I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 17


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swara was sitting on bad and her back was attached with bad and two pillows were under her back.she was looking at sanskar with full love.who was making her drink soup.
sanskar make her drink soup andd smiles.
sanskar in teasing tone:swara i know i am very handsome so stop staring at me.swara smiles.
swara:u are so full of yourself na.sanskar chuckled. and forward another spoon.swara nodded in no.
swara pouts:i am full. sanskar forcefully pushes spoon in her mouth.swara give him death glare.
sanskar in serious tone:finish it silently.you are very weak,when i picked u up in hospital i felt like i am picking a five year old girl.
swara:u know i eat like little dinosaur still u are saying this.i will become fat like this.and make irritated face.
sanskar pushes another spoon in her mouth and said:their is difference in eating ice cream and healthy food.
swara face glows up with thought of ice cream.she quickly gets up and looks at sanskar with puppy dog eyes.
swara pleading:sanskar its been two days i didn’t eat ice cream.plz bring ice cream na.
sanskar eyes narrowed and said:no ice cream until u don’t get recover fully.swara’s mouth get open fully.
swara:sanskar i am fine totally.and Mathew uncle also said this na.u didn’t even let step down from this bad.
sanskar strictly:u still feel dizzy.don’t u? swara eyes got widened.
swara:how do u know? i still feel dizzy.
sanskar angrily:i knew it.u lied to DR that u are okay.
swara give him sheepish smile and hold his hands.
swara in soothing tone:sanskar its normal.when ever i eat or smell egg.i feel dizzy for somedays.its not first time.stop getting worried so much.
sanskar cups her face and said in deep tone:its my duty.and u know i have dual duty.
swara confused:dual?

sanskar caressing her cheeks:hmmmm….i am your husband and most important i love u.being a lover its becomes dual ne.
swara’s eyes turned teary and she hugs him tightly.
swara:don’t love me this much.i don’t deserve it.i feel guilty when u do so much and i don’t do anything.
sanskar kissed her head and said:u deserve more then this and u don’t know what u are doing for me?
swara breaks hug and pouts
swara pouting:what am i doing just sitting on bad and letting u do everything.i am very bad lover and wife.
sanskar hold her hand and places it on his heart
sanskar:everyday when u smile, u fill my heart with light.when ever u hug me u make me perfect.u are reason of my smile.
he kissed her forehead.swara smiles fully.
swara:but sanskar i also wanted to do something for u.
sanskar chuckles and said:then take care of yourself.u are my precious thing.they share intense eyelock.
at that time lucky enters the room with loud bang.he looked at them sitting so close and giggles.
lucky loudly:both of u should lock the door before romancing.
both comes to their senses and swara immediately make a safe distance from sanskar.
sanskar irritated:and u should knock before entering someone’s room.
lucky giggling:sure,i will keep this in mind for next time and for now sanskar dadu are calling u.sanskar nodded and goes from there.
lucky sit in front of swara.
swara in mind:oh god! now he will tease me.and make faces.
lucky teasing:how are u feeling black woman?
swara irritated:lucky stop calling me black woman.and throw pillow at him.lucky laughed loudly.

