I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 14


hey guys how are u all.and i hope u will like this part and sory for posting same part again i thought there is still some confusion.so i posted it again.and yeah plz plz tell me did u like this part.

swara was looking at her dresses she has only few indian dresses.and that were very simple.
swara mumbles: “oh god if i will wear this dadi will surely kill me.”
at that time sanskar came out from washroom after getting fresh.he looked at her confused face.
sanskar: “what happened?”
swara pouting: “sanskar see na i have nothing to wear.”
sanskar looked at her dresses and frown.

sanskar: “there are so many dresses and u are saying u have nothing to wear? god girlzz.”
swara angrily: “these all are shorts and tshirts.i have only four indian dresses that too so simple.”
she scrathes her head.sanskar chuckles.at that time ap entered their room she was holding a dress and some jewelry.
ap smiling: “gd morning”
swara:”gd morning badimaa”
sanskar: “gd morning maa.”
ap: “swara come here beta.”swara silently goes near her.
ap: “here take this dress and wear it today.”swara looked at her confusingly.
ap::its our tradition that mother in law give dress and jewelry at first day.get ready today is your first rasooi and we decided to do reception when ragini will return,she is also a family member na.”
swara nodded smilingly and bend to take blessing but ap hold her from shoulder.
ap smiling: “batiyan jukh kar paoun(feet) nhe chuti gala lagtien han.”
ap hugged swara.sanskar smiled.
ap: “get ready and u both should come together”.both nodded.after that ap leaves from there.
swara happily goes to change and sanskar sit on bad and start waiting but for his surprise she came after 10 mins.sanskar stiffened looking her with wet hairs.
swara happily:”u know sanskar i am so happy today.”sanskar closes his fist to control his emotions.

sanskar mocking:”because maa give u heavy jewelry?”
swara was wearing heavy earrings,looked at him from mirror.she twitched her nose.then shook her head not wanting to spoil her mood.
swara:”i don’t wear heavy jewelry but badimaa give them with soo much love how can i refuse her u know mom never show such affection toward me.”
she quickly stopped realising what she had blabber unknowingly.sanskar felt bad for her.
swara (to cover up):”i mean mom never use such heavy jewelry na therefore”.
she quickly put thick layer of kajal in her big crystal brown eyes and a light pink lipstick on lips.
swara:”i am ready how am i looking?”
swara stand in front of sanskar with twinkling eyes.sanskar looked at her from top to bottom.she was wearing a pink long frok which was coming to her knees,there was silver work on upper portion and there was several lines of white pearls which was dividing the frok into different sections.a white duppta around her neck.some naughty strands of her hairs was around her face.
sanskar gulped hard and quickly moves toward door but swara stops him coming infront of him.
swara pouting:”u are so rude i am asking u how am i looking and u are going without answering.what kind of husband u are?”

sanskar chuckled
sanskar in deep tone:”u really wanted to know my reaction.”swara nodded her head vigorously.
sanskar:”fine then.”
he suddenly hold her from waist tightly and kiss her.swara’s eyes widened with his sudden kiss.it was a soft short kiss.swara felt she will fall down at any moment.sanskar slowly moved toward her ear pressing his lips and mumbles in deep husky tone.
sanskar:”did u came to know what i felt after watching u.”
swara was numb she didn’t find any courage to answer him she looked at him with wild open eyes.
sanskar smirking:”i don’t think u will again ask me about my reaction.”
swara turned tomato red.she quickly depart herself from him and run outside.sanskar laughed loudly.
and goes after her.
sanskar loudly::swara wait maa said come together.”but swara runs even more fast.

everyone was eating kheer prepared by swara.swara was looking at them playing with her fingers under the table.
lucky yelled:swaraaaa u prepared it.
swara nodded nervously lucky started coughing hard.swara get tensed thinking that she didn’t prepared good.she looked at dadu who was throwing daggers at lucky.
swara mumbles to sanskar:”sanskar did i put salt in kheer instead of sugar?”
sanskar was sitting just beside her.he looked at her tensed face then at lucky.
sanskar in mind:”over acting ki dukan (shop).”
swara was about to cry when lucky suddenly stopped coughing.
lucky in serious tone:”i don’t believe it.u can’t prepare it.it tastes so good.”
swara sighed in relief all laugh at his acting.swara looked at with narrowed eyes and hit him hard under the table.
lucky: “ouch!!!”

