I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 15

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swara opens her eyes and looked around.she tried to get up but she was not able to move a little.swara smiled sanskar was holding her very tightly as he was afraid of loosing her.swara looked at his peaceful face.she looked at him deeply and giggled knowing that he was awake.
swara cutely: “sanskar”
sanskar: no response.
swara: “sanskar i know u are wake plz let me its morning i have to get ready na.”
sanskar smiled with closed eyes.
sanskar: “on one condition.first give me a kiss.”
swara blushed.she shook her head vigorously and buried her face in his chest due to shyness.sanskar chuckles and in next moment he was on top of her.swara blinked several times.her mouth get open in surprise.sanskar smirked and slide hairs from her face.
sanskar: “who asked for your permission?” swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar put finger on her lips.
sanskar: “i am not your boyfriend who needs permission to kiss his girlfriend.i am your husband and i have full rights to kiss my beautiful wife.” he said last sentence with love.swara face turned crimson.her heart start beating fast sanskar moved closer to her face they was inch distance between them when someone banged their door violently.sanskar moved back a little.both looked at the door.
swara worriedly: “sanskar get up” sanskar nodded his head in NO.swara mouth get open fully at his stubborness.he again leaned to kiss her but then lucky yelled loudly.
lucky loudly: “swara sanskar open the door” swara pushes sanskar forcefully.sanskar open the door irritatingly.lucky who was looking at his back knocked at sanskar’s forehead swara giggles.lucky looked at sanskar furious face and smiled at him sheeplishly.sanskar gritted his teeth
sanskar bit out: “what?”
lucky gulped hard and said meekly: “wo ragini has arrived dadu and dadi are calling u both come fast.” after completing his sentence he run from there quickly.
swara happily: “oh di came.” she quickly moved toward washroom to take shower.sanskar slid his hand through his hairs helplessly.
swara came out and looked at sanskar who was sitting on bad angrily.swara smiled and give him clothes.sanskar frowned at her.he grabs the clothes from her hands and moved toward washroom.swara hold his hands and came in front of him and give him pack on his rough lips.sanskar looked at her in surprise.
swara: “don’t spoil your mood in morning.” and goes from there.sanskar smiles.
sanskar entered the hall and looked around.all were sitting and chit chatting.ragini looked at him and jumped and hug him.
ragini happily: “hey sanskarrr”. swara felt weird but brush it.
sanskar break the hug and said: “hey ragini glad u came”
ragini smiled.sanskar moved from there and sit with swara.ragini closes her fist.
dadu clears his throat.all looked at him silently.
dadu: “i am thinking that it will be good if we do reception tonight.its not good if we will delay it more.”
DP: “yes dad i also agreed with u.” all nodded in agreement.sanskar hold swara’s hand without any one notice.ragini was looking hell confused.
ragini: “reception whose reception?”
sumi: “ragini beta we forget to tell u that swara and sanskar are married and tell her everything in short”. ragini looked at swasan shockingly.she was freeze to the ground.
ragini: “what?” she composes herself quickly and smiles faintly at them.
ragini: “congratulation.”
swsan smiling: “thank u” ragini goes from there quickly.
she entered to her room and closed the door.she pulled her hairs frustratingly.she screamed loudly.
ragini screaming: “swaraaaa.how dare u.u witch” she breaks everything in her room.
ragini :” how dare u.u snatched my love.” she throw vase on the mirror.mirror get broken down into thousand pieces.
ragini madly: “i will kill…kill…u.how dare u marry my sanskar.”
she sits down and keep mumbling: “sanskar is mine…i will kill u.sanskar is only mine.”

