I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 2

swara was reading a novel and bitting her nails it was about 1:00 and she was sitting in library.her grandfather had great interest in reading books and she get inherited that so she had also great interest in books especialy romantic novels.they had a big library in their house where she can read for hours.and she always get submerged in books.and when hero was about to perpose his lady love.light went off.
swatra irritated:what happened to this light.suddenly she hears some footsteps.
swara stands up straight and mumbled:who came in library at this time.no one come in library except me and dadoo.the footsteps wee coming close.they stopped right infront of her.it was so dark she was not able to see anything.her heart was racing fast.
her was shouting THIEF THIEF!!!
she wanted to shout but only a slow whisper comes out from her mouth due to fear
swara:thieffffff!.but in response she only feels hand around her waist.and the one who ever he was pulled her close to his chest.
swara get shock and thinks:thief is romancing with me.

THIEF pulls a lighter from his pocket and lights it infront of her face.
swara whispers:sanskar!!! he looks at her face all around nd tightens his grip on her waist.they share a eye lock.
swara thinks:there is soo much pain in his eyes.in meantime lights comes.he was still holding her tight.
swara confused:uh…mm…sanskar

sanskar comes to his senses and leaves her.
sanskar:what are u doing here.
swara:i..i..was reading.what are u doing here.
sanskar:i was getting bore just come here to get something to eat.
swara mumbled:today is not seeing some dirty movie.
sanskar grinned and said:no…lucky slept early.
swara face turns red and thinks:he heared that.
sanskar:will u give me something to read.
swara:which type of books u read.
sanskar uncaringly:suspense.
swara’s eye widened and shook her head and mumbled:suites u.
sanskar looks at her with exprssion that ‘i heared that’
swara turns quickly and picks some book and give him and sits on sofe again.sanskar instead of going sits beside her.swara looks at her in confusion.

sanskar:what?i can’t sit here?
swara:noth..nothing like that.and start reading novel but all her interest got vanished.she was feeling that he is seeing her continiously but when ever she looked at him.he was reading novel.
swara yawned and gets up from sofa.sanskar looks at her.
swara:vo..i am feeling sleepy.
sanskar in flat tone:sit for some time.we will go together.swara’s heart beat increased at his sentnce.she just nodded and sit beside him again.
but he was continiously reading and it stuck 1:30.that was enough for her and she put her head on his shoulder in sleep.sanskar looked at her and smiles.he slide his hand around her waist and pull her close in his embrace.swara wrap her arms around his waist.sanskar keep her novel on side table and slide her hairs around her ear.he was staring her continiously.
sanskar in mind: she looks so innocent in sleep and planted a fairytale kiss on her forehead.swara smiled in sleep.sanskae also slept looking at her face

AT 3;00
swara wakes up and looks around to see.her eyes got widened looking at sanskar.his hand was around her waist.she tried to remove it but his grip get more tight.she struggled more and finally she removed his hand.she sliently stands infront of him and looks at his face and then goes from there.
swara thinking:why didn;t he wake me up? and sleeps thinking about this.
sanskar also wakes up after sometime and got restless when he didn’t found her.he hurriedly stands up and goes to her room.he take deep breath when sees her sleeping on her bed peacefully.and goes for sleep.
swara wakes up in the morning and get ready and was standing infront of lucky’s room.
swara:should i go?lucky will be sleepig.i have to wake him up she lied some stress on door but door get open.
swara:ohh door is open.she looked around and sees at lucky.and as useual he was sleeping covering himself from head to toe and she heared voice of water falling.
swara mumbled:i think sanskar is taking bath.i will woke up lucky quickly and goes outside.nice idea.she sliently goes near lucky and shook his shoulder.
swara:lucky…wake up and again shook and looks back at washroom.and then turns towared lucky.
swara:wake up u idiot.he will come out from washroom and looks back again but for her shock.he pulled her from shoulder and swara falls down on him.
swara:what the….and looks at him and she get shock.

guys lets clear some confusion.swara and sanskar are not brother and sister,sanskar is dp and ap son and swara is shekhar and shermishta’s daughter.
dp and ap are elder then shekhar and sumi there she called them as badapapa and badimaa.and shekhar and dp are real brothers and in my family nothing is wronge if son of big brother get married to daughter of little brother.i hope i am clear and i don’t any religious problem its just a story

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  1. interesting.this ep was superb.plz post next asap.

  2. Sorry to say this. But in hindus children of brithers don’t get married and it is insult to relationship of brother and sister. During marriages of each one also children of do the rituals and duties of brother and sister towards each other.
    I don’t know about other religion. But in hindus marriage of children of two brothers is just disrespecting relationship.
    Please change their relationship or religion.
    And I respect all religion and their rituals and expect same from others also.

  3. in south india children of brother and sister can marry each other…I mean let ap be the sister of shekhar or sumi sister of dp…they sanskar and swara can marry as thy are uncle and aunts children……

  4. Hey..! Why do u think so Reader..! Its just a story ….dint mix fiction with reality..coz its just writers thoughts what he puts down…! Well u itself can imagine tym as of sm other religion….! Well their names are given so,as it would b ezy 4 us 2 imagine..!

    1. Hey sameera sorry if I have hurted you or anyone else. But when we read a story we imagine them and live in that world while reading to enjoy those characters and story. I thought that pairing of children of two brothers i.e brothers and sister relationship is not good.
      Sorry if I was rude

      1. I also ahree with reader

      2. Thanks shagun.

  5. And comin 2 story…!! It was fantastic…
    Plz maintain this length….u can make it more longer if u want…
    Loved it??

  6. Gr8 part.
    Can u give me the link of previous part

  7. It’s good

  8. Guys I’m hindu, but I’m from the south and it’s true u can be in a relationship with ur second cousin….. In fact my parents are SECOND cousins and they had a love marriage……… It’s a true fact guys…….

  9. So it’s not an insult to any relationships…………so calm down

    1. Hey mishi m too from south.
      And I just suggested and told about the rituals which we follow.
      M sorry if you felt bad

      1. Right how could Anna and thangai get married .

      2. Thanks janani. Atleast there are some people who also think like me. I thought only I think like that.

  10. I cannot upload my fanfiction.

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