i don’t believe in love


they sit in the hall and just then roop enters..
roop: MAA.. BHABI.. where are u all..?
pinky: look.. dangers has come.
jhanvi: (smiling) stop it pinky.. after all she is our sister in law. and moreover, she pairs well with u.
pinky: (making faces) i don’t like her. she always tries to competes with me in speakings Englishs.
roop sees pinky and..

roop: are bhabi, i misses u a lots. afters a long times.
pinky :(fakes a smile) hehe, afters a long times..
roop: are jhanvi bhabis, hows are yous?
jhanvi: gud gud. u tell, how is ur days going?
roop: (acts to be sad): now whats lefts to say.. after my marriages with that clerk, i have been doomed.
jhanvi: he is not a clerk, roop.
dadi: roop, learn to respect ur husband. i am tired of telling u abt this.
roop: maa, when lifes makes u poors, u tends to forgets manners.
jhanvi: okay, roop. now stop all this. (points to see priyanka)
roop: oh my dolls, prinku..
priyanka: hello, bua. u are very much changed.
roop: oh my dolls. see hows she is givings copmelitins to her bua.
jhanvi: (confused) copmelitins?? oh u mean, compliments?

roop: yes, sames. my dolls has also becomes beautifuls.
priyanka: thank u bua. but i was saying that u look changed. like u have become more..
roop: more slims? now this poor womans doesn’t get to eats na, that’s why. it is my good luck that lookings slims is a rends now.
priyanka: u mean trend, right bua?
roop: yes, my dolls.. thats what i said ‘rends’.
priyanka: no bua its trend. t-r-e-n-d-.. trend?
roop: yes, rends.
priyanka: (sighs) let it be bua. anyways i was not calling u slim. u look fat to me. do the kids at ur place play football?
roop: nos. whys?
priyanka: u could then become handy to them, na.
roop (her eyes become widen): whats?? am i lookings like a footballs?
priyanka: yes, bua. (laughs)
pinky bursts into laugh. dadi and jhanvi looks shocked and laughs.
roop: what did u say? u have become quite ill- mannered staying in the usa. jhanvi bhabi, don’t u say anything to her?
jhanvi: (was laughing but stops doing so) yes, roop. u r right. prinku, come on say sorry.
priyanka hugs roop.

priyanka: i’m so sorry, bua. actually i badly wanted to crack this joke on someone. i saw u and u fell pray to my prank. i’m sorry. plz forgive me. (she holds her ears)
shivay and tej returns from office.
shivay: why are u holding ears, prinku?
tej: tell me who made u do that. he’ll be severely punished.
roop: now thats enoughs, bhaiya. ur daughter did such a job that she should be punished.
tej: why, roop? what did she do?
shivay by now comes to priyanka and frees her hands from her ears and asks her by sign language about all this.
priyanka: actually, papa. i just joked with bua and she got offended.
roop: so is that my fault? u will call be football and i won’t even react?
rudra and om enters.
omru: haww.. prinku called u football, bua?
roop: if not then am i lying? (she realized everyone was laughing at her) wah!! now all laughs at me.. what a family i have got !
priyanka: i’m sorry na bua. i will never repeat such mistake again.
rudra: btw om, if one speaks the truth should she apologize?
om: no. why should she apologize?

rudra: in that case, prinku. take back ur sorry. u spoke the truth only. no need to be sorry.
everyone laughs again. pinky laughs the hardest. roop gets angry at this.
roop: now i have had enough of it. tej bhaiya, jhanvi bhabi, u guys only made kids. if u cannot control them, how can the world call u parents? rudra’s act can be considered as bhabi doesn’t live with him. but priyanka is also getting out of hand. beware bhaiya. i am warning u.
shivay: bua. u don’t get offended. we were just joking, right om?
om: ji bua. (hits rudra by his head) say sorry, u duffer.
rudra: (goes near bua) bua.. u look absolutely stunning in this gorgeous silk sari. u look like katrina, bua. believe me. isn’t it prinku?
roop gets shy but fumes hearing priyanka.
priyanka: ji bua. rudra bhaiya is right. u are as young and as beautiful as i have seen u last time.
roop thinks that it is better to better not to exaggerate the matter as if she offends them they might not give her money.
roop: okay. if u all are trying to please me. i will not get angry. after all u all r like my kids only. (she is still angry at rudra and cannot even tolerate priyanka)
everyone goes to their room when roop leaves the mansion. dadi offered her to stay back and have dinner to which she agreed also. but then she had to leave urgently due a phn call which informed her abt water breaking into her house. tej says that he will immediately send help and roop gets happy hearing this. later on, prinyanka was passing through the hall and she gets a call in her phn. she picked up the call but no one replied. she goes to her room and gets a call from the same number. she picks up again.
priyanka: hello, who’s this?
caller: i love u, my jaan.
priyanka: what the heck are u speaking? who are u?
caller: what will u do by knowing my name, jaan. can’t u be satisfied with my voice?
priyanka: just tell me ur name and u will be into the jail.
caller: haw, attitude. i like it.

