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swara comes out from washroom rubbing her wet hairs and humming songs.sanskar back hug her her.swara looked at him and smile.
swara:ready for first day in companey.
sanskar:yeah.swara turns around and giggles.
swara:aacha.then why these collars are up.sanskar looked at his reflection and frowned.swara put her collars down.
swara:u are looking so handsome and pulled his cheeks.sanskar hold her from waist gently.swara put hands around his neck

sanskar:u don’t leave a chance to flirt with me.swara giggles.
swara:u know i was thinking that if i will not filrt with u.u will get bore from me.so i keep on entertaining u.
sanskar:hmmm…so what should i do to keep u entertain? and comes close to her face.swara blushed.
swara pushes him gently and said:u are getting late.its not gd to be late at first day.
sanskar making faces and leaves from there.swara smiles.

swara hiding her smile:oye monkey nervous? lucky slid his hands from his hairs.his face was like he will puke at any time.
lucky:black woman don’t tease me.i am very tensed. swara twitched her nose and hit him on shoulder.
lucky:aah! and gives her death glare.
swara grinning:u know if u did any mistake in office dad will kill u.lucky gulped hard.
suddenly shekhar comes there and hold swara from shoulder.

shekhar whisper:teasing your brother haan? swara giggled and wink at him.
shekhar in strict voice (acting): lucky ready for office.lucky noded vigorously.
lucky:yess dad i mean sir….i mean…..
shekhar and swara burst out in laughing
lucky loudly:mommmm!….see your hubby and daughter are teasing me. sumi came there and glares at shekhar and sumi.
sumi:why u both are teasing my son. and caressed lucky’s hair.
sumi in serious tone:lucky beta are u going to puke.plz beta i love this dress use washroom.
swara and shekhar looked at sumi and then whole hall echoed with trio’s (sumi,shekhar and swara) laugh.

lucky was looking at them with open mouth.trio keep on teasing him
dadu and dadi were looking at them from far distance.dadi wiped her corner of eyes.
dadi:i am so happy today.sanskar came there and looked at their perfect family and smiled.
dadu looked at him and said:this is all because of u sanskar.thank u.
sanskar shooking his head:dadu this is beacuse u make us married and their fare of lossing her vanished.
dadu:thank u…thank u i know i am very intelligent.
dadi and sanskar laugh at his self praise.trio went toward them
dadi:stop teasing my grandson.

lucky side hug dadi and said:thank u dadi.
shekhar:maa we were just pulling his leg.
lucky make faces.
dadu:let’s go for breakfast.they all left.
sanskar hold swara hand and whisper in her ear:stop teasing lucky.look at his face.
swara giggles:i was not teasing him i was just diverting his mind.look he so relaxed now.sanskar looked at lucky and smiles.
sumi and dadi was pampering him a lot.

swara patting herself:bachpan sa and goes from there laughing
sanskar chuckles and went after her.

swara packed sanskar cheek and said:all the best.
sanskar kissed her forehead and said:thank u and call me after every half an hour.
swara making faces:sanskar tell me one thing, are u really this much possessive or something is bothering u about me.u didn’t leave me alone for a sec in this week.
it was not like this before.
swra was looking in his eyes deeply trying to find the answer but sanskar pull her more close.
sanskar in husky voice:because my wife is very beautifull.i don’t want to leave her for a sec.
swara was not convinced from his answer.whenever she was alone he came there running and panting heavily as he was afraid of something.he was worried for something and she can easily see that in his eyes.
swara cup his left cheek and said:sanskar is there something u should tell me.
a shadow passed from his face but sanskar composed himself quickly.
sanskar in his mind:i’m sory swara but i can’t see u spend your every sec in fear that there is some one in house who is trying to harm u.

sanskar:if there is something.i will tell u when i feel i should.don’t u trust me.
swara:i trust u sanskar now go.and pushes him toward their room door.
sanskar:arra but…
swara:u came here to pick your phn na.
sanskar:haan but…he quickly turns and hold her and said in serious tone:u will call me after every hour and if u didn’t then i will come home and then u will get punishment.
he bend and peck her lips.swara turned cherry red understanding his meaning.
swara blushing:sanskar jao! and pushed him outside and close door at his face.sanskar chuckles.
sanskar mumbling:now u will call me after every 15 min.and leaves from there.