sanskar:mom me and swara are going for shopping.ragini throw daggers at swara.
AP:okay beta but come fast and swara beta first plz order cake.
swara smiling:okay.sanskar plz one min.
swara goes from there.
ragini:”sanskar can i also come.i wanted to buy somethings.”
AP cuts sanskar and said: “ragini beta u must be tired and let them spent some time alone.i will ask servants to bring your things.” ragini fumed but nodded and leaves from there.
swara entered the hall and swasan leaves for shopping.
swara quickly runs and sit on driving seat.
swara: “i will drive” sanskar looked at her with narrowed eyes.
sanskar: “u don’t know how to drive”
swara: u promised me u will teach me.”
sanskar laying stress on each word: after your 18 birthday.
swara looked at him and said as she is teacher and he is her very dull students.
swara: dakho sanskar i am married now right.if i can marry before 18 birthday then i can also drive right? sanskar crossed his arms over his chest.
swara poutingly: sanskar plzzzz.plz plz.
sanskar firmly: nooo.swara looked at him with narrowed eyes and then moves toward passenger seat.sanskar sit on driving seat and looked at her.she was looking outside crossing arms around her chest.sanskar sighed and cursed himself for doing this.he hold her from waist and pull her on his lap.swara first looked at his hands then at his face.she make face and averted her face.
sanskar: “swaraaa”
swara poutingly: i am not talking to u.i hate u.sanskar chuckles and grab her both hands and put them on starring wheel.
sanskar: okay then i thought to teach how to drive but seems like u are not in mode.swara gets happy and peck on his cheeks.
swara: “no..no i am learning”
sanskar tighten his grip on her hands and buried his face in her neck.swara’s back straighten.
sanskar huskly: hold the wheel tightly.now start the car.swara starts the car.sanskar teaches her driving romancing with her.
swara:sanskar u are taking advantage of my condition.
sanskar smirked and moves his hands from wheel.swara’s eyes widened and she hold the wheel more tightly.sanskar hold her from waist.
sanskar huskly: what can i do no one let me romance with my wife in my own house.swara giggles.sanskar moves her hairs and kiss her neck.swara blush.
swara blushing hard:sanskar we are on road have some shame.
sanskar kissed her ear lob and said: didn’t u know i turned shameless when i was born.swara laughed loudly.sanskar also laugh with her.they reached shopping mall romancing and laughing.

swara twirled around in front of sanskar wearing peach and yellow combination frok.
swara:sanskar how is it?
sanskar didn’t respond he was looking somewhere else.
swara loudly: sanskar i am asking from u something.
sanskar: one min i am coming.sanskar moved toward a man in late 70s and looked at him with furious eyes.
man: “what?”
sanskar angrily: “why are u staring at my wife?” swara’s eyes widened she covered her open mouth in shock she quickly runs and hold his arm.
man confused: wife?
sanskar furious: i will take out your eyes if u again looked at my wife.man looked at him as he is mad.
swara: uncle i am sory he is just possessive about me.man smilled knowingly.he put hands over sanskar shoulder.
man chuckling:young man i know your wife is very beautiful but atleast look at my age if my wife came to know this she will kill me.i was looking at my granddaughter.
swara: i am really sory uncle.swara dragged sanskar from there.her face was red due to control of excess laugh.but sanskar face was still grim.he looked at her.
sanskar irritated: u can laugh.swara in no sec burst out into laughing.she was laughing holding her stomach.sanskar looked at her with narrowed eyes but there was small smile playing on his lips.swara pulled his cheeks laughing hard.
swara: sanskar i didn’t know that u are soo possessive.he was dadu’s age.she laughed loudly again.sanskar smirked and hold her hands dragging her to some isolated corned and pinned her to wall.
sanskar: i am much more possessive then this.u don’t know me.swara blushed.sanskar kissed her cheeks.
sanskar: u was asking na.how are u looking? let me tell u.swara blinked at him,remembering the last how he kissed her.
swara firmly: sanskar we are in mall.some one will come.leave.
sanskar shrugging: i don’t care.he moved toward her ear slowly and said: ” u are looking sunflower in this dress”. and laugh
swara: sanskar what type of compliment is this? she hit him on chest.and leaves from there angrily.
sanskar: arra yaar don’t know what she want.if i would have kissed her.she would have run and now i gave her compliment she again run.