priyanka: look mister. u don’t know me. i’m..
caller: priyanka tej singh oberoi, daughter of the businessman, tej singh oberoi. isn’t it, jaan?
priyanka: (shocked) u just know my name. u don’t have any idea what i can do..
caller: u have a lot of powers so u will insult anyone?
priyanka: whom did i insult? what are u talking about?
caller: next time don’t even dare to insult anyone unnecessarily. otherwise, i can come over at ur place as well.
priyanka: hey, u. whom are u threatening? me? priyanka? for your kind information, priyanka is not scared of anyone.
caller: u silly girl, take my warning seriously. otherwise u don’t even know my name. u will not be able to do anything but i will ruin u. remember that.
priyanka: uuu..(call gets cut) how dare he cut the call on my face. if he troubles me next time, i will not leave him.
om-rudra comes to her room.
rudra: naughty girl, whom will u not leave? (smirking)
om: shut up, rudra. prinku, what happened? is everything alright?
om: yes, bhaiya. i’m a strong girl. nothing can ever go wrong with me.
shivay enters.
shivay: that’s like my younger sister. i’m so proud of u.
priyanka smiles and hugs her brothers. brothers feel strange.
shivay: what happened, prinku?
priyanka breaks the hug.
priyanka: i’m bored, bhaiya. u guys are busy.
shivay: who says that?
priyanka: i know it.

om: u r wrong. come let’s play chess.
priyanka and rudra together: CHESS?
shivay: its okay. we’ll play ball pool.
priyanka: bhaiya, i’m young. i don’t understand ball pool.
shivay: then..
priyanka: let’s play video game.
all agree. they head to the game room but rudra falls on the floor holding his stomach.
shivay: (tensed) what happened, rudra?
rudra: (growling) i’m hungry.
shivay: okay. come let’s make some food first, dramebaaz.
rudra goes jumping. the siblings head to the kitchen.

chutki and sahil were thinking about sth. bua enters the room.
bua: what happened? what r u thinking? (no response)(checks the temperature) are u sick? i hope u do not have a fever.
they jerk off.
bua: are, what happened? tell me at least?
sahil: there is a competition at our school.
chutki: and it is a cooking competition with siblings.
sahil: and none of us know cooking.
chutki: so we were wondering who will help us.
bua: when is the competition?
chutki: next week.
bua: i’ll teach u cooking in this time.
chutki and sahil together: NO..!! we don’t want to cook like u.
bua: but why?
sahil: because u r a horrible cook. (cups his mouth)
bua’s mouth is wide open.
chutki: bua he did not mean it.

sahil: (quickly) yes i did not.
bua: (angrily) u will not get food tonight.
chutki: but bua..
bua: u too..(and leaves the room)
chutki: what now, sahil.
sahil: i spoke the truth only.
chutki: no. u were rude.
sahil: even u showed tadi with didi this morning.
chutki: when?
sahil: before going to school.
chutki: forget abt didi and tell me what to eat tonight. i am already starving.
sahil: even my stomach is doing grr..grr..grr..
chutki: come let’s see what’s in the fridge.
sahil: let’s go.
anika was rushing to her room. she saw chutki and sahil in the corridor.
anika: where are u going, chutki?
chutki remains silent.
sahil: we are hungry, didi. we are going to the kitchen. what actually happened is…
anika: ok sahil. go have some food. i have some work. bye. (she leaves)
chutki and sahil also leave. at the living room, they see anika smiling and going out fully dressed in white. she was looking beautiful.
sahil: didi, u look amazing. r u going somewhere?
anika: yes, sahil. i’ll be late. okay, bye. (she leaves in a hurry keeping disappointed siblings at home.

