I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 16


thank u sooooo much guys for such overwhelming comments and soooo happ from your response and glad u like the episodes.
so lets start the episodes.i know u wanted to know what will happen with swara.and sorry if update is short.

swara’s hand fall down and her eyes went close.sanskar shouts.
sanskar: swaraaaa. Dr.mathew who was present there came there immediately and checked her pulse.his lips persuaded.
DR sternaly:sanskar wake her up.she should not faint.chances will be very less.she has….
sanskar firmly: i know 15 mins right.DR just nodded looking at his thunderious face.all get shocked.dadu startled a little.their face were pale
sanskar shook swara so firmly that her went open immediately.
sanskar firmly:swara look at me.dare not to close your eyes.he picked her up and runs outside.
sanskar shouts:lucky left side table,second drawer bring the tablets now.
lucky run and bring the tablets and give it to sanskar who was in car putting swara’s head on his lap.lucky quickly sit beside wheel and DR on his left side.
sanskar make swara eat tablet.swara coughed.
swara:san…sanskar pro..promise…me….u…u….will…not….ho…hold…your…yourself…res…responsibe.
sanskar just looked at her and tear escaped from corner of his eyes.
sanskar firmly:nothing will happen to u.trust me.lucky fast.lucky was driving with 350 speed and after hearing what swara said his eyes turned red and dives the car
with maximum speed.
swara pleading:sanskar plz promise.pz.
sanskar clutches his fist and nodded slowly.swara smiled at him.
they reached hospital in 5 min and swara was shifted to ICU.
all were sitting in loby waiting for gd news.after some time doctor came out hurriedly.
DR tensed:we need blood.O negative.

sanskar looked toward shekhar and sumi.they were looking each other helplessly.
sanskar firmly:chotapapa…chotimaa (shekhar and sumi) plz help your daughter.at that time kavya broke the silent.
kavya nervious:my…my blood is O negative.i can donate.
DR:come fast we don’t have time. kavya goes from there muttering some curses on shekhar and sumi.
sanskar was lookin shocked.how can some parents so heartless.their daughter are fighting from death and they can’t donate blood.
sanskar blood boils.
sanskar sternaly:lucky i will come. lucky who giving nasty look to shekhar and sumi just nodded with moist eyes.
sanskar leaves from their hurriedly clutching his fist tightly.he passes in front of mandir and his feets stopped.he looked at the idle and moved toward him
and joins hands.tears were flowing down from his eyes.
sanskar:she is my life,my soul my everything.she is pure soul plz don’t let anything happened to her.i want to grew old with her.plz spare her life.plzzz.she has a lot
trust on u.and i have trust on her.don’t let her trust down.
sanskar wiped his tears and moved toward ICU.he was feeling deep peace in his heart.he sit with dadu and put hand on his.
dadu looked at him.he looked broken.
dadu with saking voice:u need to know something.sanskar looked at him with surprise then nodded.
after 2 hours of waiting.DR,mathew came out and annouced that swara is out of danger.a deep relief passed from everyones heart
but at the same time it cluthes someone’s heart in tight grip.ragini muttered some curses on her own faith.
dadu:can we meet her?
DR:she is unconscious but u can see her.
they all move inside the room with swift movemet.and looked at her sleeping calmly.dadu goes near her and kissed her forehead.
dadu:may god bless with health.
lucky after looking swara came out and moved toward kavya”s ward.he directly goes and huged her.
lucky:thank u kavya thank u so much.
kavya smiling:she is my best friend.itna to main us ka liya kar sakti hun.
lucky break hug and kissed her forehead.
lucky:today i am feeling that i fall for the best girl in this world.
kavya smiling:is swara fine now?
lucky:doc said she is out of danger.
kavya:thank god.

when everyone leaves sanskar sit beside swara and hold her’s cold and pale hand in his warm hands.he looked at her for don’t know how long.and slept holding her
hand.sanskar woke up next morning and looked at swara
he stands up and kissed her forehead deeply.
swara in weak voice:u started here too.
sanskar looked at her smiling face and sighed in relief.
sanskar smiling:how can i leave the opportunity. swara giggles.and light pink colour get spread on her white cheeks.
sanskar remembers something and his smile vanished.
swara:sanskar i am fine.totally 100%.trust me.
sanskar:swara how did u know i will hold myself responsible if something happened to u?
swara squeeze his hand and said: “because i am your wife.i know u more then yourself.”
sanskar nodded and kissed her hands.
sanskar:today u scared me.don’t do this again.
swara:hmmm….i will thik about that.
sanskar angrily: swaraaa
swara laughing: aacha baba.i will not do this again.
at that time DR entered the room and smiled.
DR: glad to see u laughing swara.
swasa looked at him.
swara in cheerpy voice:thank u uncle for saving my life.
DR:first thank your husband he took u at correct time.swara looked at sanskar.
DR:and about my thank i want a dinner at your house.
swara:sure uncle.first discharge me then dinner.sanskar give her death glare.
DR checked swara and said:not s soon beta u are not fully recovered.u need bad rest.
swara pouting:uncle bad are also present in my house.
sanskar and DR chuckles.
swara:sanskar plz ask na.and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.
sanskar took suffering breath and said:uncle i will take care of her.plz discharge her.
swara looked at DR with same puppy eyes.
DR:fine but young man complete bad rest for 2 days.okay?

DR:i will arrange discharge papers. after saying this he leaves from there.
swara happily:thank uuuu soo much sanskar.
sanskar smiles and whisper in her ear:i will take thanks in my way.
and kissed her cheeks.swara blushed.
swara blushing deep red:u can start anywhere right? sanskar smiles fully.
after fulfilling the documents DR let swara go.sanskar picks swara up in his arms.and moved out.
swara with wild eyes:sanskar put me down i caan walk.
sanskar firmly:keep quite.
swara make face.he made her sit on passenger seat like glass doll.swara giggles.
sanskar sit behind wheels and looked at her with narrowed eyes.
sanskar:at what are u laughing?
swara shooked her head and muttered:nothing.
after reaching home he again picks her and take her to their room.swara’s face turned red due to embarrassmet.all elders were present in hall waiting for them.
ragini fumed.
ragini in mind:this time u are saved but what will happen next time?

swara angrily:sanskar don’t u have shame everyone was present in hall.how can u pick me up in front of all and……
but before she could have scolded him more sanskar kissed her cuping her face from his left hand.swara eyes widened with sudden kiss.
sanskar break kiss and smirked at her.
sanskar:finally silence.u talk too much.its not gd for your health.keep silence.
swara open her mouth to argue.
sanskar:and if u didn’t the i will like to inform u i can do more things then kiss.
swara’s mouth dropped to the ground.she muttered some curses,sanskar chuckles.

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