I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 4

hello guys i am seher zaimal’s elder sister.i am 10 years elder then her she is 16 soooo i am 26.actually bed news is…….zaimal met with a accident yesterday and her right hand is fractured and she has wounds in different parts of her body and doc has strictly advised her no to do any work from her right hand for one and a half month otherwise pain and shivering will always remain in her right hand full life. sooo i am very sory to say that she will not be able to upload for a long time.i am telling this to all of u because yesterday u all request her so much to continue so she request me to share it with all of u so that all of u should not feel bad that zaimal didn’t notice their request.right now she is lying infront of me giving me her cute cute smile u know she has dimple on her right cheek.anyway pray for her guys and i promise when ever she will get recover the first thing she will do…… will be uploading a longggggg part.so don’t feel bad.thank u for supporting her yesterday sooo much.and i am writing a little story from her side.AND SHE HAS MADE SOME CHANGES THAT SWARA IS NOT SUMI’S AND SHEKHA’S OWN CHILD.SHE WAS FOUND LYING INFRONT OF THEIR HOUSE DOOR ONE NIGHT AND SECRET WILL BE REVEALED AFTER SOME EPISODES AND SWARA,RAGINI,SANSKAR AND LUCKY DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT YET.ONLY ELDERS KNOWS THIS.SOOO I HOPE BROTHER AND SISTER PROBLEM IS SOLVED.

swara was again sitting in the library and reading novel at 12 at night and suddenly sanskar sit beside her.swara didn’t notice it.sanskar looked at her and stare her for some mins.due to his intense glare she looked at him and get shock.and her heart start beating fast.
swara give him a smile and start reading again.
swara in mind:again….and shook her head.
sanskar:will u give me another novel…
swara:uh…mmm…sanskar i think u should pic something of your choice.sanskar nodded and stands up from seat and goes towared suspense section.
swara picks her coffee cup and start reading and drinking together suddenly sanskar put alot of books on table with a thud.swara jumps from her place and looked towared a lot of books and then sanskar questionaly.
swara confused:are u going this much books today.
sanksar grinned:hmmm…
swara mumbled:weird start reading novel.sanskar chuckles and said:cute and pic one book and start reading sitting beside swara.after 10 mins
swara:hmm? still reading
sanskar a bit loud:swaraaa…
swara irritated:haaan and looked at him.
sanskar:nothing.swara narrowed her eyes but said nothing and again start reading.
sanskar in mind:u tortured me very much in collage by spending whole time with lucky now my turn..and grinned

after 10 min
sanskar:swara…no response
swara bites her lower lip and give him death glare and said:what
swara’s face was like ‘O’
swara mumbled:hy bhagwan….sanskar grinned.
after 10 mins
sanskar:swara….swara didn’t hear anything she was totally immense in novel it was peak point of story
sanskar:swaraaa…swara get frightened with his loud voice but then looked at him
sanskar grinning:nothing and swara fumed in anger she closes her book and start beating him with her book.
sanskar laughing:why are u doing this?
swara angrily:nothing sanskar laughed loudly.
swara:u idiot,monkey,stupid
sanskar:okay okay i am sorry…
swara:u spoiled my mood of reading.and again hit him.they fight for some time and after that both were laughing together.swara was in sanskar arms and laughing very much.suddenly swara realize her position and tried to move away but sanskar pull her back and hold her from waist
sanskar in husky tone:stay….and closes his eyes holding her tight
swara was numb at his behaviour but stay in that poistion and she closes her eyes too and sagged in his body.sanskar’s tightined his grip on her.
after some min
swara:sanskar….no response
swara:sanskar and looked at him.he was sleeping peacefully.swara smiled looking at him
swara in mind:what is he doing to me? and tried to free herself and sanskar wake up.
swara:vo i was just going to room (looking here and there)
sanskar doesn’t say anything and leaves from there without looking at her.swara was just standing there looking at the door from where he leaved.
she get sad at his chaged behaviour and goes for sleep.

swara gets ready and come outside the room and walks towared lucky room she knocks on the door and for her shock lucky opens the door with smile and he was ready for collage.
swara:u a-r-e r-e-a-d-y?
lucky grinned and said:yess my dear and slightly pinched her on cheek.swara presses her cheek and give him death glare.
lucky:go ask ragini to come we are coming.she ordered me t yesterday to inform her before leaving.swara nodded and goes towared ragini room that was just opposite to lucky’s room
swara entered the room and call her but room was empty she looked here and there for her but suddenly a girl come out from washroom.swara looked at her and get heart attack she yelled with full strength
swara:aaaaaaaaa!!!…………..and runned towared lucky room.sanskar and lucky looked at her.she was still yelling and panicking.they both come towared her worriedly.
sanskar worriedly:what happened swara
swara panick:thetre is witch in ragini’s room.lucky’s face turn white
swara:luckty we have to save our sister.
lucky:i am not coming u go save her.
swara with wide eye:lucky have some shame and pushed him towared door.
lucky:why are u after my life (protesting)
swara firmly:gooo
lucky:what will i get in rewared
swara quickly without thinking:i will ask kavy to be your girlfriend.
lucky in shock:whyyyy
swara:u have a crash on her na.lucky turned towared swara with 360 angle.
lucky:how do u know.
swara stammer:vo…main vo and without replying run from there and hide behind sanskar.sanskar who chuckling at her comedy get serious in one sec.

lucky angrily:swaraaa.
swara peek through sanskar shoulder and said:vo lucky i read your diary and hold sanskar shirt tightly.
lucky yelled:what…and run after her.they both runned in whole house.
lucky:that was my personal stuff/
swara laughing:u should have told me i would have requested her.
lucky angrily:i will also read your diary.
swara:oh thank god i don’t write diary.
lucky:i will tell dad about all your secret which i know.
swara stacking her tounge to him:u don’t know any secret of my.
lucky grinned mischeviously and said:really u forgot about BR.swara eye widened and she runned towared lucky.
swara:don’t u dare.lucky hold her arm and twist it behind her back
lucky:caught u…
swara:aaaa!! lucky leave me its paining.sanskar looked worried but doesn’t said anything.
lucky:will u read my dairy again…
swara nodded in yess.lucky twist her arm more.
swara:aa!! okay fine i will not now leave me.
lucky leave her with wide smile.
swara:idiot….and presses her arm and the door open with a jerk and ragini came in.she looked angrily towared swara.
ragini:swara u give me ear bleeding.
swara innocently:how?? and where is that witch?
ragini with thinking:she was ME..all laughed loudly
ragini realising:i mean there was facepeck on my face and she yelled so loudly.swara was red due to laughing.
swara:sorry di…ragini angrily goes from there.
lucky:like seriously swara…
swara:i am not talking to u…and goes out angrily.lucky scraches her head.
sanskar in mind:thank god they have fight that’s mean she will be for alone sometime.

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