up
Swara irritated:where are u two going?
Lucky:surprize and winks at her.a bright smile appeared on her lips and she nodded.both goes from there and leaves the hall and disappeared behind the exit door.
Swara jump at her seat and hold sanskar’s shoulder and tried to shook him but her tried to shook him does nothing to his stronge shoulders.but she got his attension fully
Swara shouting near his ear:he is going to perpouse her oh my god oh my god.
Sanskar looked at her face.there was something very deep in his eyes he leaned closer to her swara moved back all her excitment vanished by his closeness

Sanskar in husky tone:if u again rubbed your body with mine…….then don’t blame me what will happen to u.
Swara blinked twice and asked innocently:what will happen?
Sanskar looked at her amusingly and leaned more close to her face and said in deep husky voice:should I have to tell u what used to happened between girl and boy? U are not a kid anymore aren’t u?
Swara flushed red at his words and she quickly pushed him silently and said:I don’t want u tell me anything she was not looking at him sanskar clutches fist in anger.how dare she pushed him away.
At that time a girl in short dress came there.
Girl in seductive voice:hey sanskar

Both looked at her
Sanskar smiling:hello sasha plz sit
Swara looked at his smile shockingly he was smiling like seriously.but then she looked at the reason for that smile
Sasha was daughter of billionaire and her name was in list of most wanted girls in the collage ragini had tough competition with her.swara looked at her from top to bottom interestingly if ragini came to know that they talk to sasha swear to god she will kill them at very next time.
Sasha giving swara nasty look:is she your girlfriend?
Swara back straighten and her beat increased rapidly but she was frozed to the ground when sanskar laughed loudly at that.
Sanskar still laughing:are u mad sasha? Me and her has no match.I will make gf of my standared.
Tears start forming in her eyes she cluched her dress to control her tears.she blinked several times to not let tears come out

Sasha:then why did u come with her on prom night
Sanskar shrugging:I just helped her to come in the party as there was no one with whom she would come.
Swara head jerked towared him at that moment she felt so humiliated.she never felt in her dear life both were talking like she was invisible to him but let him reminde who is she? And how he agreed to become her patened when she asked to said NO.swara take deep breath and smiled at him sarcastically.
Swara in mocking:Mr.sanskar maheswari will u not tell to your future gf that I refused to come but still u didn’t listen to me and bring me here.

Sanskar looked at he eyes his body stiffened looking at the cld and blank look.
Swara sarcastically:sasha I think u should go to your present bf.give time to your future bf in future.
Sasha’s face turned angry and she stand up and walked away
Swara still mocking:and Mr.maheswari thank u very much being a very gd partner.she give him a cold look and walked away from there
And first tear fall from her eye she didn’t expect this from him her heart were brpken into thousand pieces she was lost in her thoughts when she strikes with someone and stumbles but stable herself quickly she looked at the person

Both at same time:i am sory.boy smiled at her swara smiled faintly.
boy:swara don’t u remember I am vivan kavya’s brother.swara’s widened and she remembered him he had went for internship for 6 months.swara tucked her hairs behind her ear.
Swara sheepishly:long time how are u?
Vivan:I am fine but look at u u look beautiful u changed a lot.if u don’t mind I would like to dance with beautiful lady swara smiled and put hand on his.both went to the dance floor and started dancing.
Vivan:so why sudden change as if I know u didn’t like to come in parties.

Swara smiled:your sister blackmailed me that if I will not come she will also not come.nd for your information I still hate parties.vivan laughed loudly.at that time sanskar came there furious like hell.
Sanskar: if u don’t mind can I dance with my partner.
Vivan:yeah sure and swara it was nice meeting u he kissed on the back of her hand and leaves from there.after his leave swara tried to go from there but sanskar hold her hand and pulled her back harshly she falled on his chest and her hair fell on sanskar face.
Swara:what the hall?
Sanskar put hand on her tiny waist and pulled her close he rubbed his thumb on her hand where vivan had kissed her looking into her eyes.she stiffened looking at his burning eyes.
Swara:sanskar leave me

Sanskar angry:u were enjoying his company weren’t u?
Swara:yes why do u care.I am also thinking to make her bf happy now leave me.
Sanskar grip tightened on her waist and on her hand.she winced in pain
Swara:u are hurting me she looked at him with teary eyes.
Sanskar:u are to me if I saw that bastared near u again then swear to god I will cut him limb to limb then blame me that I am cured.she looked at him in surprize
Swara:and why do u care? He didn’t answered and goes from there.

Sory guys for being irregular what to do so many guests at eid so tired like hell plz forgive me and plz plz comment plz

Credit to: Zaimal

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