sanskar entered the room and said:swara come fast maa is asking for u.guests are arrived.
he looked at her and get stunned and dumbfound.
swara hurriedly:sanskar plz two min.she wears purple bangles in her milky arms.she was wearing dark purple and black net saree with deep back.her hairs were curled and on her left shoulder.sanskar moved toward her and back hug her.swara looked toward his reflection in mirror.he was waering black suit and white shirt matching to her saree.they both look perfect for each othere.perfect match.
swara: plz 2 min.she pick her earrings.sanskar take earring from her hand and made her wear and kissed her ear lob.
sanskar:will u not ask how are u looking? swara giggles and nodded in no.
swara turned and pushes him back softly.
swara glaring:your mind always remain in one track na.and i know i am looking nice.sanskar frowned.
sanskar:nice? he pull her holding her from waist.
swara:sanskar we are getting late.
sanskar huskly: u are not looking nice…u are looking gorgeous.swara smiles shly.
swara:u are also looking very handsome and pulls his cheeks.sanskar looked at her for more then 2 min.then turned and made her walk holding her from waist.
sanskar deeply:its gd if we will leave before i change my mind.swara giggles.
both entered the hall holding each other hands.everyone admires their couple.ragini clutches her fist angrily when sanskar hold swara from waist.both take blessings from elders.ap kissed swara’s forehead.
swara naughtly: badi maa how am i looking? sanskar looked at her with narrowed eyes.
AP: u are looking beautiful.
swara: badapapa?
DP: i am feeling jealouse from my own son.swara laugh.
then they took blessings from sumi and shekhar.sumi for the first time kissed swara.then they moved toward dadi and dadu.
swara pecked dadu and asked: how am i looking handsome? she was looking at sanskar.
swara happily hugs kavya:hey kavya.thank u sooo much u came.
kavya glaring her:how can i refuse to u.
swara innocently:how am i looking?
kavya:u are looking heart throbbing.after some time kavya everyone leaves from there.seeking the opportunity sanskar pull swatra close and whisper in her ear.
sanskar huskly:Mrs.swara sanskar maheswari tease as much as u can the moment i caught u alone.u will not be able to breath.swara blushed deep red.
swara innocently: what did i do sanskar?
sanskar tightened his grip on her bare waist.
sanskar:what did u do? asking from everyone that how are u looking.provoking me every time and asking what did u do? hmm.he kissed her neck without anyone notice except one.
swara blushing hard:sanskar.shameless.
suddenly lite went off and spot lite was at center of hall,
lucky loudly:ladies and gentleman. we are glad that u all gathered in our happiness and i would like to request to couple plz come to the stage and dance.
all cheered up loudly.sanskar hold swara hand and both ent at the center of hall. ‘jeena jeena’ songs from movie badlapur starts.
swara put hand on his shoulder and sanskar hold her from waist both dance lost into each others eyes.ragini breaks the glass in her hands and blood starts coming out from her hands
Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum


Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Dehleez pe merey dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum


Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm.. hmmm..

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain…


Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum


Hmmm… hmmm..

whole hall get filled with roar of clappings.
one woman:they looked so perfect together.
second woman:may god blessed them with whole happiness.
ragini in mind: they are together just for few mins and then……she smirked looking at swara.
lucky was standing drinking soft drink.suddenly kavya stands with him their shoulders were touching.lucky looked at her she was wearing baby pink lahenga.she was damm cute.lucky gulped hard.
kavya take drink from his hands and take a sip.lucky coughed.
kavya:why didn’t u tell me that u tried my number but their was no signals in hospital.
lucky: huh?
kavya looked at him angrily and said:u are such a dumb boy.swara told me everything.u were busy in doing arragements still u manage to call but my bad luck there was no signals.u should have told me na.i scolded u very much.i am sory.she holds her ears.lucky get immense happines.he looked toward swara.swara winked at him and laughed.lucky quickly kissed kavya on cheeks.
lucky:its okay don’t get angry again i can’t bear it.
kavya holding her neck:pakka promise and leaves from their. lucky places his hand on heart and looked at swara and muttered thank.
swara muttering:your welcome
dadu loudly:time to cut cake.
sawsan cut the cakes holding knife together.both make each other eat it.after that everyone make them eat the cake.ragini make swara eat a big piece.lucky forward and make swara eat cake.
lucky: thank u and hug her.
swara: i will take a big gift for this.
lucky:as u wish.my black woman.swara hit him on shoulder.
sanskar:lucky don’t tease him.
lucly raising his hands:sory bro i forgot that she had a possesive husband now.swara giggles.sanskar looked at swara glaring.lucky patted sanskar cheeks and goes from there laughing.sanskar hold swara from waist.
sanskar glaring:u told lucky about that incidence.swara laugh and nodded in yess.sanskar leaved and turned his face.making a pout face..suddenly swara start feeling pain in her head.black fog start appearing in front of her eyes.she places her finger in front of her nose.she felt warm liquid on her finger tips.she looked at her fingers.
swara:BLOOD. her smile vanished.she tried to put hands on sanskar shoulder but before that she fall down on floor
swara in fainting voice:san..sanskar.
sanskar turned around and get shocked seeing her on floor.all moved toward them
sanskar:swaraa.he quickly put her head in his lap.
sanskar:swara..swara he patted her cheeks.
swara smiles faintly at him and muttered: i love u.
she put her hand on his cheeks but then her hand fall down and her eyes went close
all get shocked sanskar froze to the ground.
ragini in far corner smirked and take a sip from her drink.
ragini fumingly get up from hall and goes from there.she stopped in front of swara’s room hearing her voice.
swara:no…no cake should be without eggs not even a half.yess thank u.
ragini smirked and laeves from there.
after sometime.
ragini:hello i am swara maheswari.
man:yess ma’am.
ragini:plz replace the cake i want a dozen eggs in it.
man confused:but ma’am first u….
ragini: yeah i first i said no eggs but now i changed my mind.
man:okay ma’am.

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