swara was staring at far distance.
i didn’t eat anything from morning at that day except….cake but i ordered it without egg.how can they put eggs in it.she picks up her phone and calls at the shop.
swara little tensed:hello is this sweat baker’s shops.
man:yes ma’am.what u want to order?
swara hesitantly:no i don’t want to order something.my name is swara sanskar maheswari.i ordered a cake two days back.
man after thinking something,said:yes ma’am any problem in cake?
swara:i ordered a cake without eggs but……
man cut her:but ma’am u again called and said u want cake with dozen of eggs.
swara’s eyes widened.she went numb.she didn’t know what to say
swara stammering:i…i..called…when?
man:after sometimes.u introduce yourself and ordered cake.
swara:ok…okay thank u.
she cut the call and stares at phone.
sanskar was stading at door.he had heard everything.he had totally forget about this.he was so busy to take care of swara.he had no time to think on other’s point.
his blood boiled seeing blank state of swara.she was siting and don’t know what was going in her room.
he thought to go and hold collar of man we send wrong order and make her suffer so badly.but for now he need to spent time with her.he walks inside and sit beside swara
sanskar:swara what happened? swara comes in her senses and try to compose herself.
sanskar:swara are u hiding something? swara remain silent.
swara in mind:should i tell him?
sanskar pulls her and slid his hands around her shoulder.swara blinked for sometime then smile a little and put her head on his chest.she felt protective.
sanskar in deep tone:swara never hide something from me.i will eventually come to know about it later but i will like to know everything from your mouth.whether it is about your worry or about things which make u happy.now tell me what’s wrong?
swara took deep breath and said:sanskar i ordered cake without eggs but someone call them again and took my name and ordered cake with dozen of eggs.
sanskar get freeze in his posture and remembers her state after eating cake.he closed his eyes to control the rising anger.
swara in low whisper:everyone in house know that i have allergy from eggs but still someone ordered.
she hugs sanskar tightly.sanskar also hug her fully putting both hands around her protectively.blood entered in his eyes.someone tried to kill her intentionally.
swara look at his face and said:sanskar?
sanskar looked at her sad face and kissed her forehead and hug her tightly
sanskar trying to divert her mind:there are alot of swara in this city.someone would have ordered.don’t think much.sleep u must be tired.
swara a little relieved:but….
sanskar make her face him by lifting her chin.
sanskar:don’t u trust your family.they love u alot.don’t they?
swara smiles and nodded and put her head on his chest.
swara meekly:sory
sanskar frowning:for what?
swara:for doubting and making u worried.
sanskar hugging her tightly:sleep now.swara closed her eyes and sleep in his protective embrace.
sanskar was staring in space with grim face.
sanskar furious:someone in family do this but who?
first name which came in his mind was sumi.he still remember how she bow her head when doc asked for blood.she was a big black spot on mother’s love.
he would have doubt on shekhar too but a woman called them and ordered cake.
sanskar in mind:how could she? being her mother? what wrong did swara do with her?
sanskar looked at her beautiful wife who was sleeping hugging him tight.sanskar smiled looking at her innocent face and kissed on her head.
sanskar whisper:don’t worry swara.if my doubt got cleared then at next moment she will be behind bars.i will forget she is my chotimaa or your mother.it is my promise to u.sanskar slept staring at her flawless face.

sanskar enter’s dadu’s room with angry face.dadu and dadi looked at him and get surprised.
sanskar:dadu i want to ask something answer it honestly.
dadu smiling:yeah sure sit.
sanskar sit silently.
dadu:now tell me what u want to ask?
sanskar in serious tone:is swara chotimaa and chotapapa’s real daughter?
dadu and dai’s face turned pale and they both exchanged glances.
dadi:why…why are u saying this?
sanskar with narrowed eyes:u are still asking this question? they were standing like statue when DR asked for blood.
dadu sighed and stands up.
dadu:come with me.
dadu went to shekhar and sumi’s room.sanskar and dadi followed him.shekhar and sumi looked at them confusingly.sanskar was staring at sumi with deep eyes
shekhar:dad is everything okay?
dadu took heavy breath and said:sanskar wanted to know the reason why u both didn’t give blood to swara.shekhar and sumi looked at sanskar worriedly
shekhar walked toward sanskar and said:sanskar beta we know u are very angry from us but beta u don’t the know the truth.we can’t give blood to swara.
sanskar firmly:why?
sumi hesitantly:because she is not our real daughter.
sanskar get hell shocked.he looked at them without a blink.
shekhar:she is our adoped daughter.we went for some business party and when we returned it was raining heavily.when we sit in car.we heard crying sound of baby.
we were shocked we looked at back seat and she was there wrapped in white cloth.we were shocked.
sumi with teary eyes:she was about of some weeks.she was crying continuously so i picked her up and soothed her.she was so beautiful.big eye lashes,pink lips and white small hands.we waited someone to come there but no one came so we took her with us and kept her name swara and make her our daughter.at that time ragini was only 1 year old.
sanskar furious:therefore u never loved her because she was not your real daughter?
shekhar shook their heads vigorously and sumi said:we love her very much.it was our decision to make her daughter but we never let her come near us because…
we were afraid someday her parents will come and take her with her.therefore
dadu angrily:these are just your thoughts.they will never come.they didn’t come in 18 years now they will come.just ridiculous.and if they ever come i will never let her go with them.
sumi forward toward sanskar and hold his hands.
sumi crying:sanskar plz beta don’t think us wrong we were just afraid that if we come near her we will not be able to go back.u know na she has ability to capture heart with her innocence but now she is married to u we have no fear of losing her.we will love her very much.
sanskar looked at her tensed face.
sanskar in mind:how can i thought wrong about chotimaa like this.she love her very much i can see that on her face.then who called.
dadu:sanskar promise me u will never tell her this.she will break down.plz.
sanskar:g dadu i will never tell her.
sumi wiping her tears:thank u.
sanskar smiled at her.

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