I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 18

hey guys such a low response why? but i hope so u will like this episode.so lets start
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sanskar was staring at swara and because of his intense stare swara open her eyes and snile at him.
swara softly:gd morning.
sanskar smiling:gd morning and kissed her forehead.
swara looked at the time and her eyes widened.
swara:we are late everyone will be waiting on breakfast table.
sanskar frowning:u are stepping down from bad.
swara angrily:sanskar i am fine now and i will do breakfast with family.i will not listen anything.
sanskar looked at her amusingly.sanskar tighten his grip on her.
sanskar:why sudden change of behaviour?
swara pouting:u always do what u want never listen.jab main chali jaoun gi na tab pta chala ga.
sanskar’s face turned hard stone.his heart thudded with only thought of losing her.
sanskar pinned her to the bad and looked at her with full angrily.
sanskar furious:what rabbish u are talking in morning.swra blinks at him confusingly
swara confused:i…i…was just joking.sanskar fumed.
sanskar angrily:u think life is a joke.are u mad always talking unnecessary thinking.swar get scared from his sudden anger
swara controlling her tears:so…sory.swara looked down and a drop fall down from her eyes.sanskar sees this and his anger immediately vanished.he cups her face and wipes her tears.
sanskar guilty:i’m sory.i didn’t wanted to hurt but u should talked about leaving me.
swara just nodded silently.
swara:i was just joking sory and tried to move from there.but sanskar hold her tightly.
sanskar:i am sory plz.swara smiles and kissed his cheek.
swara:i am not angry.i understand iof u would have said something like this i would have punch u.
sanskar chuckled and peck her lips lightly.
sanskar smirking:next time kiss here.swara blushes.
sanskar moves and goes to take shower.

swara whispering:sanskar plz leave my hand.swara was eating food from left hand with very much difficulty.
sanskar looked at her as he don’t no anything what is she talking about.
shekhar loudly:sanskar beta leave her hand.if she will not eat properly then u will scold her.
swara coughed hard and tried to free her hand but sanskar tightens his grip and give her water smirking.
sanskar calmly:chotapapa phala ap chotimaa ka hath chor dain main bhe chor dun ga.
this time sumi coughed hard.all laugh.swara was giggling looking at red face of sumi and shekhar.
ap laughing:bhabhiiii?
sumi with red blushing face:saying as bhaisa is not holding her hand.
all head turned toward ap and dp then laughed loudly looking at their face expressions.
lucky sighing heavily:when i will be able to hold her hand like this.
sumi giggling:don’t wory lucky,we will bring kavya soon,very soon.
lucky looked at her in extreme shock.he quickly drinks full glass of water.
lucky:how…how do u know?
lucky angrily looks at swara and said:swara u told mom about kavya.u…u…black woman.
swara shooking her head vigorously:i didn’t and stop calling me that and throw spoon at him.
but instead of lucky it was going to hit ragini but she hold it.
ragini serious tone:careful swara
swara:sory di.
ragini with narrowed eyes:what if it would have hit me?
shekhar interrupted and said:ragini it was a mistake. swara it’s okay.
ragini and swara look at him in shock.first time shekhar take swara’s side.
sanskar whisper:swara close your mouth otherwise fly will go.and trust me u will not like its taste.
swara closes her mouth immediately and said:yakkh!
sanskar chuckles they spent gd time together and with time to time sekhar and sumi show their love toward swara she was very happy and sanskar was happy feeling her happiness.ragini’s angered rose up thinking she snatched her parents also.

dadu loudly:swara did u read this book.
swara looked back.she was going her room.swara took book in her hands.
swara:no…dadu i didn’t.u brought new book?
dadu:then read it.it’s amazing.
swara yawning:dadu i have no courage lucky ate my brain like chocolate ice cream.i am going in my room to sleep.
dadu hurriedly:no…no…u can’t go in room.
swara confuse:why dadu.isn’t that my room?
dadu:vo…vo…u can’t do anything at my first say.always argue.don’t talk to me.
swara blinked at him in shock.
swara:dadu! why are saying this.i always listen to u na. and pouts.
dadu:then read this book na.
swara:okay dadu and again moves toward her room.
dadu yelled:no…no go to library.
dadu irritated:library is missing u.
dadu:u asked too many questions go.he pushes her toward library.
swara scratches her head and moved toward library
dadu mumbling:in this age we have to become mad for our kids.and shook his head and leaves from there.

swara eyes drew down and her head jerked down with affect of sleep.she quickly open her eyes.she looked at time.it was 11:45
then looked at book which was finished.
swara:oh thank god.she finished last page and get up quickly yawning with full open mouth.
she went to dadu’s room to return book but both were sleeping.swara make face.
swara:after keeping me awake sooo late,he is sleeping peacefully.just great.she put book on side table and left.
swara open her room and dark welcome her.
swara mumbling:look like sanskar also slept.and makes faces.she moved forward but staggered and was about to fall when someone hold her tightly.
swara:sanskar why did u turned off the lights.what if i fall down my full teeths will break and then……..
sanskar sighing heavily:can’t u shut your mouth for sec.
swara:how mean? she tried to move away but sanskar hold her tightly putting his hands around her chest.
sanskar whisper in her ear:don’t and suddenly light turned on.swara looked around surprizingly.room was decorated with lightning,red and white balloons on floor,candles at corners of room and their was a small table and a cake was present on it.and and rest of table was covered with rose petals.
swara looked at with surprise.her big crystal eyes were sparkling.sanskar smiles and make her move toward the table slowly.
swara yelled:chocolate cake.sanskar chuckles.
swara excitedly:but sanskar why did u do this? sanskar looked at her in shock then hit her on head.
sanskar:its your birthday.swara eyes widened.she looked at him without a blink.then jumped and yelled happily.
swara:i turned 18.yipeeeee!
sanskar laughed looking at her childish behaviour.
sanskar:5 mins are remaning.cut the cake.sanskar light the candles.
sanskar smiles and said:yeah candles.u can blow them and make wish.swra happily blows candles and make wish
swara in mind:god plz never let any happiness move from his life.plz
after that swara cut cake and make him eat it.sanskar also make her eat.
sanskar forward a rectangular box wrapped in red cover.
sanskar:this is your gift…now go and wear it.and pushes her toward washroom.
swara mouth get open at his behaviour.she shook her head and leave to change dress.
sanskar chuckles and light the candles and turn off the light.
swara comes out after waering saree which sanskar has gifted her.
it was peach colloured with white blouse.sanskar looked at her and get awestruck.she was looking beautiful.she moved toward him slowly.
swara:how am i looking sanskar.then bite her tounge and shook her head.
swara:no…no i don’t want to know.sanskar smirked and hold her hand and put it on his shoulder and hold her from waist.
‘rabba rabba” song from heropanti played in background
sanskar:u look beautiful.my choice looks good on u.
swara nodded smilingly.sanskar twirl her around slowly and attach her back with his front and put his head on her shoulder.
sanskar slid her hairs from her shoulder and kiss her.swara closes her eyes feeling his touch.he then kissed her on neck.
sanskar:sssh…not a word.he turned her around and picks her up in bridal style and places her on bad.
sanskar in deep tone:swara can i?
swara cups his face and said:u need no permission sanskar.u have full right.
sanskar smiles fully and kissed on her eyes,then cheeks and on lips.swara kissed her back.it was long passionate kiss with full love and care.
sanskar kissed on her neck.swara turns shyly.sanskar kissed her bare back and opens her dori and pulls blanket on them and intimate their marriage.making eatch other complete.

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