i don’t believe in love (notice)

hi guys, its me SAIRA, the author of “i don’t believe in love”. awwhhh, it feels so good to say that i am an author.. as if i have reached the highest peak of everest.(i get over excited by little things. so..) okay, so what i was saying??? … yes that i am writing an ff using the characters of ‘ishqbaaz’. recently, lots of drama was taken place in the serial. the latest gossips are about daksh to kidnap anika, shivay to save his lady love and later try to support anika and also try to solve the misunderstanding between them. some segments show some cute romance filled with tashan amid shivay and anika. it is also heard that tia will become pregnant with shivay’s child (as per tia but we all know without a doubt that it will be fake). so ‘ishqbaaz is turning dramatic day by day and its fame is spread all over the world (like i myself am not from india). i love ishqbaaz for that this serial never drags its track for a long time. whatever it shows is bearable.. not like other tv shows.

there are many fans who enriches their talent of writing by posting amazing ff, epilogue, os and other such stuffs. it is a matter of delight that all of them are doing great job. i would like to mention some names- renima, shivika22kapoor, Pri_24, Antara.tara, Mihra-101, SURBHI, Neeti, Monique_D, ssn, Nansshivika, Aqsa707, Chandini, Kavya347, anah, Diyaa, Lijince, Soha, Samaira20. i’m sorry if i have missed anyone but its a fact that i read all the ff and ur ff always overpowers my mind than real ib.

i was just going to inform u that my ff “i don’t believe in love” will be stopped for some days. i am going on a trip out of the town with my parents. so i am not going to be able to post updates. but after my return i may continue the ff. it may take 3-4 days or more. till then u will get a short leave from my bakwas. i will come back soon and resume writing. miss me and my ff till then if possible. i am unable to post the next epi soon though i wanted to. so sorry for that. and keep supporting me the way u are doing till now. love u all..

the story of ‘i don’t believe in love’ til now in a few statements—
shivay(27) is the youngest businessman of india who has a big joint family. he has his dadi, his parents, his bade papa- badi maa and their kids (omkara(18), rudra(15) and priyanka(youngest) respectively) in his family. though a very hardworking businessman, shivay always finds time for his family. his badi maa and priyanka lives in the usa. recently they have returned to india for priyanka’s vacations. he was also in relationship with mallika for 3 years which got broken few days ago due to shivay’s ignorance to mallika.
anika(25) is the youngest businesswoman of india whose family is small. her younger sister chutki(16), brother sahil(10) and their sundari bua are in his family. she was in a relationship with daksh which got broken just the day as shivay’s because daksh was never serious with her. she did not spend time with her family for him but he betrayed her.
om liked chutki for her innocence and bonding with her brother sahil. chutki liked om but not like other girls at the school who were crushed at him. she liked him by his appearance. ishana was a new girl in om’s class. she fell for om’s smile at the first sight.
rudra had a crush on soumya although she was a little healthy and mostly cute. but soumya always degrades him. she is more likely to spend her time with her friend, reyaan.
so anika and shivay had met regarding a project. their families knew each other(just one meet at the temple), their siblings were also reading in the same school, so they knew each other. in the last episode, anika met an accident which caused anika- chutki’s bond and chutki- sahil’s bond stronger. even shivay was worried sick for anika. in the next episode, shivika’s marriage was about to be taken place.

i wanted to ask, would u like a ‘kahani ab tak’ type scene before the start of my ff? plz let me know about ur views.

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    Sounds great Saira. Will wait for your FF to resume.

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    Saira…..Continue the ff when you get time….will try to read and comment when i will get time

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