I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 11

hey guys so sory for not updating yesterday but believe me mistake was not mine i was giving final touch to chapter when lite went off and my whole part vanished in swift i hope u all understand how i felt after that and more thing i am very sad about one thing when i posted my part mistakenly as OS u all give such a lovely response and when i posted it as fanfic i get such low response i am very hurt from this and when will i end it after two or three episodes then don’t complain me that i end it soon.if all of u give me such response i will feel na it is not touching your hearts so i will end it soon.and last time i missed one part so i am again giving all parts.and plzzzz comment.and thank all who commented it means a lot to me. do comments plzz.(POUT)
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and thanks all to jwala and archana who made me realize that there is some parts missing.thanks jwala and archana very much so lets start our part 11.

lucky was moving to and fro in sanskar room irritated as hell and sanskar was looking at him with grim face.
lucky angry:its been a whole day i didn’t see her face not even hear her voice.
sanskar flatly:lucky just tomorrow u saw her and after one day kavya will come to collage what’s problem in this? i don’t understand anything.
lucky frustrated:u don’t love anyone when will u love someone then u will understand how it felt when u are not able to see that person,not able to hear her voice.
sanskar closes his fist and his jaw get settled in tick.whole day passed from his eyes.
swara did the same thing after coming from collage and locked her self and next whole day she was locked in her room.his eyes always unintentionally went to her closed door.
she didn’t come for lunch and dinner this made him more furious.
he had heard that dadi had send food to her room as she refused to come out.sanskar also get up from his seat and went from there without eating anything.
sanskar gritting his teeth:yeah u are right how will i understand it.when i don’t love someone.their was silence for some time.suddenly sanskar smirked
sanskar:lucky why don’t u go and meet kavya.
lucky shocking his head:are u mad.u think her parents will let me meet her.
sanskar grinning:but they will let swara meet her right? and swara can sneak her out and u can meet her.lucky face glow up immediately he jumped and hug sanskar both fall down on ground.
lucky kissed him on cheek sanskar eyes widened.he closed his eyes and mumbled:disgusting.he pushed lucky and get up and throw daggers at him.
lucky without noticing it said:u are my best buddy.thank u and leaves from there hurriedly.sanskar sighed and went after him smirking.

lucky is banging swara’s room door and pleading her to come out sanskar is leaning against a wall which is opposite to swara’s room and folding his arm around his chest.
his eyes were narrowed.
lucky shouting:swara plz at least hear me at once but she didn’t even bother to answer him.
lucky looked back at sanskar and said:now i came to how u both felt when u both wake me up in morning.sanskar chuckled lightly.
lucky loudly:swaraaa plz yaar come out its look like u are hiding from some one.sanskar’s forehead get lined.
swara finally yelled:lucky get lost let me study i don’t want to sit in same class like u.a small smile appear on sanskar lips hearing her melodious voice.
lucky grinning mischievously:swara if u didn’t open the door in next 5 sec u will fail this year and u know my prediction always get true.and as expected the door get open in next 2 sec and swara looked at lucky with her burning eyes.she punched him hard in his stomach.sanskar took long long breath looking at her.
she was wearing blue jeans and white tshirt.
swara furious:how dare u say like that? sh was about to punch him again when lucky holds her hands
lucky:arra meri maa i am sure u will be topper like always.swara open her mouth to say something but lucky push her aside and enter inside her room.sanskar also entered her room but they both froze to the ground looking at the room condition.it was full mess.whole room was filled with books and colourful papers.there was not even a place left where they can put their foot.there was books in the balcony over her king size bad,on side tables on different places of floor and it also looked there are books under the bad.
lucky shocked said in stretching every word:swaraaa what is all this? then they looked at her.sanskar stiffened looking at her tirdd and dull face.their was black circles around her crystal colour eyes.the usual spark in her eyes was missing.she looked hell tired.

sanskar just wanted to throttle her hard for making her condtion like this he closes his fist in anger.veins on his neck and forehead were clearly visible.swara gulped hard seeing him this much angry.
lucky sighed and said rather then asking:u didn’t sleep whole night.right? swara scratching her head:i was just reading. and bend down to clear the mess.sanskar gritted his teeth.
lucky shook his head and said:u should take rest for some time.u need some fresh air.lets go
swara:aww where? suddenly lucky grinned
lucky:u are going to sneak out kavya.swara’s mouth get open.she shook her head vigorously in negative.
lucky pleading:swara plz i want to see her just for two hours.then we will drop her home.
swara:lucky but….sanskar interrupted her.
sanskar as calmly as possible:can’t u do this little thing for your friends.swara looked at him for a sec
swara:fine but what will i saw to her parents?
lucky happily:u are an intelligent girl think for some idea i will go and change.and goes from there quickly.swara sighed and moved toward her wordrobe but she was pulled back quickly.she looked at sanskar with wild open eyes.sanskar twist her both arms at her back and pull her close to his chest there was just inch distance between there faces.
sanskar in low angry voice:what have u done to yourself?
swara blinking nervously:what did i do?

