I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 13 (LAST EPISODE)


swara came inside her (swasan’s room) and locked it and slid down crying hard.she hold her head in both of her hands and looked around.
swara crying:why me? why this happened to me? god what was my mistake?
she cried for several hours after sometime she get up,unlocked the door and went inside the washroom and wash her face and came outside.she lay down on her bad at one side and closed her eyes.


all were sitting in hall ragini was arrested but what’s the use of it.they can’t make things right which was ruined.
sumi crying:she ruined everything.swara will never accept us.ap was sitting beside her and consoling her.
shekhar angry:this all because of our so much love.that she forgot the difference between right or wrong.
sanskar was staring at the ground.he was not able to remove the look he saw in swara’s eyes before she run.
it was showing broken pieces of trust.it pained deep inside in his heart.
sanskar stands up and said:i should check her.all noDded and sanskar came inside the room.she was not there.he was about to panic when he saw her coming from washroom.sanskar looked at her deeply.her eyes was red and swallowed due to crying and face was pale.
she walked toward bad and slept at the corner.she didn’t saw him.sanskar looked at with pain in his eyes.he alos layed down beside her and turned toward her.he wanted to pull her but his hands were aching to hold her tightly so that he can feel she was alright.but if he did anything like this.she will think wrong.swara wiped her wet corner of eye looking in the space.whole night both spend without sleepING.



sanskar open his eyes and looked around he frowned when he didn’t find her on bad.he don’t know at what time he slept.may be an hour before.he get up and checked the balcony.but she was not there.
sanskar:may be in washroom.he start waiting for her to come out from washroom sitting on couch.suddenly his eyes fall on white on her side table.her narrowed his eyes and get up and start reading after pulling it.
a simple sentence was written
sanskar heart stopped beating,he clenched the paper in his fist tightly.
sanskar furious:she dare to leave me.
he came out clenching his both fists tightly.angry veins were clearly visible on his forehead and neck.his eyes were thunderous.
he walked passed the hall all were already sitting there.they looked at him and sumi came toward him running.
sumi:sanskar how is swara? is she fine?
sanskar looked at her face and felt bad for her.dark circles were around her eyes seems like she didn’t sleep whole night.dadu was also standing there.he was looking weak and old suddenly.everyone was worried for her and she dare to leave such family.
lucky:sanskar why are u silent.is swara okay?
sanskar give them letter.lucky read it and looked toward sanskar helplessly.
dadu:what is written he snatched letter and read it.
papper fall down from his hands and he hold his chest.
sanskar:dadu…all run toward him.
they make him lay down on his room.and give him water to drink.
dadu refusing:first bring my swara then i will drink it.
sanskar:dadu drink water i am going to take her.
sumi crying:where will u find her in this big city.
lucky hold his hands and said:don’t worry mom.we will find her.hmmm?
sumi nodded.
and lucky and sanskar left from house.


sanskar was driving and looking outside to find her.suddenly something stuck his mind.he remembers their childhood incidence.
swara angrily:sanskar u are idiot.how dare u lie to me.don’t talk to me and run from there.
sanskar shouted:swara i didn’t lie it was lucky’s mistake.he run after her.
swara went and sit on near by park and sit on swing making pout face.
little sanskar hold his ear and sit in front of swara and looked at her with puppy dog eyes.
sanskar:sory swara i will never lie to u pakka promise.sory.
swara showing him her index finger:pakka promise.
swara hug him happily.sanskar also hug her.
swara again sit on swing and said:sanskar plzzz and blinked at him innocently.
sanskar went back at pushes the wing and swara laughed.
(guys remember pic which was in swara’s diary.imagine it)

