I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 3


swara struggle:sanskar leave me
sanskar with mischevious smile:from whom u were hiding
swara:u….hmmm…i mean u were in washroom na? and struggled hard and gets up
sanskar get annoyed at her act and also gets up and said:lucky is in washroom.in meantime lucky came from washroom.
lucky with wide smile:swara see i got ready early.
swara:mericle….i am going come fast.
lucky:wait today sanskar is also coming with us
swara stopped in her walk and said:whyyyy……
sanskar smile a little.
lucky irritated:what do u mean by why he has to complete his studies also.so he is coming to get admission.swara nodded and goes from there.
they all were leaving when dadi stop them

dadi:all of u take breakfast then go to collage.
swara protest:dadi we are getting late…
lucky quickly sit on chair and said:swara today first period is free
swara:ughhh!!!! sanskar aslo sit with lucky.swara also sit with sanskar unknowingly.in meantime dado came.
swara:good morning handsome.
dado smile:good morning.today mericles is happening swara is doing breakfast.lucky is woke up early and luaghed.lucky and swara make faces.
and same time shekhar and sumi came and joined for breakfast.
swara:good morning dad….good morning mom.
shekhar just nodded
sumi without any expression:morning.swara get sad.sanskar looked at her but said nothing.dadi and dado shook their head at their act.

in meantime ragini came and vished everyone good morning.and for shock shekhar and sumi replied with smile.swara eyes turned teary but she covered it well.
ragini:sanskar u are also going collage.sanskar nodded
swara stands up and said:i am done
lucky and sanskar also stand up
swara hug dado and dadi and goes out.
sanskar:lucky if u don’t mind can i drive
lucky shrugg:sure and by the way it is not my car.
sanskar looks at him questionaly
lucky:swara but she is not allowed to drive before 18 birthday.and laughed
swara looks at him angrily and mumbled:all because of dado.sanskar in mind:she is kid and sit on driving seat.lucky sits beside and swara sit at back seat.
but before they can start ragini sits with swara.all looked at her in surprize.
ragini:what…can’t i go collage.
lucky giggling:we have no problem but all of sudden and then look at sanskar and said:samajh gia….ragini shrug
they all reach collage.(thay all are in same class)
lucky:sanskar if u don’t mind i can show u principal office.
both went from there and swaragini went for their classes but in between lecture principal came all stands up.
principal:gd morning students
all:gd moorning sir
principal:i have good news for all of u.there is prom party next week.all cheer up.
principal:and a new student is joining your class.sanskar enters the class.
principal:he is sanskar maheswari your new class mate he came from london i hope all of u will gve a good impression about our collage.all gigglesswara bites her lower lip.
swara in mind:good impression and this jungli class impossible.she was sitting in middle row at second bench.
principal:sanskar carry on.
sanskar:thank u sir.principal goes from there.
professor:sanskar sit.sanskar passed out ragini whop was sitting at first bench and sit with swara.
swara in mind:not now
ragini in mind:why he didn’t sit with me.

after lecture
ragini:sanskar let’s go to canteen.
sanskar:swara are coming
swara:uh…hm..i am going library
sanskar narrowed his eyes buit turns his face and said:ragini let’s go.they both went to cantee
swara goes towared library.
she made notice when she hear bell for second lecture.
swara:offo….she take all notes quickly and runs yowared class and bump with sanskar.
sanskar:can’t u walk properly.
swara:i am sory and sits down to pick things.sanskar also sits to pick things.in this process they hands touched each other they both look at each other.they have a eye lock.but soon compose each other and went for class.
swara went towared lucky and looked at him with narrowed eye.
swara:why didn’t attened pro.varad class.
lucky:ohh that is a very boring class so….
swara hit book on his head and sits with him.
swara:for your kind information result is coming soon so start reading otherwise dad will not allow u to drive car.
lucky:not worry u are here to make notes for me.
swara:shut up!! sanskar feels jealouse.

i am sorry guys i am causing religious problem but will u plz answer my one question but u all have to answer this after alot of thinking okay and plz don’t get angry.
two childern born from different parents genes are different everythings are different if they will treated as real brother and sister will they become real brother and sister?
answer this question thinking alot.in my both fanfiction ‘i don’t beleive in LOVE’ and in ‘love is beautiful emotion’ the same problem is occuring i am very disheartened about this. my parents are also cousin and they have arrange marriage.they never said anything like this.when i asked about this they replied that “IF GOD WANTED THEM TO BE BROTHER AND SISTER THEN HE WOULD HAVE MAKE THEM BORN FROM SAME PARENTS NOT FROM DIFFERENT PARENTS” guys i don’t want any fight so i am ending my fanfic in two to three episodes.