sanskar with gritting teeth:did u even look your face in mirror.swara nodded in NO innocently.
swara stammering:is there something on my face? sanskar looked at her innocent face he closed his eyes and put his forehead on her’s.
sanskar in low chuckling voice:u are such a dumb girl.swara twitched her nose
swara little angry:i am not dumb.sanskar looked at her amusingly and left her slowly looking at her red angry face.her nose turned red.
sanskar turned and said grinning:take shower u will feel better.and leaves from there but her last angry sentence reached his ear
swara angrily shouted:i am not dumb sanskar.
sanskar laughed and shook his head.
swara stamp foot on ground:how dare he?did he just made fun of me? she moved toward mirror and looked at her face and touched her cheeks.
swara:there is nothing on my face idiot arrogant stupid man.
she took a quick shower and come out wearing a black sleeveless shalwar kameez with duppta.her hairs were open and there was simple layer of kajay in her crystal eyes.she was looking mesmerizing in indian avattar.
sanskar and lucky were waiting for her they looked at her.sanskar’s heart start beating fast looking at her.he was mesmerized too see her in shalwar kameez.he never see her in indian outfits.lucky just smiled.
lucky in mocking tone:swara are u going for puja.swara hit him in stomach.
swara:shut up kavya’s parents are middle class people.they will not send their daughter with a girl who wears jeans and tops.samjaha.
lucky nodded and pulls her cheeks and said:did u watched woman in black.
swara nodded in NO.
lucky grinned and said:u are looking like that woman.
swara happily:really i will watch that movie after exams.
lucky chuckling:sure sure.lets go.sanskar chal mera bhai.sanskar who was staring at swara without a blink comes to his senses.he nodded and starts his bike and leaves from there without giving second glance to swara.swara get sad.
lucky:swara sit.swara sit behind lucky and after sometime they reach in front of kavya’s house.sanskar was already present there.swara nerviously played with her fingers.
lucky:swara go.she take deep breath and goes inside.
swara in mind:lucky i am going to kill u for this.swara ring the bell.door get open after sometime.
vivan surprised:swara u here at this time.he looked at her from top to bottom.sanskar narrowed his eyes.and cursed lucky for bringing her
swara:ah…um…i came to meet kavya..she promised me for group study with me.she give him tight smile.
vivan:yeah come inside.hey lucky hey sanskar.
both:hey.trio went inside.
vivan:kavyaaaa.see your friends came to meet u.
kavya yelled:aiiiii.

at that time kavya parents came there,trio greets them.kavya came and get surprise to see swara in shalwar kameez.she hugged swara happily.lucky sighed looking at kavya.his eyes gain the sparked.
kavya giggling and whisper in her ear:is there something special?
swara whispered back:your so cold bf is getting on my nerves.he wanted to meet u.and do as i am saying okay?
kavya blushed and said:okay.
swara:aunti kavya promised for group study with me.so can she go with me?
aunti hesitated:but beta at this time?
swara assuring her:aunti just for two hours then i will myself drop her plzzz.
vivan with smile:mom let her go.we can trust swara.sanskar closes his fist.he can easily understand his intentions.
aunti chuckling:okay kavya go but only two hours.kavya get happy and goes to get her bag.
after sometime they comes out from the house boys start their bikes
swara giggling:go sit with your boyfriend.kavya blushes
swara:but wait a min he didn’t propose u yet right?
kavya blushing hard:swara stop it.swara chuckled.kavya goes and sit with lucky.and both leaves.swara smiles but suddenly she realized she have to go with sanskar.she looked at sanskar who was looking front.swara bites her lower lip nervously.sanskar raced his bike making a loud sound but didn’t said anything.swara hesitantly moved toward him and tried to sit without touching but her foot slips and she stumbles.
sanskar in husky tone:careful.
swara:uh…sory she sit behind him.
sanskar chuckling:i will not eat u up if u will put your hand on me.
swara mumbled:who knows?
sanskar in serious tone:your choice don’t blame me when u will fall down and your delicate bones will break down and u will reach hospital on stracher and doctors will wrape u in bands from head to toe and dadu will never let to step down from bad anddd unfortunately u will not be able to complete your graduation ever.then…..
swara put her hand on his mouth from behind.her face expression were horrified.sanskar chuckled looking at her from mirror.