at daksh’s party..
anika greets and wishes daksh. she gives her a gift. daksh’s friends misbehave with anika. she frees herself from there and go to daksh’s room as she was informed that daksh was there. she becomes devastated to see daksh with some other girl. she comes home crying. on the way she was almost run over by a truck. somehow she reached her home. chutki and sahil was still at the living room watching the tv.
sahil: di, that chudail is wearing different dress in this scene. she wore sth else in the previous scene.
chutki: really? i find it the same. its all white, na?
sahil: no, di watch carefully. that was off white and this is white.
chutki and sahil suddenly scream seeing a horror scene. just then anika enters in the long white dress which was blowing due to air. her hair was also messy. chutki and sahil scream more loudly seeing her. anika holds her ears and asks them to stop. they stop and ask anika about her messy state. she doesn’t tell them anything. she sits on a sofa and sees the movie going on.
anika: which movie is this?
chutki: we don’t know. we were hungry and bored. so we just played this one. we don’t know the name.
anika: u were hungry?
sahil: yes, didi. i told u in the corridor.. from then.
anika: but why didn’t u eat anything?
chutki: the fridge was empty.
anika: but why? it doesn’t remain empty, right?
chutki: today sahil got bua angry so she didn’t cook anything. she cleared the fridge and we are soo hungry right now.
sahil: yes, didi. see, my tummy is making noises..
they hear grr.. grr.. noise quite loudly.
sahil and chutki faces each other and then anika.
sahil: didi, didn’t u have ur dinner?
anika: no. i didn’t.
sahil: now we all have to sleep hungry, right?
anika: no. let’s order sth.

chutki: its 11:00, didi. who will deliver food now?
sahil: hmm.. that’s true.
anika gets up from the sofa and went to her room.
sahil: why did didi go?
chutki: to sleep, of course.
sahil: so, we’ll sleep like this? in empty stomach?
chutki: we don’t have any other option.
sahil: let’s finish this movie?
chutki: okay.

anika changes and stands by the window. she checks her phn. there was no message or call from daksh. she was also expecting shivay’s call but even he didn’t call. she looks outside the window and realizes her hunger. she remembers her conversation with shivay..
“anika: she said that u didn’t speak with her for last two weeks. that’s not fair.
shivay: i told you that my sister has returned from USA. so i was busy with her.”
she tries to remember when she last time gave time to her family. she reminisces the birth of sahil.
anika’s father: (playing with baby sahil) olee, my baby. u r my baby. i will never leave u, my baby.
anika’s mother: now enough of this. give me my baby.
anika’s father: just a minute more.
anika’s mother: look, anika. how ur father forgot us after holding his baby.
anika: yes, mom. the baby is so adorable. what will we name him?
chutki: mom said we’ll name him sohel.
anika’s mother: not sohel, beta. sahil.
anika: that’s a nice name. right, dad?
anika’s father: (still playing with sahil in his lap) yesh.. shuch a cute name it ij. isn’t it, baby? yesh.. ur name will be sahil. understand? S-A-H-I-L.(u know, when adults speak with the kids.. they make weird pronunciation. the previous dialogue was one like that) just then sahil pees on his lap. everyone laugh including baby sahil.
*flashback ends*
anika smiles. her eyes become teary remembering her parents and their happy family. suddenly, she remembers that her siblings are hungry. she goes to them. in the living room she sees, chutki and sahil are watching the tv and almost falling asleep. but their hunger keeps them awake.
sahil: uff, di. i can’t take it anymore. i’m extremely hungry.
chutki: go drink some water.
anika: both of are hungry?
sahil (loudly) and chutki (slowly) together: extremely..
anika: come we’ll make sth.
sahil: (with big big eyes) u know cooking??
chutki by now understands what are they talking abt. even she asks
chutki: didi, u cook?
anika: i did not cook for a long time. but let’s see if i can reduce this hunger or not.
chutki and sahil looks and each other with surprise and go behind anika who was heading towards the kitchen.

in the kitchen, the siblings have a great time. neither of chutki or sahil knew that anika is an excellent cook. she makes chowmein for sahil, sandwich for chutki and halwa for herself. while they were enjoying their meal (sahil sitting on the cooking station, chutki and anika sitting on chair) they gossiped about sahil’s birth. all of them missed their parents. sahil asked anika abt their parents death. she became emotional and couldn’t tell sahil about that incident. later on, sahil was afraid of sleeping alone as he saw horror movie. so he slept with chutki. anika dropped them to chutki’s room and instructed them to call her if they needed. they slept on their beds.. free from hunger. after a long time, anika felt different kind of peace while sleeping. even chutki was surprised to see this shade of anika’s nature and slept thinking abt her.

precap: anika anika and only anika. no omru, no prinku only anika and shivay. 😀 is

my next episode will be for shivika and the shock will be soon revealed(after 2 more episodes or so). i’m sorry as there were no scene of the leads today. plz share ur views about the ff.

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