sanskar:”what happened?”
lucky giggling: “nothing i get reward of my acting.”
dadu:”swara kheer is very delicious,take this as shagun”.
swara gets happy and pecks dadu on cheeks.
swara: “thank u handsome.”
everyone give shagun to swara.swara was on cloud 9 because sumi and shekhar also praised her and give her shagun.
swara: “dadu your medicines.”dadu smiled and took the medicine.then he made her sit in front of him.
dadu:”swara are u angry from me?”
swara:”no why?”
dadu:”i didn’t asked just ordered u to get married.”swara smiled and take his hands in her hands.
swara:”dadu if u will order me to jump from cliff i will also do that.and i know if u did that then u will be thinking about me only”
dadu kissed swara’s forehead.
dadu: “be happy always”
swara: “thank u dadu and now sleep its very late”
swara left after sometime.
dadu thinking: “i am sory my bacha i know i did wrong with u but i was afraid i wanted to make sure there is someone who will love u and take care of u after me?
dadu think about sanskar and smiles.at that time dadi came there and saw him smiling.
dadi mockingly: “why are smiling alone u know these are symbols of getting old”
dadu chuckled and said: “increase number of your glasses.i am still young many women still dying to marry me”
dadi throw daggers at him.
dadi: “ho gya! now tell me what were u thinking?”
dadu smiled: “i was thinking about sanskar.he always made me remember about my past. same tough and hard nature.but at same time caring and loving”
dadi smiled and added quickly: “rude and arrogant like u.i can see love for swara in his eyes but being your grandson will never accept it easily”
dadu: “araa i accepted my love easily”
dadi rolled her eyes and said: “yeah yeah i remember how easily.u took one whole year to accept your love and when did u accept it when my friend acted to propose me for marriage.”
dadu shocked: “u all acted”

dadi bite her tongue and closed her eyes.
dadi: “arra we did right na. what the use of these talks now.our grand children are married now.so stop thinking much and sleep”
dadi quickly lay down and cover herself from head to toe.
dadi in mind: “and i see myself in swara.can’t even control my tongue”
dadu shook his head and said: “they acted”
lucky banged inside the swasan’s room angrily.sanskar looked at him from his book.
lucky angrily: “where is swara?”
sanskar: “why?”
lucky paced to and fro in the room.
lucky: “i am going to kill your wife”
sanskar frowned and think: “swara what u did now?”
at that time swara entered the room she stopped for a sec looking at lucky’s red face.she smiled victoriously.then quickly arrange her face.
lucky and sanskar looked at her.
lucky: “swara what did u tell to kavya?”
swara innocently: “me and sanskar got married”
after completing her sentence she moved toward wardrobe.

lucky: “anddddd”
swara giggling: “and i told her that i told u to inform her about my marriage but u forgot”
sanskar looked at lucky’s fuming face and hides his smile.
sanskar in mind: “swara u are dead now”
lucky run after her to grab her neck.swara squeak and run.both run in whole room.
lucky get tired and said: “why did u do that?”
swara innocently:lucky how was kheer?”
lucky’s anger reached to peak.
lucky angrily: “u little devil u did all this because i coughed at your kheer.”
sanskar chuckles.lucky run after her.
swara throw pillow at his face and said laughing: “arra lucky u are soooo intelligent.”
swara quickly run inside the washroom and banged the door on lucky’s face.lucky fumed in anger.
lucky yelled: “swara laugh one day i will kill u with my bare hands then my and kavya’s love story will be on right track.”
swara yelled back: “in your dreams.”
lucky goes from there angrily sanskar shook his head and again started reading.
swara was looking at roof for about half an hour again not able to sleep.she sighed and looked toward sanskar.don’t know he is sleeping or just acting to be in sleep just like yesterday.
swara in mind: “first i was running away from him because i didn’t wanted to fall for him but now he is my husband na so i should decrease the distances between us right.how long i will run from him.”

she looked at him and thought: “now he is my husband how can he sleep when i am awake.”
she smiled mischievously and moved closer to him.
swara whisper:”sanskarr”

