I don’t believe in LOVE……swaragini Part 1


Lightening,decorations,flowers,drinks and food everything is present and offcourse its all used to present in the party.i don’t know why people do party.’to celeberate things’ my inner voice said immidaitely.i know but we can also celebrate with only family what’s the need of call whole city.show off. u know in my house everything end on PARTY breakfst part,lunch part,dinner part,after dinner part all time party party party.ohhh i remembered this party is because my bada papa and his whole family retuned india after 25 years.they were in new york now they came india completely and there is my mother sharmishta gadoddia wearing a black and white saree and was talking to some woman i literally don’t know them they used to coma in every party.and there is my father sheklhar gadodia in black suite with white tie and i am sure he will be talking about buiessness because he is the most successful buiesness man in whole india.and there is my sister ragini gadodia she is wearing blue short dress which is coming to her knees.aah! why she wear so short dresses.but i must say she is the most beautiful girl in whole city and every boy is dying to be her boyfriend and there come the most irritating man my cousin laksh gadodia wearind white shirt and blue jeans.hhe lived with us his father and mother died in accident when he was 5 years.he is sweet but sometimes most irritating.suddenly whole hall went silent and all of them looked at the stairs.ohh guest of honors are coming my bada papa durga parsad naheshwari and her wife anpurna parsad maheshwari and off course their only son sanskar maheshwari.i wonder both bada papa and badi maa are soo sweet but their son off don’t ask he idn’t even smile in 24 hours and TALKING i don’t remeber when he talked.yeah he talked a little with dad and mom and with my handsome.ohhh! where are they my handsome nd his girlfriend.they didn’t come till now.they take soo much time to get ready.ohh i forgot to introduce myself.i am swara gadodia the youngest daughter of this BIG house and what i am wearing.forgot it it doesn’t matter and i am sitting in far corner of the hall.i told u na i don’t like parties.see they come.my handsome is looking soo handssome and hot and beside him there is his girlfriend some day i will break there relationship.WHAT!!! all of u are thinking that i am gona snatch a boy from his girlfriend.then u all are mistaken.my handsome is my grandfather and his girlfriend is my grandmother.we three sharea stronge bond.when we are toghter na then understand it blust will be happen in some mins.and i run towared them.
swra irritated:dado! u take so much time.and dadi u?

dadi: your handsome took so much time.
dado”what! i took time.u took time.u know swara she take 20 mins in washroom.pata nhe ander kia kar rahe the.swara hide her smile.dadi blushes and hit dado.
dadi:have some shame.your granddaughter is standind infront of u.
swara thinking:there are so cute.u know they have love marriage.there love didn’t decrease in these years but got increased.i wish i could find true love also.
dado:she is my buddy.she knows every secret.am i right.
swara:right and three laughs.
swara exclaimed:ohhh! i heared about this dance very much.come handsome and all three went to see dance.but when dance started.swara mouth get hand down.all her excitment vanished.
swara yawned and holds hand of her grandfather and entwined her fingers with him and put her head on her shoulder.she feels his body stiffened.
swara yawning:what is this? i can also stamp my foot continiously on the floor keeping a flower on my mouth and she giggles.
swara take deep breath and her lungs get filled with his perfume.
swara:your perfume is changed.your girlfriend gifted a new one?
swara irritated:why are u so silent? and looks at him.
swara stammer:sans…sanskar?
i was shocked when she hold my hand and put her head on my shoulder and entwined her soft delicate fingers my body get stiffed.sweet lilies spread all around me.i take deep breath and my lungs got filled with her perfume.her eyes got widened when she looked at me.she jerked herseelf back.i get annoyed at her act.
swara stammer:i..i..am…sory…i…i..thought dado is standing beside me.and she tried to go from there but i unknowly hold her hand tightly.she looked at me with wide confused eyes.
swara:sanskar that..that was mistake and she frees her hand and goes from there.
swara annoyed:chee..chee swara can’t u stop your idiotic talk for a min.
i chuckled hearing that.she heared it and turns her face and when she see my smile she hit her forehead and runs from there.
she is childish and funny just like HER and my face turned stone and smile get vanish.

swara slowly opens her eyes and pick her phone and looked at time.her eyes widened
swara shouted:7:15 ohhhhhh! and she jumped at the bad andruns towared wardrobe and pick some randome clothes and take quick shower, picks her bag and runs outside the room but instead of running outside she runned towared a room which is the after a room.
swara:lucky open the door and hit the door continiously
swara:lucky she yelled and kick the door with foot.
swara:aaawo…aawo and dance on one leg.
swara:u idiot….and agin tried to hit on the door but door get open with a bang and a pair of annoyed eyes stared at her.
swara thinking:sanskar…ohhh…i forgot his room is under renovation until then he is staying in lucky’s room.he looked at her from top to bottom slowly.
swara thinking:i am not breakfast.
swara:lucky???? he just free the way.
swara face get red seeing in the room.lucky was still sleeping covering himself in blanket from head to toe.
swara mumbled:this idiot and goes inside and pulls his blanket with force but it doesn’t work.
swara mumbled:what did he eat last night.a small smile comes on sanskar’s face.
swara shouted:lcky u idiot wake up! today is chm practicle.
lucky in slep tone:swara go don’t disturb me.i slept late
swara still pulling the blanket:why? and hit on his leg continiously
lucky:i was watching movie.
swara irritated:which movie
lucky:ragini MMS.swara back get straight.she shook her head
swara:chee…cheee….such a dirty movie…u wait and goes towared washroom in range and comes out and throws water on lucky.lucky wakes up with jerk.sanskar chuckled
lucky irritated:what the hell swara.swara crossed her arms around her chest and looked at him with full anger.
swara angry:i will tell dado that u watched such dirty movie.lucky eyes get full open.
lucky quickly:swara!!! sanskar was getting bore therefore.swara looked at sanskar who was looking at lucky with shocked expression.
swara hit him with pillow and said:u idiot becuase of u we are late for practicle get up fast i am taking your car u will come with ragini.
lucky:no…no…no i will not come with her.she take too much time to get ready.i will get ready in 5 mins.
swara in warned tone:if u again watched such dirty movie i will tell dad and dado about all of your affairs.lucku looked at her with full open mouth.lucky jumps from bad and pinch on swara cheeks and said in honey tone:swara.princess.doll (in mind witch) i will not do that again plz don’t tell them.swara narrowed her eyes and said:come with ragini then and leaves from there but stop infront of sanskar and shook her head
swara in mind:chee…chee..
sanskar chuckles as if he read her mind.

guys this is my new fanfic plz support me in this also.love u

Credit to: zaimal

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  1. Zaimal cousins don’t marry each other in hinduism
    Otherwose its nice
    Plz continue

    1. BT some states in India like kerala

  2. nice start

  3. Awesome dear….

  4. Awesome

  5. wow v nice funny

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  7. Very funny..i like it

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  9. Sanskar is swara’s cousin. And how can they get married. In case of mama’s son or bua’s son,there is passibility on pairing. But swara calls durgaprasad as bade papa. Then sanskar becomes her bro.
    Otherwise it was nice.I liked the Narration of story

  10. Cousins won’t marry. But in case of mama’s son or bua’s son there is passibility on pairing. But swara calls durgaprasad as bade papa. Then sanskar becomes her bro.
    Otherwise it was nice.I liked the Narration of story.

  11. Awesome zaimal!! Try to post the next epi asap

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  13. nice pls continue n update soon

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