swara on phn angrily:sanskar don’t u dare u come home before proper time.
sanskar:why i completeed my work na.
swara:what will dad and badapapa will think.u will come with them and its final
sanskar irritated:fine…fine and u was saying i don’t listen to u.u are the one who never listen to me.
swara smiling:gd boy and byee
sanskar shocked:what byeeee? listen but swara cut the call and giggles.
sanskar:ugggh…this girl is crazy.
at that time sumi came there and said:swara we are going for dinner at my friend.u want to join us.
swara confused:we?
sumi smiling:me,ap,dadi,dadu and ragini
swara:why dadu and dadi?
sumi smiling:they are family friends.

swara:oh okay.but mom u know na i don’t like parties.
sumi patted her cheeks and said:as u wish take care.we will come after some time.
swara smiled and both left.after every one’s leave swara came in library with cup of coffee and start reading book.

swara was totally engrossed in book suddenly light went off.swara sighed.
swara:what’s the problem with this light? whenever i start reading it went off.she picked up her phone and on the torch of the phn.she get up and start walking outside suddenly someone pushed her and she fall down and mbl escaped from her hands.she felt pain in corner of her forehead.she gets up her heart was beating fast with unknown fear.she tried to escape from room but someone hold her tightly from arms and her one arm was twisted at her back.swara’e eyes get filled with tears.
swara scared:who…who is this….leave me plz.
person whisper:not so easily.swara’s break straightened.
swara shocked:di??

ragini smirking:oh u gussed.great then it will be easy for me.
swara sturggling:di leave me.what are u doing here.u went with mom na?
ragini:yeah but i creturned to complete my work.
swara confused:what work?

ragini:work which remained undone on your birthday.remember? ragini pull out a pistol from her back and put it on swara head.swara went numb her whole body frozed when she understand her meaning
swara:u ordered cake with eggs?
ragini laughed loudly:plan was gd but u were lucky but not this time.tears start flowing down from her eyes
swara:why….what wrong i did with u?
ragini furious:u snatched my love,my sanskar.u witch
swara shocked:sanskar?
ragini:yes sanskar.how dare u marry him.he is mine,only mine.
swara crying:dadu make us married suddenly.we didn’t know it.i just fulfill dadu’s wish.
ragini madly:but u married to my sanskar na.now u have to die then he will be mine.
swara crying:di plz leave me.u are not in your senses.
ragini pressed pistol in her head hardly and said:just now i came in my senses.
swara crying:sanskar love me.he will never marry u.there is no use of it.
ragini get furious and hit swara’s head with pistol.

ragini:how dare u said this.sanskar only love me and i know this very well he is just trapped because of u.
swara felt her vision got blurred.she blinked several time to not lose so easily.she hit ragini on her stomach,pushes her pick up her phn and run outside.
swara was runing trying to diel sanskar’s number.she wiped her tears from back of her hands and run toward roof.
swara crying:pick up phn sanskar plz.

swara:helo sanskar.
sanskar worried:swara what happened? are u crying?
swara crying:plz come fast.
sanskar:i am on way to home.will be there what happened.
swara crying:di…di…is and suddenly swara yelled.
swara yelled:aaaa!!!.

sanskar was shocked to hear her scream he just remember her last sentence.
after that nothing.he increased his speed.
sanskar:ragini is the one.if something happened to swara.ragini i will kill u.
after breaking record of rush driving he reached home and when he stepped down from the car he was about to run inside when he heard swara’s scream.
swara screamed:help somone plz help me.
sanskar looked up and feerzed to the ground.swara was hunging down from the hight of 3 storey,holding the railing tightly.
swara crying:di help,plz i am….i’m your sister.
ragini smirking:no u are not but let it be.u should die on happy not na.swara looked down and saw sanskar standing down looking at them.
swara’s face lit up in some hope.

swara yelled:sanskar!
sanskar came in his senses hearing her scream.ragini looked down and get tensed she hit hard on swara’s hand so that she can fall down.
swara:aa and she hanged with one hand.

sanskar clunched his fist and yelled:ragini.
he run inside and passed the stairs while jumping like fierce tiger.
swara looked down,her hands were sliping down.she looked back at ragini.she cried and her hand slipped fully.swara closed her eyes firmly
but at mean time sanskar hold her hands tightly swara looked at him and cried.