swara with wide eyes:i don’t want to hear your precious thoughts about me.so shut up.and removes her hand.sanskar open his mouth to tease her more.
swara quickly put her hand again on his mouth.she really didn’t want to hear him.don’t know what will he predict more.quite scary isn’t it?
swara in warning tone:i said stop blabbering about my future.can’t u understand one single thing?
sanskar remove her hand and said:then hold me tightly if u don’t want to happen this in real.swara nodded vigorously and put hand on his broad shoulder.
swara innocently:drive slowly.
sanskar mocking:yes your highness anything else? swara giggles.
swara:and we should get going we are late.sanskar smiled an unseen one and starts the bike.
swara after sometime:where are we going?
sanskar flatly:u will see.swara make face keep quite.
after sometime they reached to the beach.swara face lit up looking at the calm ocean.
sanskar looking at around:where are they?
swara points toward there left side.sanskar tried to go toward them but swara hold his hand immediately.
swara confused:where are u going? let them some time alone.sanskar nodded but them looked at her hand which was on his.swara pull her hand and mumbled sory.
both start walking toward right side. swara get irritated from his constant silence and said finally spoke.
swara:they look good together.i hope that monkey propose her today.don’t know why he is taking so time.
sanskar in deep tone:he is waiting for right time when he will feel he should tell her.he will tell her.
swara with smile:right time never comes itself we have to bring it.sanskar looked at her intensely.
swara looked at him and smile.sanskar stiffened.
swara:what are u looking at me?
sanskar changing his gaze immediately and mumbled:nothing.
swara wrap her arms around her shoulder and start rubbing them.it was getting cold due to chill breeze.suddenly she felt something warm around her she looked at it.
sanskar was putting his black coat around her.she looked at his face.
sanskar looking deep into her eyes said:u should have not wear sleeveless u will fall ill.they share a long eye lock.but soon came to their senses.
swara looked down at her dress and said with smile:i like this dress very much.dadu gifted it to me.sanskar nodded slightly.swara wrap his coat tightly around her.

they walked silently feeling each other presence around them.suddenly sanskar’s phone started ringing.swara jumped from her place hearing such a loud sound.that to horror.sanskar looked at her scared face and smirked
sanskar:hello.han lucky.he remain silent for sometime and said okay we are coming.and cuts the call.
sanskar:they are leaving we should also leave.swara nodded and they looked back.they had come a little long didn’t they.they were almost at the end of beach.they looked at each other for a sec but looked away not getting the words what to say.so they silently started walking but after sometime his phone again ringed.and swara again get scared.sanskar chuckled and lift the call.
sanskar:lucky u go drop her we will direct go home.and cuts the cal without listening anything.
swara:your ring tone is quite scary isn’t it?
sanskar chuckling:so u get scared.
swara:no i was just saying.
sanskar:u was scared and don’t lie u are not good at that.swara looked at him angrily.but sighed there was no use to argue with him.she suddenly remembered.
swara:did u see woman in black?
sanskar frowning:yeah why?
swara happily:lucky said i am looking like that was she looking good in black dress?
sanskar looked at her in extreme shock and suddenly he burst out laughing.swara blinked it was quite surprising he was laughing so loudly.she smilled looking at him like this.she never see him like this after his return from New York.but after sometime sanskar control his laugh and looked at her.she was just staring at him with smile.
sanskar mischievously:u know she was damm cute just like u.swara gets happy and smiled widely.sanskar moved close to her
sanskar:but u know she was witch in movie.and run from there laughing.swara mouth get open fully she run after him fuming in anger.

swara angrily yelled:sanskar how dare u? u idiot.they run in whole beach peoples who were present there smiled at them and praise their pain.finally swara catch sanskar and push him hard he fell down laughing.swara sit beside him and start beating him.sanskar was laughing trying to hold her fist.
swara giggling:u monkey looking donkey.u are making fun of me han? she again hit him on chest after sometime she get tired of beating him fall on his chest laughing with him.sanskar hugged her tightly laying on the ground laughing.but soon swara realized her position and get up quickly.sanskar looked at her tensed face and get up.
swara in low whisper:sory and goes from their quickly.sanskar close his eyes and sighed he pick up his coat which was fall down during their running and goes after her.
they both traveled toward home silently and when sanskar stopped the bike swara run inside without looking back at him.sanskar just looked at her disappearing figure.

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