sanskar: no response.
swara wave her hand in front of his eyes she was about to wake him up but then stopped.
swara mumbling: ” it is so bad na to wake him up from deep sleep.”
she moved back quickly and again start staring at roof.after 5 min she stepped down from bad and walked toward balcony.
she opened it without making any sound move outside.she looked at stars and smiled.then suddenly something struck her mind.
swara worriedly: “don’t know when i will get habitual to this room and will get sleep.”
swara stand there for don’t know how long staring at sky.suddenly she felt a band of warm arm around her waist.her back straightened.she was pulled back instantly.
swara mumbled: “sanskar”
sanskar put his face on her shoulder.
sanskar in concerned tone: “not able to sleep?.”
swara stammering: “wo main vo….” she tried to move away but sanskar’s grip was strong.
sanskar: “what were u looking?”
swara looked at the sky and smiles: ” stars, they looked so beautiful na.” sanskar also looked at sky and smiled.they stand their for sometime.
swara surprised: ” when did u get awake?”
sanskar didn’t answer her.he didn’t wanted to tell her that he was awake when she walked in balcony.but when she didn’t came after some time he came after her.
swara: “sanskar?”
sanskar: “just now…”
swara worried: “u should go and sleep.i will come after some time.”
sanskar frowned; “are u ordering me.”
swara smiled and nodded her head vigorously.
swara giggling: “u get your answer now go and sleep.”
but her breath got struck in her lungs when sanskar lightly kissed her on neck.
swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar kissed her ear lob and said in husky tone: “u were saying something.”
swara stirred and said: ” sanskar what are u doing leave me.”
sanskar chuckling: “what happened now? just now u were ordering me na.”
swara stammering: “i…i am getting sleep plz leave me”
sanskar: “hmmm lets go…..”

swara eyes widened when sanskar picked her up in bridal style.swara looked at his face.suddenly she wanted to cry loudly.why was he doing all this.because they were married.she don’t want any fake concern.sanskar put her on bad and also lay beside her.swara turned to opposite side and wipe her tear.but at the next moment she was pulled in tight embrace.she remain silent.sanskar felt strange when she didn’t protest.sanskar hold her chin and made her look at his eyes.
sanskar shocked: “swara u are crying?”
tears start flowing down from her eyes. both get up and sit sanskar cup her face worriedly.he tried to wipe her tears but swara moved back.
swara (crying): “sanskar plz don’t show fake concern.its not needed”
sanskar frowning: “fake concern?”
swara looked at him with teary eyes and said sobbing: “yes fake concern just two days before u told me that u hate me and then u easily agreed to marry me and now why this so much care? just because u are forcefully married to me?”
sanskar didn’t said anything he silently watched her crying with grim face but when she didn’t stopped crying he angrily hold her from arms and digged his finger in her thin arms.
sanskar firmly: “i didn’t mean those words i just told u because u were kept on talking about your death.u think death is a jock?”

swara blinked at him with extreme surprise.
swara confused: “but….”
sanskar angrily as hell: “shut up i don’t want to hear anything.u think my care and love is fake.what nu wanted to hear why i married to u.then for your kind information i married to u because i love u.”
swara got freeze she was looking at him without a blink.then she shook her head.
swara: “u are laying u himself told me that u don’t believe in love.”
sanskar gritted his teeth at her stubbornness.
sanskar: “i never beleived in love but my bad luck i fall for u. and yeah i know u too love that too from childhood.” he smirked after saying last sentence.swara eyes got wild open.
swara stammering: ” what…what are u saying i don’t love u.”
sanskar chuckled and pulled her close and whisper in her ear: “aacha then why are u keeping my pics in your diary.that too without my knowledge.”
swara get shocked.he read her diary how dare he?
swara angrily: “u…u read my diary.how dare u?”
she pushed him and picks up pillow and start hitting him with her whole strength.
swara: “u idiot….u monkey…how dare u read my secret diary? didn’t u feel shame before reading some one’s personal diary.”
sanskar laughing: “swara i didn’t read it.”
swara stopped in mid and looked at him hell confused.
swara frowning: “then?”
sanskar pulled her and she fall on his chest.he looked her in his arm.
sanskar: “that day when i scolded u after some time i came to your room to check u and heard u talking looking at my pic.”
swara: “but after that u didn’t talk to me.”
sanskar shrugging: “i was shocked and tried to keep a distance from u but…..”
swara: “but?”
sanskar slid hair strands behind her ear and said in deep tone: ” but when i saw u your worse state in hospital i felt myself dying then i came to know how much i love u.”
swara’s face turned pale.
swara: “u were there in hospital when i…..”
sanskar: “yeah i was there and i heard your talk with doc.u talked rubbish alot.” he said last sentence angrily.swara smiled at him.
sanskar caressed her left cheek and said: “now u beleive me.”
swara blushes at his touch and put her head on his chest.
swara: “i am feeling very sleepy.”
sanskar in warning tone: “swaraaa?”
swara: “hmmmm?”
sanskar: “answer me first.”

swara: “i will when u will propose me properly.”
sanskar irritated: “we are married”
swara angrily: “then why are asking for answer?”
sanskar sighed and hugged her tightly.
sanskar:”angry young woman.anger always remain on your nose tip”
swara giggling:” i have same opinion about u MR.”
both closed their eyes hugging each other tightly.

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