Credit to: zaimal

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  1. Plz don’t end your ffs u just change characters realigen as Islam then go aherd with your story is se kisi ko koi problem bhi nahi ho gi its my pov

  2. nice..and by the away don’t worry about cousins getting married….my parents are also cousins…so…its allowed in some religions but not all….plzz don’t end this ff and love is beautifull emotion…they are too good…I love them both…plzzz

  3. Plzz yr dnt end it dear ur both ff are awesome nd special plzz dnt end dear

  4. Hey i just wanna say rhat cousins are also have brother and sister bond
    We cant assume our cousins as our husband or anything cuz they r bros
    In hindu religion in a marriage cousins
    Also have to participate in rituals
    We tie our cousins rakhi

  5. i love reading ur ffs..plz dont end dis..

  6. Hey pls dont end ur ff yaar.. ur ff is awesome and i love it very much …

  7. zaimal pls yaar dnt end dis ff…..in hindus its not possible so that only all said dat dr….pls dnt take it seriously….pls dnt end both d ff….pls pls i request u

  8. Hi zaimal.. I read ur ff without fail..

    No offense from my side.. But I want u to read my explanation n understand..

    I would like to tell u one thing , in LIBE(Love is beautuful emotion)FF it’s possible for cousin to get married..coz ap is swara’s maasi.. N their husbands r different… So it’s definitely possible..

    But in this ff the swasan’s father are brothers so it’s totally wrong to pair up.. In Islam too its not possible.. Coz DP n shekar are from single father.. So ofcourse their relation changes..Hope u understand…

    I’m again saying,no offence from me… Its my opinion.. It’s not just my opinion .. I’m sure abt all the stuff I told..

    Pls don’t take it wrong. U do continue. I really love to read ur ff.. I dont comment on any ff.. But seeing all complaining abt this religious stuff,I really got little angry.. But u could see the love, the readers have for u.. They want u to continue.. Hope u write more.. I’m waiting..

  9. I am a great fan of ur both ff pls don’t end this

  10. Yaar i luv ur ff . Even i have no problem whelter they are cousins or not. I m happy that it is swasan ff.
    But i have an idea if u don’t mind . Make there parents bff which stays together !

  11. Hey they are not real brother and sister so their is no problem plzzz update next one soon or off is awesome

  12. Now they must be having bro and sis relationship…right?

  13. Some Genes of father passes on to their children. So like this cousins have some same genes. So we treat them as bro or sis. So our upbringing is also made like we are brothers and sisters and we do all duties of brothers and sisters towards each other.

  14. Plzzzzz don’t end yaar its awesome

  15. U write ur ff don’t bother about other

  16. plz don’t end its really nice plz continue we don’t have prob….swasan rocks……

  17. Plzzzz write it’s really nice

  18. Plzzz year write they r not real bro and sis in Muslim they can marry so what the prob first of all it’s a story only

  19. Plzzz write yaar

  20. Hey zaimal its story only ya change their character as muslim BT name same swara San BT plzzzz write yaar

  21. Zaimal firstly it is not reality and secondly cousions even step brother and sisters can marry in Islam?

  22. ur story is good. i don’t know about others but in my opinion there is nothing wrong. i like it. in my family there r 2 cases in which they married to their cousins.

  23. Another reason for not marrying cousin is their children will become handicapped or their children will be having mental problems. It is also medically proven.

    1. M not opposing ur story line. But just saying my opinion.
      And about writing, its fab

  24. Sha I am sorry to say but in Muslims we can marry with our father s brother son too i muslim and sure about this so plz dont miss gead other its a reaquest

  25. Yaar.. No problem… I love reading ur ffs… Pls don’t end it… U r the writer. U r free to decide the story line. I don’t want to hurt anyone. But as a writer I can understand ur feelings. The story must move forward according to your imagination. Then only you can bring out the best of you… Of course suggestions from the readers must be taken into consideration. But don’t do anything that will completely change the plot which you have decided. Keep going dear..

  26. Yaar write plzzz I really like ur ff u r writing ur ff why u r bothering about other be confident on urself

  27. Plzzzz yaar don’t stop we r waiting for nxt episode

  28. Plzzz write yaar

  29. I really like your ff I don’t know y people have problems with it. I also read your another ff ‘love is a beautiful emotion’ nd it’s really awsum. I’m sorry I don’t comment but seriously I love your ff? please don’t end it?

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