sanskar looked at her crying face there was blood drops on her forehead.sanskar body turned hard.
ragini pulling her own hairs:sanskar leave her she have to die.leave her.
at that time whole family entered the house and was shocked to see swara hanging down from top of the house and sanskar was holding her.they all get worried and move fast.
ragini hold sanskar’s hand and tried to pull them.
swara looked down then at sanskar and cried.
sanskar firmly:swara don’t look down look at me.trust me nothing will happen to u.
tears were flowing down from her eyes.ragini get mad and she take out gun and put it on sanskar head
ragini:sanskar leave her or else i will shot.

swara pleading:no ragini plz don’t shot.
ragini smirking:then leave his hands
swara looked at sanskar pleaded him cryingly:sanskar leave me….
sanskar yelled:no are u mad?
swar try to pull her hands and said:she will kill u plz leave me
sanskar hold her hands more tightly and looked at her eyes angrily.
swara yelled:leave me sanskar she will kill u.she is not in her senses.plz..plz (crying)
sanskar:i love u swara i will die but can’t let u go.ragini looked at him furiously.
ragini like mad physico:u love her? u don’t love me? hopw could u sanskar? i am doing all this for u and u don’t love me.
swara in low whisper:sanskar plz.

ragini suddenly get angry:if u don’t love and u love this b*t*h then u both get ready to die.she put pistol on his head again.swara’s throat went dry seeing that she was pulling trigger.
swara:no ragini…he…loves u don’t kill him….plz don’t do this.
suddenly there was a sharp sound of shot echoed.swara closed her eyes firmly.
sanskar has pulled swara with full force and now she was in his protective embrace and both were sitting on the ground.sanskar looked toward ragini.lucky had made ragini shot in upward direction forcefully and slapped her hard after snatching the gun.whole family were giving disguesting look to ragini.they had heard everything from her own mouth.swara was crying vigrously hugging sanskar tight,buring her face in his chest.

ragini:how dare u slap me lucky.
lucky furiously:how dare u try to kill swara and sanskar haan? she is your sister.your own blood.
ragini laughed loudly and said:she is not my sister,she is not even daughter of this house.
all looked at her in shock.swara looked at her still hugging sanskar.
ragini:what…what are u looking at me.i know the truth.i heard it when u were telling it to sanskar.
ragini turned toward swara.swara get scared and stepped back a little.
ragini:u know swara why mom and dad never love u.
shekhar yelled:ragini
ragini shook her head and said:stop yelling dad.she should know it na.
ragini:haan to swara.u don’t know one thing…but before she could have said something else.sanskar hold her neck.

sanskar furious:how dare u try to kill my love han.u witch.don’t u dare to open your mouth
ragini feeling difficult to breath still said:u don’t love her.u just feel pity on her.
all free ragini lucky hold sanskar tightly.
swara looked shocked toward sanskar and then ragini.
swara:what are u talking about
ragini smirking:arra u didn’t understand still u are adopted child mom and dad find u on garbage.
swara’s body stiffened.ragini went close to swara.
sanskar furious:lucky leave me.but lucky was looking at ragini with blank mind.
ragini in low pitying voice:u know they never loved u because they didn’t know.whose dirty blood u are.

swara staggered a little her eyes start filling with new tears and soon it started falling down.it was enough for sumi she slapped so hard to ragini that angry red finger prints were imparted on her face.
sumi shooked ragini from shoulder:how dare u talk like this with your sister.
ragini yelled:she is not my sister accept it.
ragini to swara:and yeah u dirty blood.sanskar just pity on u because he knew about it.he don’t love u.
swara looked at sanskar’s face and moved toward dadu
swara without any emotion:is this true dadu? he looked at her with tears filled eyes.
dadu:swara bacha wo…
swara in same tone:yes or no.
dadu noded.swara looked at him and move toward sanskar.sanskar heart get bruised looking at her state.

swara:u knew about it? sanskar i am asking u something answer me plz.
but he remain silent.
swara innocently:why didn’t u tell me then.we promised na we will share everything then why?
sanskar:swara listen…he tried to hold her face but swra step back.
swara in whisper:u are a cheater.
after saying this she run from there.sanskar felt someone stabbed him in his heart.he tried to go after her but dadu stopped him.
dadu crying:give her some time alone.sanskar clutcjed his fist and turned toward ragini who was smirking.
he came forward and hold her face in thumb and fingers.

sanskar in fierce tone:keep that in mind.i only love swara not a selfish b*t*h like u.
ragini face turned dark.
sanskar:lucky call the cops.lucky just noded slowly and call the cops.he was numb after knowing the truth.

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