sanskar hit on wheel and turn the car immediately he stopped the car with jerk near park and rushed outside and run inside the park,praying continuously.
then he saw her sitting on same swing.he sighed heavily passing his hands from his hairs.he take out his phn and informed lucky and cut the call.
he walked toward her and sit in front of her.swara looked at him her face expression changed a bit but she remain silent.
sanskar in deep tone:u dare to leave me like that cheap girl hmm?
swara flatly:why are u here?
sanskar:to take u back.
swara:i don’t want to go just leave me alone.
sanskar frowned and said:dadu is sick he is not drinking anything.he is calling u.
swara bite her lower lip and looked down.
sanskar hold her hands and said:swara look at me.u really think what ragini told was true.one drop fall on sanskar’s hand.
sanskar cupped her face and wipe her tears.
swara hold his hands and said crying:u don’t deserve me sanskar.everyone tolerated me so much i can’t trouble them much.plz leave.di is right don’t know who’s dirt i am.
sanskar’s body stiffened.his blood start boiling he took deep breath.
sanskar trying to control his anger:swara i am warning u stop your rubbish at this instant now.
swara remove his hands from her face and said:truth will remain truth .accept it and go from here.
sanskar closed his eyes.she was too stubborn to be handle.
sanskar:fine then i will tell dadu,dadi,chotimaa and chtopapa that.the girl whom they teach to walk are refusing to walk toward them.she don’t care if they live or die.
swara firmly:shut up don’t talk rubbish.
sanskar:why do u care now? dadu will get heart attack and die dadi will pass out in after him and then chotimaa and chotapapa.
swara slapped him hard and said:how can u talk like this about my family.
sanskar rubbed her cheeks.
sanskar:aoh!… swara was throwing daggers at him.sanskar grinned.he cupped her face.
sanskar:that’s what i am saying.swara we are your family.u can’t even hear something against them then how can u think about leaving them?
swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar sashed her.
sanskar firmly:stop proving yourself a dumb girl.u can’t spend a single hour without your dadu and dadi,without teasing lucky and most important without looking at your parents.anddd can’t sleep without hugging me.
swara blushed.sanskar smile when he saw her blushing.
sanskar in deep voice:swara relation which are made from hearts are more strong then relation of blood.chotimaa and chotapapa love u alot.always but they were afraid of losing u.didn’t u feel their love in this week.
swara hugged sanskar and cried.
swara crying:i am sory sanskar i was just……
she didn’t find any word to explain how bad she was feeling.
sanskar:sssh i know everything.u need not to explain me.
he was caressing her back.swara wipe her tears and adjust on swing smilingly.and looked at him blinking innocently.
swara:sanskar plz.sanskar laughed
sanskar:u will never change.
swara proudly:i know u love me because i am like this.
sanskar whisper in her ear:i love everything about u.
swara blushed.sanskar smiled and pushes the swing.swara was laughing and sanskar’s heart was increasing watching her laugh like this.


swara hold sanskar hand tightly.sanskar squeeze her hand to assure her.both entered the house and walked toward dadu’s room after seeing her coming.sumi and shekhar hug her tightly.
swara hugging sumi:i am sory mom.
sumi caressed her hair.
sumi:its okay but never leave us again.we love u very much.
swara:never.shekhar first patted her cheeks and then hug her tightly.
sumi:thank u sanskar.u bring her back.sanskar nodded smilingly.lucky and swara share a cute hug.swara moved toward dadi and hug her dadi kissed her forehead.then she looked at dadu who was throwing daggers at her.swara giggled and sit beside him.
dadu firmly:don’t talk to me.
swara hold her ears and make pout face
swara:sory dadu plz last time.
sanskar:dadu i assure u.she will not leave again and if she did….
all looked at him.swara was looking at him with narrowed eyes.
sanskar grinning:then i will lock her in room.but somewhere his voice was determined.
swara’s mouth get open till the ground.all laugh
swara pouting:dadu he is making fun of me and u are laughing.
dadu stopped laughing looking at her face.
dadu firmly:sanskar!
sanskar:sory dadu.swara hugged dadu happily and stuck out tongue at sanskar.he slid his hands from his hairs smiling meekly.


swara was sitting on the ground looking at rain holding a cup of coffee.sanskar entered the room and looked at her and narrowed his eyes.
sanskar in mind:why the hell she is sitting on cold floor and without wearing shawl.his anger rose up immediately.
he walked toward her and start throwing daggers at her.but his anger vanished after watching her.she was looking at the rain with wide sparkling eyes as it was something she is watching first time in life.he sit beside her and grab the cup from her hand and start sipping her coffee.
swra looked at him bemused
sanskar smiling:its good.
swara hit on his chest and tried to get her cup back but sanskar raised his hand and her hands were not reaching on it.after sometime she get tired and crossed her arms around her chest and make pout face.sanskar chuckles and pulls her holding her from waist.swara put her head on his shoulder.
swara still pouting:u are very bad u always snatch my coffee.
sanskar offer her cup swara happily take it nd start sipping it looking outside.
sanskar holding her tight:what were u watching?
swara smiling:i was looking at rain.its looks so gd na.like pearls are falling from sky.
sanskar kissed her head.
sanskar:what make u see everything so beautiful?
swara looked at him and said:Love and hug him again.sanskar smiled and again snatch her cup.
swara angry:sanskar give me back my coffee.
sanskar whisper in her ear:don’t u know sweetheart.love is increased by sharing.and drink remaining coffee in one breath.
swara blushed and entwined their fingers.sanskar hold her from waist.sanskar looked at their joined hands.
sanskar smiling:swara life is beautiful with u.
swara kissed her cheek and saidd:because u started believing in LOVE.
sanskar:i love u
swara:i love u too
they spent quality time sitting there watching outside and talking.


hey guys how was the end plz comment did u like it or not and one gd news as i love to write stories so i am planning a new story but after long gap don’t know when?
but u all have to read it.i am teeling its name now “love is beautiful emotion season 2” but i am not confirm about it.may be it is my last story so plz plz comment and sory if i make u bore from my story and sory for mistakes.loveeeeee to alll

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