I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 5


hey guys here is the next part so enjoy.

swara leaves from the room.lucky looks at her helplessly.sanskar grinned.
lucky:she is angry just today kavya is returning and u make her angry….just great
sanskar:lucky we are getting late.chalo
lucky making faces:haan chalo.
they leaves.
swara comes out and hugs dado.
swara:gd morning dado and kissed on his cheek.dado kissed on her cheek.
dado:gd morning bacha.
dadi pouting:u too forgot me.dado and swara goes and hug her.
both:how can we?
swara:okay i am leaving for collage.
dadi:but breakfast.swara’s face expression changes.
swra:i am not hungry dadi.dadi opens her mouth to say something but dado sign her to stay quite.in meantime sanskar and lucky comes there.seeing lucky swara twitched her nose and goes from there.dado hold lucky’s ear.
dado:u fight with her?
lucky:aa! no…this time mistake is her.dado twist his ear.
lucky:fine…fine mistake was mine happy…dado leaves his ear and pushes.
dado:go after her…sanskar and lucky leaves.
lucky mumbles:always i have to say sory.
sanskar flatly:u twisted her arm.
lucky irritated:she read my diary
sanskar shrugg:she said sory.lucky made faces.they all sit in car.lucky tried to talk with her but she didn’t paid attension.sanskar was somewhere happy but he didn’t show it.after reaching to collage swara quickly get off from car and was going.
lucky runs and hold her hand.
lucky pouting:swara i am sory.plzzz.swara nodded in negative.
lucky mischeviously:okay then fine i have an other idea.he start tickling her.
swara:hahahaha…lucky stop it…hahahaha
lucky:say u are not angry with me.
swara:hahahaha okay fine i am…haha..angry…leave me lucky leaves her immediately.swara hit him with book playfully/
swara:u twisted my arm.lucky holds ears and said sory.swara smiles.and they goes from there sanskar was fuming in anger.
swara hug kavya and said:how are u?
kavya:i’m fine how are u?
swara:i am fine
kavy:hey lucky.but lucky was staring her she was wearing blue and white shalwar kameez.swara giggle.sanskar was looking at her and he smile a little unseen one.
kavy waves her hands in front of him.
kavya:lucyyyy.he comes into senses.
kavy:are u okay? where are u lost?
lucky embarrased:nothing i am fine.swara was still giggling.lucky give her death glare.
kavy looked at sanskar and said:who is he?
sanskar forwading his hand and said:i’m sanskar maheshwari.swara and lucky’s cousin.
kavya shake her hand:ohhh hello.
kavya:okay i have some work in library.i will go now.swara nodded.after her leave lucky was again staring her.swara hit him on head.
swara:why don’t u ask her for prom party?
lucky mimic her.swara put her hand on waist.
swara in thearatning voice:do that again.lucky’s eye widened.sanskar chuckle
lucky loudly:sanskar i have some work come with me plzzz.and he dragged sanskar with him.
swara fumed in anger:idiot monkey and goes towared her class.
after sometime kavya come there and sit with swara.she was holding red roses.swara smiles.
swara teasing:how many boys asked u for prom.
kavya sad:five but he didn;t asked till now after one day.there is prom party.
swara teasing:whoooo????
kavya fumbles:no…no..one.swara chuckles and meantime sanskar and lucky comes there.kavya was throwing daggers at lucky.and he was looking at her hands.
lucky in mind:who the hall asked her for prom.how dare they?
sanskar with teasing smile:she is very famous.just today she got so many flowers.
lucky closes his fist in anger.he goes there in swift moment.
lucky angry:swara i need to talk with u and without listening her dragg her with him.
swara:but..but…my class.sanskar smiles vanished.
lucky:how many boys asked her for prom.
swara grinning:fiveeee.lucky closes his fist.
lucky:go ask for names.swara’s eye widened.
swara:whyyyy.lucky looked at her with burning eyes.
lucky:i’m going to break their bones.swara shook her head.
swara:are u out of your mind.i told u to ask her.she is waiting for you and here uuu….u are such an idiot.lucky’s anger vanished
lucky excited:she is waiting for mee???
swara:haan….when will u ask her.when she will say yess to someone.
lucky:i’m going yo ask her now.and leaves from there with wide smile.swara chuckle and goes after him.she sit with kavya again.in meantime peon come there.
peon loudly:today professor didn’t come so lecture is free.all cheered up loudly.swara mke face.
they were leaving from the class when a handsome and well toned boy came there.swara hit her knee in lucky’s stomach.
swara whisper:look one more boy came to ask from kavya.lucky give her death glare.
boy:hey guys what’s up?
all:hey nick.nick look at swara from top to bottom.she was wearing light blue tshirt and black jeans and looking very cute with pony tail.
nick forwading red flower:swara will u like to come with me at prom.swara’s eye widened.sanskar closes his fist in jealousy.kavya and lucky look at each other.
swara taking flower nervously:nick…i’m sory but i am not coming.i hope u understand.she said with tight smile.a relief came on sanskar’s face.
nick:oh come on swara.its our last year.u will enjoy.swara open her mouth to say something but kavya cut her
kavya quickly:nick swara will answer u tomorrow.swara look at kavya with shock
nick looking at swara:i hope it will be yes. after that he leaves from there.swara turn kavya towared her.
swara:u know i don’t like parties.still u…
kavya pleading:swara plz its our last year plzzz plz.
swara:kavya…but again kavya cut her.
kavya threatening:if u didn’t come i will also not come.she goes from there angrily.
swara:kavya listen……ughhh!!!. she looked at lucky who was staring at her.
swara confused:what??
lucky:plz plz swara come at party…u will not come…she will not come….then what will i do? plz swara.
swara frustrated:lucky stop it naaa.lucky bends down to touch her feets.swara jumps from her place.
swara with wide eyes:what are u doing?she hit him with book.
lucky with puppy eyes:plz swara i am touching your feet.swara hit book on her face.
swara:fine.lucky gets happy and sanskar looks at both angry.swara’s face was like she will cry at any moment.lucky hug her.
lucky:u are my best friend.swara make faces.swara breaks hug and looks at nick.
swara:lucky do u really think i should go with nick…he is very arrogant ….and number one flirt she quickly added seeing that he hug a girl who came to ask him for prom.swara turns making faces.lucky was not there and for her shock sanskar was standing there looking at her with burning eye.
swara confused:where is lucky? she looked around and there he was runninf after kavya.swara shook her head.
sanskar in firm voice:u are not going with nick.swara looked at him with wide eyes.
swara shrugg:i have no other option she again turned to look at nick.who was hugging another girl.sanskar followed her gaze.and his body stiffened.he quickly grabs swara arm and turns her.
swara protesting:sanskar???
sanskar in angry voice:i said u will not go with him.
swara:sanskar leave me….what’s your problem.its my choice na.sanskar looked at her then leaves from there angrily

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